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Aaltonen, Outi
  People on the move Date:
Aarnio, Lasse
  People on the move Date:
Aatola, Juhu
  Konecranes books “very quiet” STS cranes Date: May 2014
Abad, Anthony
  Four scanners for ICTSI Date: May 2004
Abas, Haji Abu Bakar Haji
  Shuttles for Sabah Date: October 2005
Abashidze, Aslan
  Batumi gets leased Date: July 2006
  Staying on the automated road Date: September 2017
Abbas, Khurram
  Gwadar ro-ro berth hit Date: September 2009
..adds berth in Karachi Date: February 2005
Abbott, Andrew
  New ACL con-ros Date: August 2012
Abbruzzini Filho, Ricardo
  Navis wins Santos deal Date: April 2008
Abdool, Mohammed
  Transnet announces e-commerce initiative Date: September 2016
Abdul Rahman Al Otaishan
  Gulf ports look beyond regional tensions Date: August 2011
Abdullahi, Habibu
  Change at the top in Nigeria Date:
Abello, Oscar J
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Abesamis, Edgardo
  People on the move Date:
Raising the stakes for hub port status Date: February 2005
ICTSI rolls global dice anew Date: July 1999
Abeywickrama, Chinthaka
  People on the move Date:
Abrams, William
  DVB sets up US arm Date: July 2006
Aburizal Bakrie
  Batam hub port plan Date: October 2005
AchÚ, Henrique
  People on the move Date:
Achuthanandan, VS
  Vizhinjam terminal tender imminent Date: November 2009
Acker, Robert Jan van
  Heavy lifters slug it out Date: July 2012
Acosta, Gina
  London Gateway rail terminal contract let Date: May 2012
Adair, Roy
  Belfast’s £92M investment plan Date: May 2011
Adam, Andrew
  Counting the cost of productivity Date: July 2010
Sydney growth speeds Newcastle Date: August 2007
Adamek, Adam
  PCC Intermodal opts for Autostore Date: August 2011
Adami, Giorgio
  Tanktainer operator expands Date: November 2009
Adamiak, Ginger L
  People on the move Date:
Adamowsky, Edward
  Obituaries Date: December 2000
Adams, Judith
  Awash with opportunities Date: January 2015
Adams, Kirby
  Tough times - past, present and future? Date: January 2010
Adams, Richard
  LXE sees the light Date: June 2008
Adams, Rob
  People on the move Date:
Adams, Roger
  Anti-nuke MINDS... Date: June 2005
Adamson, Martyn
  People on the move Date:
Adani, Gautam
  Adani SEZ at Mundra Date: September 2007
Mundra stake on offer Date: June 1999
Adani, Karan
  India’s box ports coming of age Date: October 2017
Adani on target in Kerala Date: June 2017
The next generation of GTOs Date: May 2017
Adani looks overseas Date: April 2017
Adcock, Chris
  EPCglobal pilot launched Date: November 2006
Adde, Svante
  People on the move Date:
Aden, Dethold
  People on the move Date:
Outlook remains uncertain Date: August 2011
Aden, Detthold
  Cars go with the “scrapa flow” Date: May 2009
BLG Logistics reports strong results Date: May 2008
Big steps needed to handle record growth Date: August 2007
Aden for BLG Date: October 1998
Adkins, Philip
  Heavy lifters slug it out Date: July 2012
People on the move Date:
Heavy lift heads for long haul Date: October 2010
Heavy lift shipping sector hits a high Date: October 2007
Adkins, Phillip
  Dockwise bid not set Fair? Date: May 2012
Adonis, Lord Andrew
  People in the news Date:
Adriano, Francisco Jos
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Adriano, Francisco JosÚ
  People on the Move Date:
Adriansens, Marc
  People on the move Date:
Zeebrugge Breakbulk Terminal launched Date: September 2010
Adrion, Adolf
  People on the move Date:
Happy times for Hapag-Lloyd Date: May 2006
More manoeuvring in Amsterdam Date: April 2005
Affaticati, Artemio
  CVS weathers the storm Date: December 2009
Too much in the shopping basket? Date: August 2007
Agarwal, Rajiv
  Antwerp in Essar link Date: February 2011
Agarwal, Saket
  Dreyfus in ABG move Date: July 2009
PSA gets the nod for Kandla stake Date: April 2008
Zim, CMA mull ABG stake Date: October 2007
Agarwal, V K
  Trans-Asia rail link Date: May 1999
Agata, Tetshui
  People on the move Date:
Agersnap, Barbara Scheel
  People on the move Date:
Agg, Steve
  New CEO for Konecranes Terex Date:
Longer trailers on UK roads Date: October 2011
CILT – truck operators must do more to cut emissions Date:
Agha, Kamil Ali
  Pakistan calls new Gwadar tender... Date: October 2006
Agron, Earl
  100 per cent scanning to be dropped? Date: July 2010
Aguda, Emmanuel
  Liebherr cranes for Nigerian port Date: September 2011
Aguirre, Fernando
  Great White Fleet to be sold? Date: January 2007
Agusti, RickĘ
  Guam work set to go Date: October 2010
Ahern, Jayson
  Trojan horse nuclear security* Date: May 2006
Ahlberger, Lars-G÷ran
  Gothenburg car terminal goes to Logent Date:
Ahlers, Gerd-Walter
  LHG's new Finnish deal Date: August 1999
Ahlers. Heinrich
  People on the Move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Big steps needed to handle record growth Date: August 2007
Ahlgren, Josefin
  People on the move Date:
Ahlstr÷m, Magnus
  Loading more boxes Date: September 2014
Ahmad, Ahmad Baiti Bin Lub
  Bintulu upgrade Date: May 2007
Ahmadian, Dr Mohammad
  Reliability thanks to wireless communication* Date: August 2010
Ahmadzadeh, Olivier
  People on the move Date:
Ahmed, Tanveer
  Bangladesh traffic on the slide Date: May 2012
Ahti, Aarno
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date: July 1998
Ahtola, Unto
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Cargotec merges Hiab and Kalmar Date: August 2009
Kalmar merged into Hiab Date:
Ahuja, ┴nil
  3i mulls third Indian port investment... Date: October 2009
3i India takes stake in Krishnapatnam Date: March 2009
Aikawa, Kentaro
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Aiken, Steve
  Rostima launches Enterprise Plus Date: October 2007
Aires, Sidney
  Brazilian ports reach out to a bold future Date: October 2007
Airoso, Saul
  Row highlights dynamism of ports sector Date: March 2008
Airs, John Paul
  Chikara Shipping “fraud” exposed Date: April 2008
Aitkin, Rupert
  Marine insurance premiums set to rise? Date: November 2000
Ajala, Olalekan
  Koko port Concession Date: July 2007
Ajit Kumar
  Scanners for Gujarat ports Date: September 2007
Akasaka, Mitujiro
  People on the move Date:
Akhmetov, Rinat
  Steel giant wants to buy Sevastopol Date: March 2010
Akhtar, Saaed
  Pakistan, Turkey and Iran plan rail container service Date:
Akpabio, Godswill
  NPA looks to expand Date: February 2012
Aksil, Ilyasse
  Liebherr scoops deal for 20 MHCs Date: May 2014
Al Calily, Ahmad Saeed
  Eight to bid for Khalifa Date: February 2007
Al Harthy, HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah
  OICT officially opened Date: February 2007
Al Hatmy, Kutaiba
  Salalah selling CSL chalks up first sales off more RTGs Date: April 2011
Al Mahrizi, Ahmed Bin Nasser
  Salalah posts strong growth Date:
Al Muallem, Mohammed
  DPW in tandem simulator first Date: March 2008
Jebel Ali capacity to reach 14M TEU Date: February 2008
Designing double 40/45ft handling solutions Date: July 2006
Al Noaimi, Abdulaziz Mohamed
  CHEC secures Doha contract Date: April 2011
Al Otaibi, Mohammad
  People on the move Date:
Al Shamsi, Jamal Mubarak
  DPW to close Port Rashid CT... Date: January 2008
Al Shamsi, Mohammad
  Khalifa on course Date: April 2012
Al Sharif, Ossama
  Egyptian ports strategy remains firmly on course Date: May 2007
Matching the old with the new in Egypt Date: June 2006
Alabau, JosÚ Luis
  Tough times for Spain’s container ports Date: April 2009
Alabbar, Mohamed Ali
  DPW in Saudi port deal... Date: April 2008
Aladesuyi, Kay
  New container seal from EarthSearch Date: July 2010
Alaerts, Steve
  New logistics service for seafood industry Date: May 2012
Alaimo, Richard A
  South Jersey to expand on Delaware river Date: October 2009
Al-Amudi, Dr Nabeel M
  People on the move Date:
Alan Lee
  Hong Kong losing out to lower cost competition Date: July 2006
Hong Kong to cut charges Date: August 2005
Alanis, Adrian
  People on the move Date:
Al-Baghli, Fadel
  Matching the old with the new in Egypt Date: June 2006
Albanese, Anthony
  Vic port rail to get Oz bucks Date: February 2013
Oz pushes on with shipping reform Date: February 2011
National ports plan moves ahead in Oz Date: January 2011
Oz port rail links improved Date: April 2009
Albera, Giorgio
  Getting the most out of the River Po Date: May 2004
Alberghini, Guiliano
  Too many playing the game? Date: June 1998
Alberola, VÝctor
  Spain’s ports moving forward again Date: April 2011
Turia Port Investments launched Date: October 2010
Albers, Dr Frank
  People on the move Date:
Europe’s box builders struggle to hang on Date: July 2007
Albrecht, John
  Stronger container security seals cut theft Date: October 1999
Security seal suppliers get heavy Date: October 1998
Al-Calily, Ahmed
  Four listed for Khalifa Date: August 2007
Alderete, Chris
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Aldrich, Peter
  Bermuda first for Gottwald Date: February 2012
Aldrovandi, Mark
  Business as usual for big lift trucks Date: February 2012
Aldubaikhi, Abdullah
  People on the move Date:
Aleman, Alberto
  Sport a Panama hat: the height of fashion Date: March 2007
Panama shows off its new hat Date: October 2003
Alemanni, Paolo
  DL Cargo/Crossrail set to be merged Date: November 2007
Aleshin, Alexey
  Railcars of North American design produced in Russia Date:
Alexander, Helen
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Alexander, Julian
  Reducing the cost of tyres Date: May 2015
Alexe, Iulian
  People on the move Date:
Alfaro, Jes˙s Orozco
  People on the move Date:
Alfero, Silvio
  Sicom specialises to survive Date: November 2013
Alfonso, Raul
  Joe Dorto announces his retirement Date:
Al-Huamidi, Samiha
  Bubyan moving forward Date: May 2004
Al-Humaidi, Bader
  Kuwait to build US$2 bill container port Date: May 2005
Ali Abdullah Saleh
  ACT-ing on spreaders Date: June 2011
Alikanov, Ruslan
  People on the move Date:
Alikhanov, Rusian
  Fesco invests for intermodal future Date: August 2014
Alioto, John
  VeriRAD from VeriTainer Date: April 2011
Spreader-based scanning “in limbo” Date: September 2010
Spreader makers take stock Date: February 2007
Alioto, John I
  Veritainer makes an Erudite move Date: November 2008
VeriTainer protected Date: March 2008
Alioto, Lawrence
  VeriTainer into Asia Date: March 2009
Alioto, Matt
  Spreader makers take stock Date: February 2007
Alioto, Matthew
  Spreader makers take stock Date: February 2007
Alireza, Mohammad Zainal
  Seaport in Jeddah BOT deal Date: January 2007
Allal, Vincent
  Wuhan to Lyon by rail Date: September 2016
Allan, Bob
  GFC takes NZ storage company Date: May 2008
Allan, Robert
  Royal Wolf roars Date: February 2013
Royal Wolf goes public Date: May 2011
GFC takes Royal Wolf Date: September 2006
Allee, Don
  People on the move Date:
Gulfport signs new deal with Chiquita Date: November 2008
Allen, Barry
  New low cost RTLS technology Date: February 2010
Allen, David
  ODA or DOA (dead on arrival) for barges? Date: May 2009
Allen, Elizabeth
  Lower Chinese volumes signal trade slowdown? Date: July 2010
Allen, John
  People on the move Date:
Allen, Larry L
  Shipping Portals - strategy and politics Date: November 2001
Allen, Phil
  Crowley opens Florida HMAP facility Date: January 2011
Allen Phillip C
  People on the move Date:
Everglades logs increase in container traffic Date:
Allen, Phillip C
  People on the move Date:
Wearing a new Panama hat Date: January 2009
Allgood, James L
  People on the move Date:
Allison, Graham
  Box scanning gains momentum Date: February 2013
Towards a port security regime Date: September 2003
Allison, Tom
  Running in order to stand still Date: January 2008
Go-ahead for for Liverpool Date: March 2007
Roll out the new schemes Date: April 1999
Allman III, Patrick H
  People on the move Date:
Allwood, Mike
  Thamesport's sixth Date: September 1998
Al-Mansouri, Sultan
  ...and moves into Algeria Date: June 2008
Almarza , Alvaro Espinosa
  People on the move Date:
Almira , Manuel
  People on the move Date:
Al-Mohannadi, Hamad Rashid
  New top Gulf for chemicals Date: April 2005
Al-Omar, Abdulrahman
  People on the move Date:
Alphonse, Stanley
  Big names vie for PNG concession Date: October 2015
Al-Sharif, Ossama
  More cranes for Sokhna Date: October 2006
Al-Thami, Sheik Alibin Jassin
  People on the move Date:
Althen, Henrik
  People on the move Date:
Altieri, Maurizio
  Mobile cranes extend their reach Date: January 2016
Terex introduces “budget” MHC Date: April 2014
Vycon/Fantuzzi Regen deal Date: July 2007
Altmann, Maximilian
  People on the move Date:
Altobelli, Nicola
  Container liner demand hits new high Date: July 2011
Altorfer, Rolf
  People on the move Date:
Altschuller. Aleksandr
  St Petersburg changes Date: October 2016
Al-Tuwaijri, Homood
  New top Gulf for chemicals Date: April 2005
Alvarez, Camilo
  People on the move Date:
Alvarez, Eduardo
  La Paloma on track Date: August 2012
Alvarez, John
  TraPac’s bespoke automation project Date: April 2013
Alvarez, Lou
  Trojan horse nuclear security* Date: May 2006
Alvarsson, Johnny
  SweFrame enters spreader market Date: June 2010
Amancio, Frederico
  Suape arouses interest Date: April 2011
Amble, David
  For GE SeaCo read Seaco Date: December 2011
GE SeaCo Considers its options Date: October 2010
GE SeaCo opens new HQ Date: January 2010
GE SeaCo sells UK storage business Date: October 2008
Lessors boost financing options Date: June 2008
Amble, David G
  Frew quits GE SeaCo Date: March 2008
Ambrogio, Livio
  More swaps for Ambrogio Date: December 2007
Ambrogio, Riccardo
  More swaps for Ambrogio Date: June 2011
Ambrosov, Yevgeniy
  SST makes an N-Trans into MLT Date: December 2007
Amedick, JŘrgen
  People on the move Date:
Amerasinghe, Samantha
  Sri Lanka’s shipping hub ambitions Date: July 2011
Amyuni, Ted
  Extending reefer controller life Date: August 2006
Anamoo, Richard
  CHEC to expand Takoradi Date: December 2012
Anantharaman, T V
  Dhamra moves on Date: August 1998
Ananyev, Aleksandr
  People on the move Date:
Anastasio, Jim
  ZPMC USA changes Date: September 2015
Enter Cargotec Services USA Date: March 2008
Kalmar bags ECC Date: March 2006
East Coast/APM M&R deal Date: September 2004
Andel , Mark van
  Rotterdam-Austria rail shuttle launch Date: October 2014
Andersen , Mikkel
  Kolding leaving Maersk Line Date:
Andersen, Brian Lund
  New FAT passes the Maersk test Date: January 2012
Andersen, Henrik
  People on the move Date:
Andersen, Henrik H°jen
  Copenhagen Malmö picks PICit Date: December 2016
Andersen, Kim Junge
  People on the move Date:
Andersen, Lauritz
  Sydney car trade begins move to Port Kembla Date: September 2007
Andersen, Michael Bondo
  GateHouse in first of seven Date: July 2007
Andersen, Nils
  Maersk performance to hit group results Date: October 2015
Maersk eyes on Indonesia Date: October 2011
Maersk calls time on fleet expansion Date:
Mombasa upgrade to be fast tracked... Date: August 2008
Andersen, Smedegaard Nils
  People on the move Date:
APMT eyes Costa Rica Date: November 2010
Andersen, S°ren
  People on the move Date:
Andersen, Svend
  Heavy lift operators still build capacity Date: March 2013
Multi-purpose shipping takes on a heavier rôle Date: March 2010
New heavy lift operator Date: April 2007
Anderson, Bruce
  Feel fine with fine filtration Date: April 2001
Anderson, David
  People on the move Date:
Oz ports look to national guidelines Date: October 2013
A$20B for Oz infrastructure... Date: May 2008
Anderson, Dennis
  Spotlight on RTG energy consumption Date: June 2008
Anderson, Donald
  People on the Move Date:
Anderson, Douglas
  P&O Ports in US move Date: July 1999
Anderson, Jeff
  Wincanton buys CEL Group Date:
Anderson, John
  Inland rail plan back in Oz favour Date: May 2005
Feds want Oz port control Date: May 2005
Oz government goes logistic Date: November 2000
All aboard the Pork Barrel express Date: December 1999
Anderson, Nils
  Søren Skou to lead Maersk Group review Date:
APMT makes big strides in Nigeria Date: March 2008
Anderson, Paul
  People on the move Date:
Eastport site up for grabs in Tampa Bay Date: December 2016
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Flexitanks from UBC Date: February 2005
Anderson, Paul A
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Andersons, Valdis
  People on the move Date:
Cold comfort for Ventspils Date: July 2006
Andersson, Bj÷rn
  People on the move Date:
TTS enhances China position Date: December 2014
People on the move Date:
Andersson, Matti
  TSR traffic nosedives Date: February 2006
Andersson, Mikael
  People on the move Date:
Konecranes adds FLT management Date: June 2008
New trucks steal a march into the market Date: April 2008
SOM others do have them! Date: April 2006
Andersson, Sture
  Lift truck output running at high level Date: September 2006
Anderton, David
  People on the move Date:
Terex rings the changes Date:
AndrÚ, Charles
  France launches an ambitious rail freight plan Date: October 2009
AndrÚ, Delphine
  People on the move Date:
Addressing combi woes in France Date:
People on the move Date:
Andrade, Ant˘nio de Pßdua de Deus
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Andrade, Fernandes
  Lobito to challenge Luanda Date: September 2008
Andrade, Michael J S
  IICL recognises box inspectors Date: March 2002
Andreas, Jens
  Straddle carriers hit a bump, but... Date: August 2009
Konecranes straddle carriers for IFB Date: September 2008
Andresen, Dag
  Bringing automation to twistlock handling Date: May 2017
Andrews, Derek
  New deal drives coal costs down Date: May 1999
Andrews, Francis
  Advent goes open source Date: February 2007
ICTSI weighs up safety Date: April 2006
New gate for MICT Date: February 2006
Andrews, Francis M
  New appointments announced Date:
New MICT gate gets thumbs up Date: October 2006
Andrews, Mark
  People on the move Date:
Andrews, Peter
  Component makers broaden portfolios Date: September 2000
Andrieux, Lenaik
  People on the move Date:
AndrÚn, Kristofer
  A chill wind is blowing through Russia Date: February 2009
Andung Nitimihardja
  Batam hub port plan Date: October 2005
Angeldorff, Simon
  People on the move Date:
Angel-Voss, ┼sa
  New appointments Date:
Anguelov, Latchezar
  Hoyer cleans up in Bulgaria Date: August 2009
Anh, Nguyen Hong
  New box plant in Vietnam Date: January 2008
Annala, Ilkka
  Markets straddle technology and cost Date: January 2010
Straddle carriers hit a bump, but... Date: August 2009
Wider straddle carrier choices Date: January 2009
Interesting times in straddle carrier market Date: January 2008
Another heavyweight in the ring Date: January 2007
Shuttle carriers and “mega” terminals Date: August 2006
Lively times for straddle carriers Date: August 2005
Tyre debate still on a roll Date: May 2005
Straddle ergonomics under fire Date: January 2005
Vanguard year for straddle carriers Date: January 2005
Kalmar launches new straddle Date: June 2004
Straddles still firmly in the saddle Date: October 2003
Kalmar strad deals Date: February 2002
Annala, Illka
  Straddle carriers with hybrid drives Date: June 2008
Annan, Kofi
  African Lakes rail Date: August 2005
Tackling the empty container problem Date: November 2004
Annuszies, Hans
  People on the move Date:
Anping, Zhu
  Singapore remains top containerport Date: January 2010
Ansaldi, Gino
  Towards eco-friendly reefer machinery Date: September 2008
AFAM+ for avocados Date: July 2008
Anselmo, Maurizio
  New MHC for Terminal San Giorgio Date: November 2008
Ansip, Andrus
  Four bidders for Estonia terminal... Date: August 2008
Estonian PM slams box terminal plan Date: March 2008
Estonian rail sale Date: February 2006
Anslinger, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Anston, Christer
  Ro-ro business rolls on at a fast pace Date: September 2007
Anthony, Craig
  Rapid pay-back on fleet management systems Date: May 2009
Cargostore signs up to RAM Date: March 2009
RAM tops a million Date: May 2008
Anthony, David
  Box scanner sales still soaring Date: February 2005
PMSi wins Freetown scanner contract Date: September 2004
Antico, Chris
  More get Smart Date: January 2002
Antikainen, Jorma
  More 70t Munckloaders Date: May 2006
Antonelli, Michel
  Kalmar for Reunion Date: February 2005
Antson, Christer
  Finnlines looks back to the sea Date: December 2009
Antvelink, Diederik
  Is Rhine container shipping in dire straits? Date: November 2006
Anweiler, Dennis
  Playing the power game by new rules Date: May 2006
Aoun, Tony
  Vycon obtains CARB certification Date: October 2007
Vycon/Fantuzzi Regen deal Date: July 2007
Aparo, Sam
  Famous Pacific Shipping builds Australian presence Date:
Apaydin, Isa
  People on the move Date:
Aponte, Diego
  The battle for supremacy Date: July 2017
Ivory Coast concession for MSC Date: June 2017
Traxens for MSC Date: July 2016
People on the move Date:
Aponte, Gianluigi
  People on the move Date:
MSC boss slams Italy’s ports Date: April 2010
Aponte, Gian-Luigi
  A new round of investments on the way Date: April 2008
Aponte, Giulio
  14,000 TEU, 366m loa ships in Antwerp Date: April 2009
Aponte, JosÚ
  STS cranes - steady at a high level Date: July 2015
Aponte, Maurizio
  Antwerp digs for 12,000 TEU ships Date: January 2008
Eurogate poised to move into Rhine Seaports' sector? Date:
Aponte to speak at TOC Date: Web-only news
Appel, Bernd
  Lufthansa chosen for Hamburg rail IT Date: October 2010
Appel, David
  Summit addresses food losses Date: December 2014
Carrier passes million mark Date:
PrimeLINE first for recyclability Date: July 2012
Carrier in prime position Date: March 2012
Evergreen boosts PrimeLINE fleet Date: August 2011
Appelhans, Michael
  New name for Krems port Date:
Appelhaus, Michael
  New crane at Weserport Date: February 2006
Bremen plans new container terminal Date: January 2005
Appen, Wolf van
  Gottwald Chile deal Date: May 2005
Aquino, SÚrgio
  Santos plan opposed Date: June 2011
Ara˙jo, Edinho
  Libra settles Brazil port dispute Date: October 2015
Ara˙jo, Luis
  20:20 vision for the Port of Santos Date: October 2010
Suppliers strike it lucky with Reporto? Date: October 2007
New terminal for Santos Date: May 2007
Ara˙jo, Luiz
  Ecoporto stands empty Date: October 2016
Dealing with growing pains Date: March 2010
Aranci, Sandro
  Customer choice drives tank component suppliers Date: September 2001
Arany, Marcio
  New boxes for Log-In Date: May 2015
Arbeloa, Jose Ramon
  People on the move Date: September 1998
Arbib, Mark
  Hobart holds on Date: May 2009
Ardley-Batt, Emma
  People on the move Date:
Areh, Kayode
  Nigerian no on ISPS Date: October 2004
Arietta, Carlos
  People on the move Date:
Ariyasinghe, D
  Colombo boost Date: January 2006
Arjinian, Khachig
  People on the move Date:
Arkas, |Bernard
  Arkas and Yang Ming joint venture Date:
Arkas, Lucien
  Turkish/German joint venture Date: November 2015
Lucien Arkas honoured Date:
Turkey’s first purpose-built car terminal Date: September 2007
Arkestad, Jonas
  People on the move Date:
Arkhangelsky, Vitaliy
  OMG wins fight over Russian terminal Date: November 2009
Dash for new car terminals in the Baltic Date: September 2007
Russians step up the pace on cars Date: April 2007
Arkhangelsky, Vitaly
  OMG buys two more ships Date: February 2008
Armador, Nestor
  People on the move Date:
Armistead, Dr Robert
  Container surveillance improves its image Date: June 1999
Cargo surveillance - a question of image Date: June 1998
Armstrong, Bob
  Canadian logistics costs skyrocket Date:
Armstrong, Lynda
  People on the move Date:
Armstrong, Phil
  Boris Wenzel joins Noatum Ports Date:
Armstrong, Ronnie
  People on the move Date:
Arnesen, Jon Morten
  Den Hartogh into Norway Date: May 2007
Den Hartogh sets up Norwegian operation Date: April 2007
Arnold, Jon
  Intercomp at the gate Date: September 2015
Aro, Mikael
  Finnish ports at a crossroads Date: December 2012
Arosomena, Ruben
  PSA leads Panama chase Date: March 2006
Arp, Svend Erik
  People on the move Date:
Arredondo, Pedro
  People on the move Date:
Arrow, Mike
  IICL reefer course in China Date: June 1998
Arroyo, Gloria
  Bataan freeport ambitions Date: September 2008
Cosco eying Subic? Date: September 2007
...PPA set for port upgrade Date: July 2007
Box scanner order Date: January 2007
Arsenault, David
  Lessons on spotting the next Hanjin crisis Date: February 2017
Arten, Ricardo
  APM Terminals waits on Itajaí Date: July 2015
Arteta, Fernando
  Colombia considers port concessions Date: August 2006
Arthur, Joseph Omega
  Ghana grants box handling monopoly Date: October 2008
Artinian, Vatche
  Paceco to market Regen system Date: April 2008
Artjomov, Aleksandr
  ...Tallinn-Moscow rail grows Date: August 2008
Artjomov, Sergei
  ...Kalmar for Muuga Date: September 2005
Artoni, Ottavio
  Stronger showing by Fantuzzi Date: November 2005
Arvidsson, Michael
  Logging on with Logent Date: September 2013
Aschieris, Richard
  Stockton parks barge service Date: August 2014
Aschmann, Capt. Norbert
  People on the move Date:
People in the news Date:
Asensio, David
  Starring role for Control Techniques Date: November 2012
Ashar, Asaf
  Floating a new container terminal concept Date: February 2013
NPX ships stuck in the mud? Date: September 2007
Ashar, Dr Asaf
  ...and lose some Date: October 2005
Ashar, Prof Asaf
  Corrigenda Date: July 2006
Is 12,000 TEU the NPX limit? Date: May 2006.
How big will “New Panamax” be? Date: May 2005
Tilting at diseconomies of scale Date: July 2001
Ashby, Colin
  Mega-3 and the Maxbox trailer Date: February 2005
Ashida, Akimitsu
  People on the move Date:
Towards bigger and greener ro-ros Date: September 2008
Ashton, Neil Richard
  Foltainer payback time Date: August 2002
Ashurkov, Vladimir
  Russia faces up to intermodal challenge Date: February 2004
Ashurkova, Alyona
  NCC out of NUTEP Date:
Ringing the changes again at NCC Date: August 2010
FESCO sells its stake in NCC Date:
Politics with a capital ‘P’ Date: August 2009
..pushing on in Ust-Luga Date: February 2008
NCC traffic up 18.6% last year... Date: February 2008
NCC, Eurogate share swap Date: August 2007
Russian port investments on the increase Date: August 2007
Ashworth, Neil
  Lytle takes over as Long Beach helmsman Date:
Ashworth, Stephen
  US$2.47B investment plan for Kalibaru port Date: May 2012
Assmann, Marc
  People on the move Date:
Astemborski, Mike
  There’s no stopping crane brake developments Date: May 2008
Asthana, Rahul
  India to establish port finance body Date: March 2011
Asumalahti, Hannu
  Finnish ports face uncertain times Date: December 2011
Aswani, Haresh
  Hold-up for Lekki Date: May 2013
Atkins, Andrew
  TTL extends Date: May 2006
New eminence grise Date: January 2000
TAL launches Trader Date: October 1998
Atkins, Robert
  Lead weighs heavily on Esperance Date: September 2008
Atlas, Dr Les
  Veritainer makes an Erudite move Date: November 2008
Atlas, Richard
  Taking a back seat Date: May 2000
Atonga, Joseph
  New gear for Mombasa Date: September 2007
Atta Allah, Mahmoud
  DP World eyes Egypt Date: August 2006
Atuxa , Asier
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Atzpodien, Dr Hans Christoph
  New CEO for Konecranes Terex Date:
Audino, Fabrizio
  Cobra calls a halt Date: September 2007
Cobra revamp Date: January 2007
Aumund, Franz-W
  People on the move Date:
Auramo, Bolzoni
  RFID changes the dynamics of pulp logistics Date: April 2012
Aust, Stephen
  Flexitanks sustaining strong growth rate Date: November 2006
Flexitanks at full throttle Date: November 2005
Auster, Karel
  Ports catch a heavy cold Date: September 2003
Austin, Al
  Triple A improvements Date: January 1999
Towards automated container production Date: August 1998
Austin, Andrew
  People on the move Date:
Auton, Bernard
  People on the move Date:
Auvinen, Martii
  Engaging Finland’s western front Date: December 2004
Avci, Ali
  Turkey keen to continue with port privatisation Date: May 2010
Averett, Doug
  People on the move Date:
Big trucks braced for downturn Date: December 2008
Avery, Dr Mark
  Hutchison to get order of the Bath? Date: January 2006
Avery, Paul
  Paul Avery scoops award Date:
PEMA to host new TOC Forum Date:
Avigdor, Vladimir
  Dash for new car terminals in the Baltic Date: September 2007
Avramovich , Daniel W
  People on the move Date:
Aya Yoshioka
  TPT goes private Date: April 2008
Ayers, Jordan
  Box prices cast shadow over leasing boom Date: March 2005
Aykroyd, Paul
  Run your tyres, don’t let them run you Date: May 2009
Azevedo, Georges
  People on the move Date:
Aziz, Hany
  SCCT tops 41 moves/crane hour Date: March 2005
Aziz, Shaukat
  Pakistan to screen US-bound boxes Date: May 2007
...DPW eyes Gwadar Date: March 2006
Pakistan seeks Gwadar operators Date: January 2005
Azizan, Siti Noraishah Binti
  People on the move Date:
Aznar Garrigues, Rafael
  Port investments gathering pace Date: April 2006
Aznar, Rafael
  Coping in a tough environment Date: April 2012
Valencia seeks “international operator” Date: July 2011
Container terminal benchmark data released Date:
┼berg, G÷ran
  People on the move Date:
Coojimans, Anton
  Focus again on the main mast Date: December 2000
┼kerstr÷m, Henrik
  People on the move Date:
man, Patrik
  People on the move Date:
┼sare, Frederik
  Swedish ports consolidate to survive Date: September 2014

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