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Crane miscellaneous

Crane miscellaneous
Tokyo goes low-profile Date: November 2017
Steady change in the yard crane market Date: November 2017
Another Paceco Portainer for Sines Date: October 2017
Hatch cover platforms dispute Date: October 2017
Lights come on for Phoenix Date: October 2017
Deliveries by Sany Date: September 2017
MHI licenses cranes Date: September 2017
Scaling up on the USEC Date: August 2017
PSA IT tender Date: September 2017
Crane market takes a slide Date: July 2017
Barge cranes go aerodynamic Date: July 2017
Changes in the crane market Date: July 2017
Rethinking crane inspection Date: July 2017
Ipswich port crawls ahead Date: May 2017
Crane relocation in Germany Date: May 2017
Vetter delivery Date: May 2017
Doosan Vina ramps up Date: May 2017
TKHD heavy-duty cable carrier Date: June 2017
Revamp in Trieste Date: June 2017
BUEL and the advantage of speed Date: May 2017
Big moves in crane brakes sector Date: May 2017
An exercise in power and control Date: May 2017
Liebherr’s Caribbean focus Date: April 2017
Mantsinen launches the 300 HybriLift Date: April 2017
Auckland shuffles its cranes Date:
Konecranes Gottwald bears fruit Date: March 2017
97 up for ZPMC Date: March 2017
Sennebogen set to launch 9300 E Date: March 2017
Safety norm for lashing cages Date: March 2017
8400 EQ range from Sennebogen Date: February 2017
More remote STS cranes Date: February 2017
Paceco for Guadeloupe Date: February 2017
cSCALE from Hirschmann MCS Date: February 2017
Crane stiffening for port of Charleston Date: December 2016
Crane relocation job Date: July 2016
ZPMC on the job in Antwerp Date: July 2016
Riding the crane rails Date: July 2016
China sparks crane patent frenzy Date: July 2016
Structural monitoring Date: July 2016
Transnet terminals seek soft landing Date: July 2016
Sennebogen crane powered from above Date: July 2016
Terex Gottwald cranes for Ultramar Date: October 2016
Crane upgrade for Catoosa port Date: October 2016
Künz on the river Date: October 2016
Mantsinen for Norrköping Date: September 2016
Terex deal approved Date: September 2016
Cranes down in Kaohsiung Date: September 2016
Handover in Tampa Date: September 2016
Port crane on the move Date: September 2016
Sennebogen balancing act Date: September 2016
Long Beach funds crane rail data Date: August 2016
Bedeschi acquires OMG-MGM Date: August 2016
BOXPORTER targets railroads Date: June 2016
Getting to grips with crane automation Date: June 2016
Empties on the roof Date: April 2016
Cranes get a height hike Date: May 2016
Mantsinen 160M for Belfast Date: May 2016
Crane clear-out at VTE Date: February 2016
Remote control for Deltaport Date: November 2015
Paceco books new orders Date: November 2015
Cranes on the move Date: November 2015
Mombasa crane drama Date: December 2015
New cranes in Itapoá Date: January 2016
E-Crane in Riga Date: December 2015
PSA looking for OCR Date: December 2015
Revamping in Trieste Date: January 2016
Market negative on Zoomlion's bid for Terex Date:
Noatum gets a raise Date: September 2015
Sany for Costa Rica Date: October 2015
Hydraulic cranes on the march Date: November 2015
Innovation takes a pause Date: October 2015
Cranes on the water Date: July 2015
SLPA to buy cranes Date: June 2015
ZPMC receives security clearance Date: June 2015
Terex looks to a strong future Date: June 2015
Crane control for the future Date: June 2015
Phoenix for Oslo Date: May 2015
Kocks cranes for Delaware Date: May 2015
MultiDocker scoops new business Date: May 2015
Hydraulic grabs gain ground Date: April 2015
Crane driver revolution Date: March 2015
Simulators in the driving seat Date: February 2015
TTS enhances China position Date: December 2014
Keeping on the straight and narrow Date: November 2014
Remote control for Dammam Date: December 2014
E-Cranes in Argentina Date: October 2014
New cranes at Duisport Date: September 2014
Gottwald is on the rails in Vladivostok Date: September 2014
Teichmann moves crane Date: September 2014
Crane fire in Ghent Date: September 2014
CVS grows in Europe Date: August 2014
Paceco deal Date: August 2014
Gottwald offering high fives Date: June 2014
More ARMGs for Maasvlakte II Date: June 2014
Tukan cranes for Tunisia Date: May 2014
MacGregor bulks up Date: April 2014
Crane inspection hits new highs Date: March 2014
Panul opts for Ardelt Date: March 2014
Long Beach sells cranes Date: March 2014
New tower crane for Riverport Date: March 2014
Staying in the comfort zone Date: February 2014
More Liebherrs for Transnet Date: February 2014
Michielotto insolvency proceedings begin Date: February 2014
More cranes for TICTS Date: January 2014
Liebherr at Niagara Date: December 2013
Yard cranes regain momentum Date: November 2013
Mammoet launches heavy terminal crane Date: November 2013
New life breathed into old cranes Date: October 2013
Latin big six for Liebherr Date: September 2013
Liebherr in Manila deal Date: August 2013
Moving Terex to centre stage Date: July 2013
Crane challenges on the rise Date: July 2013
LPS 600s in Gdansk Date: July 2013
Portek books more crane upgrade jobs Date: July 2013
Taking control of the cranes Date: June 2013
ZPMC going direct Date: May 2013
Kalmar refurbishment deals Date: May 2013
Liebherr toasts Galigrain Date: May 2013
Portek to lease new cranes Date: May 2013
Liebherr confirms repeat orders Date: May 2013
New slewing crane for containers Date: April 2013
New crane for Frankfurt terminal Date: April 2013
Liebherr launches marine crane simulators... Date: March 2013
Virginia proves a soft touch Date: March 2013
Virtual training takes hold Date: March 2013
Sennebogen launches 875-E Date: March 2013
Mantsinen gets Heavy in Belgian market Date: February 2013
ProFlex for MSC Antwerp Date: February 2013
Patrick cranes are clear for take off Date: February 2013
New crane deals for Cargotec Date: January 2013
Focus on development and innovation Date: December 2012
1000th Liebherr MHC at Montoir Date: December 2012
Automation and cranes Date: November 2012
Seeing double with big cranes Date: November 2012
Cranes go up in Colombus Date: November 2012
Yard crane output picks up again Date: October 2012
Liebherr eighth for Exolgan Date: October 2012
DPW splits crane order... Date: September 2012
Sennebogen 835 E in Eemshaven Date: August 2012
Keeping track of crane rails Date: July 2012
Amsterdam cranes sold Date: July 2012
Rye opts for Fuchs Date: July 2012
Maasvlakte II equipment line-up Date: June 2012
Control Techniques in La Spezia Date: June 2012
Time for lower power motors Date: June 2012
Freightliner adds cranes Date: June 2012
Mantsinen container handler Date: June 2012
New crane barge from Damen Date: June 2012
Terex launches Port Solutions Date: June 2012
PSA ASC tender Date: June 2012
Real-time crane camera systems Date: May 2012
Condition monitoring on slow-moving cranes* Date: May 2012
Container crane simulator in Brisbane Date: May 2012
Procrane for Felixstowe Date: April 2012
Gottwald HSK in Brazil Date: April 2012
Mantsinen for Turku Date: April 2012
There are cranes...and hotel beds Date: March 2012
New cranes for TMIP Date: March 2012
Emerson to re-power Puerto Cortés crane Date: March 2012
Cranes for 22,000 TEU vessels Date: March 2012
1000 up for Liebherr Date: March 2012
Start spreading the news Date: February 2012
New paradigms for the Baltic Date: February 2012
MacGregor secures more offshore cranes Date:
New cranes for AGCT Date: February 2012
Gottwald enjoys bulking up Date: January 2012
Two new cranes for Mersin Date: January 2012
Different paths to the future Date: December 2011
New heavy lift combi crane from Liebherr Date: December 2011
LMI from Load Systems Date: December 2011
ZPMC outlines future steps Date: November 2011
LED lighting for cranes Date: November 2011
New Sennebogen in Shoreham Date: November 2011
Economic slowdown casts a long shadow Date: October 2011
Yard crane production at a low Date: October 2011
New cranes for Rhenus Date: October 2011
Terex Fuchs gets ship shape Date: October 2011
E-crane for Bangladesh Date: October 2011
Portunus goes Poti Date: October 2011
JFE puts boxes on the rack Date: October 2011
Getting to know the crane ropes Date: August 2011
Fast grab crane for OBA Date: August 2011
Konecranes upgrades Weil-am-Rhein crane Date: August 2011
Gottwald books ECT AGVs... Date: August 2011
CES lines up for more work Date: July 2011
Hoist gearbox monitoring Date: July 2011
Twin hoist boom over? Date: July 2011
New cranes for Patrick following Maersk win Date: July 2011
Automated terminals set for a boom? Date: June 2011
New dynamic bulk weighing system Date: June 2011
More cranes for Halterm Date: June 2011
Cargotec STS first in Russia Date: June 2011
Sany targets port cranes Date: May 2011
APM Terminals plans speed Date: May 2011
New cranes land at Jaya Terminal Date: May 2011
South African first for Konecranes Date: May 2011
MacGregor deck crane order Date: May 2011
Liebherr bags multiple orders Date: May 2011
Confusion in the Upper Adriatic Date: April 2011
New cranes for Santa Marta Date: April 2011
VeriRAD from VeriTainer Date: April 2011
Translifters for Savona terminal? Date: April 2011
ZMPC bags Khalifa STS crane deal Date: April 2011
ZPMC STS cranes arrive at Kumport Date: March 2011 TMEIC GE books crane automation deal Date: March 2011
An inspector calls Date: February 2011
New anti-collision sensor from Arck Date: February 2011
Dynamic crane motor sales Date: February 2011
Konecranes books RTGs Date: February 2011
Majors turn in better results Date: February 2011
Marseilles dockers in firing line Date: February 2011
The physics of cables* Date: January 2011
Kalmar books big order in Colombia Date: January 2011
Avtron bags US Navy deal Date: December 2010
Crane Controls grabs crane upgrade deal Date: December 2010
CES spreads wings Date: December 2010
New lashing planner Date: December 2010
Sany into port crane market Date: December 2010
Konecranes books Khalifa ASC deal Date: December 2010
Active vibration damper for quayside cranes Date: December 2010
Cranes feel the strain Date: November 2010
Hybrid cranes for Japanese ports Date: November 2010
Hübner in US move Date: October 2010
APMT launches FastNet concept Date: October 2010
Flippers still the “sticking point” Date: September 2010
Hamburg still in deep trouble? Date: August 2010
Ten cranes over a ship Date: August 2010
Container cranes in the trough Date: July 2010
Toledo handles CSX cranes Date: July 2010
LPS 500 for DPW Antwerp Date: July 2010
Container handling at sea Date: July 2010
First Felixstowe South cranes arrive Date: June 2010
Second Gottwald for Manatee Date: June 2010
Kuwait deal for Liebherr Date: June 2010
Gottwald launches model 3, G5 crane Date: June 2010
Tideworks telemetry Date: June 2010
Doosan bags Sunny Point crane order Date: May 2010
Crane toppled at Guayaquil Date: April 2010
Terex positions itself “centre stage” Date: February 2010
Doosan exports first Vietnamese cranes Date: February 2010
Lattakia cranes in service Date: February 2010
Konecranes lifting business in Egypt Date: January 2010
Port of Mobile steel handlers pose challenge for ZPMC Date: January 2010
Teichmann acquires Brunnhuber Date: December 2009
RTG output holds up well this year Date: November 2009
ZPMC new contracts dip 74.3% Date: November 2009
Automated yard cranes on US West Coast? Date: November 2009
Crane price gap opens up Date: October 2009
Kangaroo crane orders for Kirow Date: October 2009
New Sennebogen at Shoreham Date: August 2009
SECH to revamp old box cranes Date: August 2009
Crane rail surveys keep the wheels turning* Date: July 2009
Converteam introduces new drives Date: June 2009
ThyssenKrupp builds a steel bridge Date: May 2009
Singapore maintains the top spot Date: May 2009
DP World engaged on two fronts Date: May 2009
Liebherr reports mobile results Date: May 2009
More quay cranes for Salalah Date: April 2009
More Liebherr crane deliveries Date: April 2009
Brazilian ports still on the up Date: March 2009
Liebherr’s Jeddah big six Date: March 2009
Converteam to add life to TCS cranes Date: March 2009
Now is the winter of our discontent Date: February 2009
Spreaders split the difference Date: February 2009
Paceco’s Italian licence renewed Date: February 2009
GlobalSim simulator in Freeport Date: February 2009
Antwerp prepared to co-finance lock Date: February 2009
ZPMC bags ASC order Date: February 2009
Reeling under pressure in a weak market Date: January 2009
New Borusan box terminal Date: January 2009
Cargotec completes Los Alamos RDS tests Date: January 2009
New Orleans orders Doosan cranes Date: January 2009
ZPMC offering box crane for US$2.2M Date: January 2009
Konecranes/TMGE for Barcelona? Date: January 2009
Automated terminal for Kaohsiung Date: January 2009
Liebherr rides tandem in Port of Khorfakkan Date: January 2009
Big trucks braced for downturn Date: December 2008
Grappling with a choice of grab unloaders Date: December 2008
Helsinki hits the ground running Date: December 2008
Liverpool gears up for growth Date: December 2008
Gottwald’s Latin lessons Date: December 2008
OSHA nod for empty VTLs Date: December 2008
Collision protection in container terminals* Date: November 2008
Ghana graft probe Date: November 2008
Second Russian deal for Liebherr Date: November 2008
Bromma introduces lightweight SSX40LW Date: November 2008
New MHC for Terminal San Giorgio Date: November 2008
Konecranes interims Date: November 2008
New cranes for NFTI Date: November 2008
HPH Zhuhai terminal gets new cranes Date: October 2008
TT issues storm tie-down warning Date: October 2008
Liebherr for Koper Date: October 2008
APMT responds to JNP shortfall… Date: October 2008
New cranes for Vladivostok Date: October 2008
Aarhus is lifted by high winds! Date: September 2008
Hirschmann order from Baltkran Date: September 2008
First LHM 600S from Liebherr Date: September 2008
Fantuzzi group goes to Terex Date: August 2008
Good 1H for Konecranes Date: August 2008
Ter Haak takes two Liebherr LHM 500s Date: August 2008
Cranes collapse in Jacksonville Date: August 2008
Hydraulic free anti-snag gathers pace Date: July 2008
More than one way to ride tandem Date: July 2008
Low profile crane settlement in LA Date: July 2008
Taking the sag away from the ropes Date: July 2008
Spotlight on RTG energy consumption Date: June 2008
Mantsinen supplies more coal handlers Date: June 2008
More orders for Arck Date: June 2008
Liebherr for Koper Date: June 2008
There’s no stopping crane brake developments Date: May 2008
Grabbing a slice of the bulk action Date: May 2008
Mantsinen launches HybriLIFT Date: May 2008
Salalah invests in new cranes Date: May 2008
Green RMGs for BNSF Date: April 2008
New crane for Emmelsum Date: April 2008
Another Liebherr for Tauranga Date: April 2008
Port of Haifa in box crane tender dispute Date: April 2008
Cranes bite the dust! Date: April 2008
New equipment for Thamesport Date: April 2008
Rigging to move TraPac cranes Date: April 2008
Dunkirk adds crane for steel Date: April 2008
ZPMC’s erect crane deliveries Date: March 2008
Yard cranes’ “green” credentials take centre stage Date: March 2008
KPA gets green light for cranes Date: March 2008
Liebherr wins in Coega Date: March 2008
A first for Rheycord BS Date: March 2008
Sennebogen cranes for Murmansk Date: March 2008
VeriTainer protected Date: March 2008
DPW in tandem simulator first Date: March 2008
Twin 40fts: a case study in cold reality Date: January 2008
Cranes on the move in Genoa Date: January 2008
KE delivers new bulk cranes Date: January 2008
Pipavav gets more cranes Date: December 2007
Kalmar repeats itself... Date: December 2007
...launches Smartspot positioning system Date: December 2007
Crane prices in pressure cooker Date: November 2007
Cranes get sweet on the Thames Date: November 2007
Suppliers strike it lucky with Reporto? Date: October 2007
PSA orders 30 twin hoist cranes Date: September 2007
New gear for Mombasa Date: September 2007
ZPMC Wilmington lawsuit Date: September 2007
Cavotec expands MV product range Date: September 2007
Freightliner orders more Liebherr RMGs Date: September 2007
Crane ransacked for its copper Date: September 2007
More ZPMC crane references Date: September 2007
New cranes arrive at Ilyichevsk port Date: September 2007
KE grabs an opportunity Date: August 2007
Hirschmann for Doosan Date: August 2007
First for Cavotec-Brevetti Date: August 2007
Teichmann second helpings Date: August 2007
Da Chan cranes start to arrive Date: August 2007
Leading insurer advocates sensors Date: July 2007
More non-Chinese board a slowing train Date: July 2007
Expanding the China crane shop Date: July 2007
Brieda launches “Dynamic” crane cab Date: July 2007
Achieving more productive cranes Date: July 2007
Container crane productivity and double cycling debate Date: July 2007
Callao crane deals awarded Date: July 2007
Used cranes up for grabs Date: July 2007
CEIA collision prevention Date: July 2007
OSHA guidance note Date: July 2007
Ram nets Savannah spreader order Date: June 2007
Frictionless chains Date: June 2007
Tyne opts for railmounted Gottwalds Date: June 2007
All-electric quay crane spreader... Date: June 2007
Make mine a double - or even a triple Date: May 2007
Helping cranes work efficiently Date: May 2007
Grabs make evolutionary progression Date: May 2007
Crane power systems on a surge Date: May 2007
Egyptian ports strategy remains firmly on course Date: May 2007
Keeping the brakes on correctly Date: May 2007
Another Künz crane for Duisburg Date: May 2007
ZPMC profit rises 28% Date: May 2007
New crane for Mulhouse Date: April 2007
ABB’s new orders worth US$65M Date: April 2007
Liebherrs for Sharjah Date: April 2007
Crane accidents and how to prevent them* Date: March 2007
US-built box crane awards Date: March 2007
JNPT opts for Impsa Date: March 2007
DPW opts for MPRI Date: March 2007
...bags US$200M box crane deal Date: March 2007
More mobiles in Latin America Date: March 2007
APS MatchMaker Date: March 2007
Guam gets new HMC Date: February 2007
Wilmington cranes damaged Date: February 2007
Everett selects Morris Date: February 2007
Contenemar books box crane orders Date: February 2007
Triple 40ft crane Date: February 2007
Figee level luffing cranes for Eritrea Date: February 2007
What’s the big idea with new terminals? Date: January 2007
Another heavyweight in the ring Date: January 2007
Crane prices on the rise Date: January 2007
How to grab the opportunities Date: December 2006
Special favours get big thanks Date: December 2006
Crane simulator for Dalian Date: December 2006
Three in Everett bid Date: December 2006
New cranes arrive at BCT Date: December 2006
Crane builders look to diversification Date: November 2006
Odds stack up for log stackers Date: November 2006
LHG gets second helpings Date: November 2006
High on the HOG Date: November 2006
A peak in yard crane production? Date: October 2006
Crane prices and specifications Date: September 2006
Crane bolts under spec Date: September 2006
New motorised festoon launch Date: September 2006
Malta cranes arrive Date: September 2006
Kalmar books crane orders Date: September 2006
“Fritz” crane rescued Date: September 2006
PIV Drives restructures Date: August 2006
Liebherr to open another new factory Date: August 2006
Sidelifters - huge untapped potential? Date: July 2006
Bigger can be problematic Date: July 2006
Designing double 40/45ft handling solutions Date: July 2006
New cranes for Haifa Date: July 2006
KE crane in the Arctic Date: July 2006
Gantry cranes for Guam? Date: July 2006
Crane survey work Date: July 2006
New test carrier from Wampfler Date: July 2006
Drive monitoring and productivity Date: June 2006
Dual-hoist headblock Date: June 2006
Crane-spreader interface standard Date: June 2006
PSA in market for cranes Date: June 2006
Rostock under steam Date: June 2006
Independent operators look for a niche Date: May 2006
Braking systems across the board Date: May 2006
More 70t Munckloaders Date: May 2006
Paceco Corp offers a Twin-40 buffer station Date: May 2006
Crane for Feodosia Date: May 2006
More for Mantsinen Date: May 2006
No takers for LA’s “ugly” cranes Date: May 2006
Yard crane automation continues apace Date: March 2006
Malaysian orders Date: March 2006
Elma for Umm Qasr crane project Date: February 2006
BV to inspect 111 cranes Date: December 2005
Doosan bags Jurong deal Date: December 2005
Siemens/Ceplus team up Date: October 2005
Liebherr reports new crane orders Date: October 2005
Gothenburg reviews its strategic options Date: September 2005
US-built box crane Date: September 2005
New monitoring tool from Igus Date: August 2005
The end of the line? Date: Web only
Things that go bump in the night Date: July 2005
Cranes getting too big for their boots Date: July 2005
Where there’s life, there’s hope Date: July 2005
ZPMC doubles and then doubles again Date: July 2005
Hubner’s new encoder system Date: July 2005
Cab focuses on crane driver comfort Date: July 2005
Safety improvements for container crane brakes Date: July 2005
Row over LA’s “Janice” cranes Date: July 2005
Liebherr trailing ahead! Date: July 2005
ZPMC/ABB scoop Euromax orders Date: July 2005
EGC action in Norfolk Date: July 2005
Guaranteeing a powerful performance Date: May 2005
A new approach to snag load protection Date: June 2005
Goodbye to ‘’Big Red” Date: June 2005
Alimak on a high Date: June 2005

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