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Headline news...
"Golden Age" over for Hong Kong
A report from the Shanghai International Shipping Centre suggests the golden age of the Port of Hong Kong may be "history" More
IP65 monitors from Siemens
Siemens has launched a new range of 19-inch industrial Flat Panels and Panel PCs with an IP65 protection class. More
Trucker discontent in Virginia and New Orleans
Truckers are unhappy over pay rates, waiting times, congestion and appointment systems. More
HPH cuts back in Australia
Hutchison Ports Australia (HPA) is scaling back its operations and preparing to lay off staff to address its cost structure. More
Long Beach's green plan
The Port of Long Beach will perform an "power demand assessment" to produce a baseline annual energy use figure to guide a 10-year transformation to renewable power and self generation systems. More
Georgia rolls on
The Georgia Ports Authority has again set all-time records for both container volumes and total tonnage in a calendar month. More
Sharp growth for BrabaCon terminals
Last year, throughput at 10 inland terminals in the Dutch province of North Brabant grew by almost 20%, to 660,000 TEU More
US looking to cleaner trucks
Two Federal agencies have proposed tougher fuel efficiency standards for highway trucks More
TCBuen awarded ISO 28000 certification
TCBuen, the Grup TCB affiliate in Buenaventura, Colombia has been certified for security in the supply chain of its port services More
Kuehne & Nagel set to acquire ReTrans
Kuehne & Nagel Group has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of ReTrans Inc, a US-based intermodal marketing company More
People on the move
Round-up of latest appointments known to WorldCargo News in the shipping, ports and related sectors More
IAPH announces 2015 awards
Award presentations of IAPH Awards 2015 took place at the Plenary Session during the Hamburg Conference. Meanwhile Eurogate Group has won another award in Asia More
Cooper slams "odious" Port Services Regulation
James Cooper, CEO of Associated British Ports, has again called on the British Government to turn down the European Commision's proposed Port Services Regulation More
 Special Reports
Container Terminal Planning - A Theoretical Approach
A major study by Dr Itsuro Watanabe (Container System Technology). This comprehensive 245 page study is an in-depth analysis of capacity constraints, productivity, selectivity and flexibility of different container handling systems in terminals of different types and sizes: common-users or dedicated; hub centre (transshipment and/or relay) or import/export vocation; gateway or feeder port; intermodal rail or truck distribution inland; with or without CFS, etc.
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 Feature articles
Alliances bedding down
It is approaching six months since the new alliance structures shaping the east-west trades of the global liner shipping industry came into being and so arguably a good time to look back and assess what impact they have had on the business and on the services provided. More
Brakes in the spotlight
The brakes market could be in for a shakeup as manufacturers look to increase the range of thruster options, in large part to differentiate their products. More
Rotterdam back in front
With MVII and RWG, Rotterdam is once again at the forefront of port automation. More
Playing the power game
Many governments have committed to reducing national greenhouse gas emissions significantly by 2050, and port operators, as major generators, clearly have a part to play. More
New kids on the block
While the 'big four' continue to dominate the global container terminal operating business, there are signs that Chinese players, second-tier operators and financial entities are gaining market share. More
Troubled Turkey builds on
Turkey's wish to become a top 10 economy with US$500B/year of exports by 2023 is unlikely to be realised, but its huge port development and logistics plans may still come to fruition. More
Seeking silver linings
Overcapacity is keeping a lid on insurance rates, as underwriters weigh up recent losses and everlarger ship sizes and values. More
Rail/road CT on the increase
The latest UIC report shows that rail/road combined transport moved almost 21M TEU in mainland Europe in 2013. More
Antwerp looks left and right
The port of Antwerp is about to lose between 4M and 5M of capacity. More
Carving a role for the multi-cargo TOS
The breakbulk sector is a growing area of opportunity for suppliers with the right applications. More
Reducing the cost of tyres
A new report sets out to help port equipment operators choose the right tyres and to optimise their use by looking after them properly. More
Black Sea challenges
While the Black Sea market offers the liner shipping industry significant growth opportunities, it is a very challenging place to do business. More
Feeling a sense of uplift
There is plenty of activity in the heavy lift trucks market and some new products have been launched. More
Navis charts a course
With N4 maturing, Navis is launching a new initiative that has the potential to achieve integrated vessel planning for the benefit of lines and terminal operators. More
Automation hits China
China's first automated berth gets ready for commercial operation. More
Auto chain shifts up a gear
Automotive logistics is getting more complicated, with automakers increasingly relying on shipping to support their global production strategies. More
Italy to up its game?
The performance of Italian ports must improve if the country's potential as a maritime and logistics hub is to be fulfi lled. More
Terminal tractors roll on
There is plenty of activity in the tractor market, including a new entrant in the US. More
Breakbulk feels the squeeze
Shipping companies that specialise in the general cargo sector are being squeezed by operators of container, ro-ro and dry bulk tonnage, but niches do exist. More
Too much of a good thing?
Short-term oversupply is putting pressure on tank container lease rates. More

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