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Campbell Mason
  People on the move Date:
Southampton crane collapse Date:
Giorgio Musso
  Giorgio Musso Date:
M Vijayakumar
  Vizhinjam gets nod Date: September 2008
Vizhinjam extended again Date: January 2008
Indian focus on port development Date: November 2007
Ma, Ally
  SIPG under the cosh... Date: April 2009
Chinese box traffic drops sharply Date: January 2009
Bad omens for China’s port sector Date: December 2008
Ma Ying
  SIPG to get listed next year Date: July 2006
Ma Ying-Jeou
  China-Taiwan set to sign sea pact Date: September 2008
Taiwan to end ban on direct links with China Date: April 2008
Ma Yongzhi
  Capacity glut looms at south China ports Date: August 2008
Maas, Theo
  People on the move Date:
Maasflen, Thomas
  Rhenus to buy 50% stake in Swintrans Date: November 2007
Maassen, Thomas
  Rhenus in Moscow Date: February 2009
Port investments on the up and up Date: August 2005
Mabandla, Bridgette
  New chief executive for South African transport Date:
Macapagal-Arroyo, Gloria
  New contract for ATI Date: September 2006
Mindanao legal tussle Date: May 2004
Maccarini, Paolo
  People on the move Date:
Maccarone, John
  Container lessors riding the boom Date: May 2011
Tex takes Buss boxes Date: May 2011
Container lessors on a roll Date: March 2011
Purple patch for container lessors Date: November 2010
Tex secures new funding Date: July 2010
Box lessors bouncing back Date: May 2010
Signs of a pick up in box leasing sector Date: December 2009
Tex buys Amficon boxes Date: November 2009
Machinery makers riding out the storm Date: August 2009
Tex’s Capital move Date: June 2009
Tex reports solid results Date: May 2009
Amficon fleet to Tex Date: April 2009
Papering over the cracks Date: February 2009
Lessor earnings increase in 3Q Date: November 2008
Listed lessors post strong 2Q results Date: August 2008
Lessors boost financing options Date: June 2008
Military award for Textainer Date: May 2008
GE/Sea Containers resolve differences Date: April 2008
Textainer tops 2M TEU Date: July 2007
Resale market remains strong Date: May 2007
New head for IICL Date: November 2006
Another contradictory year for box lessors Date: August 2006
Box lessors face more challenging times Date: August 2005
Box prices cast shadow over leasing boom Date: March 2005
Tex’s top buy... Date: June 2003
Textainer takes the top spot Date: February 2002
Lessors strive to balance the books Date: August 1999
Maccarone, John A
  Textainer to manage the Gateway fleet Date: June 2006
MacCleary, Jerry
  Conforce teams up with Bayer Date: March 2009
MacDiarmid, Hugh
  People on the move Date:
MacDonald, Rodger
  Hull insurers accentuate the negative Date: November 2004
MacDowall, Ray
  People on the move Date:
Macfarlane, Ian
  Dirty row at Bunbury Date: April 2005
MacGregor, Scott
  People on the move Date:
Machado, Felix
  New fertiliser terminal for Beira Date: June 2014
Beira confronts silting Date:
Machado, Orlando
  Embraport fully financed Date: January 2009
Macharia, James
  Moves on Lake Victoria Date: June 2017
Machavariani, Eduard
  New Poti container terminal launched Date: November 2009
Macher, Friedrich
  ÖBB’s Chinese container train Date:
Machiandiarena , Matías
  People in the news Date:
Machon, Jean-Philippe
  New crane cables from Nexans Date: July 2005
Macht, Michael
  Porsche commits more to rail Date: July 2006
Mack, Kevin
  Columbia resumes Portland-New York Date:
Mack, Rudy
  People on the move Date:
MacKenzie, Bob
  GE/Sea Containers resolve differences Date: April 2008
New man at the SeaCo helm Date: January 2006
MacKenzie, Robert
  New man at the SeaCo helm Date: January 2006
Mackenzie-Lee, Jeremy
  People on the move Date: August 1998
MacKinnon, Neil
  Rail off track in Tasmania Date: November 2005
MacLauchlan, Andy
  SSA Marine/Puyallup strike Tacoma deal Date: May 2007
Maclean, Don
  People on the move Date:
MacLean, Joel
  Crane ransacked for its copper Date: September 2007
MacLeod, David
  More boxes overboard Date: May 2007
Macleod, Robin
  A tale of two G’cities Date: August 2004
Passing on the baton of automation Date: April 2001
Macozoma, Saki
  Time to alter the Network? Date: June 1999
MacSwiney, Peter
  People on the move Date:
MacTaggart, Glenn
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
MacTiernan, Alannah
  WA looks offshore Date: August 2006
More rail for Freo Date: March 2006
MacWhirter, Nick
  Swap body solutions start to stack up Date: April 1999
Madden, David
  Performance boost for Charleston Date: February 2012
People on the move Date:
Madden, Justin
  Victorian bitumen terminal in doubt Date: May 2008
First hurdle overcome for Melbourne CDP Date: November 2007
Madderson, Brian
  Another hot year for reefer lessors Date: January 2005
Maddock, Mike
  Morris units sold Date: March 2001
Maddox, Carol
  NTtank test successful Date: April 2009
New Chinese tank builder Date: November 2007
Chemline deal for Maddox Date: December 2005
Tank lessors face rate challenge Date: April 2005
Tank lessors cautiously upbeat Date: April 2004
Trifleet on a roll Date: April 1999
Madsen, Hans Ole
  APMT eyes Dar Date: April 2012
APMT in for JNP4 Date: November 2004
Madsen, Hans-Ole
  People on the move Date:
ICTSI to take legal action against BSP Date: July 2013
People on the move Date:
APMT takes over in Poti Date: April 2011
Madsen, Henrik Dr.
  DNV GL/MPA in R&D pact Date: March 2014
Madsen, Jens
  Shippers spark NZ dredging row Date: December 2010
NZ ports still uncertain Date:
Auckland’s Wiri link launched Date: February 2010
Auckland volumes down but profit returns Date:
Auckland grows Wiri Date: January 2010
Funds for Auckland… Date: September 2009
New Zealand “could lose out” to Australia Date: June 2009
…and bites in New Zealand Date: April 2009
Wiri plan on track Date: January 2009
Auckland in guerrilla raid on Tauranga Date: January 2009
NZ’s South Island ports mull merger Date: November 2008
TSB takes two Date: October 2008
Auckland eyes Tauranga’s boxes... Date: August 2008
Auckland implements VBS Date: December 2007
Madsen, Jorgen
  AMPT to operate Bahrain terminal Date: September 2006
Maecker, Siegfried
  New Gottwald at Emden Date: September 2007
Maekawa, Hiroyuki
  People on the move Date:
Guan Tongxian retires Date:
Magdalena, Óscar
  People on the move Date:
Magee, Tony
  Lytle takes over as Long Beach helmsman Date:
Maggs, William
  People on the move Date:
Magna, Claudia
  WCN Publishing appoints Latin America agent Date:
Magnusson, Dan
  TTS service contract Date: December 2007
Mago, Arun
  ...Mumbai looking offshore Date: June 2000
Magqwaka, Brenda
  People on the move Date:
Magufuli, John
  Corruption problems in Tanzania Date: January 2016
Maguire, John
  People on the move Date:
Magura, Heike
  Time to alter the Network? Date: June 1999
Mahajan, Arvind
  Kochi transhipment hub on course Date: November 2008
Mahajan, Charu
  Carrier shows genset fuel savings Date: August 2010
Mahama, Alhaji Aliu
  Blueberry boost for CA Date: September 2008
Mahansaria, Yogesh
  People on the move Date:
Mahathir, Mirzan
  Supporting feeders Date: January 1999
Mahdy, Khalid
  More Gottwald crane orders Date: March 2010
Maher, Basil
  Maher changes hands Date: March 2007
Maher, Brian
  Maher changes hands Date: March 2007
Prince Rupert saddles his horse at last Date: February 2006
Maheshwar, Chilukri
  Container refrigeration by the book Date: September 2008
Mahlberg, Mika
  Konecranes completes Terex MHPS acquisition Date:
Crane prices in pressure cooker Date: November 2007
Crane builders look to diversification Date: November 2006
Firsts for Konecranes Date: October 2006
Mahoney, Dennis “Doc”
  People on the move Date:
Mai Boliang
  Chinese box builders tough it out Date: July 1999
Mai, Dr Martin
  Danube streaker? Date: September 2002
Maier, Dietmar
  Cemat restructures service offer Date:
Maietta, Aldo
  A new round of investments on the way Date: April 2008
Maiko, Nyariana
  People on the move Date:
Maillefer, Etienne
  Swiss face up to crunch modal shift challenge Date: March 2001
Maioli, Gino
  FER seeks Sogemar tie-up Date: May 2010
Maistre, Emmanuel de
  Combipass opts for RAM software Date: August 2012
Maitilasso, Roberto
  Italian ports mostly run to stand still Date: May 2006
Majors, Linda
  M-PONDS “breakthrough” claim Date: May 2006
Majumdar, A
  Setback for Kolkata plan Date: July 2009
Majumdar, Budha
  High berth productivity - what’s the point? Date:
Different strokes for Near East port reform Date: June 2008
Majumdar, Budhajev
  Still dividing up the pieces of the pie Date: June 2007
Mak, Rufin
  CSXWT reorganises Date: June 2004
CT9 behind schedule Date: September 2001
Mak, Y F
  K-Tank Supply underway Date: August 2003
Makarov, Vladimir
  Dash for new car terminals in the Baltic Date: September 2007
Makeyev, Sergey
  Fighting and temporary truces Date: October 2009
Makgale, Solomon
  Transnet mulls box terminal at DIA Date: August 2011
Maki, Kimmo
  People on the move Date:
Finnish ports face uncertain times Date: December 2011
Makinen, Jorma
  Jorma Makinen Date: June 2006
TTS snaps up Liftec Date: January 2005
Makinen, Mikael
  Cargotec to cut back "head office" Date:
People on the move Date:
Cargotec 2Q sales up 25% Date: July 2011
Cargotec sets up in Singapore Date:
Cargotec to acquire Navis from Zebra Date: January 2011
Leading OEMs on a slow road to recovery Date: May 2010
Cargotec’s new touch of Polish Date: September 2009
Cargotec makes key appointment Date:
Kalmar books US$125M reach stacker order... Date: November 2008
Latest interims from Finns Date: November 2006
Cargotec to buy BMH Marine Date: June 2006
Cargotec’s 2005 results Date: February 2006
Makomere, Boaz
  All change in Uganda Date: October 2012
Maku, Labaran
  Nigeria secures funding for rivers Date: May 2012
Malacalza, Vittorio
  New Savona steel terminal Date: June 2008
Malchonok, Yelena
  Cars drive new Russian port interests Date: December 2006
Malchow, Dr Ing Ulrich
  Port Feeder Barge Date: August 2007
Big steps needed to handle record growth Date: August 2007
Malcolm, Andrew
  Malcolm’s big box solution Date: May 2014
Malcolmson, Howard
  Cutting port tractor tyre costs Date: November 2013
Malenfant, Dave
  New man at the helm at PSA Date:
Maleski, Mark
  People on the move Date:
Maley, Patrick
  People on the move Date:
Malin, Dipl Ing Johannes
  Liebherr mobiles in Kuwait Date: March 2009
Mallard, Trevor
  Stadium stalls Kiwi merger plan Date: December 2006
Maller, Fredrik
  ABP’s Newport gets Wise Date: April 2005
Malloy, Terrence
  NY/NJ pulls off a NEAT move Date: May 2008
Malmborg, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
1,000 up for Kalmar middle weight FLT Date: September 2015
Cargotec gets some big lifts Date: July 2012
Messina orders lo-ro-ro FLTs Date: October 2011
Playing new tunes with the forks Date: May 2011
Malmors, Martin
  A bridge over troubled waters Date: September 2004
Malov, Kate
  Bonny to leave Dunkirk Date:
Maltsev, Sergey
  EBRD buys stake in Globaltrans Date: March 2009
Mamniski, Krzystof
  People on the move Date:
Mamon, Victor
  Used crane for Subic Date: August 1999
Mandas, Elias
  People in the news Date:
Mandl , Alex J
  People on the move Date:
Mandrin , Bruno
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Mandyck, John
  Carrier highlights GHG savings Date: January 2011
PrimeLINE scores with Hamburg Süd Date: February 2010
Mangeard, Philippe
  France's Atlantic "rail motorway" Date:
Frejus boosts Modalohr Date: June 2005
Maniwa, Hiroshi
  NYK chief urges India rail upgrade Date: September 2007
Manke, Alfred
  More modal switch by K&N Date: December 2004
Mann, Richie
  Halifax gets a stimulant Date: May 2009
Green light for Melford Date: November 2008
Manners-Bell, John
  Looking ahead with 3D vision Date: May 2016
Manning, Dave
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Manning, David W
  People in the news Date:
People on the move Date:
Mannucci, Marcello
  Rome terminal on the move Date: December 2007
Mansour, Eng. Mohamed
  AICT opens for business Date: September 2007
Mansour, Mohamed
  Egypt to build river port network Date: January 2010
Egypt plans Said expansion Date: November 2008
Mansuri, Parvez
  Advent manages PierPASS Date: August 2009
Making data perform better Date: October 2008
Putting an end to maintenance fees Date: October 2008
Advent goes open source Date: February 2007
Mantovani, Mario
  CVS weathers the storm Date: December 2009
Mantri, Nitin
  People on the move Date:
Mantsinen, Mia
  People on the move Date:
Mantyla, Timo
  Engaging Finland’s western front Date: December 2004
Mantz, Heather
  VPA in trucking initiative Date: October 2007
Manugistique, Gaussin
  Gaussin into China Date: February 2011
Manukian, Andranik
  Armenian ferry link Date: February 2007
Manzur, Juan Carlos
  People on the move Date:
Marano, Marcello
  People on the move Date:
Marasco, Mike
  Extending reefer controller life Date: August 2006
March, Dan
  People on the move Date:
Marchand, Doug J
  People on the move Date:
GPA completes reefer racks Date: April 2009
GPA works complete Date: March 2008
GPA buys more land Date: October 2007
Big spend for Savannah Date: July 2006
Savannah on a high Date: February 2006
GPA opens Gate 3 Date: October 2004
GPA chalks increases Date: September 2003
GPA pools chassis Date: March 1999
Deepening study Date: August 1998
Marchant, David
  ARTC coast to coast Date: January 2010
Oz rail: productivity lags but reforms on the way Date: October 2009
Oz port rail links improved Date: April 2009
Oz rail beats road Date: May 2008
...ARTC speeds up rail timetable Date: June 2005
Flood of funds to get Oz rail back on track Date: November 2004
Marchessi, Enrique
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Marcucci, Nereo
  People on the move Date:
VTE rumbles on Date: June 2007
Too many playing the game? Date: June 1998
Mardones, Jose Luis
  Chilean delays? Date: December 1999
Marembaud, Olivier
  French intermodal takes a step forward Date: September 2007
Hupac launches Antwerp-Perpignan service... Date: May 2007
Marendet, François
  Tough beginning for the GPMs Date: February 2010
Marenzana, Alberto
  ECTA to represent multimodal chemical transporters in Europe Date: June 1998
Margnes, Michael
  Rhone-Saone barge traffic develops Date: July 2004
Mari E Pangestu
  Batam hub port plan Date: October 2005
Marion, Bertrand
  Bromma adds lift truck spreaders Date: June 2008
Marjoram, David
  Daikin boosts efficiency Date: November 2010
Hamburg Süd opts for Daikin Date: April 2010
Record year for reefer machinery builders Date: September 2007
Environmental issues under the spotlight Date: June 2007
Spares and energy fuel reefer TCO debate Date: June 2007
Daikin ups the pace Date: June 2007
Tougher year for reefer container machinery manufacturers Date: September 2006
Towards new refrigerants Date: September 2006
Reefer technology stays ahead Date: September 2004
Marks, Judith
  TWIC cards to top 1M Date: February 2008
Marks, Richard
  Weighing the pros and cons Date: March 2013
People on the move Date:
Markusson, Sigurjon
  Containerships turns downturn into an advantage Date: December 2009
Containerships adds Ghent Date: October 2009
Containerships buys Turkish shipping line Date:
On the rails to Moscow Date: August 2007
Containerships happy at Fesco statement Date: May 2007
Iceland JV Date: September 2006
Markwell, Giles
  Timberbox takes a bow Date: January 2009
Marmorato, Vincenzo
  Brakes in the spotlight Date: May 2015
Crane price gap opens up Date: October 2009
Things in, on and around the cranes Date: July 2009
Putting a stop to braking problems Date: May 2003
Marmy, Martin
  People on the move Date:
IRU welcomes Mont Blanc report Date: July 1999
UNCTAD swings into intermodal action Date: January 1999
Marschall, Axel
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
New automotive parts box from Schenker Date: March 2010
DB Schenker Rail name generalised Date:
Marshall, Jorge
  People on the move Date:
Marshall, Peter
  To Rupert by George Date: April 2007
CN opens new container terminal in Edmonton Date: December 2006
Marsham, Phillip
  Bringing efficiencies to Iraq Date: June 2016
People on the move Date:
Adriatic dreams of European glory Date: October 2013
Rijeka gears itself up Date: May 2013
Martel , Herv
  People in the news Date:
People on the move Date:
Martel , Hervé
  People on the move Date:
Martel, Hervé
  Haropa builds up Date: July 2015
Martens, Laurent
  People on the move Date:
Martin, Andrew
  Peel plan for Port cheshire Date: September 2014
Martin, Chris
  People on the move Date:
Martin, David
  New UBH has lift-off Date: August 1999
Martin, Eddie
  “Steady as she goes” for Great Britain’s ports Date: January 2011
Martin, Greg
  Sydney car trade begins move to Port Kembla Date: September 2007
Melbourne, Sydney top their best Date: July 2007
Port charges on the rise Date: June 2007
Upheavals in Sydney Date: December 2006
Northern option for PB3T Date: September 2006
Enfield back on? Date: February 2006
Sydney up but Freo trade flat Date: August 2005
NSW proffers PB3T option Date: March 2005
Battle for Botany moves on Date: December 2004
Making room for box growth down under Date: October 2003
Sydney freeing up space Date: September 2001
Sydney awaits EIS Date: January 2001
Martin, Hans
  Finnlines looks back to the sea Date: December 2009
Martin, Juan Francisco
  Las Palmas holds steady Date: June 1999
Las Palmas makes an offer Date: March 1999
Martin, Stuart Kai
  New automated terminal concept Date: January 2011
Martinez, Bibiana
  Port investments gathering pace Date: April 2006
Martino, Jose Angel de
  Towards automated ship unloading Date: January 2005
Martins, Rubens
  RAM Intermodal for Rigtank Date: April 2017
Martínez, Aurelio
  ...Valencia “cheapest for imports” Date: January 2017
Martínez, Walter
  ICTSI-PSA await Ecuador decision Date: March 2007
Martynova, Natalya
  Kaluga route for Volkswagen Date: January 2012
Marz, Christian
  People on the move Date:
Marzano, Dick
  NYK adds in Tacoma Date: August 2007
Marzhal, Michael
  New trucks steal a march into the market Date: April 2008
Marzinek, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Masami Kubo
  Hibiki on track Date: October 2003
Mashabela, Victor
  Africa rising on a wave of burgeoning trade Date: November 2017
Maslin, Luke
  Cooper Materials Handling in administration Date:
Mason, Campbell
  New British coastal service Date: November 2009
People on the move Date:
Another Soton crane collapse Date: July 2009
More on latest Southampton crane collapse Date:
Mason, Jeff
  People on the move Date:
Mason, John
  Seal manufacturers start to get smart Date: March 1999
Masoud, Tamer
  DPW reassesses expansion plans Date: February 2009
Massa, Marcelo
  Kalmar crane upgrades... Date: March 2014
Steelbro adds distributor Date: March 2007
Massaad, Khater
  Jade takes two Date:
Massawi, Awadhi
  People on the move Date:
Massucci, Umberto
  Land deal in Naples Date: August 1998
Masters, Bill
  Traffic growing at Beaumont Date: July 1998
Masters, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Mastoroudes, John
  Progress on Lekki Date: April 2010
Mastulev, Valery
  People on the move Date:
Masuda, Nobuyuki
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Matchanov, Khakim
  Russian Railways buy 51% of Black Sea ferry operator Date:
Mathews, Philip
  People on the move Date:
Mathiesen, Bjarne
  People on the move Date:
Mathieu, José
  Railpower seeks court protection Date: February 2009
Mathis, Steve
  Martin Sgut Date:
Mathisen , Ingvar
  People on the move Date:
Matikainen, Timo
  ...launches new terminal tractor Date: January 2009
Kalmar tractors for Port of Salalah Date: December 2008
Kalmar introduces “icon” tractor series Date: June 2007
A CAN-do approach to terminal tractors Date: February 2006
Sisu tractor first Date: September 2003
Matin, M A
  Bangladesh scraps box port plan Date: September 2007
New Bangladesh container terminal Date: June 2007
Matinlauri, Ismo
  Turning down the volume in ports Date: October 2013
Different paths to the future Date: December 2011
Cargotec prepares for the future with 'Port 2060' Date:
Matsaert, Frank
  TAZARA plans new link ups Date: January 2013
Matteoli, Altero
  Revolt over Voltri joint venture Date: December 2008
Mattern, Alex
  Anxious times for German seaports Date: August 2015
People on the move Date:
Mattern, Axel
  Tackling head-on challenges Date: August 2016
Matthew, Jeremy
  Seaco calls for more consolidation Date: April 2016
Matthew, Sean
  People on the move Date:
Matthews, Neil
  FreightCorp/CRT award Date: November 2000
Matthiesen, Antonio
  Brazilian ports reach out to a bold future Date: October 2007
Mattioli, Ing Marco
  Zephir launches electric shunter... Date: April 2009
Mauermann, Sue
  People on the move Date:
Maumene, Eduardo
  Gradually embracing intermodal rail Date: May 1999
Maurer, Theodor
  KION rings the changes Date:
Joe Dorto announces his retirement Date:
Linde Heavy Truck Division takes the high road Date: March 2008
Mauri, Claudio
  Picking a shade of green for crane power systems Date: May 2008
First for Cavotec-Brevetti Date: August 2007
Mauskopf, Roslynn
  Feds make move on ILA Date: July 2005
Mawer, David
  Short and sweet for intermodal rail? Date: March 2008
Maximov, Pyotr
  NCC out of NUTEP Date:
Maxwell, Bill
  Konecranes bags Damietta orders Date: November 2009
May, Chris
  People on the move Date:
May, Ed
  Siemens secures military contract Date: April 2007
Maybury, Peter
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Freightliner moves into Doncaster Date: April 2008
FL drives Ferrari Date: June 2005
Mayer, Dirk De
  Cosmos back to HNN Date: March 2005
Mayes, Chris
  Big lift trucks show their mettle in tough market Date: September 2009
Maynard, Brian
  People on the move Date:
Mays, Mike
  People on the move Date:
Mayson, Jon
  Metroport upgrade Date: May 2004
Liebherr secures Tauranga business Date: August 2003
Bullish Tauranga Date: December 1999
Mazeedi, Mohammad Al
  UAE terminal open Date: February 2007
Mazula, Kevin
  People on the move Date:
Mazumder, Sumit
  Big lift trucks on the move Date: December 2011
Big as usual Date: September 2008
Mazza, Christopher
  Navis launches XVELA Date:
ChassisManager solution from IAS Date: August 2012
IAS bags Zim deal Date: November 2005
Mazzacano, Dr. Guglielmo
  MCS has an eye on the continent Date: June 1999
Mazzoncini, Ing. Renato
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Mbengashe, Nikki
  All change at South African ports Date:
Mbikusita-Lewanika, Akashambatwa
  TAZARA plans new link ups Date: January 2013
McAllister, David
  JWP opening postponed Date: June 2012
McAndrews, Mark
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
McAthey, Michael
  People on the move Date:
McAuliffe, Terry
  VPA to buy VIG Date: October 2015
McBrearty, Patrick L
  Amerika - Ceres replies (letter) Date: March 1999
McBride, Krystle
  The greenest way from Shanghai to Chicago* Date: March 2009
McBride, Peter
  Fit for expansion Date: July 1999
McCann, Bill
  Rubb halls for NI ports Date: October 2004
McCann, Janice
  People on the move Date:
McCarthy, Ed
  People on the move Date:
McCarthy, Gerry
  Darwin to extend East Arm Date: October 2011
McCarthy, Michele D
  Maximising liquid assets across the 49th parallel Date: October 2005
McCarthy, Patrick
  Hurricane forces getting more powerful? Date: October 2005
McCaul, James
  New Beirut concession Date: August 2004
McCawley, Francis
  MCI Chile targets 2016 Date: October 2014
Chile faces landside challenge Date: January 2005
McClain, David
  St Bernard flying high Date: February 2005
McClean, Damien
  EPT acquires Global Flexi Date: February 2011
Flexitanks on a roll Date: November 2004
McClean, Peter
  Cargotec shuffles the pack Date:
People on the move Date:
McClelland, Troy
  People on the move Date:
McClennan, Kerri
  People on the move Date:
McClintock, Paul
  People on the move Date:
McCluskey, Mark
  Terberg hits the trail Date: November 2015
McConway, Barry
  The bigger the ship, the bigger the claim Date: November 2007
McCormick, Mike
  People on the move Date:
McCown, John D
  To Davy Jones’ locker with the Jones Act? Date: September 2003
McCoy, General Ray
  Towards total visibility? Date: December 1999
McCoy, Paul
  Kellogg ups its green highway commitment Date: April 2013
McCurdy, Jonathan
  Buyout for GlobalSim Date: March 2016
McDermott, James T, Jr
  People on the move Date:
McDonagh, Kerry
  Linde Heavy Truck Division takes the high road Date: March 2008
Linde set to get really heavy Date: December 2007
McDonald, David
  People on the move Date:
Second Gottwald for Manatee Date: June 2010
McDonald, Tony
  People on the move Date:
McDonnell, Bob
  VPA to lease APMT’s Portsmouth terminal Date: May 2010
McDonnell, Brendan
  Port Botany auto plans Date: April 2014
McDonough, Tom
  Indital for Cargotec Date: February 2007
McDowell, Jack
  Big lift trucks show their mettle in tough market Date: September 2009
McDuffie, Woodie
  Still no light at the end of the tunnel Date: December 2000
McEllrath, Bob
  Unions unite against terminal automation Date: September 2012
McEllrath, Robert
  West Coast contract scene set Date: December 2007
Terminal safety in the spotlight Date: November 2007
McEvoy, Brian
  Mobile crane helps to halve discharge time Date: May 2011
McFaull, Graham
  People on the move Date:
McGinley, David
  Rosyth box terminal plan moves ahead Date: February 2011
McGinnity, Eugene
  Sparks fly at CPV Date: November 2004
McGlinchey, Mike
  Another heavyweight in the ring Date: January 2007
McGonigal, Patric
  People on the move Date:
McGovern, Peter
  Geelong interest deepens Date: October 2013
McGowan, Mark
  People on the move Date:
McGraw, Don
  New intermodal reefer service Date: April 2010
McGuckian, John
  Irish ports are smiling Date: March 2014
McGuire, Bill
  Cold comforts for marine insurers Date: November 2005
McHugh, Bill
  CSXWT reorganises Date: June 2004
YICT ties up Phase III funding Yantai financing complete Date: May 2004
McHugh, Chris
  Another hot year for reefer lessors Date: January 2005
McHugh, William
  All eyes on Yangshan port Date: July 2003
CSX eyes Asian port projects Date: November 2000
McIlwee, Laurie
  Tesco turns wine to water Date: November 2007
McIntosh, Iain
  TPT moving strads back to Cape Town Date: September 2013
McIntosh, Peter
  Insurance claims through the roof Date: May 2007
McIntyre, Stuart
  People on the move Date:
  Reefer manufacturers regain lost ground Date: June 2010
  Trends in the TOS market Date: May 2007
McKaig, Andrew
  Autostore thinks PortCentric Date: August 2011
PCC Intermodal opts for Autostore Date: August 2011
Autostore bags three from SCA Date: June 2011
Efficiency driving Hams Hall forward Date: May 2011
Autostore for Rauma Date: October 2010
TOS takes to the rails Date: May 2010
Striving for a standard TOS Date: May 2006
McKenna, Brendan
  TOD gains ISO 9001-2000 certification Date: April 2008
Flexitanks go from strength to strength Date: November 2007
Hillebrand bags TOD Date: April 2007
Flexitanks sustaining strong growth rate Date: November 2006
Flexitanks at full throttle Date: November 2005
TOD opens flexitank plant in China Date: November 2004
McKenna, Brendan P
  Flexitanks on a roll Date: November 2004
Towards a flexitank industry association Date: November 2000
Flexitank on a growth spiral Date: December 1999
McKenna, Jim
  US inching towards automation Date: December 2008
West Coast contract scene set Date: December 2007
McKennell, Phil
  People on the move Date:
McKinney, Maersk
  Maersk extends containership envelope Date: November 2006
McKinney, Mike
  Enter Container Guardian Mark I Date: October 2014
McKinnon, Alan
  Think tank warning on chemical logistics Date: January 2005
McLauchlan, Andy
  Global operations with a local touch Date: May 2004
McLaughlin, Craig
  Greener chassis from CN Date: January 2011
McLaughlin, Patrick
  HPH eyeing Vancouver? Date: March 2007
McLaurin, John
  Night work for LA/LB? Date: June 2004
McLean, Peter
  Challenges at the sharp end Date: September 2016
Rethinking spreader ownership Date: June 2016
Kalmar adds 3D user interface Date: August 2013
McLeay, Paul
  NSW plans big spend... Date: June 2010
Sydney still seeking landside relief Date: May 2010
McLemore, Jason
  For CCI/GIS read ConGlobal... Date: November 2004
McLeod, Robin
  Jade TOS for DCT Date: April 2007
McLerran, Dennis
  Clean equipment deal for SeaTac Date: February 2009
Tacoma to turn strads green Date: February 2005
McLoughlin, Colin
  People on the move Date:
McLuarin, John
  Pollution politics proliferate Date: March 2008
McMaster, Hugh
  Sydney port/rail unjammed? Date: June 2007
McMaster, Mike
  New trucks steal a march into the market Date: April 2008
McMichael, Steve
  UPS looks for stability Date: June 2017
McMinn, Michael
  People on the move Date:
McMullan, Carson
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
McMullin, Anne
  New Deltaport berth delayed 12 months Date: February 2006
McNally, Peter Frederick
  Foltainer payback time Date: August 2002
McNamara, Captain James
  Insurers ponder worst case loss scenarios Date: November 2006
McNamara, John
  Short haul long on problems Date: November 2005
McNeil, Neil
  People on the move Date:
McNeill, Jena Baker
  Pakistan to extend box scanning Date: September 2008
McNeill, John
  Tackling the environmental impacts Date: December 2004
McNicholas, Neil
  New CEO for Konecranes Terex Date:
McPhee, John
  Trojan horse nuclear security* Date: May 2006
McPherson, Captain Alan
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
McQuillan, Ed
  GE sets out intermodal vision Date: November 2013
Oasis for Cordele Date: May 2011
McVaney, Susan
  People on the move Date:
McVicar, Martin
  Straddle carriers go over the top Date: January 2011
Combilift enters sidelifter market Date: June 2008
Meager, Ron
  Enter a top lift piggyback trailer Date:
Mega-3 and the Maxbox trailer Date: February 2005
Support for Piglet? Date: April 2003
Meale, John
  Thoroworld boss calls for action against counterfeit machinery Date:
Mears, Russell
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Mease, Roy
  People in the news Date:
Meckelburg, Hartmut
  People on the move Date:
Medina, Rubén
  People on the move Date:
Medorn, Harthmud
  New CIS box corridors Date: November 2005
Medrana, Johnny
  Lytle takes over as Long Beach helmsman Date:
Medranda, Johnny
  Boost for RAM in the Americas Date: November 2011
Medrano, Pedro
  Samskip boosts 45ft container fleet Date: September 2006
Meester, Tiemen
  People on the move Date:
Moín contract let Date: November 2013
Mehdorn, Hartmut
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
DB to launch Eurasian landbridge service... Date: September 2008
Beijing-Hamburg box train service by 2010 Date: February 2008
New Eurasian Landbridge tes Date: January 2008
DB and IR cooperate Date: January 2008
DB moves on EWS and Transfesa Date: June 2007
DB AG-Eurogate deal? Date: May 2006
HHLA trains female crane operatives Date: March 2006
HHLA deal called off... Date: January 2006
Who can do what to whom? Date: November 2001
Mehl, Georg
  Losses pile up in marine insurance market Date: December 1999
Mehlberg, Udo
  New rail yard modeling software Date: December 2006
Getting closer to reality without taking the risk Date: May 2005
Mehta, Sanjay
  Konecranes books RTGs for Surabaya Date: October 2008
Mehta, Savraj
  The bigger the ship, the bigger the claim Date: November 2007
Meier, Jens
  People on the move Date:
Hamburg’s big spend Date: September 2011
Which way forward for Hamburg? Date: February 2011
Hamburg Steinwerder dispute settled Date:
Meijer, Dertje
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Amsterdam set to be incorporated Date: March 2013
People on the move Date:
Meijer, Jan
  Sohar bulking up Date: August 2010
Meincke, Thorsten
  People on the move Date:
Meissner, Lukasz
  People on the move Date:
Mejía, Hector Gonzalo Bautista
  People on the move Date:
Mejlćnder-Larsen, Morten
  Feasibility of Arctic container shipping Date:
Mekkes, Ron
  WindBreaker takes flight Date: October 2015
Van Doorn expands parts ops Date: March 2006
Depots at “critical juncture” Date: May 2004
Melaanvuo, Jyrki
  Interesting times in straddle carrier market Date: January 2008
Konecranes buys Consens Date: January 2007
Winning yet more rubbers Date: October 2003
Melet, Eric
  Bolloré sets the pace in Africa Date: January 2010
Meletiou, Marios
  Wheels within wheels Date: December 1999
Melhopt, Phil
  New Zealand hits forestry slump Date: September 2004
Melhuish, Ian
  Taking time to think things out Date: December 2010
Melissant, Sjaak
  Coolboxx reefers get smart Date: August 2009
Meller, Erhard
  People on the move Date:
Melles, Mart
  Investment boost for Eastern Baltic ports Date: December 2012
Mello, Jorge Luiz de
  Rio plans box expansion Date: September 2011
Mellquist, Heléne
  People on the move Date:
Melnikov, Igor
  China JV to build rail container terminals Date: October 2006
Mena, Carlos
  Arica tender for December release Date: October 1998
Mendana, Felipe
  Conterail tops 100,000 TEU Date: January 2012
Mendez, Gary
  New IICL manual Date: March 2005
Mendonca, Vidal
  Brazilian port problems mount Date: June 2003
Mendoza, Facundo
  People on the move Date:
Mendoza, Francisco Orozco
  People on the move Date:
Meng, Eng Aik
  People on the move Date:
Meng, Fang
  China Shipping eyes Malaysian stakes Date: December 2006
Meng, Tan Chong
  Asean powerhouse Date: March 2014
Mengel, Philip
  Model railway goes for a refit Date: November 2001
New cheif for EWS Date: January 2000
Menkhorst, Charles
  New fruit terminal for Antwerp Date: December 2012
Expansion plan for ACT Date: January 2010
Mixed challenges faced by Middle East operators Date: June 2009
Mensah, Ben Owusu
  Ghana graft probe Date: November 2008
Ghana grants box handling monopoly Date: October 2008
New cranes for Tema Date: May 2005
Mensinga, Robert
  UBHI beefs up sales Date: May 2004
Menssen, Thessa
  People on the move Date:
Top level resignations in port and rail sectors Date:
Delay for Rotterdam World Gateway Date:
Mentha, Korda
  FreightLink forced to throw in the towel Date: November 2008
Menudin, Tan Sri Ibrahim
  Sepangar early next year Date: August 2006
Menzel, Manfred
  Call for Buenos Aires review Date: May 2015
Menzinger, Dr Bernd
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Menzinger departure confirmed Date: July 1998
Arcus affair still making waves Date: June 1998
Mercati, Stefano
  CVS Ferrari Srl - new owners? Date:
Set steady for big lift trucks Date: September 2011
Meredith, John
  HPH launches new monitoring service Date: January 2012
People on the move Date:
Hong Kong to gain from intra-Asia trade boom? Date: February 2011
HPH takes Botany prize… Date: January 2010
Monopoly ends in Dar es Salaam Date: October 2009
JICT expands to 2.5M TEU Date: May 2009
Felixstowe South project under way Date: September 2008
HPH bags Thessaloniki Date: August 2008
HPH inks Pakistan deal Date: November 2007
AICT opens for business Date: September 2007
HPH wins Australian foothold Date: April 2007
OICT officially opened Date: February 2007
HPH/Huizhou pact Date: February 2007
Hong Kong shelves CT10? Date: November 2006
Trojan horse nuclear security* Date: May 2006
...eyeing bulk deals Date: March 2006
HPH buys into Spain Date: January 2006
Mixing the new and the old in Egypt Date: June 2005
HPH into Egypt Date: March 2005
HPH into Poland Date: November 2004
HPH signs Waigaoqiao Phase V joint venture Date: October 2004
HPH cool on Yangshan Date: August 2003
HPH stands firm on Jakarta... Date: April 2003
...midstream defence Date: March 2002
HPH calls for Kwai Chung rail link Date: April 1999
Meredith,, John
  Hutchison’s Bulldog spirit Date: May 2013
Merella, Arcangelo
  Genoa takes action to defend its heritage Date: November 2004
Merk, Olaf
  Port industry a “monopsony” Date:
It’s not only about bigger ships Date: May 2016
Will the Mega ship model “give way”? Date:
Merkel, Angela
  German tax blow Date: December 2005
Merli, Carlo
  Savona Vado step forward Date: October 2015
APMT Savona gets under way Date:
Confusion in the Upper Adriatic Date: April 2011
Merlin, Leroy
  Delta 3 boost Date: July 2005
Merlini, Martín
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Merlo, Luigi
  Italy to up its game? Date: April 2015
A new round of investments on the way Date: April 2008
Merrill, Jim
  Port of Charleston comes under fire Date:
Merrill, Paul
  Sprague gets a Rubb Date: August 2006
Merritt, Paul
  People on the move Date:
Merryweather, Roy
  People on the move Date:
Liverpool plies the waves… Date: November 2014
Steel up at Liverpool Date: November 2011
Merz, Sinclair Knight
  STS crane numbers up again Date: July 2012
Mesa, Carlos
  Aguirre opened Date: April 2005
Mesa, Joseph
  ICTSI still after Guam Date: May 2006
Meslin, Xavier
  Tank builders consolidate global advance Date: June 1998
Mesnil, Hubert du
  Calling time on French leave? Date: February 2009
Rail for Monoprix in Paris Date: May 2007
Mesquita, Adelino
  New study into Nacala Date:
Messerschmidt, Tamisu
  Ringing the changes in Kotka Date: December 2004
Messina, Paolo
  Messina Lines in Genoa row Date: June 2006
Mestre, Jose
  HPH consolidates hold on Tercat Date: March 2011
Tackling drugs leads to scanning delays Date: October 2010
José Mestre on drugs charges Date:
HPH buys into Spain Date: January 2006
Mestulov, Valery
  People on the move Date:
Meszaros, Johnson
  Old reefers cause headache in California Date: September 2007
Metternich, Rüdiger
  AUCOS gets rolling Date: October 2016
Metz, Hans-Urs
  Second tunnel fire prompts further safety calls... Date: June 1999
Metzger, Bernhard
  Port of Switzerland riding out the storm Date: November 2011
Meurling, Lars
  Time to replace STS crane spreaders? Date: September 2017
Two more members for PEMA Date:
Bromma issues statement on SweFrame Date:
Getting the twins mixed up Date: February 2013
Container weighing: a process challenge Date: September 2012
Flippers still the “sticking point” Date: September 2010
Bromma extends SCS3 spreader functionality Date: November 2009
Spreading some new ideas Date: September 2009
New division for Bromma Date: April 2009
Meves, Dr Klaus
  Hamburg Süd’s floor show Date: May 2006
Mevs, Youri
  WIN books Santé for Haiti project Date: March 2010
Meyer, Bernhard
  Cold feet over cold ironing? Date: October 2009
Meyer, Birger
  People on the move Date:
Meyer, Frank
  People on the move Date:
Meyer, Hans
  Meyer goes to Bolzoni Date: October 2006
Meyer, Jens
  Showing signs of turning the corner? Date: August 2009
Hans Peter Dücker retires Date:
Meyer, Joachim
  Mobile cranes move into top gear Date: January 2013
Meyer, Josef
  Can CargoBeamer open new horizons? Date: November 2004
Meyer, Klaus
  Shedding light in a dark place Date: March 2005
Meyer, Matthias
  SAL breaks a record Date: July 2016
Meylan, Georges
  ECTA to represent multimodal chemical transporters in Europe Date: June 1998
Meylemans, Gert
  Explosive issues dog tyre servicing Date: May 2012
Mgawe, Ephraim
  Dar looks to Tanga Date: January 2012
Mghanga, Sylvan
  KPA gets green light for cranes Date: March 2008
Mhlahlo, Thobile
  ...East London upgrade Date: February 2008
Mhlaluka, Siya
  Ngqura sets a new productivity record Date: July 2012
Mhlaluka, Siyabulela
  Ngqura off to a "busy start" Date:
All change at South African ports Date:
Möhring, Ferdinand
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
BLG ups Harms stake Date: February 2009
Micah, Ben
  PNG push against Patrick Date: May 2013
Moresby on the move Date: April 2013
Miceika, Linas
  Running in order to stand still Date: December 2005
Michael Henry, Hon
  CMA CGM in Kingston move Date: August 2011
Michael Zhou
  CMHI goes green in China Date: January 2009
Michaels, Barry
  People on the move Date:
Michau, Rex
  TEC reaches special parts Date: November 2006
TEC restructured Date: November 2005
Bitutainers on a roll Date: November 2003
Michel, Alexis
  New reefer box Date: October 2014
Carrier passes million mark Date:
Eko-Flor on the move Date: November 2010
CMA CGM on a green path Date: August 2007
Michel, Manfred
  People on the move Date:
Michon, Paul
  Big trucks - new developments Date: February 2010
Still plenty of reach in the big truck market Date: February 2008
Kalmar nails its colours to the mast Date: November 2007
Michuki, John
  Second terminal for Mombasa Date: January 2005
Mickel, John
  Brisbane forges ahead again Date: October 2007
Middleton, Robin
  Insurance claims through the roof Date: May 2007
Middleton, Will
  Interchange - ringing the changes Date: April 2004
Miedema, Peter
  OOIL back to Navis Date: June 2005
Mierka, Hubert
  New name for Krems port Date:
Mihalik, Michael
  Shock resignation at DB AG Date:
Mihic, Maksim
  Counting capacity at BC ports Date: January 2016
Mika, John
  Breakbulk helps to fill the gap Date: November 2015
Mikhalchenko, Dmitry
  Trouble at the top in Russia Date:
More forks in a smaller Russian cake Date: March 2016
Mikkelsen, Steen John
  Scandlines books ferries Date: April 2010
Mikkola, Dan
  More solutions for carrying steel Date: December 2007
Miklewicz, Zbigniew
  People on the move Date:
Mila, Santiago
  E-ports the key to competition? Date: November 2001
Milanette, Jeff
  People on the move Date:
Milanovic, Edward
  People on the move Date:
Milburn, Mark
  NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Milder, Wim
  Broekman extends Vehnet contract Date: December 2009
Miles, Jeff
  East Coast container terminal boom Date: January 2006
Miles, Kimberly
  Fatality in Tacoma Date: September 2005
Miles, Ray
  CP completes ANZDL takeover Date: January 1999
Mileyev, Aleksey
  Russian oil refiner "to build container terminal" in Kaliningrad Date:
Millar, Steve
  Lytle takes over as Long Beach helmsman Date:
Millatt, Peter
  Scotline buys another forest terminal Date:
Miller, Andy
  Morris units sold Date: March 2001
Miller, Bob
  Big moves in big truck market Date: September 2007
Miller, Bruce E
  People on the move Date:
Miller, Byron
  Container crane productivity and double cycling debate Date: July 2007
East Coast container terminal boom Date: January 2006
Miller, Cindy
  People on the move Date:
Miller, David
  People on the move Date:
Miller, Deb
  People on the move Date:
Miller, Donald
  Unisto gains ISO 17712 compliance Date: April 2011
Miller, Gustavo
  Cavotec reels for Sri Lanka Date: July 2012
Cavotec reeling them in Date: March 2012
Do crane operators know the ropes? Date: November 2004
Impsa eyes second spot... Date: September 2004
Equipment suppliers all at SEA Date: January 2002
Miller, John
  Getting good value from tyre monitoring Date: October 2011
Economic slowdown casts a long shadow Date: October 2011
Picking a shade of green for crane power systems Date: May 2008
Crane power systems on a surge Date: May 2007
Miller, Lon
  Electrical charge from Conductix Date: October 2005
Miller, Thomas
  Major gain for TT Club as DFDS signs up Date: May 2012
Cargo focus at IUMI conference Date: November 2011
Thomas Miller launches new claims business Date: November 2008
Milliau, Theo
  Transfennica’s Zeebrugge switch Date: March 2011
Milligan, Bill
  Hull insurers accentuate the negative Date: November 2004
Milliken, Andrew
  Time called on Hong Kong terminals Date: July 2007
Mills, Robert
  People on the move Date:
The flip side of automation Date: March 2014
Ram launches FlexiLift Date: October 2005
New Ram spreader Date: June 2005
Catch the spreader bus - but which one? Date: September 2004
Mills, Thomas E
  Gichner acquires CMCI Date: October 2008
Milne, Michael
  Chinese stowaways cause US concern Date: April 2006
Mindermann, Jean-Paul
  Run your tyres, don’t let them run you Date: May 2009
Rolling along with the black stuff Date: October 2008
Keeping the equipment rolling along Date: May 2008
Crazy times in OTR tyre market Date: October 2007
Mingli, Zheng
  Reefer container lessors await a further thaw Date: January 2010
Minjie, Xu
  Cosco Pacific reviews development strategy Date: September 2009
Chinese eye Kaohsiung Date: June 2009
Cosco Pacific set to freeze investment Date: April 2009
Minocha, Vijay
  People on the move Date:
Minton, Keith
  Biggest container call at Cardiff Date:
Mirow, Dr Thomas
  Altenwerder gets underway Date: July 1999
Miscikowski, Cindy
  Los Angeles increases budget spend Date:
Mishin, Nikita
  Russia's Global Ports announces pricing of its IPO at US$15 per GDR Date:
Mishin, Vitaly
  People on the move Date:
Mishra, Atulya
  Chennai plans box terminal re-bid Date: January 2012
Misra, Shivanshu
  Box liners bag yet more dry bulk Date: May 2006
Mitchell, M Christopher
  People on the move Date:
Mitchell, Richard
  APM Terminals sees opportunities in 2010 Date:
Mitnacht, Johannes
  Consens comes into the picture Date: June 2005
Mittal, H K
  Mercator eyes ports Date: March 2005
Mittelbach, Dr Moritz
  New boss for Siemens Cranes Date:
Mittelstädt, Helmut
  People on the move Date:
Active vibration damper for quayside cranes Date: December 2010
Miya, Captain Alex
  People on the move Date:
Miyahara, Koji
  New appointments announced Date:
Miyakoshi, Ichiro
  First shot at Subic Date: January 2006
Mkapa, Benjamin
  Crunch time for Dar es Salaam Date: November 2008
Mkhize, Victor
  Richards Bay starts equipment renewal Date: July 2012
All change at South African ports Date:
Mäki, Kimmo
  People on the move Date:
Finnish optimism in testing times Date: December 2015
People on the move Date:
New man at the helm at PSA Date:
Mäkinen, Hans
  Now is the winter of our discontent Date: February 2009
Mäkinen, Michael
  New CEO for MacGregor Date:
Ports market looking up Date: May 2011
Keeping tyre running costs in check Date: May 2011
Mäkinen, Mikael
  Cargotec moves into TOS arena Date: February 2011
Cargotec opens new Polish plant Date: September 2010
Big truck market bounces back Date: April 2010
Cargotec restructures to secure the future Date: February 2010
People on the move Date:
Cargotec slips into the red Date: July 2009
Tough times hit big truck markets Date: February 2009
Cargotec reports 3Q/08 results Date: October 2008
Cargotec posts more orders Date: July 2008
Mäkinen, Olli
  TTS launches Durion Translifter Date: June 2009
Mäkinen, Soili
  People on the move Date:
Mkwanazi , Mafika
  New chief for Transnet Date:
Old hand returns to Transnet Date:
Mélard, Jean-Luc
  IFB takes over TRW’s transport business Date:
Müller, Frank
  Teichmann second helpings Date: August 2007
Müller, Jochen
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Müller, Lutz
  People in the news Date:
Müller, Wolfgang
  People on the move Date:
Mélot, Olivier
  People on the move Date:
MMJ Subramaniam
  Eight vie for Muara Date: May 2007
Méndez, Edmundo Chávez
  People on the move Date:
Mĺnsson, Erica
  People on the move Date:
Münster, Arno
  Big steps needed to handle record growth Date: August 2007
HHLA - odds on an IPO Date: March 2007
Moal, Michel
  People on the move Date:
Mock, Bill
  People on the move Date:
Mock, Ralf
  Briggs acquires Barloworld in UK Date: August 2012
Moebius, Josef
  More STS cranes for HPC Ukraina Date: December 2012
Moeller, Andreas
  Gottwald lands key OCUPA deal Date: April 2013
Bermuda first for Gottwald Date: February 2012
Moeller, Erik Knud
  Aarhus saves with Gatehouse AIS Date: May 2007
Moffat, Andrew
  Port of Tyne goes loco Date: November 2015
Moffett, Robert
  Sidelifters ride out the downturn Date: July 2009
Mogensen, Finn G
  CMIT sets productivity record Date: December 2011
Mohammadi, Abdol-Ali Saheb
  Iran plans big in rail Date: May 2013
Mohan, P V K
  Security up at India’s major ports Date: December 2008
Mohan, Paul
  Environmental issues under the spotlight Date: June 2007
Mohan, Tony
  People on the move Date:
Mohapatra, A K
  Colombo gets loan for South Harbour Date: September 2006
Mohapatra, Santosh
  Container terminal for Dhamra Date: January 2010
Mohd Sidik Shaik Osman
  ...PSA/PTP alliance? Date: September 2004
Mohi Al Deen, Mahmoud
  DP World eyes Egypt Date: August 2006
Mohns, Harry
  Changes at the top in Bremerhaven Date:
Mohnsen, Karl Michael
  People on the move Date:
Mohr, John
  Round-up of awards Date:
Everett selects Morris Date: February 2007
Moir, Jim
  Ottawa adds Tier 4i option Date: May 2012
Mokhtar, Syed
  Johor denies box shift to PTP Date: August 2005
Mol, Cor
  Flexitanks go from strength to strength Date: November 2007
Moldoveanu, Gheorghe
  EBRD funds for Constantza Date: November 2004
Molefe, Brian
  Transnet secures loco funding Date: August 2014
New engines for Transnet Date: April 2014
Transnet invests in continued growth Date: January 2012
Transnet defends its cost structure... Date: September 2011
Transnet mulls box terminal at DIA Date: August 2011
New chief for Transnet Date:
Old hand returns to Transnet Date:
Molefe, Portia
  SAPO opens door on privatisation... Date: May 2007
Molenaar, Kees
  People on the move Date:
Molenaar, Roel
  UTT joining Inbulk fold Date: February 2006
Molendijk, Ron
  OETS for EDIFACT Date: November 2006
Molin, Dal Francesco
  Transped grows in Venice Date: May 2011
Moliné, Xavier
  New TCB rail service Date: May 2007
Molinari, Francesco
  People on the move Date:
Mollema, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Moller, Andreas
  Gottwald chalks up Nordic deliveries Date: December 2004
Moller, Marten
  Catch the spreader bus - but which one? Date: September 2004
Mollet, Anthony
  People on the move Date:
Moloney, John
  Optimism in marine insurance market Date: May 2001
Momesso, Joăo
  People on the move Date:
Monassi, Marina
  Trieste in INWAPO project Date: March 2013
...more trouble in Trieste Date: August 2004
Mondelaers, Dirk
  Rotterdam plays the fair cop Date: May 2009
Mongeau, Claude
  CN revives Milton Date: March 2015
Halifax supply chain partnership formed Date: May 2010
Monger, Mark
  People on the move Date:
Moni, Dipu
  China to invest in Bangladesh Date: April 2010
Monroe, Duncan
  Kirkcaldy harbour reopened Date: October 2011
Monroe, Jay
  Globalstar teams with Carmanah Date: September 2017
Monsalve, Colonel José David
  People on the move Date:
Montague, Robert
  Upbeat Intermodal Resource Date: May 2006
Intermodal Resource outlines its AIMs Date: September 2004
Montańo, Juan Gerardo
  People on the move Date:
Montebello, Alex
  Malta Freeport opts for SmartPort Date: July 2012
Montecchi, Paolo
  New Belgium-Romania train Date: October 2014
Monteiro de Morais, Jose
  Terminal XXI handles its first ship Date: May 2004
Monteiro, Sergio
  Major revamp for Portuguese ports Date: September 2012
Montero, Antonio
  Strong uptake for Responsible Care Date: February 2009
Responsible Care Programme for European chemical land transport Date:
Montesinos, Humberto Carrillo
  People on the move Date:
Montgomery, David
  Indonesian ports on offer? Date: February 2005
Montgomery, Mark
  Seagirt ready to welcome P3 calls Date: November 2013
Ports America packs punch Date: October 2008
Baltimore switch Date: June 2007
Montgomery, Nigel
  People on the move Date:
Montgomery, Peter
  Cavotec reaches 30 in good shape Date: May 2006
Salalah purchases MM600s Date: March 2006
Getting a fix on the ships Date: January 2006
Mooring adds MoorFender Date: February 2005
Monti, Pasquale
  New terminal for Civitavecchia Date: July 2013
Montocchio, Albear
  Sideloaders: not just a side issue Date: July 2008
Sidelifters waiting in the wings Date: July 2007
Steelbro adds distributor Date: March 2007
Sidelifters - huge untapped potential? Date: July 2006
Sidelifter safety in the spotlight Date: July 2005
Moody, Graham
  New port for Middle East Date: October 2006
Moo-Hyun, Roh
  Battle for hub status in NE Asia kicks off Date: February 2006
Moon, David
  Tank lessors under pressure on all sides Date: April 2001
Moons, Wilfried
  IFB takes over TRW’s transport business Date:
Moore, Dave
  Explosion-proof FLTs from Toyota Date: March 2006
Moore, Dick
  People on the move Date:
Moore, Edward J
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Moore, Gary Lee
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Moore, Jon
  Ports of Auckland moving Date: October 2017
Feeder links for NZ Date: May 2015
Moore, Kevin
  Partner for Pacific ro-ro triangle Date: May 2009
Moore, Lewis
  People on the move Date:
Moore, Mark
  Europe’s box builders struggle to hang on Date: July 2007
Mixed fortunes in Eastern Europe Date: March 2007
European box builders fight on Date: July 2004
Moore, Simon
  People on the move Date:
DP World to phase in autostrads at LGT Date: March 2012
Add value through portcentric logistics Date: March 2010
Thinking outside the box Date: January 2009
Moorhouse, David
  People on the move Date:
Moorman, Wick
  NS breaks ground on Charlotte terminal Date: May 2012
Morales, Enrique
  Chile faces landside challenge Date: January 2005
Morales, Evo
  Bolivia looking in Peru Date: September 2015
Morales, Felipe
  Oxxean to build bulk port in Chile Date: January 2012
Morales, Manuel José
  On the up in Chile Date: August 2000
Moran, John
  Autostore for Hull Date: March 2006
Morasso, Mauro
  New heavy lift operator Date: April 2007
Morch, Kristian
  People on the move Date:
Morciano, Antonio
  People on the move Date:
Mordashov, Alexey
  Port industry where a PIG really can fly Date: May 2007
Mordaunt, Terence
  Suezmax terminal for Bristol? Date: June 2005
Mordhorst, Hans-Christian
  People on the move Date:
Moreira, Paulino
  People on the move Date:
Morel, Caio
  Coastwise moves Date: May 1999
Morelli, Vincenzo
  Big lift trucks and the wind of change Date: April 2005
New Fantuzzi trusts Date: September 2004
Fantuzzi restructures Date: May 2004
Moreno, Alejandro
  People on the move Date:
Moreno, Jorge
  People on the move Date:
Moreno, Roberto
  People on the move Date:
Moreno-Linares, Lucia
  People on the move Date:
Moretti, Mauro
  More intermodal terminal capacity for northern Italy Date: June 2012
A new round of investments on the way Date: April 2008
Ports to get railroaded into shape? Date: April 2007
Morgan, David
  Flexitanks sustaining strong growth rate Date: November 2006
Morgan, Duncan
  Healthy Felixstowe Date: September 2005
Morgan, Gerald
  iDX up and running Date: November 2004
Morgan, Greg
  Desiccant development continues apace Date: November 1999
Container desiccant suppliers sweat it out Date: November 1998
Morgan, John W
  Cape Breton seeks operator Date: July 2012
Morgan, Mark
  AIAG and ECG agree damage reporting code Date:
Morgan, Steve
  Driver protection aid Date: October 2015
Morgan-Evans, Dan
  People on the move Date:
Morgenthaler, Oliver
  People on the move Date: September 1998
Mori, Yasuaki
  People on the move Date:
Morimoto, Masashi
  People on the move Date: July 1998
Morino, Marco
  European box builders swim with the tide Date: July 1998
Morita, Shota
  First shot at Subic Date: January 2006
Moriya, Katsunori
  Green light for TCIT Date: October 2009
People on the move Date:
Mork, Per Christian
  People on the move Date:
Morley, Rachel
  People on the move Date:
Morley, Rebecca
  Health issue in Baltimore Date: September 2013
Morán, Guillermo Velásquez
  Manta appoints new director and moves forward with concession plan Date:
Mornard, Geoff
  IT investment crucial to leasing start-ups Date: August 2006
Moro, Al
  People on the move Date:
Moron, Manuel
  Too many hubs? Date: May 1999
Morooka, Masamichi
  People on the move Date:
Morozov, Vadim
  Routes in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea basins Date: May 2009
Russian Railways boosts Trans-Sib Date: March 2009
Morozov, Viktor
  Murmansk eyes boxes Date: November 2006
Morr, Wolfgang
  People on the move Date:
Morris, Ben
  People on the move Date:
Morris, Dan
  People on the move Date:
Morris, John
  Just-in-time steel Date: August 1998
Morris, Jonathan
  People on the move Date:
Morris, Robert
  Navis seamless in Savannah Date: December 2006
Morris, Stephen
  Customs coshed over CMR Date: February 2007
Morrison, Doug
  People on the move Date:
Liebherr books 24-wide cranes at Southampton Date: November 2012
Green light for Soton expansion Date: March 2011
More container berths for Southampton Date:
Putting a premium on mobility Date: October 2008
...more for Soton Date: September 2008
Morrison, Jeffrey
  ECG wants stronger ties with car shippers Date: November 2010
Morrison, Neil D
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Morrissey, Aidan
  People on the move Date:
Morrow, Margaret
  Problems for LA terminal Date: August 2002
Mors, Jan
  BCT carries on regardless Date: December 2004
A tale of two G’cities Date: August 2004
Morse, Simon
  ISS buys Aussie agent Date: September 1998
Mortensen, Mikael
  DFDS takes over Paldiski service Date: September 2011
Mortensen, Morten
  APMT calls for scaled back TOS Date: May 2010
Standardisation to be introduced by APM Terminals Date:
Morter, Gary
  People on the move Date:
Morton, Paul
  ...more floating cranes for the Mississippi Date: March 2008
Morton, Paul E
  ...two more HPKs for Mississippi Date: August 2011
Gottwald adds floating crane Date: August 2004
Morton, Sir Alistair
  44 tonnes and all that Date: January 2000
Is rail freight on the wrong track? Date: July 1999
People on the move Date: April 1999
Morwe, Tau
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
...more delay for Durban Date: March 2010
Integration planned for Richards Bay Date: January 2010
Transnet lines up new port investment Date: June 2008
Pretoria struggles to create container competition Date: June 2006
Beat congestion and move on Date: June 2003
Mosbacher, Robert
  In desperate need of a decongestant Date: February 2007
Moscoso, Mireya
  PPC accused of owing US$28M Date: November 2009
Moser, Carl
  Gladstone steels for new trade Date: February 2011
Moser, John
  IT storming the terminal gate Date: May 2004
Mosha, Felix
  Japan/China to fund E African infrastructure Date: August 2013
Mosolf, Dr Jörg
  Own trains for Mosolf Date: August 2007
Mosselvelde, Jan Van
  People on the move Date:
A new round of investments on the way Date: April 2008
Mota, Fernando
  Tecon Suape rings the changes Date: March 2003
Motlohi, Moshe
  New dredger for Durban Date: September 2015
Motterham, Alan
  New Sennebogen in Shoreham Date: November 2011
Shoreham opts for second Sennebogen Date: January 2006
Grabbing the bulk handling opportunity Date: May 2005
Shoreham investing Date: March 2005
  People on the move Date:
Moulin, Emmanuel
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Moura, Renato
  People on the move Date:
Mourik, van Rob
  NewPort/Talke team up in Saudi Date: July 2013
Mouritzen, Ken
  Six for Taylor in Oz Date: July 2012
Mouritzen, Ryan
  Meclift for BLT Date: February 2011
Mobicon and Meclift from Powerfleet Date: March 2007
Mourot, Jean
  New Paris barge-rail service Date: December 2007
Mouton, Jerome
  Walvis Bay gets a boost Date: July 2006
Pretoria struggles to create container competition Date: June 2006
Mow, Victor
  People on the move Date:
Mower, Roland C
  People on the move Date:
Moyer, Doug
  Emerson to re-power Puerto Cortés crane Date: March 2012
Moyer, Monique
  Metro Ports deal in San Francisco Date: July 2008
Moyson, Jean-Jacques
  People on the move Date:
Mpango, Philip
  Boost for Dar es Salaam Date: February 2017
Mr Lui Tuck Yew
  PSA joins the platoon Date: January 2017
Mćrsk Mc-Kinney Mřller
  Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller has passed away Date:
Märtens, Michael
  People on the move Date:
Msagala, Herbert
  People on the move Date:
Msambichaka, Prof Joseph
  People on the move Date:
Mturi-Wairi, Catherine
  Infrastructure boom for East African cargo flows Date: November 2017
Mu, Xie Bing David
  Wuhan plans Asia’s biggest river port Date: September 2009
Muallem, Al
  Middle east maintains the magic Date: November 2013
Muallem, Mohammad Al
  DP World to boost handling capacity Date: October 2006
Muallem, Mohammed Al
  Big plans at Jebel Ali Date: December 2011
Berth extension at Jebel Ali Date: September 2011
Muciaccia, Alessio
  GTS steps up its services Date: December 2011
GTS obtains rail operating licence Date: December 2009
Muciaccia, Nicola
  GTS to step up intermodal services Date:
French combi faces grave crisis Date: November 2004
New GTS services Date: September 2003
Mudd, Charlie
  Eko-Flor in the van Date: November 2012
Mueller, Justin
  Sweating to meet desiccant demand Date: December 2007
Muhlhausen, Axel
  New modal shift initiatives shape up Date: August 2004
Muńiz, Igor
  People on the move Date:
Mujica, Alfonso
  People on the move Date:
Mukai, Tsunemichi
  People on the move Date:
Mukundan, Captain P
  Marine insurance premiums set to rise? Date: November 2000
Mulder, Mark
  Margins remain tight for tank operators Date: December 2010
People on the move Date:
Mulder, Terry
  Victoria rail boost Date: April 2011
Mulewa, James
  People on the move Date:
Mullen, John
  Asciano sale questions Date: July 2015
Patrick automates Botany terminal Date: April 2015
Patrick edges up Date: February 2015
CMG eyes Patrick Date: July 2014
Asciano cuts back budget Date: May 2013
AutoStrads for Port Botany Date: July 2012
Oz waterfront woes spread… Date: December 2011
Asciano has big plans for Patrick Date: September 2011
New cranes for Patrick following Maersk win Date: July 2011
Muller, Frank
  New crane cables from Nexans Date: July 2005
Muller, Lutz
  Large boxship operations under scrutiny Date: July 2006
≥12,000 TEU too big? Date: March 2005
Mulligan, Graham
  B&B investing in IIM Date: March 2002
Brisbane flies United Date: September 2001
Mullins, John
  People on the move Date:
Munch Jensen, Henrik
  Aarhus gets the green light Date: September 2004
Munch, Stephan
  Transamerica adds Helsingborg depot Date: June 1998
Munford, Chris
  Paul Avery scoops award Date:
Mungenast, Matthias
  People on the move Date:
Munguambe, Antonio
  Turkey’s first purpose-built car terminal Date: September 2007
Mungwambe, Antonio
  Nacala under fire Date: July 2005
Munoz Victor
  TCB signs up for Castellón Date:
Murchison, Robert
  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot Date: November 2009
Murdoch, Eric
  New guide to the carriage of steel cargo Date:
Murgina, Yelena
  Cars drive new Russian port interests Date: December 2006
Muriithi, Ndiritu
  ...24 hour operations introduced Date: October 2008
Murmann, Heiner
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Murolo, Gennaro
  Ports to get railroaded into shape? Date: April 2007
Murphy, Joe
  RTGs start to clean up their act Date: February 2007
Murphy, Justin
  People on the move Date:
Murphy, Neil
  Cold comforts down under Date: January 2005
Murphy, Susanne
  People on the move Date:
Murray, Brett
  Lyttelton Port fined over death Date: October 2015
Murray, Capt John
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Murray, Damien
  People on the move Date:
Murray, Ed
  Seattle blocks Foss lease Date:
Murray, John
  Grain handlers blend Date: August 1999
Murray, Patty
  Chinese stowaways cause US concern Date: April 2006
Murray, Richard
  New UK rail body Date: July 1998
Murungaru, Chris
  ...Mombasa plan revealed Date: May 2005
Musharraf, Pervez
  PSA to leave Gwadar? Date: August 2012
Big three vying for Gwadar... Date: August 2006
Musser, Bob
  People on the move Date:
Mussgnug, Frank
  Hydraulic free anti-snag gathers pace Date: July 2008
Mussnug, Frank
  Weighing containers at the twistlock Date: May 2010
Musso, Alberto
  Tarros to unveil La Spezia plan Date: February 2014
Musso, Antonio
  Grendi breaks the mould Date: September 2016
Ports to get railroaded into shape? Date: April 2007
Musyoka, Kalonzo
  Mombasa attracts more interest... Date: October 2008
Mombasa upgrade to be fast tracked... Date: August 2008
Muto, Koichi
  People on the move Date:
Mutsumi Ozaki
  Threat to Hibiki? Date: September 2002
Mutz, Tom
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Muzio, Eugenio
  New service from Cemat Date: May 2006
Mwakere, Chirau Ali
  Nairobi sets deadline for Lamu port... Date: May 2009
Mwakwere, Chirau Ali
  Mombasa tender doubtful Date: February 2007
Mwanawasa, Levy
  New dry port for Namibia Date: July 2007
Mwangola, Lenny
  Time to alter the Network? Date: June 1999
Mwaruwa, Abdalla
  Setback in Mombasa Date: October 2006
Mwaruwa, Abdallah
  ...24 hour operations introduced Date: October 2008 heads roll in Kenya Date: August 2008
Kenyan transport hit by civil unrest Date: February 2008
Myatt, James
  Multistar embarks on global consolidation Date: August 1998
Mygatt, Craig
  One way 53ft box trade Date: March 2014
People on the move Date:
Myklebust, Ivar H
  People on the move Date:
Myklebust, Trond
  People on the move Date:
Mylett, Tom
  People on the move Date:
Mynbayev, Sauat
  New port for Aktau Date: May 2004
Mynnti, Tomas
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Mzimela, Sabelo
  People on the move Date:
Mziray, Franklin
  Box terminal for Tanzania Date: June 2007
nes, Gabriel
  People on the move Date:
Schweiker, Mark
  Packet for Packer Avenue Date: March 2002
Wiesehahn-Vrijiman, Marco
  Container weighing: a process challenge Date: September 2012

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