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Bhuiyan, Mosharraf Hossain
  Bangladesh seeks help from China Date: October 2010
Caldwell, Harry
  Support for San Antonio Date: January 2003
Doorn, H J van
  New owner for Buiscar Date: July 2003
Dr Heyes, Paul
  Container crane demand at all-time high Date: July 2004
H E Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
  Indonesian ports on offer? Date: February 2005
Haaja, Ilpo
  People on the move Date:
Haan, Harm de
  Cold comforts for marine insurers Date: November 2005
Haan, Roger de
  FHC in cargo push Date: February 2005
Haapasaari, Ville
  People on the move Date:
Haas, Jens
  People on the move Date:
Haas, Jeroen de
  Container lashing: FATs under pressure Date: November 2006
Cold comforts for marine insurers Date: November 2005
Habben-Jansen, Rolf
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Haberkorn, Bob
  A blanket approach to temperature control Date: September 2001
Haccegaba, Dr Noel
  People on the move Date:
Hachaturyants, Ashot
  Sberbank moves into Global Ports Date:
Hackett, Maeve
  Tank people on the move Date: April 2004
Haddadian, Vahik
  Cold comforts for clean air proponents Date: July 2008
Hadden, Deborah
  People on the move Date:
Hadi, Aboubaker Omar
  Djibouti aiming for major role in Africa Date: May 2012
Expansion in Djibouti Date: April 2012
Hadi, Omar
  Djibouti to up capacity Date: October 2011
Hadorn, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Port of Switzerland riding out the storm Date: November 2011
Haefner, Andreas
  Heavy lift shapes up Date: February 2015
Haegelsteen, Didier
  Cavotec MSL sells Gantrex Date: December 2007
Haemmerle, Dr Enrico
  New positioning technology Date: December 2005
Haerens, Eddy
  Six for Sea-Invest from Gottwald Date: April 2007
Haesaerts, Luc
  Eastern chemical hauliers committed to enlarged EU Date: August 1999
ECTA to represent multimodal chemical transporters in Europe Date: June 1998
Haeser, Thorsten
  People in the news Date:
Hagedorn , Björn
  People on the move Date:
Hagelqvist, Lennart
  People on the move Date:
Hageman, Erik
  Crane transport market tightening up Date: March 2007
Hagen, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Bonny to leave Dunkirk Date:
Zero emission AGVs from Gottwald Date: June 2009
Hager, Hans-Jörg
  DB Logistics restructure Date: January 2007
Haggerty, John
  People in the news Date:
Haggstrom, Danny
  Crane simulators - training in the virtual world Date: May 2005
Hagi, Akira
  Shibushi in the spring Date: November 2008
Hagman, Carl-Johan
  People on the move Date:
Stena complains over EU tunnel subsidies Date: September 2015
  People on the move Date:
Höegh into Maputo... Date: January 2009
Hahn, James K
  Keller resignation underlines pollution battle Date: November 2004
Hahn, Janice
  Row over LA’s “Janice” cranes Date: July 2005
Hahn, Jim
  NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Haihu, Lu
  Shanghai box figures raise hopes Date: August 2009
Hailiang, Song
  STS crane wheel starting to turn? Date: July 2013
Haimbili, Titus
  TransNamib rocked by mismanagement row Date:
Haine, Charles
  Towards a standard emissions measure Date: March 2012
Greenstone for DPW Date: December 2010
Haitao, Jiang
  ...puts plans in Zeebrugge on hold Date: April 2009
Hajah , Abdul Hameed
  People on the move Date:
Hajar, Ahmad
  Penang expansion rethink Date: June 2008
Haka, Joel
  FEC opts for IAS M&R solution Date: May 2012
Hakakari, Tapio
  Cargotec to cut back "head office" Date:
Hakala, Ilpo
  Konecranes RTG orders stack up Date: August 2005
First new KCI RMGs for BIFT Date: June 2005
Haldorsen, Finn A
  New dunnage bags Date: July 1998
Halhead, Tim
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Hall, Michael
  NY/NJ terminals head for higher ground Date: December 2012
Hall, Scott
  Shock resignation at DB AG Date:
Hall, Simeon
  Flexitanks from UBC Date: February 2005
Hall, Simon
  People on the move Date:
Hallberg, Anders
  Giving a prompt from the side Date: July 2011
Sideloaders: not just a side issue Date: July 2008
Hallin, Jon
  Navis tackles tandem lifts Date: February 2011
Hallman, Mark
  North American railroads scale the heights Date: November 2006
Hallqvist, Ulf
  Steelbro in Scandinavia Date: September 2006
Halén, Tommy
  People on the move Date:
Halomen, Jarmo
  People on the move Date:
Hamalainen, Jukka
  Mantsinen secures breakthrough order Date: January 2006
Hamberger, Edward
  Call for “ethical” US transport system Date: October 2009
North American rails tackle congestion Date: November 2005
Hambleton, Robert
  CMIT attracts new services Date: May 2016
Capacity in Vietnam Date: July 2015
Port calamity in Vietnam Date: May 2014
Hambly, Peter
  Eastport deal for Cooper SH Date: May 2010
Tough times - past, present and future? Date: January 2010
Hamburgen, William
  Google awarded patent for floating datacentres Date: May 2009
Hamdy, Dr Eng
  Crane driver training in Egypt Date: April 2003
Hameedadin, Eng Abdullah
  KAP hits another record Date:
Hames, Capt Paul
  New emergency response centre Date: June 1998
Hames, Kim
  West Oz looks at Freo box options Date: July 2012
Hamid, Abi Sofian bin Abdul
  People on the move Date:
Hamid, Ahmad Sarji Abdul
  Westport on the up Date: July 2005
Hamilton, Ian
  People on the move Date:
Lakes barge service Date: July 2009
Hamlin, Earl
  People on the move Date:
Hammad, Waleed
  Terex wins Kahlifa shuttle carrier order Date:
Hammarback, Lennart
  Hogia adds functions Date: November 2006
Hammer, Cutler
  Emerson to re-power Puerto Cortés crane Date: March 2012
Hammer, Dr Jan
  People on the move Date:
Hammond, Charles
  Brexit risks and opportunities Date: February 2017
Shifting balance of ports’ power Date: March 2016
New Tilbury distripark infrastructure complete Date: April 2014
Hammond, Des
  People on the move Date:
Hammond, Robert
  New trucks steal a march into the market Date: April 2008
Hampton, Cynthia
  People on the move Date:
Hampton, Dallas
  People on the move Date:
APMT plans big in Nigeria Date: December 2012
Hamran, Anne Sigrid
  People on the move Date:
Hamre, Lee
  Tough times hit big truck markets Date: February 2009
New trucks steal a march into the market Date: April 2008
Han Zheng
  Shanghai names the Yangshan contenders Date: June 2005
Shanghai looks to get in deeper Date: July 2002
Hanagarth, Heike
  People on the move Date:
Hand, Rex
  Keeping tyre costs on track Date: October 2004
Hankla, James C
  Ground zero for the Port of Long Beach Date:
Long Beach clean truck incentives Date:
K Line “cold irons” in Long Beach Date:
Hanna, Botros
  Heavy lift trucks get a break Date: March 2017
Hanna, John
  Enter the Concertainer Date: July 2007
Hanngren, David
  Different ways to Stage 3b/Tier 4 interim compliance Date: December 2009
Hannibal, Michael
  Rough ride for project cargo Date: February 2016
Hannig, Annika
  People on the move Date:
Hanon, Pierre
  Grand waterway scheme moves forward Date: February 2007
Hans van der Hart
  Vlissingen breakbulk terminal Date: October 2010
Hansch, Hans-Jorgen
  More goods on the waterways Date: August 2006
Hansen, Dr Ir I
  Self-propelled container wagon Date: April 2002
Hansen, Erik
  New box builder in Shanghai Date: May 2007
Letter: Euro 45fts Date: April 2006
Hansen, Fritz
  At the pre-dawn of a new age? Date: September 2000
Hansen, Jann Reni
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Hansen, Jens
  People on the move Date:
Hansen, Jes-Christian
  New Heidenau grain terminal Date: July 2012
Hansen, Lars-Gade
  People on the move Date:
Hansen, Lund
  APMT makes big strides in Nigeria Date: March 2008
Hansen, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Nigerian port bureaucracy slated Date:
Apapa delays “inevitable” Date: October 2008
Hansen, Michael D
  People on the move Date:
Hansen, Michael Lund
  People on the move Date:
Indonesia to build two new ports Date: August 2011
Hansen, Niels T
  ...and so will APMT at Laem Chabang Date: May 2012
Hansen, Norbert
  Not as “green” as is claimed? Date: January 2007
Hansen, Preben
  People on the move Date:
Hansen, Soren
  Aqaba angling for gateway role Date: May 2012
ACT-ing on spreaders Date: June 2011
APMT eyes Yangtze port Date: June 2010
Hansen, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Hansen, Tom
  New Gottwald for Port of Aalborg Date: July 2009
Hansen, Ulf
  People on the move Date:
Hansen, Willy
  Does recession spell the end of the box repair business? Date: March 2009
Hanson, Ivar K
  TTS "preparing for new growth" Date:
Hanson, Trevor
  Kiwi ports battle cargo shift Date: September 2009
Hansson, Balder
  People on the move Date: August 1998
Hao, Wang
  Cronos to Bohai Date: July 2014
Happonen, Mikka
  Landbridge trials Date: November 2006
Haque, Nasreen
  Karachi terminal to cost US$457M Date: May 2009
Haralambides, Hercules
  People on the move Date:
Hardeland, Lars
  People on the move Date:
Hardelay, Jacques
  People on the move Date:
Harder, Joe
  No Stone left unturned Date: June 1999
Hardianto, Erry
  Manila box overload Date: August 2014
Hardie, Graeme
  Tyne WMS Date: March 2014
Harding, Tom
  Tank builders face up to post-boom market Date: August 2012
Chinese tanks set to roll Date: November 2001
Hardt, Andreas
  Chemion opens new empty tank storage terminal Date: September 2006
Hardy, Debbie
  Brooks consolidates UK ops Date: September 2007
Harju, Ilkka
  People on the move Date:
Harman, David
  Unitpool to Brambles Date: October 2010
Harmon, Bruce
  Polish revival continues Date: July 1998
Harmstorf, Maximilian
  People on the move Date:
Harnett , John
  People on the move Date:
Harren, Dr Martin
  Heavy lift battens down Date: July 2014
Harrington, John
  Bluff backs New Zealand shake-out Date: October 2008
Kiwi merger plans not all black and white Date: October 2007
Harrington, Tim
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Harris, Elvin
  Durban box terminal efficiency slated Date: September 2007
Harris, Joe
  US ports think intermodal Date: March 2012
Ports investing during uncertain times Date: September 2010
US port operators eye automation Date: September 2007
Harris, Jon
  People on the move Date:
Harris, Ken
  Tauranga/NZL set to go legal Date: August 2009
NZL renews Tauranga push Date: July 2009
Auckland in guerrilla raid on Tauranga Date: January 2009
Harris, Nick
  People on the move Date:
Harris, Pierre
  Cargo surveillance - a question of image Date: June 1998
Harrison, Bill
  CLUK sets record straight Date: March 2012
CLUK sets the record straight Date:
Industry’s first 45ft folding flats on trial Date: July 2008
How high can you stack? Date: September 2007
Harrison, David
  Brisbane, Newcastle open new berths Date: March 2010
Chalmers bigger in Brisbane Date: December 2004
Harrison, E Hunter
  CP’s fast train Date:
Hunter Harrison to CP Date:
Prince Rupert saddles his horse at last Date: February 2006
Harrison, Gordon
  New Chinese tank builder Date: November 2007
Harrison, Hunter
  CSX railroad in the firing line Date: August 2017
Hunter Harrison eyeing CSX railroad Date: January 2017
Hunter Harrison gets one foot in the door at CSX Date:
A way around the rail choke point of Chicago? Date: May 2016
US intermodal in the slow lane Date: October 2014
Harrison, Jonathan
  Reefer demand to stay firm in 2013 Date: August 2012
Personnel changes Date: April 2003
Harrison, Kate
  People on the move Date:
Harrison, Richard
  ZES charts a new course for Navis Date: October 2010
Picking the right TOS Date: November 2009
New crane at Silloth Date: March 2005
People on the move Date: April 1999
Harrison, Rob
  Putting a stop to braking problems Date: May 2003
Harrison, Robert
  Brakes, oil and grease - some simple but key tips* Date: May 2006
Harrison Smith, Scott
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Harsema-Mensonides, Alex
  People on the move Date:
Hart, Andreas
  Helping cranes work efficiently Date: May 2007
Hart, Hans van der
  Zeeland Seaports looks to diverse role Date: May 2011
WCT-ZP row deepens Date: April 2007
Hart, Rob
  Hong Kong losing out to lower cost competition Date: July 2006
Hartog, Marc den
  Box terminal for Hazira? Date: May 2005
Hartogh, Den
  Tank depots live with trickle-down effect Date: August 2004
Hartoto, Carmelita
  Pelindo II in contracts row Date: February 2010
Hartung, James
  ICHCA problems? Date: March 2001
Hartwig, Roland
  Linde HTD adds second “giraffe house” Date:
Harvey, Amanda
  People on the move Date:
Harvey, Rosalind
  People on the move Date:
Harvey, Wendie
  People on the move Date:
Hasbún Martínez , Oscar
  People on the move Date:
Hasbún Martínez, Oscar
  People on the move Date:
Hase, Jurgen
  Container tracking inches ahead Date: November 2013
Hasenbroek, Jan van
  Raw deal for chemical company rail users Date: January 2002
Hasina, Sheikh
  Bangladesh seeks help from China Date: October 2010
China to invest in Bangladesh Date: April 2010
Big plans for ports in Bangladesh Date: February 2010
Haskell, Larry R
  People on the move Date:
Haskoning, Royal
  Informing choice for container terminals Date: March 2008
Hassell, John
  Wearing a new Panama hat Date: January 2009
Charleston launches truck partnership Date:
People on the move Date:
Hassell, John F
  Charleston digs in Date: February 2009
Hassing, Michael
  Congestion focus at ITL Date: August 2005
Hassing, Michael F
  People on the move Date:
Samskip completes Seawheel deal Date: August 2005
Samskip set to take Seawheel Date: July 2005
Hatch, Connell
  Enfield terminal moves on Date: January 2009
Hatherell, Troy
  More RTGs from Konecranes Date: February 2008
Hatley, John
  People on the move Date:
Hatta Radjasa
  Batam hub port plan Date: October 2005
Hatton, John
  Another hot year for reefer lessors Date: January 2005
Hattori, Akihiko
  People on the move Date:
Hauck, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Haukom, Leif
  MacGregor reorganises into seven divisions Date:
Hauser, Norman
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Hauswald,, Marc
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Haverty, Mike
  NITL award for Mike Haverty Date:
North American railroads - good times and bad Date: November 2004
Hawking, Rob
  CG Capital adds port finance Date: March 2005
CG Capital branches out Date: February 2005
CGC taps new funds Date: November 2004
New tank lessor Date: September 1999
Hawkins, Patrick
  People on the move Date:
Hawkridge, Dean
  People on the move Date:
Hay, Cameron
  RAM launches PinSmart Date: June 2008
Hayat, Admiral Ahmad
  ...plans 18m draft port Date: October 2006
Hayat, Ahmed
  ..adds berth in Karachi Date: February 2005
Haycox, Gary
  Catcher bags Vivato Date: October 2007
Hayes, Jay
  Alternative power for terminal tractors gathers traction Date: April 2010
Driving the terminal tractor fleet Date: May 2009
Terminal tractors - diesel, electric or hybrid? Date: April 2009
Hayes, Tom
  Container seals raise the standard Date: October 2004
Haynes, Andy
  People on the move Date:
Haynes, Lynsey
  Running in order to stand still Date: January 2008
Hayter, Chris Leatt
  Recession catches up with Oz ports… Date: April 2009
Hayward, Mark
  Perfecting the smart seal Date: October 1999
Hübner, Norbert
  New box tracking options Date: June 2011
Hübner, Olaf
  Ways to play the power game Date: May 2004
HE Bin Sulayem
  P&O Ports returns Date:
He Kan
  Facing the challenge of change Date: July 2012
Heacox, Hank
  Finger cracking in floors Date: April 2005
Head, James
  Oakland to receive USACE funding Date: June 2011
Healy, Denis
  Tapping into the global reach of lift trucks Date: September 2005
Heap, Robert
  New chain gang Date: November 2000
Hearne, Sir Graham
  People on the move Date:
Heath, Richard
  Kerry-Talke adds bagging machine Date: September 2009
Heather, David
  Refrigerant legislation - the current picture Date: December 1999
Heckler, Dieter
  Container decal industry holds fast Date: March 2006
Hedaa, Eric
  North American rails tackle congestion Date: November 2005
NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Hedderich, Dr Alexander
  New CEO for Konecranes Terex Date:
People on the move Date:
DB ups stake in NordCargo Date: January 2010
Hedderwick, Jim
  People on the move Date:
Hedelin, Clas
  More North Africa ro-ro links Date: April 2009
Hedrick, Jennifer
  People on the move Date:
Heerulff, Jorn
  Box traders feeling the pressure Date: May 2009
HeesomGreen, Ivan
  New investments start to bite into delays Date: June 2004
Heezen, Minco van
  Boost for Euromax Date: January 2005
Adding value with portcentric logistics Date: November 2004
Hegele, Simon
  Logport 2 launched Date: March 2006
Hegewald, Mike
  Liftace 5-36 launched Date: April 2016
Heglund, Rolf
  Barents initiative Date: May 2004
Heidt, Tom
  People on the move Date:
Heijlen, Michael
  Liebherr fuel savings claim Date: May 2005
Heiken, Reiner
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Heikkilä, Ilpo
  People on the move Date:
Heikkilä, Teuvo
  Automating container inspection Date: December 2015
Heikkinen, Hanna-Maria
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Heikkinen, Kaarlo
  LoadPlate commissioned Date: May 2013
LoadPlate for Raahe Date: January 2012
Timber boost for Raahe Date: January 2010
Hein, Erick
  New homes for used Gottwalds Date: April 2005
Heine, Stephan
  Hyundai on the blocks Date: November 2005
Heinke, Peter
  Dow in rail switch Date: November 2004
Heisel, Drew
  Heading for the next stage Date: June 2017
Heitemann, Klaus
  People on the move Date:
German sea ports start first round of redundancies Date:
Heitmann, Klaus
  People on the move Date:
Hekimian, Kevork
  Robotised Rotterdam World Gateway Date: September 2007
Held, Thomas
  NOL in Qingdao venture Date: March 2007
Helg, Markus
  Alto Tirreno going on a Swiss roll? Date: April 2012
Heller, Keith
  People on the move Date:
Stobart launches Valencia rail service Date:
DB Schenker Rail name generalised Date:
EWS/IBT team up on tanks Date: January 2006
  Few tears for SRA Date: July 2004
Hellgren, Anders
  SweFrame enters spreader market Date: June 2010
  Rasmussen quits ICF Date: July 1999
Hellinghausen, Rene
  Hellinghausen to leave ICF Date: May 2003
Hellman, John
  FreightLink finally finds a buyer Date: June 2010
Hellman, Lars
  Cavotec reaches 30 in good shape Date: May 2006
Hellman, Steven
  People on the move Date:
Hellmers, Carsten
  RFID changes the dynamics of pulp logistics Date: April 2012
Hellmers, Michael
  Designing a safe connection Date: June 2010
Options keep coming for electrification of RTGs Date: May 2010
ESL switch offers safety in a storm Date: May 2008
Hellstrom, Jan
  Rolling M&R standards Date: December 1999
Helman, Chantal
  People on the move Date:
Helmer, Jos
  Is Rhine container shipping in dire straits? Date: November 2006
Barges press charges Date: November 2004
Helsdingen, Carel Van
  Interesting times in straddle carrier market Date: January 2008
Helsidingen, Carel C van
  Kalmar gets in on the ACT Date: September 2007
Helsøy, Bjørn
  Risavika goes for growth Date: February 2008
Hemesath, Helmut
  Straddle carriers with hybrid drives Date: June 2008
Konecranes secures Eurogate strad order Date: September 2007
Consens comes into the picture Date: June 2005
Enter Consens? Date: None
Hemingway, Jon
  Goldman Sachs eyes Carrix Date: July 2007
Hemmingsen, Claus
  Global operations with a local touch Date: May 2004
Henckens, David
  People on the move Date:
Henderson, Carl
  Longer vehicles turned down Date: February 2006
Get the best from rail and road Date: November 2005
Henderson, Dr Grahaeme
  People on the move Date:
Henderson, Matthew
  More get Smart Date: January 2002
Henderson, Scott
  People on the move Date:
Hendriks, Peter
  Cargo trams for Amsterdam Date: December 2006
Hendy, Peter
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Henley, Basil
  Amficon fleet to Tex Date: April 2009
Amficon reins back Date: June 2001
Hennerkes, Jörg
  What future for JWP Wilhlemshaven? Date: May 2010
Building up Germany’s inland capacity Date: November 2008
Hennet, Bernard
  Rosenlew buy-in Date: September 2003
Hennissen, Bas
  People on the move Date:
Henriksen, Bengt
  Fireworks tracked by Smart box Date: August 2009
Henriot, Etienne
  Burgundian barley containerised Date: May 2011
Henriquet, Gilles
  Union Tank takes Exsif Date: May 1999
Henry , Frédéric
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Henry Fok Yingtung
  Deepwater port planned in Nansha Date: April 2002
Henry, Jacky
  STVA taking to the water? Date: July 1999
Henry, Larry
  Locate with ContainerTrac Date: May 2008
ContainerTrac for OICT Date: March 2008
Henry, Michael
  New KCT cranes Date: September 2007
Henry, Nick
  Shipping Portals - strategy and politics Date: November 2001
Hepworth, Richard
  Ports give mixed messages Date: December 2010
Trelleborg boosts presence in Japan Date: September 2010
Heraghty, Steve
  Swanson rethink urged... Date: May 2004
Botany bulging at the seams Date: May 2004
Heraty, Dan
  Mi-Jack buys EcoPower Date: August 2011
Herbertz, Andreas
  TWS opts for RAM software Date: April 2014
Hereñu, Gustavo
  Tackling drugs leads to scanning delays Date: October 2010
Heriou, Francoise
  New top man for Eurotainer Date: April 2003
Herlin, Ilkka
  Kalmar adds “Pro Future” Date: May 2008
Herman, Gavin
  People on the move Date:
Herman, Ron
  People on the move Date:
Hermesh, David
  Port of Haifa in box crane tender dispute Date: April 2008
Hernandez, Ferdinand
  Making a Pitch for Subic Date:
Hernando, Lucio
  People on the move Date:
Herndon, Phil
  Portable storage industry comes of age Date: May 2008
Resale market remains strong Date: May 2007
Hernández, Julio
  TCL sole bidder for Ferrol Date: May 2011
Tough times for Spain’s container ports Date: April 2009
Hernández, Miguel Ángel Servín
  People on the move Date:
Hernqvist, Martin
  Study confirms ISM Code benefits Date: November 2001
Herr, Ryan
  New online container auction Date: November 2010
Herrala, Seppo
  Finnlines looks back to the sea Date: December 2009
Herranz, Capt David
  Suppliers strike it lucky with Reporto? Date: October 2007
Herrero, Adriano Cadrecha
  Not everything in the garden is rosy Date: April 2005
Herrmann, Dr Andreas
  New boss for Siemens Cranes Date:
Hertel, Ryan
  LEDs for lift trucks Date: October 2015
Lighting up the terminal Date: February 2015
LED lighting for cranes Date: November 2011
Hertwig James
  US intermodal awards announced Date:
Herve Joseph-Teyssier
  French combi faces grave crisis Date: November 2004
Herwig, Lenny
  TTL extends Date: May 2006
Herwig, Philip W
  People in the news Date:
Herwig, Thomas W
  People in the news Date:
Herz, Gunter
  GL fights off BV bid Date: December 2006
Hess, Jason
  People on the move Date:
Hesse, Hans-Georg Hermann
  People on the move Date:
Hessey, Peter
  JNPT opts for Impsa Date: March 2007
Crane builders look to diversification Date: November 2006
Crane momentum is still there - but weakening? Date: July 2006
Impsa Malaysia set to expand Date: May 2006
Malaysian orders Date: March 2006
Automated thoughts about yard cranes Date: March 2005
Cranes from the Gulf Date: March 2005
Fantuzzi Noell push in the UK Date: June 2001
Hewitt, Greg
  People on the move Date:
Hextall , John
  People on the move Date:
Heydich, Beat
  People on the move Date:
Hägglund, Erik
  MacGregor reorganises into seven divisions Date:
Hibbert, Brian
  Navis outlines a vision for the future Date: October 2012
Container crane productivity and double cycling debate Date: July 2007
Hick, Paul
  Rosenlew buy-in Date: September 2003
Hickerson, John
  Swift in move for BNSF domcons Date: August 2005
Hickler, Hans
  People on the move Date:
Shipping Portals - strategy and politics Date: November 2001
Hicks, Patrick
  Reg Lee stepping down at ITCO Date: December 2009
Hidalgo, Jorge
  People on the move Date:
People in the news Date:
Higgon, Lawrie
  TK moves Date: June 1998
Hijazi, Omar
  Support for smart box Date: February 2005
Hilbig, Martin
  New CEO for Konecranes Terex Date:
Hill, Alan
  People on the move Date:
Hill, Jill
  Turning the customised key Date: September 1999
Hill, John
  Mobile loaders Date: April 2003
Hill, Lisa
  People on the move Date:
Hill, Robert
  Oz military goes commercial Date: October 2005
Hill, Vern
  People on the move Date:
Hiller, Rich
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Hillyer, Matt
  New pedestrian detection system Date: August 2012
Hilsen, Lars Erik
  GlobalSim to Kongsberg Date: March 2008
Hilton, Glen
  PTP eyes Phase 3 Date: November 2015
People on the move Date:
CSX nails Adelaide rumours Date: August 2004
Himbury, Mike
  New UBH has lift-off Date: August 1999
Hin, Lim Hong
  Brunei hits box record Date: February 2005
Hind, Angus
  People on the move Date:
Hine, Simon
  Ro-ro in the South Pacific Date: September 2004
Hines, Tim
  People on the move Date:
Hing, Matthew
  People on the move Date:
Hinge, Jorn
  UASC completes A7 newbuild series Date:
Chemical exports to trim Gulf box imbalance? Date: May 1999
Hinne, Carsten
  People on the move Date:
Hinojosa, Ana
  People on the move Date:
Hinooka, Yutaka
  People on the move Date:
Hinrichs, Heiko
  People on the move Date:
Hinton, Rachel
  People on the move Date:
Hirche, Walter
  Is bigger better, or are growing pains unacceptable? Date: November 2007
Eurogate wins deal for JadeWeserPort Date: March 2006
Container terminal for Cuxhaven Date: December 2005
Hirokazu, Daimaru
  People on the move Date:
Hiromura, David
  Tank lessors under pressure on all sides Date: April 2001
Hirst, John
  Smart disc brake Date: December 2005
Hirt, Gerald
  People on the move Date:
Hjalmarsson, Dan
  People on the move Date:
Hjelte, Lennart
  Shaping up for Tier 3/Stage IIIa Date: June 2005
Hjärtström, Ola
  Norrköping set to grow Date: January 2017
Mantsinen for Norrköping Date: September 2016
Höllermann, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Hölsä, Jukka
  More solutions for carrying steel Date: December 2007
Hämäläinen, Professor Esa
  People on the move Date:
Ho, Sunny
  Shenzhen to overtake Hong Kong this year Date: December 2012
Ningbo to feed off Shanghai’s strength Date: November 2010
Outcry over box damage charges Date: September 2010
Chinese box traffic drops sharply Date: January 2009
Hong Kong to cut charges Date: August 2005
Ho Yap Kuan
  China's option for a northern hub Date: March 2001
Hobbs , Simon
  Steinke to step down at Long Beach Date:
Hobbs, James
  HSE offers safety tips Date: November 2010
Hobbs, Kevin
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Hobbs, Steven
  People on the Move Date:
Hochstatter, Helmut
  Spread your bets on all-electric? Date: September 2003
Hockridge, Lance
  Inland rail can work down under - but not just yet Date: November 2010
QR spends on intermodal Date: June 2008
QR on verge of new era Date: November 2007
Hodgett, David
  Auto chain shifts up a gear Date: April 2015
Geelong under VRCA control Date: June 2014
Melbourne to be sold in 2015... Date: May 2014
Melbourne not for sale Date: July 2013
Hodgins, Gavin
  Flexitanks sustaining strong growth rate Date: November 2006
Hodgson , Gary
  Mersey Ports Master Plan consultation launched Date:
Hodgson, Gary
  Liverpool to boost its steel appeal Date: December 2012
Hoermansperger, Rainer
  People on the move Date:
Hofer, Stefan
  Making passes in the Alps Date: February 2005
Hoffer, Eric
  Security seal suppliers get heavy Date: October 1998
Hoffman, Dr Jan
  Keeping one’s powers of concentration Date: November 2004
On the move Date: March 2003
Getting a fix on shipping Date: June 1998
Hoffman, KLaus-Peter
  Terex launches Port Solutions Date: June 2012
Terex Port Solutions launched Date:
Hoffman, Matt
  BlackBerry eyes box tracking Date: January 2015
Hoffmann , Jörg
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Evergreen's Chang honoured in Rotterdam Date:
Hoffmann, Heinz
  More goods on the waterways Date: August 2006
Hoffmann, Klaus Peter
  Quick charging AGVs launched... Date: May 2017
Hoffmann, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Hoffmeyer, Stig
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Hogsved, Johan
  TOS suppliers scale down to broaden their appeal Date: February 2010
Hohndorf, Michael
  Finger cracking in floors Date: April 2005
Hoke, Dirk
  People on the move Date:
Holdack, Jürgen
  People on the move Date:
Holden, Barry
  Perkins into Townsville Date: May 2007
Holderness, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Holdings, Enric
  Tank builders face up to post-boom market Date: August 2012
Holiday, Joseph
  Gib plan on the rocks? Date: December 1999
Holland, Benny
  Houston/Galveston mull Pelican box terminal Date: May 2007
Holland, Matt
  CSL chalks up first sales Date: April 2011
Holland, Phil
  Maersk boxes Lotus Date: October 2006
Holland, Scott
  People on the move Date:
Navis speeds up N4 development Date: January 2017
BNSF sticking with OASIS Date: March 2009
Hollermann, Wolfgang
  People on the move Date:
Hollings, Ernest F
  Container screening at ports Date: May 2004
Holloway, Paul
  TOC Events launches container supply chain conference Date:
Holm, Anders
  Mangoes on the water Date: September 2014
Holmberg, Per
  New rugged computers launched Date: February 2013
Holmes, Anthony
  Sound investment? Date: June 1999
Holmes, Colm
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Holmes-Walker, John
  Obituary: John Holmes-Walker Date: February 2014
Holm-Ovren, David
  AAC Capital Partners acquires Envirotainer Date:
Holmsten, Lena
  Jade boosts web ability Date: May 2009
Holmström, Per-Anders
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Bromma moves to Singapore… Date: September 2014
Holmstrom, Per-Anders
  Bromma moving HQ to Singapore Date:
Getting the best out of crane spreaders Date: July 2006
Holopainen, Mari
  People on the move Date:
Holst, Joachim
  People on the move Date:
Holt, Bob
  People on the move Date:
Holt, Carter
  New Zealand hits forestry slump Date: September 2004
Holt, Jeff
  US port projects caught in storm Date: December 2008
Holt, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Holt, Thomas J.
  STS crane orders steady Date: July 2016
Holtshausen, Ronnie
  People on the move Date:
Hon, Datuk Yap Pian
  Port Klang on for 6.2M TEU Date: July 2006
Honey, Annmarie
  People on the move Date:
Hong, Sun
  Dalian plans expansion Date: December 2009
Hong Sun
  Dalian mulls box hike Date: September 2007
Hong, Tian
  ZPMC puts quay-stack transfer on rails Date: February 2008
Hong, Yeo Ning
  PSA launches joint ventures in Fuzhou Date: July 1998
Hongpeng, Ren
  CCCC eyes up Tanzania Date: September 2012
Hoogeveen, Erwin
  Heavy lifters slug it out Date: July 2012
Hoogwout, Peter
  Amsterdam floating terminal trial Date: March 2008
Hookham, James
  British rail freight “to double by 2030” Date: August 2008
Hooks, Craig
  New options for big tyre management Date: October 2006
Hoonaard, Fred
  ABB automation for Jebel Ali Date:
Hooper, Eddy
  ABP’s Newport gets Wise Date: April 2005
Hooykaas, Jasper
  Gelderland for HPH bulk Date: July 2005
Hopkins, Kelvin
  Glasgow-Chunnel doublestack? Date: May 2006
Hopkins, Ron
  Container decal sales booming Date: March 2008
Hopkinson, Dr Laurence
  Finding clean ways to clean ports Date: January 2010
Hopkinson, Jerry
  People on the move Date:
Hoppu, Seppo
  Ukraine first for KCI RTGs Date: July 2006
Horn, Julien
  Be better, not cheaper Date: December 2016
Horne, Brenda
  A box scanner for every port? Date: February 2007
Horner, Neil
  Chill in the Chunnel Date: July 2009
Horswill, Richard
  Boost for Karlskrona Date: May 2013
People on the move Date:
Horyna, Karel
  Czech mate... Date: August 1998
Hosaka, Fujio
  Russians step up the pace on cars Date: April 2007
Hoser, Anton
  Turn elephants into tigers? Date: April 1999
Hosni, Tarek
  People on the move Date:
Hossain, Akbar
  Crane momentum is still there - but weakening? Date: July 2006
Hossens, Daniel
  People on the move Date:
Hosseus, Daniel
  People on the move Date:
Hotston, Keith
  IT investment crucial to leasing start-ups Date: August 2006
Hou, Ethan
  Hempel opens new factory in China Date: December 2010
Houdijker, Paul den
  Extending reefer controller life Date: August 2006
Hougaard, Joergen
  People on the move Date:
Houghton, Steve
  Keeping fresh food fresh Date: September 2005
Houston, Capt Gordon
  Canadian ports at the gate Date: September 2006
Houston, Gordon
  New Deltaport berth delayed 12 months Date: February 2006
Vancouver/TSI sign 50-year deal Date: October 2005
NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Houweling, Edwin
  People on the move Date:
Following a well-tried trail Date: May 2004
Houweling, Richard
  Houcon adds leasing option Date: February 2010
Hovdenak, Jan Ove
  TTS in Singapore Date:
Hove, John
  Buffers to distribute MacGregor lashings Date: April 2012
Hove, Rob van
  New Aarhus service deal Date: March 2007
Hovem, Liv
  People on the move Date:
Hovland, Erving
  EHMS grab service Date: February 1999
Howald, Peter
  Hupac RoLa warning Date: August 2005
Howard, John
  Oz ports are not a problem after all Date: June 2005
Howe, Robert
  Bremenports’ rail focus Date: January 2017
Howell, Terry
  Bromma rings the changes Date: January 2003
Keep your eye on the ball Date: September 2001
Howell president Date: September 1999
Howlett, Mark
  Playing the power game by new rules Date: May 2006
Hoyer, Thomas
  Preem contract fuels Hoyer Date: July 2006
Tank operators target cost cuts Date: December 2005
Hoyer bucks the trend Date: July 2004
Hoyer en route to global logistics goal Date: November 2000
Hoyer ups spending Date: July 1999
Hoyland, Rachel
  People on the move Date:
Hoyle, Trevor
  People on the move Date:
Hörbst, Günther
  People on the move Date:
Hörner, Roland
  People on the move Date:
Hsiao Ting-hsun
  New direction for Kaohsiung Date: August 2011
Hsieh, Bronson
  People on the move Date:
Hsieh, Jiann Jiann
  People on the move Date:
Hsieh, Jonathan
  Automation and cranes Date: November 2012
Hsieh Ming-hui
  Kaohsiung pins hopes on China Date: May 2009
Shipping pact boost for China/Taiwan ports Date: November 2008
Kaohsiung under pressure Date: October 2007
Hu Angang
  Grand passage? Date: May 2000
Huang, Alex
  Liftech to China Date: October 2014
Liftech opens in China Date:
Huang Guosheng
  Expansion planned at Nansha Date: February 2007
Huang Huahua
  Shenzhen building capacity Date: July 2004
Huang, Jack
  Shanghai leads the race west Date: July 2005
Huang Qiang Yangtze shows signs of upturn Date: March 2009
Huang, Sun
  Geared with the correct crane drives Date: June 2009
Crane momentum is still there - but weakening? Date: July 2006
RFID positioning gains ground Date: May 2006
The weight of the evidence Date: July 2004
Huang Xiaowen
  CSCL launches new China-Russia intermodal service Date: November 2007
CSCL set to develop intermodal services Date: March 2007
Huang Xin
  Shanghai set for new record Date: October 2006
Huang Yebin
  Hutchison for Huizhou Date: May 2006
Huang Yong
  Ningbo set to challenge Shanghai’s new box port Date: February 2005
Huard, Karl
  Remote control from Gottwald Date: September 2004
Hubenak, Martin
  People on the move Date:
Huber, Anton
  Automation in the driving seat Date: June 2014
Huber, Bernhold
  People on the move Date:
Huber, Dr Berthold
  People on the move Date:
Huber, Stefan
  People on the move Date:
Hubert, Wilfried
  Demag triumvirate Date: December 2001
Hubregtse, Arne
  Heavy lift still proving attractive Date: July 2013
Hubrich, Frank
  People in the news Date:
Huck, David
  Heysham £10M plan Date: November 2016
Call for common sense on VGM Date: June 2016
APS/Kalmar for Liverpool Date:
Liverpool locks renewed Date: August 2012
Liverpool ICT upgrade complete Date: October 2010
New TOS from Peel Ports Date: October 2010
Liverpool upgrades capacity Date: September 2010
Hudson, Derek
  Portia has it off PATT Date: May 2006
Huebner, Andreas
  TCA meet Date: September 1999
Huerta, Michael P
  People on the move Date:
Huet, Ignacio
  People on the move Date:
Hug, Dr Rudolf W
  People on the move Date:
Huges, Timo
  People on the move Date:
Hughen, Denise
  People on the move Date:
Hughes, Joe
  Optimism in marine insurance market Date: May 2001
Hughes, Patrick
  People on the move Date:
Hughes, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Battening down for a rough ride Date: February 1999
MTK/WEW cement their relationship Date: February 1999
Hughes, Simon
  People on the move Date:
Hugon, Göran
  Cargo access deals roll in Date: April 2011
Huigen, Jaap
  High utilisation rates buoy tank lessors Date: April 2008
Huisman, Hans
  Ro-ro business rolls on at a fast pace Date: September 2007
Speed trial standard Date: September 2006
Hull, David
  Kolding leaving Maersk Line Date:
Hullerum, Bernd
  Mega-Combis on HS1 Date: August 2011
Hulliger, Jean
  Genoa's Alpine traffic call Date: December 1999
Hulls, Rob
  Melbourne SEES gets underway Date: July 2005
Lessons for all in Melbourne channel deepening debacle Date: May 2005
Melbourne channel deepening sunk... Date: April 2005
Hulme, Mark
  ASCs on-line at Brisbane Date:
Container crane simulator in Brisbane Date: May 2012
Hulsker, Marcel
  People on the move Date:
Hulst, Corne
  DPW reassesses expansion plans Date: February 2009
Hulterström, Sven
  Gothenburg ro-ro deal Date: November 2010
Gothenburg on the way to landlord status Date: February 2010
Humala, Ollanta
  Callao goes big Date: September 2014
Humbaur, Ulrich
  Kögel – Europe's third-largest trailer manufacturer – has a new owner Date:
Humphrey, John
  People on the move Date: September 1998
Hun Sen
  Cambodia takes a cut Date: May 2016
Work starts on Phnom Penh box terminal Date: March 2011
Hung, Truong Quoc
  Having to run in order to stand still Date: February 2007
Hunger, Fred
  New tank liner bag Date: April 2016
Hunstig, Reinhard
  Grabs make evolutionary progression Date: May 2007
Hunter, Coll
  UNCTAD swings into intermodal action Date: January 1999
Hurcombe, Malcolm
  People on the move Date:
Hurlock, James
  Stolt rings the changes Date: August 2003
Hurtienne, Wolfgang
  People on the move Date:
HPA’s Hurtienne hopes Elbe river dredging will start in 2017 Date:
Make mine a double - or even a triple Date: May 2007
Hurwitz, Eduard
  HHLA joining Odessa file? Date: July 2007
Husell, Johnny
  Kotka and Hamina to merge Date: December 2010
Hussain, S S
  JNPT passes 3M TEU mark Date: May 2007
Hussain, Shahzad
  Good response to JNP plan Date: September 2008
JNPT invites RFQs for another box berth Date: July 2008
...upgrade for JNPT Date: December 2007
Hussain, SS
  JNPT plans first SEZ Date: December 2009
Hussein, Saddam
  Kuwait to build US$2 bill container port Date: May 2005
Hutchinson, Christopher
  People on the move Date:
Huthloff, Nicholas
  New entrants come knocking Date: December 2015
Huthloff, Nicolas
  Keeping the big boys on their toes Date: September 2015
Hutloff, Nicholas
  Blazing a new trail in intermodal Date: October 2013
Ringing the changes in big trucks market Date: September 2013
Huts, Karl
  “Newcomers” making inroads Date: August 2012
Hutson, Victoria
  People on the move Date:
Huybrechts, Marc
  People on the move Date:
Huybrechts, Wouter
  People on the move Date:
Hwang, S K
  Busan’s new view on automation Date: December 2011
Høyesen, Høye G
  People on the move Date:
Hyldager, Claus
  Hyldager’s Nisomar venture Date:
Hylton, Noel
  People on the move Date:
Hymel, Dale
  Pacorini, Global join forces Date: March 2007
Omar Hadi, Aboubaker
  Djibouti targets master plan Date: May 2013

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