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Isotalo, Olli
  Bromma rings the changes Date: January 2003
Oades, Stewart
  People on the move Date:
Oatway, Susan
  Multipurpose shipping on the turn Date: July 2017
Busy times for reefer machinery builders Date: September 2011
Obadege, Sunil
  Battle lines drawn in Colombo Date: November 2007
Obaid Bin Saleh Al Neaimi
  DPW splits crane order... Date: September 2012
Obata, Kanji
  OEMs move into India Date: December 2011
Ober, Chris
  Deltank in liquidation Date: May 2005
Obermeier, Oliver
  People on the move Date:
Obermeyer, Horst
  A first for Rheycord BS Date: March 2008
Oberstar, James
  Planning for the New Panamax age Date: September 2009
Oberto, Gustavo E
  People on the move Date:
O'Brien, Colm
  Guan Tongxian retires Date:
O'Brien, Joe
  People on the move Date:
O’Brien, Michael
  Melbourne to be sold in 2015... Date: May 2014
O'Brien, Peter
  ABP in DFDS deal Date: July 1999
O’Brien, Simon
  ...Fremantle to have rival Date: September 2009
“New” Fremantle could be private Date: March 2009
WA election surprise revives James Point Date: October 2008
Freo looks set to lose out Date: September 2008
Obsitnik, Jim
  Optimise and integrate Date: May 2005
Obst, Kathrin
  People on the move Date:
O’Callaghan, David
  Big trucks in a flat market Date: April 2009
Oceguera, Vice Admiral Alejandro Miranda
  People on the move Date:
Ochs, Alexander
  People on the move Date:
Nürnberg-Bologna shuttle train launch Date: May 2009
Ockenfels, Elmar
  People on the move Date:
O’Connor, Brendan
  Oz X-ray milestone Date: July 2011
Oddone, Pietro Dante
  Sixth sense in Genoa Date: December 2007
Oddy, John
  Oddy tank output up by a quarter Date: November 2006
Tank builders consolidate global advance Date: June 1998
Odell, Tim
  IAS gets streetwise Date: December 2004
Interchange - ringing the changes Date: April 2004
Odelma, Eero
  People on the move Date: April 1999
Oderiy, Valeriy
  Domestic suppliers gear up Date: August 2005
Odinga, Raila
  Mombasa reforms in doubt again Date: August 2011
...24 hour operations introduced Date: October 2008
Odintsov, Vladimir
  NCC posts higher box throughput Date: October 2010
People on the move Date:
O'Donnell, Mike
  People on the move Date:
O’Donnell, Stephen
  ...break up of PN inevitable? Date: January 2006
...leaving Pacific National in turmoil Date: December 2005
Rail off track in Tasmania Date: November 2005
PN in turmoil... Date: November 2005
O’Donoghue, Trevor
  How “green” are your RTGs? Date: March 2012
Oduntan, Olumide
  Change at the top in Nigeria Date:
Oerlemans, Frank
  Terberg launches new tractors Date: April 2010
Oertsen, Von, Dr Arndt-Heinrich
  People on the move Date:
Oetjen, Holger
  People on the move Date:
Ofer, Idan
  ZIM receives its first mega vessel Date:
O'Ferrall, Patrick
  No listing for Lloyd's Date: October 1998
Emissions trading Date: June 1998
Offen, Claus
  Offen mulls 7700 TEU Date: March 2001
Ogawa, Hiro
  CAI going it alone Date: October 2006
IICL elects officers Date: June 1998
Ogbukagu, Onuora
  People on the move Date:
Ogden, Mark
  People in the news Date:
Ogunlesi, Adebayo
  GIP buys into Chennai box terminal Date: June 2007
O’Hara, William
  Partners at war over PN Date: October 2005
O’Hare, Tony
  Coastal operators fight on Date: October 2008
Ohlig, Falk
  New horizontal transfer system Date: August 2009
Ohlin, John
  New composite box plan Date: July 2011
Ohlsson, Jan
  Still plenty of reach in the big truck market Date: February 2008
Trucking on at a good speed Date: April 2007
O'Hollaren, Ken
  People on the move Date:
O’Hora, John
  Straddling around the world Date: July 2017
Oja, Hannu
  An inspector calls Date: February 2011
People on the move Date:
Geared with the correct crane drives Date: June 2009
Cranes price surge - demand pull and supply push Date: November 2005
Do crane operators know the ropes? Date: November 2004
The weight of the evidence Date: July 2004
Drives slave away Date: July 2003
In search of the ultimate drive package Date: June 2003
Oja, Markku
  People on the move Date:
Ojard, Adolph
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Ojard, Bradley
  Evergreen's Chang honoured in Rotterdam Date:
Okamoto, Hiroyuki
  Automotive shipping revs up Date: September 2015
Okamoto, Kenichi
  People on the move Date:
Okbo, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
O’Keeffe, Blair
  Inland terminal for CentrePort Wellington Date: September 2015
Okstad,Jo Kristian
  Copenhagen Malmö and Helsingborg to team up? Date: June 2012
Okulov, Valeriy
  Lomonosov back on track Date: May 2010
Olafsson, Bjørn
  People on the move Date:
Old, Garry
  People in the news Date:
Oldale, Kathryn
  People on the move Date:
Oldfield, Karen
  More cranes for Halterm Date: June 2011
Halifax supply chain partnership formed Date: May 2010
Olea, Rodrigo
  Latin American challenges Date: September 2015
Olearius, Christian
  Hapag-Lloyd stays in German hands Date: October 2008
Hapag-Lloyd remains in German hands Date:
O’Leary, Aoife
  Vessel emissions reporting progress Date: February 2014
O’Leary, Gerard
  Boris Wenzel joins Noatum Ports Date:
O’Leary, Pat
  Seeing double in Turkey Date: February 2013
O'Leary, Patrick
  People on the move Date: July 1998
Olersky, Viktor
  Russia digging for Black gold Date: May 2012
Volga flows in the Baltic Date: May 2006
Olesen, Henrik Anker
  Crossing the planning system divide Date: March 2017
Striving for a standard TOS Date: May 2006
Olesen, Rene Falch
  Roadferry peeled off to DSV Date: March 2008
Olesky, Don
  Rubb Installs 14th Facility for Maher Terminals Date:
Oleynik, Pavel
  Novorossiysk’s new box terminal on the way Date: June 2006
Olguin, Pepe
  People on the move Date:
Oliu, Ramon
  People on the move Date:
Oliva, José Alex
  People on the move Date:
Olivares, Alfredo Duro
  Dragados’ US toehold? Date: December 2005
Oliver, Rodney W
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Olivier, Alan
  People on the move Date:
Grindrod concludes empowerment deal Date:
Grindrod depot buy Date: February 2007
Ollila, Harry
  Konecranes orders down Date: May 2009
People on the move Date: April 1999
Ollivier, Pascal
  Port community systems go global Date: March 2016
People on the move Date:
Boris Wenzel joins Noatum Ports Date:
Olmi, Anna
  People on the move Date:
Olofqvist, Sam
  Terminals tackle spreader questions Date: February 2010
Olowu, Otunba Olatunde
  Nigerian operator for Port Harcourt Date: July 2006
Olsson, Christer
  Ro-ro in the South Pacific Date: September 2004
Olsson, Mats
  People on the move Date:
Olsson, Torsten
  Moving along the Indian file Date: September 1998
Omar al Bashir
  More Red Sea box capacity Date: January 2012
Omelyan, Volodymyr
  Ukraine considers port reform plans Date: August 2016
Omonibeke, David
  Change at the top in Nigeria Date:
Omori, Takao
  Portek to lease new cranes Date: May 2013
Portek moves into Latvia Date: April 2013
People on the move Date:
Ondego, Brown
  Containers pile up in Mombasa Date: October 2005
...Mombasa plan revealed Date: May 2005
KPA to privatise key port services... Date: May 2005
O'Neil, Martin
  People on the move Date:
O’Neil, Martin
  Dancing to a Latin American beat Date: September 2017
US$120M war chest for ICTSI Date: November 2006
Ong Kim Pong
  Grinding out concessions in Greece and Turkey Date: May 2008
Ong, Lorenzo
  More rail for ICTSI Date: September 1999
Onnen, Hillert
  BLG interested in JWP phase 2 Date: September 2008
Onnen-Lübben , Inke
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Onorato, Vincenzo
  Open the Sardines Date: April 1999
Onselen, Marinus van
  FA plans ahead Date: February 2002
Oost, Paull Van
  Newcomer in Oz coastal trades Date: November 2005
Oosthuizen, John
  Long term expansion in Southern Africa Date: June 2009
  OPDR sets up own Morocco network Date:
Oppel, Edward R
  Palm Beach and Tropical reach new deal Date:
Oprel, John
  Ge-eX enters intermodal fray Date: May 2007
Samskip takes GNSL Date: March 2005
Orben, Ken
  People on the move Date:
O'Reilly, Kevin
  People on the move Date:
O’Reily, Eamonn
  Portroe Stevedores opts for Tideworks software Date: April 2007
Orillac, Rogelio
  PSA leads Panama chase Date: March 2006
Orlandi, Cirillo
  ...Orlandi moves into La Spezia Date: February 2005
Orlov, Sergey
  Baltic still a growth area Date: December 2008
Ormeño, Claudio
  People on the move Date:
O’Rourke, Vince
  Inland rail plan back in Oz favour Date: May 2005
Orr, John
  People on the move Date:
Orr, Tim
  Tractor makers feel the pressure Date: April 2006
Orrison, John
  Rwanda rail link closer to fruition? Date: May 2007
Orsel, Karin
  People on the move Date:
Ortí , Juan
  People on the move Date:
Ortega, Daniel
  Brazil at the crossroads Date: October 2012
Ortiz, Luis Alfredo
  People on the move Date:
Ortner, Herbert
  Equipment in place to deal with upturn Date: December 2009
Orts, Sigvard
  Grabs get a good dusting down Date: April 2011
Ortúzar , Francisco
  People on the move Date:
Orus, Jean-Pierre
  Higher French rail tolls beckon Date:
Osborn, Fred
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Osborne, Gregory
  Yangtze port stake for Macquarie Date: October 2005
Osborne, Paul
  Reach out for more business Date: April 2012
Osman, Datuk Mohd Sidik Shaik
  Taking on the 6000 moves challenge Date: July 2012
Osman, Mohd Sidik Shaik
  Small no to PTP move Date: May 2007
Port Klang on for 6.2M TEU Date: July 2006
Johor denies box shift to PTP Date: August 2005
Boost for PTP... Date: July 2005
Ossel, Freek
  Hutchison confirms Amsterdam and Táranto deals Date:
Osso, Oriol
  Hempel primer for corrosive locations Date: November 2017
Ostergaard, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Ostermann, Thomas
  Khalifa shuttles to Terex... Date: March 2011
Terex wins Kahlifa shuttle carrier order Date:
Noell strads for Radès Date: November 2010
Terex consolidates in Brazil Date: June 2010
Terex positions itself “centre stage” Date: February 2010
Terex brands RTGs Date:
Big lift trucks show their mettle in tough market Date: September 2009
People on the move Date:
Osterstrom, Fredrik
  Terminal West adds muscle Date: November 2006
Oswald, Gerhard
  People in the news Date:
ICA and Transfracht to end co-operation Date:
Ottensmeyer, Patrick L
  People on the move Date:
Otterdijk, van Robert
  Seeking cold comforts Date: August 2013
Ottermann, Torben
  People on the move Date:
Otto, Anthony
  Getting up to speed Date: October 2016
People on the move Date:
Otto, Jean-Louis
  Expanding tank component portfolios Date: November 2006
Time for innovation in tank components Date: September 2004
Tank component makers feel the squeeze Date: December 1999
Ottola, Teo
  Konecranes completes Terex MHPS acquisition Date:
Panu Routila new President of Konecranes Date:
Overdevest, Jan
  Barge Terminal Born expansion Date: December 2010
New Rotterdam rail terminal... Date: August 1998
Overtoom, Koen
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Oviedo, Francisco José
  People on the move Date:
Ovsyannikov, Petr
  Sawn timber takes to the box Date: April 2009
Owen, David
  A first for Liebherr’s biggest MHC Date:
Simulator for FACT Adelaide Date: September 2014
Owen, Doug
  People on the move Date:
New repair application Date: July 2006
Owen, Wilfred
  Consani unveils new swap tank Date: October 1998
Oztürk, Evren
  People on the move Date:
Österman, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Österström, Percy
  Mobile cranes - watch this space Date: November 2009
Österströms, Percy
  People on the move Date:

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