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Dr Yvo Saanen
  Informing choice for container terminals Date: March 2008
Y C Chang
  PSA goes on the PIL Date: January 2008
Yadav, Lalu Prasad
  India building more container depots Date: March 2008
Concor rail container monopoly ended Date: January 2006
Yakhin, Shamil
  Getting 15% more out of RTGs Date: November 2009
Yakos, Edward
  People on the move Date:
Yakovlev, Sergey
  Eberwalde scoops Ukrainian deal Date: May 2004
Yakunin, Vladimir
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Finnish ports at a crossroads Date: December 2012
Fast train transit across Russia Date: December 2011
Russian rail gauge to run to Vienna Date:
Russian Railways buy 51% of Black Sea ferry operator Date:
Franco-Russian rail deal Date:
Russian ports on the rails? Date: November 2006
Support for Ust-Luga Ferry Date: February 2002
Yamada, Tatsuya
  People on the move Date:
Yamafuji, Hiroshi
  Record year for reefer machinery builders Date: September 2007
Yamazaki, Toshio
  People on the move Date:
SAL sells to K Line Date: April 2011
Yan Jun
  Shanghai set for 31.5M TEU Date: December 2011
Yang, David
  Sines Phase IB on stream Date: May 2012
People on the move Date:
Yang, Hai Sheng
  People on the move Date:
Yang, Leo
  Tank builders back on the expansion trail Date: March 2011
Yang Ming
  Reefer production at an all time high Date: February 2012
China eyes Taiwan port investments Date: February 2011
Yang Mingxiang
  SIPG bids to boost Yangshan box volumes Date: November 2007
Yaninas, Barbara
  Helen Delich Bentley Date:
Yanukovich, Viktor
  Setback for Ukraine reformers Date: December 2011
Yap, Robert
  PSA rings changes Date: May 2002
Yapa, Anura Priyadarshana
  Battle lines drawn in Colombo Date: November 2007
YarŪAdua, Umaru
  Niger to be deepened Date: October 2009
Yarushev, Stanislav
  New NLE terminal progresses Date: July 2007
Yarwood, Mike
  Cybercrime risks in the supply chain Date: May 2014
Yates, Brian
  Automation products key Date: September 2000
Yates, Isaac
  People on the move Date:
Yau, Michael
  Options keep coming for electrification of RTGs Date: May 2010
Ye, Sun Ghun
  Gwadar still on track despite bomb blast Date: May 2004
Yearling, Matt
  Striving for a standard TOS Date: May 2006
Yee , Roger
  People on the move Date:
Yeh, C H
  Arkas and Yang Ming joint venture Date:
Yeh Kuang-shih
  China eyes Taiwan port investments Date: February 2011
Ye-Jong, Woo
  People on the move Date:
Yen, Jack
  People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
Evergreen extends Kaohsiung lease Date: July 2007
Yen, Julie
  Casting the net still wider Date: September 1998
Yendluri, Anil
  Rail boost for Krishnapatnam Date: October 2016
Yeng, Lee Chee
  PSA launches mega depot joint venture Date: July 1998
Yeninas, Barbara
  Vanguard year for straddle carriers Date: January 2005
Yeo Ning Hong
  New boss for PSA Date: November 2005
PSA wins in Brunei Date: March 1999
Yeo, Tony
  People on the move Date:
Yeo, Willy
  Moving towards a low GWP future Date: August 2017
Yerkes, Harry
  Troubled times for marine insurers Date: November 2012
Yi, Zhu
  YICT ties up Phase III funding Yantai financing complete Date: May 2004
Yichong, Lin
  New Nigerian port on track Date: June 2012
New Nigerian port on track Date: June 2012
Yildirim, Robert
  Yilport into Puerto Bolivar… Date: February 2016
Yilport goes for global growth Date: July 2014
Yilport seeks partner Date: June 2014
Betting on Black in uncertain times Date: May 2013
Turkey moves to the centre stage Date: June 2012
Turkish industry group takes slice of CMA CGM Date:
Yilport sets benchmarks Date:
Coming up on the inside track Date: June 2006
Yildirim ,YŁksel Robert
  Yilport moves into Sweden Date: May 2014
Yildirim, Yuksel Robert
  People on the move Date:
Yilport opts for APS Date: March 2010
Yilport buys ABB crane simulators Date: November 2008
Yim, Gerry
  HIT barging about Date: May 2016
HIT taps into solar power Date: July 2012
YŁksel Yildirim, Robert
  Yildirim group eyeing ports Date: June 2011
Ylivakeri, Raimo
  New Kalmar president highlights automation Date: January 2008
...autostrad contract Date: June 2005
Yoh, Allison
  People on the move Date:
Yokeum, David
  People on the move Date:
Yong, Lee
  HPH cuts back in Korea... Date: April 2010
Yongjian, Zhang
  CIMC evaluates primer thickness Date: July 2006
Yongxu, Li
  Successful outcome in Chinese box scam Date: November 2010
Yongzhi, Ma
  Tide goes out on Shenzhen box trade Date: November 2009
Shenzhen to offer stimulus package Date: September 2009
Yoogalingam, Steven
  Penang ups productivity Date: March 2015
Yoshida, Keisuke
  People on the move Date:
Yoshihiro Kato
  Daikin joins in Date: January 2002
Yoshitani, Tay
  Round-up of awards Date:
People on the move Date:
People on the move Date:
NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Yoshizaw, Yutaka
  Walvis Bay box plan delayed Date: August 2012
Youll, Malcolm
  People on the move Date:
Young, Bill
  New variable speed generator controller Date: September 2005
Young, Jim
  Holding steady for North American intermodal Date: November 2007
Hazchem alliance Date: January 2007
Young, Lam Yi
  Million dollar box terminal challenge Date: October 2011
Young, Peter
  Fortis backs Cronos management buyout Date: March 2007
Flexible solutions for loading problems Date: July 2004
New hub port for Mid East chemicals Date: March 2001
Young, Simon
  China’s port operators brace for bleak year… Date: March 2009
Younger, Peter J
  People on the move Date:
New equity for Cronos Date: August 2010
Box prices cast shadow over leasing boom Date: March 2005
Yousef Al Mas, Captain Ahmed
  UASC completes A7 newbuild series Date:
Youssef, Adm. Ibrahim
  AICT opens for business Date: September 2007
Youssef, Admiral Mohamed
  HPH into Egypt Date: March 2005
Yoyo, Pamela
  People on the move Date:
Yu, Cheyenne
  Shenzhen on course to handle 15 mill TEU Date: July 2005
Shenzhen building capacity Date: July 2004
China Merchants takes the credit Date: July 2004
Yu Liming
  CMHI buys share in Chu Kong Date: August 2010
Yu Rumin
  Tianjin raises container throughput target Date: July 2007
Yu Zenggang
  Chinese eye Crete hub Date: December 2005
Yuan Huahui
  Nansha boost for Guangzhou traffic Date: August 2007
Yudhoyono, Bambang Susilo
  New Indonesian port Date: May 2010
Yuen, Richard
  Singapore takes top spot Date: January 1999
RTT opens for business Date: October 1998
Hong Kong box throughput dips Date: August 1998
Yuill, Brian
  Yuill & Dodds opts for Avery Date: January 2010
Yujie, Zhuge
  Shanghai edges up Date: June 2012
Yuksel, Robert
  Yilport sets benchmarks Date: September 2008
Big plans for Sedefport Date: July 2004
Yung Chen
  Making data perform better Date: October 2008
Yungfa, Chang
  Evergreen staying in Kaohsiung Date: April 2009
Yuning, Dr Fu
  CMHI takes 50% stake in Togo terminal Date: September 2012
China ports facing excess capacity Date: March 2010
Chinese ports respond to overcapacity problem Date:
Container terminal benchmark data released Date:
Yuning, Fu
  Cosco and China Merchants eye Taiwan terminal stakes Date: November 2010
Qingdao terminals to merge Date: January 2010
CMHI over the worst... Date: September 2009
Chinese eye Kaohsiung Date: June 2009
Yunshu, Liu
  Long Beach and China Merchants ink "green" deal Date:
Yushchenko, Viktor
  New port for the western Crimea? Date: November 2005
Yuzen, Seiji
  Duisburg logistics complex Date: March 2013
Yuzhilin, Vitaly
  First Quantum finds new investor Date: December 2008
FCT takeover move? Date: September 2006
Grip of steel tightens around ports Date: February 2005
Yuzhilin, Yevgeniy
  NCC, Eurogate share swap Date: August 2007

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