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Concor’s huge tender for reach stackers Date: November 2017
Konecranes books 22 lift trucks from Kramer Date:
Kalmar gets down to Essentials Date:
Huge reach stacker tender Date:
Sany reach stackers for Doncaster Date:
The world’s biggest reach stackers Date: October 2017
Giant reach stackers handed over Date:
CES stackers for CS Wind Date: July 2017
OneTerminal delivered "ahead of schedule" Date:
Nielsen plans giant reach stacker Date:
Kalmar K-Motion 2.0 Date: June 2017
Konecranes in Italian negotiations Date:
CES ships 155t SWL reach stackers Date:
Konecranes for Napier Date:
500 up for Liftace Date: April 2017
Hyster to electrify big trucks Date:
Taylor-made FIT for purpose Date:
Liebherr’s successful Italian job Date: February 2017
Equipment news – short notes Date:
Reach stacker from LiuGong Date: January 2017
Reach stacker in 700 kms road move Date:
Kalmar books hybrid carriers Date:
Briggs/Hyster for Freightliner Date: November 2016
CVS Ferrari sold Date:
C.RO Ports contract scooped by Kalmar Date: October 2016
Reaching for bespoke duties Date: September 2016
Kalmar books 34 reach stackers with C.Ro Ports Date:
Kalmar for Crowley again Date:
Liebherr reaches out in port of Antwerp Date: June 2016
Hyster turns it over Date: June 2016
Konecranes reach stackers for Sri Trang Date:
Liftace 5-36 launched Date: April 2016
AWSP SOLAS weighing Date: April 2016
Super Gloria reach stacker for barge handling Date:
More new reach stackers from Terex Date:
Snapping at truck makers’ heels Date: March 2016
Terex acquires CVS terminal tractor line Date:
Reaching out in the UK Date: January 2016
Trelleborg for Kalmar’s Super Gloria Date: December 2015
New entrants come knocking Date: December 2015
K-Motion for Kiwi ports Date:
APAC gets K-Motion Date:
Rhenus takes hybrid reach stacker Date: October 2015
Hyundai reach stacker and top pick coming Date: October 2015
First electric reach stacker Date: October 2015
NACCO adopts new name and logo Date:
Hyster secures major Australian deal Date:
Kalmar K-Motion for Immingham Date:
Liebherr launches Pulser reach stacker Date: June 2015
Kalmar launches its own special K Date: June 2015
Konecranes makes a UK Impact Date:
Kalmar books Austrian rail order Date:
Kalmar launches K-Motion Date:
Liebherr launches “Pulser” reach stacker Date:
5000 up for Konecranes Lift Trucks Date:
Terex launches Liftace… Date: April 2015
Double celebration for Terex Date:
Kalmar books more RTCHs Date:
Kalmar racks up orders Date:
A broad canvas for Dutch masters Date: February 2015
New Terex reach stacker Date:
Kalmar goes empty Date: February 2015
Gloria into Asia market Date: January 2015
100 up for TIL Date: January 2015
Enter Sany Europe Date:
Kalmar launches new products Date:
Hyster delivers 1000th reach stacker Date:
Kalmar for PCC… Date: October 2014
Kalmar tops the ton Date: September 2014
Konecranes Lifttrucks - the first 20 years Date:
Terex Santos deal Date: September 2014
Up Lifting for Algeciras Date: September 2014
Konecranes power Date: August 2014
Kalmar unveils "Super Gloria" Date:
Terex delivers in Brazil Date:
CVS Ferrari launches F500 Date: June 2014
World's "most powerful reach stacker" Date:
CVS Ferrari launches F500 Date:
Dana Rexroth shows HVT R2 at CeMAT Date:
Big trucks launched at CeMAT Date:
Fantuzzi name back in the market Date:
Everett adding equipment Date:
Konecranes to launch new FLTs Date:
Kalmar books Jebel Ali tractor deal Date:
NACCO realigns in the Americas Date:
LNG/diesel reach stacker Date: January 2014
Sany Germany into Sweden Date:
Konecranes buys Linde big trucks Date:
OEMs report Middle East orders Date:
CVS Ferrari books Metrans Date:
Konecranes Lift Trucks introduces Auto Start-Stop Date:
FLTA 2014 awards candidates Date:
Dual fuel reach stacker Date:
A first for Equiport Date: August 2013
Motherwell erects ASCs Date: August 2013
Hyster for Freightliner Cardiff Date:
Hoist books major US DoD deal Date:
Kalmar sings the praises of Gloria Date: June 2013
Briggs Equipment in £87M UK MoD deal Date:
Kalmar books deal for 25 stackers Date:
Kion names plant closure date Date:
Management buys Barloworld Belgium Date:
Kion planning IPO? Date:
Enter the hybrid reach stacker Date: January 2013
Kalmar books more from Bolipuertos Date:
Hyster scoops Katoen Natie deal Date: January 2013
Hybrid reach stacker Date: January 2013
Kion agrees big trucks deal with Konecranes Date:
Kion Group looks to close Welsh plant Date:
Konecranes launches hybrid drive reach stacker Date:
Two milestones for Konecranes in Markaryd Date:
Kalmar reaches over the Seine Date:
Cargotec to slash Lidhult Date:
Linde goes barging in Date: July 2012
Briggs takes Barloworld in UK Date:
First US ports equipment dealer for Sany Date:
Cargotec gets some big lifts Date: July 2012
APMT stack profiling Date: June 2012
Hyster looking for acquisitions Date:
Reach out for more business Date: April 2012
Vacu-Lug in reach stacker tyre deal Date: March 2012
Big lift trucks on the move Date: December 2011
Bolipuertos books big Kalmar order Date: November 2011
Getting good value from tyre monitoring Date: October 2011
Bolipuertos books major equipment orders Date: stuff for Terex reach stackers Date: July 2011
New Hysters for Holt Logistics Date: June 2011
Manitex's CVS deal obtains "final approval" Date:
Manitex's CVS Ferrari deal "approved" Date:
Freightliner opts for Barloworld Date: March 2011
Big trucks on the rebound Date: February 2011
Konecranes expands on several fronts Date: November 2010
Hyster reach stackers for wind farm parts Date: November 2010
Big trucks weather the storm Date: September 2010
Six up for Hyster Date: June 2010
Terex consolidates in Brazil Date: June 2010
Manitex to acquire CVS Ferrari? Date:
ZPMC adds truck spreader range Date: March 2010
Konecranes for Concor Date: March 2010
Big trucks - new developments Date: February 2010
Taylor-made reach stackers Date: December 2009
CVS weathers the storm Date: December 2009
Taylor launches new reach stacker Date: November 2009
SSB opts for Kalmar Date: November 2009
Konecranes bags Damietta orders Date: November 2009
Big lift trucks show their mettle in tough market Date: September 2009
Terex completes Fantuzzi purchase Date:
“Nuclear” reach stacker Date: June 2009
Tough times hit big truck markets Date: February 2009
Linde HTD adds second “giraffe house” Date:
Big as usual Date: September 2008
Cargotec posts more orders Date: July 2008
Bromma adds lift truck spreaders Date: June 2008
Pipe handling reach stackers from CVS Date: June 2008
New trucks steal a march into the market Date: April 2008
Heli launches reach stacker Date: March 2008
Still plenty of reach in the big truck market Date: February 2008
Linde set to get really heavy Date: December 2007
Meclift launches more “Pocket Tarzans” Date: December 2007
Kalmar nails its colours to the mast Date: November 2007
Terex PPM draws its six-shooter Date: October 2007
Hyster launches new reach stacker range Date: October 2007
Big moves in big truck market Date: September 2007
New gear for Mombasa Date: September 2007
Too much in the shopping basket? Date: August 2007
MTC “outpaces” CARB Date: August 2007
RodaPort in view Date: June 2007
Trucking on at a good speed Date: April 2007
Two “firsts” in Ho Chi Minh City Date: March 2007
...and RTG business from Santos Brasil Date: January 2007
Cargotec to buy Indital Date:
400th reach stacker in Belgium Date: October 2006
Vulcan forges ahead down under Date: October 2006
Kalmar’s Shanghai plant at full speed... Date: October 2006
...Fleetview launch Date: October 2006
Lift truck market still on the up Date: September 2006
Equipment investments on the up and up Date: August 2006
Vulcan active down under Date: June 2006
New ECH trucks from Hyster Date: June 2006
Kalmar hushes things up Date: May 2006
SOM others do have them! Date: April 2006
Hyster launches new reach stackers Date: April 2006
Reach stacker “revolution” Date: April 2006
Market rumours...and business as usual Date: February 2006
Dedicated reach stacker tyres Date: October 2005
Tapping into the global reach of lift trucks Date: September 2005
Cab focuses on crane driver comfort Date: July 2005
Shaping up for Tier 3/Stage IIIa Date: June 2005
SMV Konecranes’ Wilmington order Date: May 2005
First piggyback for Liebherr Date: June 2005
Big lift trucks and the wind of change Date: April 2005
Strong demand fuels innovation Date: February 2005
Kalmar for Reunion Date: February 2005
Hyster launches new reach stackers Date: January 2005
Outlook still good...but less so? Date: December 2004
Taxed out of Brazil?... Date: December 2004
Oryx/ABB crane simulator Date: December 2004
Keeping tyre costs on track Date: October 2004
Kalmar military deal Date: October 2004
Lift trucks on the up and up Date: September 2004
Konecranes/SMV deal Date: September 2004
Suape goes shopping Date: September 2004
Potter Group adds Date: August 2004
New Mali terminal Date: August 2004
More Ferraris for Brazil Date: April 2004
Enter the distinctive Liebherr reach stacker Date: April 2004
Linde opens up a third front Date: February 2004
Enter the banana boom Date: February 2004
Terex sets out on new démarche Date: February 2004
Reach stacker designs going bananas Date: December 2003
Barge ahead with reach stackers Date: September 2003
Liebherr reach stacker? Date: April 2003
More big trucks catch the Bus Date: February 2003
Kalmar hams it up Date: January 2003
Hyster restores the balance Date: January 2003
Military stackers Date: January 2003
First export deal for Meclift Date: November 2002
Designs on heavy lift trucks Date: September 2002
First Japanese reach stacker Date: September 2002
Uplifting designs for niche areas Date: April 2002
Reach out over the water Date: December 2001
Hyster offers new solutions Date: December 2001
CVS tractor boost... Date: December 2001
Business as usual in the big truck field Date: September 2001
Triton makes waves Date: June 2001
Going over the top for paper Date: April 2001
Staying busy in a tough market Date: April 2001
Keeping on top of things Date: April 2001
Stacking cranes seek automated future Date: March 2001
Orange to launch ECH lift trucks Date: March 2001
Smart moves Date: January 2001
Barlow adds Date: January 2001
Focus again on the main mast Date: December 2000
Reaching and lifting the market Date: December 2000
Heavy FLT demand Date: September 2000
At the pre-dawn of a new age? Date: September 2000
Vroom, vroom Ferrari Date: September 2000
Boss getting out? Date: September 2000
Nepal ICD move Date: July 2000
4 TEU stacker Date: July 2000
Boss looking for strategic partner Date: July 2000
Kalmar wins UN deal Date: July 2000
La Spezia gets Smart Date: July 2000
Revolutionary stacker unveiled by Tønsberg Date: August 2000
Linde bags new orders Date: June 2000
Hydra takes a bow... Date: February 2000
FLT market moves Date: February 2000
Fantuzzi for T&HPA Date: February 2000
Reach for mature reflections Date: January 2000
Malta's 5-high in the 2nd row Date: January 2000
SMV for Rail-Combi Date: January 2000
More PSLs from Bailey Date: January 2000
New rail-mobile boom stacker Date: December 1999
Partek - greater than the sum of the parts? Date: December 1999
Kalmar plays it rough Date: September 1999
Which way are we all going? Date: September 1999
Terex/Hyster deal Date: August 1999
Enter Tonsberg Date: July 1999
ZV ECHs for DeCeTe Date: June 1999
First CVS/Komatsu delivery Date: June 1999
New trucks from Lansing Linde Date: June 1999
Opera cab on song Date: May 1999
Taylor additions Date: May 1999
Ferrari 200 going strong Date: April 1999
Boss stacker range coming Date: April 1999
Casting around for a wider market Date: April 1999
Turkish stacker market Date: April 1999
Hyster goes with the flow Date: March 1999
Svetruck/Kaldnes forge alliance Date: February 1999
Superstackers close the gap Date: February 1999
SMV books giant reach stacker Date: February 1999
Living in uplifting times Date: January 1999
Linde works it out Date: January 1999
Ferrari's new medium Date: January 1999
Terex gets a boost Date: October 1998
Heavy duty reach stacker from SMV Date: October 1998
Can't see the wood for the Ts Date: October 1998
Mauritius reaches out Date: September 1998
Kalmar's record Turkish deliveries Date: September 1998
Playing good tunes on old forks Date: September 1998
Lansing-Linde goes Forth Date: September 1998
CVS chalks up Far East deal Date: July 1998
Hyster stackers go to Matson Date: June 1998
Blyth stacking up Date: June 1998

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