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Capt Wei Jiafu
  Cosco halts nuke power study Date:
DP World in for HHLA stake? Date:
Cosco eying Subic? Date: September 2007
Dr Wild, Yves
  Environmental issues under the spotlight Date: June 2007
Dr Woodburn, Allen
  UK rail optimism Date: May 2004
Wac, Paul
  People on the move Date:
Wacker, Germar
  People on the move Date:
  WACO network grows Date:
Waddington, Bill
  New UK rail body Date: July 1998
Waggott, Tim
  People on the move Date:
Wagner, Jaques
  Porto Sul confirmed Date: November 2008
Wagner, Jim
  LXE converging on the wireless Date: May 2008
Wagstaff, Jim
  New reefer monitoring systems launched Date: September 2010
Wah, Fock Siew
  HPH to spin off port assets Date: January 2011
PSA buys 20% of Hutchison Date: April 2006
MSC-PSA Asia Terminal open Date: March 2006
Wahid, Munir
  ...and Gwadar port, too? Date: July 2006
Wahlroos, Björn
  People on the move Date:
Wai-king, Yik
  Hong Kong to cut charges Date: August 2005
Wainio. Richard
  Tampa takes wing Date: January 2012
Wainio, Richard
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Biggest yet for Tampa Date: September 2008
Wairi, Catherine Mturi
  People on the move Date:
Waischnor, Georg
  More modal switch by K&N Date: December 2004
Waite, John
  IUMI mulls machinery matters Date: November 2001
SA fires a warning shot Date: September 2000
Losses pile up in marine insurance market Date: December 1999
Wake, Philip OBE
  People on the move Date:
Wakefield, Ken
  Woes for Wakefield Date: April 2008
Wal, Jelte van der
  Extending reefer controller life Date: August 2006
Walgraeve, Helmut
  Transfennica’s Zeebrugge switch Date: March 2011
Walker, Bob
  CLUK sets record straight Date: March 2012
Container Leasing UK expands 45ft presence Date: June 2007
Unit45 into reefers Date: November 2004
New box marketing company Date: April 2003
Walker, Dr Rob
  CSIRO MCT keeps the vegetables fresh Date: July 2005
Walker, Hazel
  People in the news Date:
Walker, Kevin
  Eurotunnel group introduces Daventry-Novara service Date:
Walker, Nick
  SBS's "ship fewer containers" project wins BIFA award Date:
Walker, Ray
  Liverpool passes ISPS test Date: September 2004
Walker, Rob
  Simulators - a safe way to learn to use machines Date: March 2006
Walker, Robert
  CLUK sets the record straight Date:
European box builders fight on Date: July 2004
European box builders swim with the tide Date: July 1998
Wall, Allen
  Keeping up with wireless technology Date: May 2006
Tuning into the wireless Date: June 2004
Wall, David
  CMC scoops Quadcon order Date: June 1999
Wall, Graham
  Flexitanks from UBC Date: February 2005
Wall, John
  Night work for LA/LB? Date: June 2004
Wallace, Richard D
  People on the move Date:
Wallace, Stuart
  Sweframe UK breakthrough Date: May 2011
Waller, Professor Alan
  People on the move Date:
Wallerstein, Barry
  Focus shifts to north, south and east Date: September 2008
Wallgren, Martin
  People on the move Date:
Walmsley, Suzannah
  People on the move Date:
Walsh, Bill
  People on the move Date:
Navis launches XVELA Date:
Navis outlines a vision for the future Date: October 2012
50 up for SPARCS N4 Date: April 2012
Walsh, John
  Gulftainer secures Port Canaveral concession Date: June 2014
Walsh, Robert
  Foltainer payback time Date: August 2002
Walter, Dr Mike
  Terminal tractors - diesel, electric or hybrid? Date: April 2009
Walters, James A
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Walters, Patrick
  People on the move Date:
Grinding out concessions in Greece and Turkey Date: May 2008
Walther, Eugenio Elorduy
  South of the border for decongestant? Date: October 2005
Walvis, Robert
  People on the move Date:
Wan, David
  Chain gang members put their case Date: May 2009
Wan Hai
  Reefer production at an all time high Date: February 2012
Wan Jianzhong
  Qingdao looking for investment Date: August 2005
Wan, John
  Uncertain future for RTT Date: June 2004
Wang, Arnold
  Making way for mega boxships Date: November 2007
Wang, Captain C J
  People on the move Date:
Wang Derong
  Private capital for China rail? Date: August 2004
Wang, Gerry
  Insurers welcome drop in marine casualties Date: May 2010
Wang, Richard
  Big lift trucks show their mettle in tough market Date: September 2009
Wang Shouren
  China’s port operators brace for bleak year… Date: March 2009
Wang, Ted
  Congestion focus at ITL Date: August 2005
Wang Xinnian
  Ningbo to build major new box terminal Date: March 2006
Wang Yongjun
  APMT inks Xiamen deal... Date: September 2004
Wang Yongping
  China building Asia’s largest rail container terminal Date: May 2008
Wang Zhengguo
  ...flood threat to Pearl River Delta Date: August 2003
Wann, Joseph
  Navis in Vietnam Date: March 2008
Raising the stakes for hub port status Date: February 2005
Wanner, Patrick
  People on the move Date:
Waples, Tim
  People on the move Date:
Doosan wins FLTA award Date: February 2014
Ward, Anna
  People on the move Date:
Ward, Darcy
  Tank depots live with trickle-down effect Date: August 2004
Ward, John
  Lotus cleans up with MAFBNZ Date: May 2011
Ward, Lindsay
  Geelong bids for auto trade Date: May 2007
Ward, Liz
  Centreport scraps refurbished crane Date: December 2005
Congestion in Oz ports - real or circumstantial? Date: October 2004
Ward, Peter
  People in the news Date:
P&O Nedlloyd/Trans-Rak in car carrying alliance Date: March 2005
Ward, Rob
  Frew quits GE SeaCo Date: March 2008
Container lessors take stock Date: February 2002
Ward, Thomas
  New automated terminal concept Date: January 2011
Ward, Tom
  People on the move Date:
Low energy lighting gaining ground Date: September 2013
Plasma shines for Ports America Date: September 2012
US terminals hit a “green wall” Date: September 2011
Wareing, David
  People on the move Date:
Warfield, Hal
  APS bags APMT tracking contract Date: October 2005
Wargo, Bruce
  PierPass under fire Date: October 2014
Bringing order to the gate Date: September 2014
Taxi rank drayage proposal Date: March 2014
Warmeling, Josef
  People on the move Date:
Warner, Mark
  Tank operators focus on utilisation Date: December 2004
Warren, Robert C
  Lift off for Cascade Date: March 1999
Warren, Vic
  Axis buys PartCo Date: May 2008
Warsame, Mohammed
  Nepotism row at KPA Date: May 2012
Wasem, Mike
  Puget Sound port rail partners Date: July 2006
Wasiak, Maria
  People on the move Date:
Wasser, Heinz J
  LHM 400 for Buss Date: May 2007
Wasserman, Mitchell
  The bigger the ship, the bigger the claim Date: November 2007
Wassmer, Dr Robert
  Mobile cranes - watch this space Date: November 2009
Still room for upward mobility Date: January 2009
Wassmer Dr Robert
  Gottwald’s floating assets Date: November 2008
Watanabe, Dr Itsuro
  STX plans 22,000 TEU ship Date: June 2008
Container Terminal Planning - A Theoretical Approach Date:
Re Mega-carriers Date: August 2005
Watanabe, Itsuro
  A new study from WorldCargo News Date: January 2001
Watanabe, Tatsuya
  Auto RTG benefits Date: July 2007
Waterman, Lawrence
  People on the move Date:
Waters, Gary
  Cycle Link for London Gateway Date: July 2012
Waterworth , Col. Leonard D
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Watkins, Bill
  Box traders feeling the pressure Date: May 2009
Watson, Andrew
  Flexitank market comes of age Date: November 2010
Managers in control at Braid Date: March 2007
Flexitanks sustaining strong growth rate Date: November 2006
Watson, John
  More delay for PB3T... Date: August 2005
Watson, Shane
  Managers in control at Braid Date: March 2007
Wattenbergh, Walter E
  Stolt to buy Den Hartogh terminal Date: October 2011
Watters, Bob
  CICT gets terminal finance Date: November 2010
SSA bags Umm Qasr contract Date: April 2003
Watts, Mark
  Brexit concerns stack up Date:
May Brexit speech reaction Date:
Waugh, Cameron
  People on the move Date:
Waugh, Kenneth
  Central America’s high hopes Date: February 2016
Wauters, Nico
  Blockchain trial for Antwerp port Date: July 2017
Wauters, Paul
  EC DG proposal is “anti-competitive” Date: September 2007
Wauters, Piet
  Kalmar’s Antwerp Gateway deal... Date: November 2005
Wayans, Keenen Ivory
  Depots face up to growing land shortages Date: August 2007
Wayne, Glenn
  Sydney adds empty storage Date: May 2016
Weale, Charlie
  People on the move Date:
Weaser, Mark
  Big hitters eye Yangtze Date: November 2010
Slower growth at China’s container ports Date: July 2008
Yangtze box ports expand capacity Date: May 2007
Weatherill, Albert
  New guide to the carriage of steel cargo Date:
Webb, Colin
  Transtec in the UK Date: May 1999
Dealing with the best laid Plans... Date: January 1999
Webb, Gary
  Gilfillan adds Newcastle Date:
French interested in Newcastle MPT Date: January 2005
Webb, Lee
  People on the move Date:
Webb, Roger
  New SCH skills centre Date: October 2004
Webber, Jan
  People on the move Date:
Weber, Axel
  People on the move Date: August 1998
Weber, Gerry
  People on the move Date:
Weber, Jochen
  Rotterdam connected to Intercontainer’s South-East European network Date:
Weber, Jürgen
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Weber, Lutz
  People on the move Date:
People in the news Date:
Webster, Craig
  TOP to get to bottom of Melbourne congestion... Date: September 2007
Weck, Robert Van der
  Stemcor opts for Antwerp Date: December 2012
Wedebrand, Torbjorn
  Terminal West adds muscle Date: November 2006
Wedig, Uwe
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
People in the news Date:
Wee, Boon Kuah
  Singapore maintains the top spot Date: May 2009
Wee, Kuah Boon
  Pasir Panjang Phase II award Date: October 2007
Weedon, Paul
  DP World still in for Burnie Date: November 2016
Tassie opts for Burnie upgrade Date: February 2014
Weeth, Charles
  Firestorm over world container shipping Date: May 2006
Wegener, Bo
  People on the move Date:
Wegmann, Jens Michael
  New CEO for Konecranes Terex Date:
Wegrzyn, Jacob
  Horizon launches ReeferPlus service Date: November 2008
Weheliye, Sheikh Umar Ahmed
  Mogadishu open for business Date: September 2006
Wehler, Herbert
  Play the power game Date: May 2003
Wei, Celine
  New IICL chairman Date: January 2014
Wei Jafu
  Cosco outlines Naples plans Date: December 2004
Wei Jiafu
  Cosco eyes foreign container ports Date: January 2012
New push for Cosco Pacific Date: May 2011
13,000 TEU boxships for Antwerp? Date: September 2008
How big will “New Panamax” be? Date: May 2005
Growing in China Date: March 2005
Weidemann, Jürgen
  Transalpine CargoBeamer Date: May 2015
Weidemann, Marc
  COA holds first box inspection course Date: April 2011
Weidick, Mark
  Support for smart box Date: February 2005
Weil, Arno
  BUEL and the advantage of speed Date: May 2017
Brake monitoring takes another step Date: May 2012
Weinacht, Benjamin
  People on the move Date:
Weingart, Dan
  People on the move Date:
Weinreich, Oliver
  People on the move Date:
Weiss, Andreas
  New combi-trailer service in 2018 Date: October 2017
Weiss, Dr Gary
  B&B investing in IIM Date: March 2002
Weiss, Jean-Claude
  People on the move Date:
Weiss, Karenyna
  ZPMC to set up in Brazil? Date: March 2011
Weiss, Ute
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Weissenberger, Rudolf J
  Cronos changes at the top Date: April 1999
Welander, Magnus
  Reefer machinery builders scroll ahead Date: September 2005
Welch, Alastair
  Port of Southampton chills out Date: August 2016
People on the move Date:
Welch, Denis
  People on the move Date:
Welch, Nat
  Obituaries Date: December 2000
Welker, Bill
  People on the Move Date:
Wellbrock, Andreas
  People on the move Date:
Weller, David
  PD Ports’ safety tips Date: November 2009
Welling, Paul
  Lundmark to leave Konecranes Date:
Wellington, John
  Spark of new life Date: April 2001
Wells, Benjie
  OCR market moves up a gear Date: February 2013
Wells, Chris
  Old hand returns to Transnet Date:
All change at Transnet Date:
Interest high in SA rail concessions Date: October 2010
Cooperation for Southern Africa Date:
Upgrade complete at Durban Date: April 2010
Transnet's proposed tariff increases rejected Date:
...personnel problems remain at Transnet Date: October 2009
Transnet in export credit loan first Date: May 2009
New chief executive for South African transport Date:
Wels, Jurgen
  More Porsches to go by rail Date: March 2005
Welsch, Nicolas
  Lorry-Rail in the doldrums Date: May 2008
Welsh, Chris
  Alliances are not working Date:
Towards consensus on container weight verification? Date: November 2012
Wendrock, Nancy
  EPT acquires Global Flexi Date: February 2011
EPT scores AAR flexitank first Date: December 2009
Wendt, Sabrina
  People in the news Date:
Weng Mengyong
  Foreign investment boosts ports industry Date: July 2007
Wengen, Liang
  Sany targets port cranes Date: May 2011
Wenger, Melvin
  People on the move Date:
Wennstrom, Tomas
  Rolling M&R standards Date: December 1999
Wenta, Kevin
  Elemica launches e-business platform for chemicals Date: March 2001
Wentao, Yuan
  Successful outcome in Chinese box scam Date: November 2010
Warning for container lessors Date: May 2009
Wentworth, Karen
  Flexitanks from UBC Date: February 2005
Wenzel, Boris
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Boris Wenzel joins Noatum Ports Date:
DCT Gdansk makes hub status case Date: December 2011
Baltic hub changing TOS Date: June 2011
DCT Gdansk handles its first million Date:
Kalmar books RTGs for DCT Date: January 2010
Gdansk moves into the senior league Date: December 2009
DCT Gdansk to get 8000 TEU ship calls Date: November 2009
DCT Gdansk to get 8000 TEU ship calls Date:
DCT productivity increase Date: August 2008
Wenzinger, Tom
  Changes at the top in Bremerhaven Date:
Werdt, van de Chris
  New medium heavy FLTs from Hyster Date: April 2014
Werkman, Harry
  Rotterdam plays the fair cop Date: May 2009
Werner, Dr Markus
  Environmental issues under the spotlight Date: June 2007
Werner, Hans-Georg
  People on the move Date:
Stepping up Polish investments Date: August 2010
DB Intermodal restructures Date: October 2009
DB Schenker Rail name generalised Date:
Werner, Helmut
  JadeWeserPort confident of a 2010 start Date: August 2006
Jade on track Date: October 2004
Hunky dory for Jade Weser port Date: August 2004
Weskamp, Wolfgang
  HHLA trains female crane operatives Date: March 2006
West, Nick
  Fresh capital for Euroports Date: August 2009
Westcott, Brian
  Purfresh granted European patent Date: November 2012
Purfresh system in demand Date: February 2012
Wester, Håkan
  People on the move Date:
Westerhoud, Jan
  Clemence Cheng to be ECT’s next CEO? Date:
Westerhoud steps down from ECT Date:
Betuwe Express link to Duisburg Date: April 2009
Euromax slow off the mark Date:
Hutchison moves for Ceres Paragon again Date:
Euromax and DBF create Delta elbow room Date: September 2008
Aim for maximum effect in Rotterdam Date: May 2008
Euromax drops ESC Date: August 2007
ECT inks Euromax deal Date: December 2006
Is Rhine container shipping in dire straits? Date: November 2006
ECT acquires DeCeTe Duisburg Date: December 2005
Westerling, Graham
  Flexitank on a growth spiral Date: December 1999
Westersund, Anne
  People on the move Date:
Westfal-Larsen, Rolf
  People on the move Date:
Westfal-Larsen, Rolf Jr
  People on the move Date:
Westling, Per
  New reefer ship design launched Date: September 2013
Westphal, Thomas
  Big steps needed to handle record growth Date: August 2007
Westwood-Booth, Joseph
  ICHCA to present award to IMO Date:
Wethmar, Kai
  People on the move Date:
Wheatley, James
  Panu Routila new President of Konecranes Date:
Wheatley, Neil
  People on the move Date:
Whene, David
  Changes in San Juan Date: July 2001
Whitaker, Chris
  “New” Fremantle could be private Date: March 2009
Whitaker, Dr Chris
  Melbourne price cut Date: June 2001
Forces jostle for position in Melbourne Date: March 2001
Whitaker Dr Chris
  Three in the dock Date: April 2003
White, Chris
  New flexitank for high solid liquids Date: August 2010
White, Hank
  IICL exams in demand Date: July 2005
White, Henry F
  New IICL manual Date: March 2005
IICL recognises box inspectors Date: March 2002
IICL counts the cost of container cleaning Date: June 2001
New man takes the IICL helm Date: January 1999
White, James J
  Seagirt to go private... Date: October 2008
White, Jeff
  People on the move Date:
White, Joe
  Marine insurance premiums set to rise? Date: November 2000
White Jr, Henry F
  Finger cracking in floors Date: April 2005
White, Mitch
  TTL extends Date: May 2006
White, Rachael
  People on the move Date:
White, Stephen
  Magnum in demand Date: November 2006
Another big year for reefer manufacturers Date: June 2005
White, Stuart
  People on the move Date:
Whitehorn, Will
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Whitfield, Robbie, MBE
  People on the move Date:
Whitlam, Nicholas
  Kembla eyes Chinese expansion funds Date: April 2009
Whitnall, Matthew
  Run your tyres, don’t let them run you Date: May 2009
Whitt, Wilby
  Testing time for lighting design Date: March 2013
Reshaping Europe’s core transport axes Date: November 2011
Big intermodal win for Tideworks Date: August 2011
Whittaker, Dr Chris
  ...Fremantle to have rival Date: September 2009
Whittaker, John
  Peel sells 49% stake in ports business Date:
Banks eye port assets Date: August 2006
Whittingham, Steve
  People on the move Date:
Whittle, Mayor Frank
  Depots face up to growing land shortages Date: August 2007
Whittock, Terry
  Eagles land in EU Date: May 2009
Rapiscan wins HMRC X-ray scanner order Date: April 2009
Whitworth, Mark
  People on the move Date:
Whyte, Garry
  A piece of cake for boxes Date: December 2006
Look, no doors! Date: June 2006
Whyte, Hugh Durrant
  Robots' new milestone Date: May 2002
Patrick sets the robots loose Date: May 2002
Wich, Peter
  CA gaining ground Date: September 2004
Wickmann, Tim
  People on the move Date:
MCC starts China/Myanmar service Date: January 2015
Wickrama, Pr iyath
  Cure for Colombo congestion Date: March 2011
Wickrama, Priyath
  Sri Lanka’s shipping hub ambitions Date: July 2011
China Merchants moves into Colombo Date: September 2010
China Merchants set for Colombo project... Date: March 2010
...early start for new Sri Lanka box port Date: March 2010
Fresh call for Colombo bids Date: February 2009
Hambantota under way Date: March 2007
Wickrama, Priyath Bandu
  Sri Lanka to invite new bids for Colombo Date: September 2008
Wickrama, RMPB
  Hambantota work starts... Date: June 2007
Wickramasuriya, Saliya
  Sri Lanka to call new box terminal tender Date: March 2008
Colombo terminal mired in controversy Date: February 2008
Battle lines drawn in Colombo Date: November 2007
Wicks, Ben
  ...sideloader fee rankles Date: October 2012
Widdows, Ron
  Navis charts a course Date: May 2015
Alliances bedding down Date: May 2015
Call for Alliances to think differently Date:
People on the move Date:
Operators seek strength in numbers Date: November 2013
Heavy lift operators take stock Date: October 2012
People on the move Date:
TSA moves to halt transpacific freight rate deterioration Date:
APL into Oman Date: February 2009
Container transport investment conference Date: September 2007
Panama Canal - still more questions than answers Date: March 2006
Interchange - ringing the changes Date: April 2004
Widdows, Ronald
  Taking the express train Date: October 2015
Widegren, Stefan
  Cavotec rings the changes Date:
Cavotec explores First North listing Date:
Granskog to Cavotec Date: October 2008
Granskog joins Board of Cavotec MSL Date:
Cavotec MSL in share placement Date: June 2007
Cavotec Moors up Date: September 2006
Cavotec reaches 30 in good shape Date: May 2006
Widell, Bjorn
  Ports focus on unitised cargo flows Date: December 2005
Wøidemann, Thomas
  People on the move Date:
Widerståhl, Henrik
  Green light for Norvikudden Date: January 2011
Widigsson, Olle
  Between a rock and a hard place Date: September 2003
Widman, Phil
  Terex and Fantuzzi agreement close? Date: April 2009
Terex and Fantuzzi reach agreement Date:
Widodo, Joko
  Indonesia moves on dwell time Date: October 2016
Wiedeking, Dr Wendelin
  More Porsches to go by rail Date: March 2005
Wiegand, Susanne
  Shake-up in the ro-ro market Date: September 2012
Wieland, Elmar
  Sofia logistics centre nearing completion Date: December 2009
Wielders, Chris
  Firestorm over world container shipping Date: May 2006
Wieman, Hans
  Following a well-tried trail Date: May 2004
Wiernicki, Chris
  In a class of its own Date: September 2010
Wiersma, Marten
  Rotterdam eyeing further steel inroads Date: May 2007
Wieru, Mikko
  People on the move Date:
Wiggins, Mike
  Big trucks braced for downturn Date: December 2008
Wignall, David
  New world records? Date: May 2004
Wijesundera, Dileepa
  More Colombo terminals Date: April 2005
Raising the stakes for hub port status Date: February 2005
Wijkander, Evert
  Building on steel bridges Date: September 1998
Wijma, Wout
  Barges press charges Date: November 2004
Wikborg, Ole
  IUMI warns on flexitanks Date: October 2013
Cargo focus at IUMI conference Date: November 2011
Marine insurers sailing into uncharted waters Date: May 2011
Insurers ponder worst case loss scenarios Date: November 2006
Firestorm over world container shipping Date: May 2006
Wiklund, Stig
  StoraEnso NETSS a big paper catch Date: September 2007
Setting big store by automated clamps Date: April 2005
Wikström, Camilla
  A forest of productive activity Date: April 2016
Wild, Dr Yves
  Magnum put to the test Date: January 2006
Wilde, Hans-Dieter
  Wallmann adds to heavy lift capacity Date: December 2011
Wildeboer, Hans-Wilhelm
  People on the move Date:
Wilder, Dr Jürgen
  People on the move Date:
New CEO for Konecranes Terex Date:
Wildgoose, Oneil
  GlobalSim simulator in Freeport Date: February 2009
Wildt, Jos de
  First brush with highway emission norms Date: December 2006
Wiles, Barry
  Crane prices in pressure cooker Date: November 2007
Wilhelmsen, Wilh
  Dockwise put up for sale Date: July 2006
Wilkin, Alan
  Hull insurers accentuate the negative Date: November 2004
Wilkins, Alan
  TT Club/CU Polish link Date: September 1998
Wilkinson, Dr Paul
  People on the move Date:
Wilkinson, Graeme
  People on the move Date:
Wilkinson, James
  People on the move Date:
Wilkinson, Mark
  XINES fleet goes to Capital Date: September 2008
Xines’s Italian job Date: November 2007
Box lessors confront a changing market Date: August 2007
Box lessors face more challenging times Date: August 2005
New player in box lease market Date: April 2005
COA up and running Date: December 2004
Towards uniform repair criteria - again Date: June 1999
Wilkinson, Michael
  Auto box storage Date: February 2005
Will, Uwe
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Willems, Casper
  Revolution in the tank ranks Date: December 2016
Willemsen, Bart
  PSA HNN opts for Quintiq planning solution Date: February 2008
Willey, Peter
  Intermodal goes Bristol fashion Date: August 2010
Willhaus, Uwe
  Lehnkering acquires Buss Safelox Date:
Williams, Alan
  Panu Routila new President of Konecranes Date:
Williams, Bruce
  Flexitank growth slows but remains brisk Date: November 2008
Flexitanks go from strength to strength Date: November 2007
Flexitanks sustaining strong growth rate Date: November 2006
Williams, C M
  Smaller west coast ports play to their strengths Date: September 2006
Williams, Ceri
  People on the move Date:
Williams, Clive
  Tank component makers hold the key Date: September 2003
Williams, Dafydd
  People on the move Date:
Williams, Dr Jonathan
  Barges press charges Date: November 2004
Williams, Grant
  Coastal service back in Western Australia Date: April 2010
Williams, Hugh
  Graig orders new Marlin feeders Date: July 2011
Williams, Jack
  Australian imports go electronic Date: February 2007
Williams, John
  Maritime acquires Roadways Date: August 2014
Maritime for Tilbury rail Date: August 2010
Triton tests the water Date: February 2010
Maritime bags DHL box arm Date: January 2010
Maritime at Hams Hall Date: March 2006
Maritime books Hill Date: November 2004
Time for innovation in tank components Date: September 2004
Maritime Haulage goes independent Date: September 2001
A secure network Date: June 1998
Williams, Jonathan
  High speed river cat Date: September 2004
Williams, Roger
  People in the news Date:
People on the move Date:
Williams, Simon
  People on the move Date:
Intermodal goes Bristol fashion Date: August 2010
Williams, Steve
  People on the move Date:
Williams, Troy
  New “one shot” box loaders launched Date: March 2010
Williamson, Mark
  Kalmar tractors for Port of Salalah Date: December 2008
Willy Lin
  Healthy growth at Chinese ports Date: March 2011
Shenzhen overtakes Hong Kong as world’s No 3 box port… Date: August 2010
Wils, Alain
  Shipping major takes a grip on inland distribution Date: February 2007
Wilske, Åsa
  Gothenburg irons out environmental issues Date: September 2012
Wilson, Alan
  Marine insurers feel the pressure Date: May 2005
Wilson, Colin
  Hyster-Yale adds factory in China Date: December 2017
100 up for TIL Date: January 2015
Wilson, David
  Towards consensus on container weight verification? Date: November 2012
Shoreham opts for second Sennebogen Date: January 2006
Wilson, Ian
  Global spares initiative to fight clone subculture Date: June 2006
Wilson, Jeff
  People on the move Date:
Wilson, John
  People on the move Date:
Tank depot demand spills over from centre Date: August 2008
Wilson, Mark
  Glass train from Tilbury Date: September 2017
People on the move Date:
SeaCo implements reorganisation plan Date: February 2009
Wilson, Marshall
  100% box scanning rethink? Date: February 2009
Wilson, Michael
  People in the news Date:
Wilson, Mike
  People on the move Date:
Steinke to step down at Long Beach Date:
Wilson, Patrick L
  Fast Lane expands in California Date:
Wilson, Richard
  People on the move Date:
Wilson, Scott
  More Colombo terminals Date: April 2005
Wiman, Christel
  Hutchison confirms Amsterdam and Táranto deals Date:
Stockholm seeks room for growth Date: September 2003
Wimmer, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Windham, Jon
  Shenzhen to overtake Hong Kong this year Date: December 2012
Windsor, Robert
  People on the move Date:
Wing-kee, Chan
  A cautious outlook on the future Date: October 1998
Winkeler, Harm
  Rotterdam-Hungary train Date: February 2006
Winkler, Ken
  People on the move Date:
Winnetr, Diane
  Seal manufacturers start to get smart Date: March 1999
Winquist, Claes
  Hogia wins Oskar for TOS Date: July 2006
Winther, Peder
  People on the move Date:
Winton, Dr Paul
  New positioning technology Date: December 2005
Wischner, Martin
  New owner for Berlin terminal Date: December 2011
Wise, Dean
  People on the move Date:
Wise, Susan E Anderson
  People on the move Date:
Wisniewski, Raymond
  Clean truck fleet in San Pedro Bay ports Date:
Holding steady for North American intermodal Date: November 2007
Wissen, Koert van
  InterBulk to build hub in Duisburg Date: January 2009
UTT joining Inbulk fold Date: February 2006
Tank operators focus on utilisation Date: December 2004
Witmore, Kevin
  Two new intermodal rail services in England Date:
Witte, Cornelius
  Tractors pull ahead on emissions Date: April 2007
Wittemaier, Erwin
  People on the move Date:
Witten, Per
  Hamburg still in deep trouble? Date: August 2010
Witteveen, Raoul
  Interpool in turmoil Date: November 2003
IICL elects officers Date: June 1998
Wittig, Dr Martin
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Wittke, Oliver
  Bottlenecks on Betuwe Date: September 2007
Wittmer, Christian
  People on the move Date:
Wlach, Renê
  People on the move Date:
Woehrel, Christine Cabau
  People on the move Date:
Woehrel, Philippe
  More French river tales Date: May 2008
Wolberg, Hartmut
  People on the move Date:
Woldbye, Thomas
  DFDS buys Norfolkline box division Date: August 2006
Norfolkline makes move for Norse Merchant Date: July 2005
Wolf, Dagmar
  People on the move Date:
Wolf, Ingo
  Global trading Date: August 1998
Wolf, Peter
  People on the move Date:
Wolf, Rüdiger
  New management at J J Sietas Date:
Wolfe, Brian
  Vancouver and BNSF reach freight access deal Date:
Wolfe, John
  Guan Tongxian retires Date:
Wolff, Dr Christoph
  DB Schenker Rail name generalised Date:
Wollboldt, Nico
  People on the move Date:
Wolle, Dr Joerg
  Kuehne & Nagel rings the changes Date:
Wollebek, Carl
  Everett ramps up Date: May 2010
Wollesen, Jens
  People on the move Date:
Wolpow, Jeffrey M
  Stull Austin joint venture Date:
Womack, Jon
  People on the move Date:
Wong, Art
  Night work for LA/LB? Date: June 2004
Wong, Cynthia
  CMHI, Cosco Pacific to reduce spending Date: February 2009
CM boosts Mawan stake Date: December 2006
Wong, Danny
  New lessors join the fray Date: September 2005
Wong, David
  “Smart” container put to the test Date: January 2005
Chinese box builders tough it out Date: July 1999
A call for standard container designs Date: January 1999
Wong, Eric
  People on the move Date:
Wong, Frank
  Ningbo in a spin Date: December 2004
Wong, Frederick
  Big hitters eye Yangtze Date: November 2010
Wuhan plans Asia’s biggest river port Date: September 2009
Wong, Janet
  Crane driver revolution Date: March 2015
Wong, Jim
  Healthy growth at Chinese ports Date: March 2011
Wong Kai Yeng
  PSA rings changes Date: May 2002
Wong, Kelvin
  CMHI, Cosco Pacific to reduce spending Date: February 2009
CIMC evaluates primer thickness Date: July 2006
Wong, Michael
  Reefer market stays hot Date: June 2004
Wong, Mike
  Small no to PTP move Date: May 2007
Wong, Peter
  New DP World structure Date: June 2006
CSXWT reorganises Date: June 2004
Wong, Thomas
  Kalmar in SITA crane refurbishment deal Date: July 2013
Wong, Vincent
  Hong Kong shelves CT10? Date: November 2006
Won-Joon Lee
  Facing the challenge of change Date: July 2012
Woo, Anthony
  People on the move Date:
Woo, Henry
  People on the move Date:
Woo, Kim
  Syft bags ACS container fumigant screening deal Date: April 2005
Wood, Brian
  TT Club offers “dirty” cover Date: December 2006
Wood, Bruce
  Great Lakes co-operation Date: September 2009
Wood, David
  Ottawa adds Tier 4i option Date: May 2012
Petrol option from Ottawa Date: February 2012
Cargotec builds its 50,000th terminal tractor in the US Date:
Wood, Graham
  Asian tank container association launched Date: February 2011
Woodall, Dave
  Melbourne bulk plan Date: October 1998
Woodgate, Andrew
  Cold comforts for marine insurers Date: November 2005
Woodings, Richard
  Still room for upward mobility Date: January 2009
Terberg takes charge of all British Isles sales Date:
Woodring, Marcus
  People on the move Date:
Woodruff, Don
  Taylor launches new reach stacker Date: November 2009
Woodruff, Donny
  Kalmar looks to a risorgimento in Italy Date: February 2007
Woods, Tim
  Entering the film show Date: April 1999
Woor, Martin
  People on the Move Date:
Wootton, Mark
  Durban - a case study Date: May 2011
SPARCS N4 milestone Date: March 2009
World, Alan
  Tank component makers feel the squeeze Date: December 1999
Wormmester, Gerrit
  Johannes Gerhardus ("Gerrit") Wormmeester 1932-2011 Date:
Worth, Julian
  EWS digging deep Date: March 1999
Wortman, Greg
  M-PONDS “breakthrough” claim Date: May 2006
Wouters, Frank
  Tractors go global Date: October 2015
Wouters, Joseph
  Brieda launches “Dynamic” crane cab Date: July 2007
Würdemann, Henrik
  Rail4chem withdrawn from the market Date: May 2010
Wrede, Bernd
  Kuehne & Nagel rings the changes Date:
Losses pile up in marine insurance market Date: December 1999
Wren, Howard
  Jade takes two Date:
Make mine a double - or even a triple Date: May 2007
Wretman, Sofia
  People on the move Date:
Wright, Christopher J
  STC rates on the climb Date: July 1999
Stolt hit by Asian crisis Date: October 1998
Wright, Larry
  Make mine a double - or even a triple Date: May 2007
Wright, Peter
  Towards insurance stability? Date: May 2001
Wu, Frederick
  New temperature monitoring solution Date: November 2012
Wu Jinjian
  Nod for Qingdao free trade zone Date: October 2008
Wu Qiang
  China rail can’t cope Date: June 2004
Wu, Roger
  People on the move Date:
Wu Rong
  SIPG to get listed next year Date: July 2006
Wulff, Christian
  People on the move Date:
What future for JWP Wilhlemshaven? Date: May 2010
New Brake terminal opened Date: September 2009
J Müller increases the “Brake force” Date: August 2008
Wurth, Anthonie
  Unit45 into reefers Date: November 2004
Wyatt, Bill
  ICTSI signs 25-year deal in Portland... Date: May 2010
NAWC congestion could well get worse Date: March 2005
NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Wykle, Kenneth
  Military award for Textainer Date: May 2008
Wynne, Patrick
  Here comes the Judge! Date: April 2012
Wyon, Andrew
  Container crane demand at all-time high Date: July 2004
Wypyski, Matthew
  People on the move Date:

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