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Published: 19 October 2011      

Tibbett to open second Bucharest terminal

Romania's largest privately owned contract logistics specialist, Tibbett Logistics, a member of the UK-based Keswick Enterprises group, is on course to open its second intermodal terminal in Bucharest at the beginning of November.

Located in the west of the city within Europolis Park Bucharest, part of CA Immo Group's property portfolio in Romania, the new terminal will handle Tibbett Logistics' own block trains between Bucharest and the Port of Constanta, as well as trains carrying swap bodies, containers, semi-trailers and tank containers to and from Western European countries. Discussions are also advanced concerning the handling of car transporters.

The new terminal will be developed in phases over the next 12-18 months, with expectations that 14 trains a week will be handled by Q2 2012. In addition to the terminal platform for handling intermodal units, Tibbett Logistics will also operate an 8,500 m2 warehouse within the terminal, with a rail siding for unloading conventional rail wagons directly into the warehouse.

Tibbett Logistics currently operates a separate 22,000 m2 retail distribution warehouse in Europolis Park Bucharest, where it has been present since 2008, and four other distribution centres within a 10 km radius.

“The demand for sustainable and efficient logistics solutions is increasing across south east Europe, and interest in intermodal solutions has been growing over recent years,” said Tibbett Logistics CEO David Goldsborough. “The key to the success of intermodal operations is to locate the terminal as close as possible to the service's customers. For this reason we are delighted to be undertaking this development with CA Immo, which should help to reduce the impact of road traffic across Romania.”

Tibbett Logistics, has operated an intermodal terminal in the east of Bucharest, primarily for block trains of maritime containers, since 2008. The company offers comprehensive logistics services to the automotive, textiles, retail and other FMCG sectors throughout Romania and beyond.

The business was rebranded as Tibbett Logistics in May 2011 following Keswick Enterprises' acquisition of both Delamode Logistics and Delamode's joint venture with DHL - DHL Delamode - in Romania.

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