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Fejfer, Kim
  People on the move Date:
APM Terminals into Santos Date: August 2010
Terminal safety in the spotlight Date: November 2007
K Babu
  Work on Vizhinjam box terminal to begin soon... Date: October 2011
K Chan
  China to develop rail box terminals Date: November 2005
K Ravichandran
  Majors losing out to minor Indian ports Date: May 2012
K Sando
  Nigerian no on ISPS Date: October 2004
K Suresh
  Nine eye Chennai project Date: March 2009
Chennai invites bids for mega terminal Date: January 2009
Cost of Chennai box terminal up 20% Date: October 2008
Container refrigeration by the book Date: September 2008
Chennai invites new bids for mega box terminal Date: August 2008
Chennai to set up mega box terminal Date: August 2007
Chennai gets second container terminal Date: March 2007
Kabelschlepp, Tsubaki
  Eco & Eco launched Date: July 2012
Kabila, Joseph
  Banana port project back on? Date: August 2010
Kachidurian, Jim
  People on the move Date:
Kader, YBhg Dato Basheer Hassan bin Abdul
  People on the move Date:
Kady, Mohamed El
  Purfresh adds to partner network Date: October 2009
Kagame, Paul
  Rwanda rail link closer to fruition? Date: May 2007
Kahla, Vuyo
  Transnet's proposed tariff increases rejected Date:
Kahri, Markku Yli-
  Steel appeal from Langh Date: October 2008
Kaine, Tim
  US port operators eye automation Date: September 2007
Kairis, Aleco
  UK P&I Club elects new chairman Date: November 2000
Kaisen, Francisco
  What’s the big idea with new terminals? Date: January 2007
Kaiser, Ewald
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Kaiser, Franck
  New Transpacific container line Date:
Kaiser, John
  US ports think intermodal Date: March 2012
Kajander, Sakari
  People on the move Date:
Kakoko, Deusdedit
  Tanzania inland moves Date: September 2016
Kalantri, Vishal
  Infra Dighe Date: October 2005
Kaldany, Rashad
  IFC backing for Cartagena Date: September 2007
Kalelioglu, Ozgur
  Ankara struggles with port reforms Date: May 2007
Kalhagen, Geir-Eilif
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Kalisa, Guy
  African rail steaming ahead Date: June 2014
Kaljurand, Ain
  People on the move Date:
Investment boost for Eastern Baltic ports Date: December 2012
Four bidders for Estonia terminal... Date: August 2008
Chinese in Estonia box terminal deal Date: February 2008
Muuga set for €200M investment Date: October 2006
Kallas, Siim
  Bridging the gap in Europe? Date: May 2012
Baltic SECA rules fuel concern Date: May 2011
Kallio, Jukka
  Baltic operators plough on Date: December 2016
People on the move Date:
Kallman, Jesse
  People on the move Date:
Kalm, Valdo
  People on the move Date:
Kaloti Singh, Amandeep
  Canadian feeder service debut Date: December 2008
Kamel, Ibrahim
  ECT/Maersk win East Port Said Date: August 1999
Kamel, Jawad
  Advance co-ordinates shipment for Mitsubishi Date:
Advance fires an Arrow Date: March 2008
Advance on the advance Date: December 2007
Heavy lift shipping sector hits a high Date: October 2007
Specials in Advance Date: July 2007
Coming up on the inside track Date: June 2006
Kamenobrodskiy, Aleksey
  People on the move Date:
Kampen, van Adrian
  PDS makes the line calls Date: November 2009
Kamperman, Fred
  People on the move Date:
DCT productivity increase Date: August 2008
DCT Gdansk cranes arrive Date: February 2007
Kanerva, Ilkka
  Containerships’ Moby Dick truce Date: June 2007
Kang Xuezeng
  ZPMC set to report first ever loss Date: February 2011
Guan Tongxian retires Date:
Kannan, Ammar
  More Saudi cranes for Liebherr Date: May 2014
Navis for Beirut Date: August 2005
Kanning, Dieter
  Tiemann ready to weigh Date: March 2016
Kano, Sergio
  APS moves into Brazil Date: August 2011
Resolution 517 upheld in Brazil Date: June 2008
Panama Canal - still more questions than answers Date: March 2006
Suape ambition on course Date: October 2005
Brazilian port privatisation: is next gear reverse? Date: September 2003
Tecon Suape rings the changes Date: March 2003
Kanondjian, Meguerditch “Migo”
  People on the move Date:
Kanter, Robert
  People on the move Date:
Kaplan, Edward
  WhereNet changes hands Date: February 2007
Kaplan, Rob
  Blue sky thinking Date: March 2013
Kaplan, Sam
  Kaplan in Asian push Date: October 2007
Corrigan comeback gains momentum Date: May 2007
Corrigan heads DPW/Kaplan JV Date: January 2007
Kapleski, Rainer
  Eurogate tests automatic twistlock fitting device Date: June 2010
Kappel, Peter
  DVB looks to secure funding Date: November 2005
Kaput, Jim
  Cargotec moves into TOS arena Date: February 2011
Karakassis, Alex
  People on the move Date:
Karako, Sergey
  Czech mate in Brest Date: March 2009
Karamagi, Nazir
  Monopoly ends in Dar es Salaam Date: October 2009
HPH’s TICTS concession under threat Date: May 2008
Karan, Ian
  Which way forward for Hamburg? Date: February 2011
Tex’s Capital move Date: June 2009
Capital makes capital Date: November 2007
Box lessors confront a changing market Date: August 2007
Textainer tops 2M TEU Date: July 2007
Another contradictory year for box lessors Date: August 2006
Lessors still on track for a good year Date: August 2003
More lessor manoeuvring Date: August 1998
Karan, Ian K
  XINES fleet goes to Capital Date: September 2008
Karas, Soren
  Maersk cuts Hong Kong calls in favour of China Date: April 2011
Karaswewski, Julian
  A tale of two G’cities Date: August 2004
Karaszewski, Julian
  Raising the roof with RTGs Date: July 2004
Searching for gateway role Date: February 2001
Karen Li
  Shenzhen overtakes Hong Kong as world’s No 3 box port… Date: August 2010
Karestedt, Magnus
  Gothenburg car terminal goes to Logent Date:
Gothenburg notes that throughput has "stabilised" Date:
Gothenburg opens to private sector Date:
New Gothenburg services Date:
Göteborg record Date: February 2007
Goteborg spreading its net Date: May 2005
Kargl, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Karikkassery, Nobby
  Slow progress at Vallarpadam ICTT Date: January 2012
Karim, Enamul
  New record at Chittagong Date: September 2011
Karlen, Stefan
  People on the move Date:
Karlson, Lars
  Finding a common denominator Date: September 1999
Karlsson, Lars
  SweFrame statement Date: June 2014
Sweframe UK breakthrough Date: May 2011
Flippers still the “sticking point” Date: September 2010
CMP driving ahead in top gear Date: September 2006
Karlsson, Mats
  People on the move Date:
Karnette, Betty
  Will California box fee be terminated? Date: August 2007
Karnowski , Jakub
  People on the move Date:
Karras, George
  People on the move Date:
Karvinen, Jouko
  Convoys converts to Combilift Date: April 2008
Karvonen, Esko
  MacGregor reorganises into seven divisions Date:
Karzai, Hamid
  Afghans mull new India link Date: April 2009
Ka-shing, Li
  ...but seeks more overseas terminals Date: April 2010
HPH in Italy? Date: September 2006
Kashing, Li
  HPH profit dips 35% Date: August 2009
Kaspers, Helmut
  People on the move Date:
Kastermans, Hans
  Retro-Bridge ro-ro Date: July 2007
Kastrop, Laurianna
  People on the move Date:
Kasuku, Silvester
  Compensation paid on Lamu Date: March 2015
Progress on Lamu Date: May 2013
Katab, Cliff
  Performance boost for Charleston Date: February 2012
Kats, Leendert
  People on the move Date:
Katseli, Louka
  Piraeus dockers return to work Date: December 2009
Katzoff, Kenneth S.
  Clean trucks for Oakland Date: October 2005
Kauffmann, Chris
  People on the move Date:
Kaufmann, Daniel
  Upper Rhine “closer” to ARA seaports Date: October 2010
Kaunonen, Antti
  Automation - the view from Kalmar Date: July 2017
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Crossing the gantry divide Date: February 2016
People on the move Date:
Kaupe, Orst
  People on the move Date:
Kaushik, Sanjeev
  IFC Helps India’s Kerala State to develop port infrastructure Date:
Kava, Oleksandr
  Consternation and confusion reign in the Ukraine? Date: March 2014
Kavanagh, Roger
  Intermarine buys terminal Date: November 2004
Kavetvuo, Matti
  People on the move Date:
Kawaguchi, Masatoshi
  Yokohama redevelopment Date: June 2009
Kawambwa, Dr Shukuru
  Conference agrees strategies to revitalise EAC rail system Date: March 2010
Kawambwa, Shukuru
  Crunch time for Dar es Salaam Date: November 2008
Kayser, Franck
  ULCVs less competitive… Date: June 2016
Keane, David
  SCF buys into tanks Date: October 2007
Keane, Kenneth
  Martin Sgut Date:
Kearns, Bill
  New ACL con-ros Date: August 2012
Kearns, Shaun
  Mafi tractors for Freightliner Date: May 2011
Keating, Brendan
  Cork lodges plans for Ringaskiddy Date: May 2014
Cork’s terminal hopes go pop Date: June 2008
New Cork terminal Date: June 2007
Keefe, John
  Dunkirk as UK main port? Date: June 2007
Keen, Robert
  Brexit concerns stack up Date:
People on the move Date:
Keenan, Cortney
  People on the move Date:
Keenan, John
  Horizon adds boxes Date: October 2007
Kefalogiannis, Manolis
  Chinese eye Crete hub Date: December 2005
Kefer, Dr Volker
  People on the move Date:
UIR and DB launch “EcoTransIT World” Date:
Keizer, Frank
  Rotterdam World Gateway equipment line-up Date:
RWGT construction start postponed Date: March 2012
Keller, Karsten
  People on the move Date:
Keller, Larry
  Keller deal kicked back Date: December 2004
Keller resignation underlines pollution battle Date: November 2004
LA calls for tenders Date: June 1998
Keller, Larry A
  NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Keller, Peter
  NYK adds in Tacoma Date: August 2007
Kelly, Cassandra
  People on the move Date:
Kelly, Gavin
  South African container hauliers condemn rising costs Date:
Kelly, Mike
  New trucks steal a march into the market Date: April 2008
Kelly, Ruth
  Northern Gateway gets the go-ahead... Date: February 2008
Kelly, Sean
  MTL eyes Lianyungang Date: October 2009
Slower growth at China’s container ports Date: July 2008
Singapore regains box port crown... Date: January 2006
MTL to take majority stake in Dachan second phase... Date: December 2005
Kelly, Thomas M
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Kelly, Tom
  TOS takes to the rails Date: May 2010
BNSF sticking with OASIS Date: March 2009
Kelly, William
  SAIC bags CFP deal Date: June 2004
Kelly Yujie Wang
  China’s interior needs pallet-sized boxes Date: October 2008
Kemas, Peti
  Indonesian operators to join forces Date: July 2012
Kembukuswa, Rodolphe
  Dry port for Rwanda Date:
Kemp, Andrew
  People on the move Date:
TT/CNA join forces Date: November 2000
Kemp, Rebekah
  People on the move Date:
Kemppi-Vasama, Teresa
  People on the move Date:
Ken Chang
  Time for remote control Date: December 2011
Kenagy, Duane
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Long Beach looks forward Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Kendall, Jim
  Smart moves on the water Date: May 2009
Kendrew, Jeff
  BBI looking to sell more Date: March 2009
BBI sells 30% stake in European ports portfolio Date:
Kendrick, Mike
  Airship fleet planned Date: April 2016
Kenmore, Christopher
  People on the move Date:
Kenneally, Kristina
  HPH takes Botany prize… Date: January 2010
Kennedy, John D
  People on the move Date:
People in the news Date:
Kennedy, Paul
  Jade boosts web ability Date: May 2009
Kenney, Martin
  People on the move Date:
Kenny, Phill
  Electronic IDO launch Date: May 2008
Kent, Clay
  Brazil’s OCR boom continues Date: May 2012
Kent, Lena
  Planning for the New Panamax age Date: September 2009
Kenyon, Ralph
  Hastings plans its strategy Date: October 2006
Keong, Ng Chee
  People on the move Date: July 1998
Kephart , Brent
  People on the move Date:
Keppler, Stephen A
  People on the move Date:
Kerckhove, Ria van
  Fleet monitoring for straddle carriers Date: August 2011
Kerkhof, John
  Antwerp tackles cyber crime Date: November 2013
Kerkhof, van Hans
  Rotterdam plays the fair cop Date: May 2009
Kerkow, Jörg
  Hirschmann order from Baltkran Date: September 2008
Hirschmann for Doosan Date: August 2007
Kern, Christian
  People on the move Date:
Rail Cargo Austria restructures Date: February 2011
Kern, Daniel
  IRU demands open access post-Brexit Date:
Kern-Ferretti, Patrizia
  Constant uncertainty of risk Date: October 2015
Kerr, David
  People on the move Date:
Maher changes hands Date: March 2007
Kerr, Sharon
  Cold comforts for marine insurers Date: November 2005
Kerssen, Mario
  Crane transport market tightening up Date: March 2007
Kerstgens, Heinrich
  Upper Rhine “closer” to ARA seaports Date: October 2010
Kesselmark, Carl
  More developments in the spreader world Date: September 2006
Kessler, Craig W
  People on the move Date: September 1998
Kessler, Rick
  Horizon moves on RFID Date: February 2007
Kessler, Steffen
  Ferrymasters books more aluminium Date: August 2011
Kesteloot, Fernand
  New IICL Chairman Date: February 2010
Ketcham, Cullen
  Wampfler feels the Pintsch Date: March 2007
Ketterings, Hans
  Trends in the TOS market Date: May 2007
Cat Logic optimises Date: October 2006
Kettlack, Achim
  Forcing the pace with mobile cranes Date: October 2007
Kettlewell, Doug
  People on the move Date:
Keung, Cheng Chung
  Altai’s cellular architecture Date: November 2009
Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah
  ACT-ing on spreaders Date: June 2011
Khalid, Raj
  Antwerp ready for Indian port projects Date: August 2009
Khan, A Munir
  Afghans mull new India link Date: April 2009
Khan, Riad
  New RSA ports regulator Date:
Khan, Shahjahan
  ...Chittagong goes deeper Date: May 2011
Bangladesh river port upgrade... Date: May 2011
Mongla port plan evolves Date: December 2010
Status quo in Chittagong Date: August 2009
Khan, Shajahan
  Bangladesh builds inland box terminal Date: June 2010
China to invest in Bangladesh Date: April 2010
Khanbabi, Namir
  Beluga woes seed AAL expansion Date: May 2011
Khanh, Vu Kim
  Kalmar books RTGs for Saigon Date: May 2007
Kühne, Klaus-Michael
  Hapag-Lloyd still courting? Date:
Klaus-Michael Kuehne steps down Date:
Hapag-Lloyd stays in German hands Date: October 2008
Maersk boss shows interest in Hapag-Lloyd Date:
Klaus-Michael Kühne criticizes German government on Hapag-Lloyd deal Date:
Hapag-Lloyd remains in German hands Date:
Kho, Frank
  Two more members for PEMA Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Samskip/PSA HNN in Zeebrugge pact Date: January 2007
Khonyane, Ben
  Integration planned for Richards Bay Date: January 2010
Khoo Teng Chye
  PSA rings changes Date: May 2002
Khurrum, Ahmed
  Iran-Syria port deal Date: August 2004
Kiang, Dr Michelle
  Yard Hound is in the PINC Date: May 2009
Kibaki, Mwai
  Lamu takes a step forward Date: August 2012
Beijing sanctions Kenyan support Date: January 2010
Qatar to build new port in Kenya Date: January 2009
East African ports to benefit from rail revolution? Date: February 2006
Delays on East African rail deal Date: January 2006
New Kenyan port authority set up Date: April 2005
Second terminal for Mombasa Date: January 2005
KIbbe, Al
  People on the move Date:
Kichev, Kamen
  Box terminals up for grabs Date: October 2010
Kichler, Jerald
  Evergreen's Chang honoured in Rotterdam Date:
Kidd, Geoff
  Sidelifter safety in the spotlight Date: July 2005
Kiefer, Matthias
  Konecranes lifting business in Egypt Date: January 2010
Kiel, Seehafen
  A downbeat mood in Germany Date: August 2012
Kielgast, Folker
  People on the move Date:
Kiessling, Dirk
  Gottwald acquires TBA Date: December 2005
Kiez, Gregory M
  Ankara struggles with port reforms Date: May 2007
Kiil, Allan
  People on the move Date:
Kikwete, Jakaya
  Green light for new Tanzanian port Date: November 2010
Kilfoil, Guy
  Turkey’s first purpose-built car terminal Date: September 2007
Killeen, Eamonn
  People on the move Date:
Killinger, Johann
  Lehnkering acquires Buss Safelox Date:
Buss seeks “clarification” Date: October 2007
Big steps needed to handle record growth Date: August 2007
Kilonzo, Mutule
  Kenya to build second port at Lamu island Date: May 2010
Kim, I J
  PECT gets automated Date: July 2005
Kim, Inyong
  Busan riding on the automation wave Date: July 2010
Kim, Seung Nam
  Seoho launches ALV Date: March 2006
Kim Y M
  Hanjin moots expansion of CKYH Alliance Date:
Kim, YH
  Green floors set for the off? Date: December 2000
Kimunya, Amos
  Nepotism row at KPA Date: May 2012
Mombasa reforms in doubt again Date: August 2011
Mombasa tender doubtful Date: February 2007
KPA gets to grips with problems Date: July 2006
Kinchin, David
  Grenco buyout Date: July 2003
Kindberg, Lee
  Towards a standard emissions measure Date: March 2012
King, Annette
  NZ coastal shipping assistance guidelines Date: October 2008
King, Henry
  Seeing double with big cranes Date: November 2012
King, John
  Congestion in Oz ports - real or circumstantial? Date: October 2004
King, Kelly
  People on the move Date:
King, Kevin
  People on the move Date:
King, Vicky
  People on the move Date:
Kinnaird, Brent
  Lakes barge service Date: July 2009
Kinnaird, Malcolm
  FreightLink forced to throw in the towel Date: November 2008
Kinnoch, Neil
  A guide to 21st century antiques? Date: March 1999
Kinnock, Neil
  Know your place Date: August 1999
DGVII in the hot seat Date: September 1998
Kinnunen, Miikka
  People on the move Date:
Kinsella, John P
  New head for TK Date: July 1999
Kinzler, Steffen
  Quays for heavy crane loads Date: March 2009
Kirby, Bob
  Panu Routila new President of Konecranes Date:
People on the move Date:
Kirchner, Manfred
  Remote control from Gottwald Date: September 2004
Kirincich, Zelko
  Tampa box drive Date: June 2004
Kirk, Ken
  The New Forest comes to London Date: October 1998
Kirk, Scott
  Container seals raise the standard Date: October 2004
Kis, Kalman
  People on the move Date:
Liebherr steps up in Australia Date:
Kishimoto, Yasuki
  Mi-Jack/ Paceco in patent row Date: December 2011
Ki-tack, Lim
  Busan in “green” initiative Date: January 2014
Kitagawa, Kazuo
  Osaka Bay merger plan Date: August 2006
Kitamura, Takashi
  Japan eyes Indonesia Date: August 2012
Kitolo, Alfred
  Kenya to build second port at Lamu island Date: May 2010
Kittel, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Picking a shade of green for crane power systems Date: May 2008
Ways to play the power game Date: May 2004
Kiuna, Ngugi heads roll in Kenya Date: August 2008
Kiviniitty, Ari
  Kolding leaving Maersk Line Date:
Kjaedegaard , Jesper
  People on the move Date:
High berth productivity - what’s the point? Date:
Emissions trading for world shipping Date:
People on the move Date:
Kjeldsen, Anders
  People on the move Date:
Ports add capacity to cater for continuing growth Date: April 2008
Kjellberg, Anders
  Kalmar hushes things up Date: May 2006
Klarmann, Peter
  Mobile cranes move into top gear Date: January 2013
Klaus, Peter F
  People on the move Date:
Klausing, John
  People on the move Date:
Kleberg, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Klein, Dr Hermann
  Large boxship operations under scrutiny Date: July 2006
Klein, Dr Hermann J
  New standard for perishable cargoes Date: June 2004
Klein, Eric
  Counting the cost of ASC delays Date: May 2017
Getting to the Crux of congestion Date: March 2015
Automation out of the box Date: May 2010
Striving for a standard TOS Date: May 2006
Klein, Hermann
  Capacity reduction is the best answer to liner industry’s problems Date:
Insurers welcome drop in marine casualties Date: May 2010
Klein, Peter
  Tough times for the mobile harbour crane sector Date: January 2010
Mobile cranes roll to record levels Date: January 2006
Klein, Pierre
  Tough beginning for the GPMs Date: February 2010
Klein, Richard
  Brazilian ports reach out to a bold future Date: October 2007
Kleipas, Harry
  New British coastal service Date: November 2009
Kleiss, Rene
  More ASCs for Kalmar Date: February 2013
Geared with the correct crane drives Date: June 2009
More than one way to ride tandem Date: July 2008
Kalmar books crane orders Date: September 2006
Kalmar bags two new crane deals Date: December 2004
Kleivdal, Trond
  People on the move Date:
Klekotka, John
  US-built box crane awards Date: March 2007
Klemm, Timo
  Germany steady as she goes Date: August 2017
Klessens, Frank
  People on the move Date:
Klien, Richard
  Manaus in demand Date: November 2010
Dealing with growing pains Date: March 2010
Embraport emblematic of Brazilian dilemma Date: November 2009
Brazilian ports still on the up Date: March 2009
War over different visions of the future Date: May 2008
Row highlights dynamism of ports sector Date: March 2008
From Santos Brasil to Brazil Terminal? Date: July 2007
Klimmer, Victor
  Zaraté on the up? Date: March 2001
Klinge, Allan
  Klinge adding production staff Date: July 2013
Klinge, Henrik
  Klinge takes over Norfrig Equipment Date: February 2011
More Klinge aid for Haiti Date:
Klinge unveils new reefer for dangerous goods Date: June 2010
Obituary Date:
Time for innovation in tank components Date: September 2004
Cool moves for tanks Date: December 1999
Klinge, Soren
  Obituary Date:
Beacon opts for RAM Date: December 2007
Klinge, Søren
  New reefer lessor Date: May 2005
Klockner, Claus
  Igus energy chain reaction Date: September 2006
Klos, Gerry
  DCD’s Cape Town berth Date: December 2013
Kloss, Ralf-Günter
  People on the move Date:
Klug, Charles
  People on the move Date:
Kluger, Dr Michael A
  People on the move Date:
Kluth, Axel
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Terex rings the changes Date:
Problems mounting at JWP Date: May 2012
JWP Wilhelmshaven postponed Date:
Running in order to stand still Date: August 2008
Knapp, Brad
  Nacala under fire Date: July 2005
Knatz, Dr Geraldine
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Knatz elected president of the IAPH Date:
Planning for the New Panamax age Date: September 2009
People on the move Date:
Terminal tractors - diesel, electric or hybrid? Date: April 2009
Los Angeles terminal operators "in trouble" Date:
CTP going ahead in Southern California? Date: September 2008
ATA launches appeal against CTP judgement Date:
San Pedro Bay Clean Truck Programs attacked by IANA Date:
San Pedro Bay ports tick the "green" boxes Date:
POLA re-issues China Shipping draft EIS Date: May 2008
Gothenburg pushes for cold ironing Date: April 2008
Yard crane power case gets sparked up Date: January 2008
Green light for TraPac Date: December 2007
Cold comforts of cold ironing Date: November 2007
Tractors pull ahead on emissions Date: April 2007
Canadian ports at the gate Date: September 2006
Knatz, Geraldine
  San Pedro Bay ports eye the future Date: March 2013
"Cleaner" Port of Los Angeles Date:
Los Angeles terminal operators "in trouble" Date:
ATA launches appeal against CTP judgement Date:
San Pedro Bay Clean Truck Programs attacked by IANA Date:
San Pedro Bay ports tick the "green" boxes Date:
Asian Lines ditch LA terminal Date: September 2007
Electric tractors under study Date: January 2007
Köncke, Klaus D
  UES/GVC unified Date: November 2007
Knezevic, Olaf
  Explosive issues dog tyre servicing Date: May 2012
Knight, Linda
  People on the move Date:
Knight, Stephen
  People on the move Date:
Knights, Stephen
  People on the move Date:
Königs, Hans
  People on the move Date:
Knijf, Herman de
  FresGo gets fruity Date: March 2005
Knijnsberg, Roger
  People on the move Date:
Könke, Jörn
  ...Eko-Flor receives EPEA certification Date: October 2011
Knoef, Bert-Jan
  KION rings the changes Date:
Joe Dorto announces his retirement Date:
Knoetgen, Martin
  People on the move Date:
Knopf, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Knowles, Craig
  Green light for Ingleburn Date: August 2005
More delay for PB3T... Date: August 2005
New plan for Botany Date: June 2004
Intermodal imbroglio down under Date: September 2003
Knox, Fred
  People on the move Date:
Knudsen, Erik
  Novatech flexes its muscles Date: November 2007
Knudsen, Jens B
  People on the move Date:
Knudsen, Mikael
  People on the move Date:
Knudsen, Palle
  Composite innovations take a bow Date: January 2013
Knudsen, Thomas Riber
  Maersk’s Knudsen speaks out Date: April 2014
Maersk Line’s Knudsen speaks out Date:
Knukkel, David
  BV registers RIMS drone surveyor Date: September 2017
Künz, Hans
  Bromma for Tanger-Med… Date: July 2017
Kobzar, Andrey
  NCC out of NUTEP Date:
FESCO sells its stake in NCC Date:
First Quantum finds new investor Date: December 2008
Grip of steel tightens around ports Date: February 2005
St Petersburg power struggle Date: November 2003
Koch, Chris
  Box scanners remain in demand Date: February 2012
Koch, Christopher
  Navis standing tall on the edge Date: October 2006
Koch, Dr Thomas
  A tale of two terminals Date: May 2006
Port investments on the up and up Date: August 2005
Getting the stacks onto the rails Date: May 2004
Kochanowski, George
  First win for Staxxon Date: February 2016
Collapsible containers - has their time come? Date: November 2012
Kochetkov, Vladislav
  Tuapse for sale Date: April 2007
Kochinka, Daniel
  People on the move Date:
Koch-Nielsen, Jacob
  Boost for Karlskrona Date: May 2013
Kocken, Tom
  Carry on regardless? Date: January 2001
Kodera, Takashi
  People on the move Date:
Koehne, Ludwig
  Kranunion sets out its stall Date: March 2013
People on the move Date:
Koehne, Tim
  People on the move Date:
Koeppel, Holly
  People on the move Date:
Kogan, Vladimir
  Row looms over Containerships’ deals Date: July 2006
Kogon-Steinberg, Naomi
  People on the move Date:
Kohler, Horst
  People on the move Date: August 1998
Kohli, Gur Prasad
  People on the move Date:
Kohnen, Jürgen
  Polysius to install new logistics operations in Duisport Date:
Koimett, Esther
  Setback in Mombasa Date: October 2006
Kok, Frans
  LXE offers mesh... Date: May 2007
Keeping up with wireless technology Date: May 2006
Kokko, Tero
  Setting out on the RTG automation road Date: November 2017
The key to terminal automation Date: September 2017
Automation rolling along Date: April 2017
People on the move Date:
Virginia goes hybrid Date:
Kolbe, Stefan
  Options keep coming for electrification of RTGs Date: May 2010
Kolbo Neilsen, Bjarne
  MCI takes pole position in reefer stakes Date: January 2001
Kolding, Eivind
  Kolding leaving Maersk Line Date:
..launches daily Asia-North Europe service Date: September 2011
Reliability on the rise Date: August 2011
Maersk seeking more reliability Date: June 2011
Container shipping scaling up Date: May 2011
Triple E ships - 6000 moves in 24 hours Date:
Kolding to "issue industry wake-up call" at TOC Date:
Maersk and MSC line up in Italy Date: December 2010
Building up Germany’s inland capacity Date: November 2008
Maersk boss shows interest in Hapag-Lloyd Date:
Maersk Line restructures Date:
Seven for Brisbane Date: February 2007
Kolesnikov, Boris
  Setback for Ukraine reformers Date: December 2011
Kolins, Ivo
  Cold comfort for Ventspils Date: July 2006
Kollakis, Lou
  High-profile losses fail to ignite premium rates Date: May 2012
Koller, Peter
  IUMI mulls machinery matters Date: November 2001
Komnick, Chris
  Scifeye is a reality Date: August 2005
Kondoh, Tadayuki
  People on the move Date:
Konieczny, Peter
  A straddle breakaway? Date: December 2004
Koning, Danny de
  Coolboxx reefers get smart Date: August 2009
Industry’s first 45ft folding flats on trial Date: July 2008
Koning, Jos
  Support for Lashing@Sea Date: July 2006
Firestorm over world container shipping Date: May 2006
Konishi, T K
  People on the move Date:
Konnerth, Ralf
  Container weighing: a process challenge Date: September 2012
Konopatsch, Edwin
  Mafi doubles up in Britain Date: August 2008
Konrad, Joachim
  People on the move Date:
Koolard, Aad
  Coastlink ponders future of "river ports such as Hamburg and Antwerp" Date:
Koolen, Jan
  Reefer lessors face up to the credit crunch Date: January 2009
Reefer leasing on the rebound Date: January 2007
Unit45 drives on Date: December 2006
Unit45 hits the 1000 mark Date: May 2005
Koopman, Christian
  People on the move Date:
Koornstra, Wieger
  Portia has it off PATT Date: May 2006
Kopernicki , Jan
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Kopitke, Carlos
  Embraport emblematic of Brazilian dilemma Date: November 2009
Kopittke, Carlos
  Running in order to stand still Date: March 2012
Kopola, Nina
  People on the move Date:
Koppelaar, Frank
  New crane barge from Damen Date: June 2012
Koraleski, Jack
  UP opens new terminal Date: June 2014
Korhonen, Markus
  New orders for Savcor One Date: June 2005
Korkie, Simon
  Another hot year for reefer lessors Date: January 2005
Korn, Dirk
  Electrifying times for RTGs Date: March 2010
Korn, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Kornegay, Tom
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Crane bolts under spec Date: September 2006
Korotkih, Valeriy
  TransContainer in Japanese move Date: September 2007
Korpela, Sami
  VCT books Konecranes Date: September 2010
Kortschak, Bernd
  Building up Germany’s inland capacity Date: November 2008
Kosky, Lynne
  Victoria buys back rail Date: April 2007
Kosmina, Peter
  1-STOP to add DGs Date: September 2004
1-STOP steps up Date: September 2003
Kossak, Adam
  People on the move Date:
Kossert, Wolfgang
  People on the move Date:
Kotyshev, Valeriy
  Barging on in Russia Date: September 2006
Kouruklis, Alejandro
  People on the move Date:
BEST terminal opening Date: October 2012
HPH consolidates hold on Tercat Date: March 2011
Punta Colonet: tomorrow or mañana? Date: October 2008
Panamanian operators commit to new investment Date: March 2005
Cristobal revamp Date: December 2004
Kouruklis, Alexander
  PPC accused of owing US$28M Date: November 2009
Kovacs, Imre
  New Romanian box terminal Date: October 2009
Kovbasyuk, Vladimir
  Russian "war" over Date: June 2005
Kovylyaeva, Ekatarina
  People on the move Date:
Kozlowska , Anna
  People on the move Date:
Küpper, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Kramer, Andre
  Model 2 for Kramer Date: November 2015
Rotterdam ponders a second Maasvlatke RSC Date: July 2013
Independent operators look for a niche Date: May 2006
Kramer, Jacques Klein
  People on the move Date:
Kramer, James R
  People on the move Date:
Kramer, Michael
  Tank containers filling up Date: April 2017
Uncertain times ahead for tank operators Date: December 2011
Margins remain tight for tank operators Date: December 2010
Kramer, Michael W
  Belt tightening time for tank operators Date: December 2008
Taby goes to Stolt Date: September 2008
Tank operators target cost cuts Date: December 2005
Stolt bags Ermefer Date: May 2005
Stolt orders 600 tanks Date: April 2005
Stolt tackles tight tank margins Date: January 2005
Kramer, Mike
  Competition heats up for operators Date: December 2014
Tank operators work hard for their money Date: December 2007
STC celebrates 25 years Date: June 2007
Pieces fall into place for tank operators Date: December 2006
Tank operators facing testing times Date: December 2001
Kranich, Ulrich
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Slow ahead for Hapag Date: January 2010
People on the move Date:
Kranz, Leslie
  People on the move Date:
Krapp, Jochen
  People on the move Date:
Kratz, Tillmann
  Cold comforts for marine insurers Date: November 2005
Kraus, Thomas
  People in the news Date:
Krause, Douglas
  Ottawa prepares for European inroads Date: April 2011
Krause, Kevin
  People on the move Date:
Krave, Göran
  People on the move Date:
Kravski, Aurie
  People on the move Date:
Krayenbrink, Michael
  Dover's rail plea Date: July 1998
Krayniy, Andrey
  Kaliningrad goes fishing for containers Date: August 2006
Krebs, Alexander Dr
  Martin Sgut Date:
Kreft, Volker
  People on the move Date:
Kremper, Dr Klaus
  DB Schenker Rail name generalised Date:
DB tests longer trains Date: March 2008
Schenker/ScandFibre Logistics paper deal Date: February 2008
Railion in new joint ventures Date: April 2007
Kremper, Klaus
  DB Schenker Rail name generalised Date:
DB Logistics restructure Date: January 2007
Kärestedt, Magnus
  Gothenburg to go private Date: May 2009
Gothenburg pushes for cold ironing Date: April 2008
Kårestedt, Magnus
  Scandinavia’s mixed messages Date: September 2017
Scandinavia’s wave of new ports Date: September 2016
New terminal for Gothenburg Date: March 2016
Scandinavian/Nordic ports stride on Date: September 2015
Timber in Gothenburg Date: December 2014
Gothenburg takes a long-term view Date: September 2013
Logent for Gothenburg car terminal Date: February 2011
New forestry terminal for Gothenburg Date: December 2010
Gothenburg ro-ro deal Date: November 2010
Gothenburg on the way to landlord status Date: February 2010
Gothenburg on the brink of a new era? Date: September 2009
Gothenburg lay-offs Date: March 2009
A chill wind is blowing through Russia Date: February 2009
Combi-trailers move over Gothenburg Date: December 2008
Kreutzberger, E
  Quality leap for intermodal? Date: June 2002
Kreuziger, Dr Dieter
  Linking the North Sea with the European hinterland Date: August 2004
Krüger, Annette
  People on the move Date:
Kröger, Katrin
  People on the move Date:
Krüger, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Krüger, Ulfbenno
  People on the move Date:
Kris Chang
  New DP World structure Date: June 2006
Kristensen, Henrik
  People on the move Date:
AMPT in the safety zone with RFID Date: January 2013
APMT Callao starts modernisation project Date:
Running in order to stand still Date: March 2012
Banana companies oppose Moín project Date:
APM Terminals presents its "green credentials" Date:
APM Terminals scans the Horizon Date:
Kristensen, Jean
  TK moves Date: June 1998
Kristensen, Jesper
  Unifeeder to call at Ust-Luga Date: September 2011
Kristensen, Kim Aksel
  Deepsea bananas Date: June 2010
Kristensen, MIkkel
  People in the news Date:
Kristensen, Roy
  New options in virtual training Date: March 2010
Kristensen, Yasmin
  PTP cuts procurement costs Date: July 2012
Kristiansen, Ole
  LHM 550 Pactronic in Odense Date: August 2011
Kristiansson, Bengt
  People on the move Date:
Kritikos, Chris
  Hutchison moves for Ceres Paragon again Date:
Ceres finally scores Date: Web news
Ceres finally under way Date: June 2005
Hutchison moves in on Ceres Paragon... Date: February 2005
Commercial venture Date: May 2001
Król, Jaros³aw
  People on the move Date:
Król, Jaroslaw
  People on the move Date:
Krümpel, Mark
  People on the move Date:
Kärnebro, Åsa
  People on the move Date:
Kroes, Neelie
  All change in tank market Date: March 2006
Tank manoeuvres Date: March 2006
Kroesen, Ronald
  People on the move Date:
Krogh, Amdi
  Reefer monitoring takes centre stage Date: October 2015
Kroner, Per
  People on the move Date:
Krosby, Trond-Aage
  Polish revival continues Date: July 1998
Krossa, Hubertus
  Kion Group aims to lead FLT market Date: September 2006
Kruk, Yuriy
  Politics with a capital ‘P’ Date: August 2009
Ukrainian plots thicken Date:
Krummer, Stephan
  Dietrich advises 3i on HHLA bid Date: December 2006
Kruse, Hans Jakob
  Hans Jakob Kruse Date:
Kruse, Max
  DP World Australia’s new portal Date: September 2015
Krusel, Don
  Prince Rupert plans new terminal Date: September 2016
Rupert’s export boom Date: June 2012
People on the move Date:
Rupert rides recession Date: February 2010
Rupert’s gain hides a loss Date: May 2009
Prince Rupert container surge Date:
Prince Rupert saddles his horse at last Date: February 2006
BC Rail hooked up to CN engine Date: July 2004
Ports seek more autonomy Date: September 2001
Kryakunov, Boris
  People on the move Date:
Küttel, Josef
  SNCF takes Ermewa Date: June 2009
Kuah Boon Wee
  PSA orders 30 twin hoist cranes Date: September 2007
No looking back for Shanghai Date: July 2007
Kubek, Dr Horst
  ECTA to represent multimodal chemical transporters in Europe Date: June 1998
Kudo, Yasumi
  New appointments announced Date:
Kuester, Petra
  Joe Dorto announces his retirement Date:
Kugel, Janina
  People on the move Date:
Kuhn, Dr Christian
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
1000m freight trains for Betuwe? Date:
Rail shows its steel Date: November 2006
Kuhne, Klaus Michale
  HHLA deal called off... Date: January 2006
Kuhr, Manfred
  Port investments on the up and up Date: August 2005
Kuijpers, Ron
  People on the move Date:
Kuilboer, Rob
  Eco-RTG with ultracapacitor Date: July 2009
Kuiper, Jaap
  Amsterdam floating terminal trial Date: March 2008
Kuiper, John
  People on the move Date:
Kuitunen, Henri
  People on the move Date:
Kujoth, Andrzej
  A tale of two G’cities Date: August 2004
Kulas, Marino
  Eko-Flor on the move Date: November 2010
Breakthrough for Eko-Flor Date: February 2009
Eko-Flor ready for the off Date: November 2008
Floors - the container’s Achilles Heel Date: January 2007
Eko-Flor moves on Date: October 2006
Eko-Flor moves on Date: February 2006
EF floor makes progress Date: November 2005
Kulas. Marino
  Conforce teams up with Bayer Date: March 2009
Kullberg, Loek
  Dryer patch for liquid logistics Date: December 2015
Kumar, Biplav
  New berths for Paradip Date: January 2011
Kumar, Kartik
  Busy times for reefer machinery builders Date: September 2011
Reefer box builders rise to the challenge Date: June 2011
Reefer manufacturers regain lost ground Date: June 2010
Machinery makers riding out the storm Date: August 2009
Reefer industry out in force Date: January 2009
Kumar, Mishra
  People on the move Date:
Kumar, Rakesh
  Crane life cycle management Date: July 2010
Keeping the crane standards up Date: July 2005
Kumar, Ravi
  Indital for Cargotec Date: February 2007
SOM others do have them! Date: April 2006
Tapping into the global reach of lift trucks Date: September 2005
Kumar, Senthil
  Kandla open for business Date: March 2007
Kumar, Subhash
  Nine eye Indian box terminal Date: July 2010
India aims to boost boxes Date: March 2010
Chennai to build 5M TEU box terminal Date: January 2010
Kumbar, Otto
  Maris from OceanWide Date: September 1998
Kunkle, Jim
  People on the move Date:
Kunst, Saskia
  Turbulent times for port operators Date: May 2005
P&ONL’s Genoa sting Date: April 2005
Kuntz, Saskia
  VTE at risk... Date: August 2004
Kunz, Bernhard
  More intermodal terminal capacity for northern Italy Date: June 2012
Hupac aims for 1M shipments by 2015 Date: May 2011
SBB Cargo International founded Date:
Hupac logs 21.9% traffic decline in first half Date:
Hupac reports slowing growth Date:
...sets new records Date: May 2007
Hupac launches Antwerp-Perpignan service... Date: May 2007
Hupac states its case Date: September 2006
Hupac tops 0.5M consignments Date: February 2006
Proof of transmontane loyalties Date: November 2005
Busto III hub inaugurated Date: September 2005
Making passes in the Alps Date: February 2005
Kunz, Hans
  Igus energy chain reaction Date: September 2006
Kupfer, Andreas
  People on the move Date:
Kupke, Bernd
  BLG ups Harms stake Date: February 2009
Kuroya, Kenichi
  People on the move Date:
Guan Tongxian retires Date:
Kurukulasuriya, Mahesh
  People on the move Date:
Kurusiga, Eminoni
  Fiji crane tender Date: November 2005
Kuryla, Juan
  People on the move Date:
Kusakari, Takao
  New appointments announced Date:
Kusch, Michael
  E-RTG numbers still growing Date: January 2017
Automation on rubber or rails Date: September 2016
Kuschel, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Kuschinsky, Rainer
  People on the move Date:
Kusia, Grzegorz
  People on the move Date:
Kuske, Max
  IMS Rail Switzerland AG takes Rotterdam combi-traffic Date:
Kuta, Tomas
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Kutorkin, Dmitriy
  Sawn timber takes to the box Date: April 2009
Kutsch, Michael
  Yard crane power case gets sparked up Date: January 2008
Kutty, K V K
  Multistar operating arm targets India Date: June 1999
Kututa, Silvester
  KPA gets to grips with problems Date: July 2006
Kutychkin, Boris
  Foreign investors target port projects Date: August 2005
Kuzmin, Lev
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Kuznetsova, Inna
  People on the move Date:
Kwan, CF
  PSA cuts Hong Kong deal Date: February 2005
Kwesiga, Freddie
  Facelift for Mpulungu Date: November 2011
Kwiatkowski, Maciek
  People on the move Date:
DCT Gdansk moves on T2 Date: February 2015
Baltic ports in the fast lane Date: December 2013
Boris Wenzel joins Noatum Ports Date:
SAGT loses option on new Colombo container berths Date: May 2007
Kwok, Joseph
  CAI targets rail car market Date: June 2012
Container lessors still riding a boom Date: May 2012
Container lessors on a roll Date: March 2011
IICL issues repair revision Date: October 2010
New IICL Chairman Date: February 2010
Box lessors confront a changing market Date: August 2007
New head at Carlisle Date: October 2006
Kwon, James
  People on the move Date:
Oakland aims for the big six Date: October 2007
  Singapore to regain top spot? Date: February 2005
Kyjovsky, Cenek
  Flexitanks on a roll Date: November 2004
Kympton, Howard
  GlobalTrak’s US patent Date: September 2006
Kyrklund, Kid
  Rauma automates the paper flow Date: September 2003
Kyster-Hansen, Stig
  People on the move Date:
Kyzmenko, Andrei
  Identifiying TIS Ukraine Date: August 2011
Petrunkin, Kirill
  ECG seeks more cooperation with OEMs Date: May 2011

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