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Straddle carriers

Straddle carriers
Local content for Transnet straddles Date: December 2017
Mobicon marks 20 years of its Mini Straddle Date:
Kalmar supports Transnet engineering and skills Date:
Konecranes MPET service deal Date: September 2017
Carrying technology forwards Date: August 2017
Hybrid strads arrive in Antwerp Date:
Straddling around the world Date: July 2017
Konecranes wins MPET service deal Date:
Kalmar all-electric shuttle carrier trials Date:
Combilift set for expansion Date:
A-STRADs launched Date: June 2017
3000th strad for Noell Konecranes Date:
OCHA adds straddle for training Date: April 2017
Kalmar books more straddle carriers Date: March 2017
Driver evacuation aid for straddle carriers Date: March 2017
Manned straddles for Tanger-Med 2 Date: February 2017
Consolidation in the straddle market Date: January 2017
Kalmar books hybrid carriers Date:
New strads arrive in Southampton Date:
Kalmar boooks 23 straddle carriers for Transnet Date:
The straddle carrier’s enduring appeal Date: August 2016
Strads for Tilbury Date: May 2016
Combilift launches Combi-SC Tilter Date:
Kalmar books strads for Melbourne Date:
Kalmar books crane upgrade deal Date:
Kalmar books strads for HHLA Date:
Four talking points in the straddle market Date: January 2016
Kalmar hybrid shuttle fuel savings "up to 40%" Date:
Kalmar’s FastCharge option Date: December 2015
Vado opts for hybrid shuttle carriers Date:
Kalmar back in at Maher Date:
Kalmar announces "FastCharge" Date:
Terex Gottwald Model 2 for Kramer Date:
Low throughput pitches a high note Date: July 2015
Kalmar delivers hybrids to Virginia Date:
Three straddle accidents Date:
New high-density straddle concept Date: May 2015
Terex books 20 strads for Port Newark Date:
More strads for Southampton Date:
New Gaussin DSSC Date: April 2015
Straddles take the hi-tech path Date: January 2015
Combilift announces €40M investment Date:
Virginia goes hybrid Date:
Konecranes for Maher Date: November 2014
…and for Eurofos Date: October 2014
Maher in for more Konecranes' straddles Date:
…ALP platform at Southampton Date: September 2014
The way forward for straddle carriers Date: August 2014
1000th D-E straddle carrier from Terex Date:
Straddling an uncertain market Date: January 2014
New strads for APMT Gothenburg Date:
More straddles for Southampton Date: January 2014
EGOpro test in Antwerp Date: January 2014
NTB invests in cleaner straddle carriers Date:
ECO from Mobicon Date: November 2013
Terex for Transnet Date: October 2013
“Steady as she goes” for straddle carriers Date: August 2013
New hybrid straddle carrier from Kalmar Date:
Hybrid straddles for Freeport Date: May 2013
Kalmar notches 5000th straddle carrier Date:
Lyttelton turns to Liebherr again Date:
Liftcom modifies straddle carriers Date: April 2013
Terex hybrid strads for Freeport Date:
Search for new opportunities for strads Date: January 2013
Konecranes signs record order Date:
New Magna straddle tyre Date: December 2012
Noell strads at Wilhelmshaven Date: November 2012
Combilift for Felixstowe Warehousing Date:
PEMA recommends airbags for straddle carriers Date:
Keeping handling operations in the black Date: October 2012
Cargotec books Tilbury strads Date:
Liebherr books Tauranga strad deal Date:
New straddles for Liverpool Date: September 2012
“Newcomers” making inroads Date: August 2012
Automated straddles to get a new driver? Date: August 2012
Cargotec books automation deals in Australia Date:
Konecranes straddle “breakthrough” Date: June 2012
Equipment orders pile in Date:
Cargotec books straddle orders Date: April 2012
Patrick orders Cargotec straddle carriers Date:
Straddles hit comeback trail Date: January 2012
“Excellent year” for Stinis Date: December 2011
Equipment majors report new business Date:
Cargotec books strads and RTGs Date:
Getting good value from tyre monitoring Date: October 2011
Fleet monitoring for straddle carriers Date: August 2011
Getting to grips with straddle carriers Date: August 2011
DP World awards Phase 1 London Gateway equipment contracts Date:
ZPMC unveils new products Date:
Noell strads for Durban Date:
Manitex's CVS deal obtains "final approval" Date:
Cargotec in Stage IIIb straddle deal... Date: April 2011
...closely followed by Terex Port Equipment Date: April 2011
Manitex's CVS Ferrari deal "approved" Date:
Terex's Stage 3b/Tier 4i straddle carriers Date:
Business off to a "flyer" Date:
New tandem straddle Date: February 2011
Straddle carriers go over the top Date: January 2011
"Boxrunner” shuttle carrier from Konecranes Date:
Noell strads for Radès Date: November 2010
Keeping the equipment rolling along Date: October 2010
HPH axes ACT jobs Date: October 2010
Emerging from a long, dark tunnel Date: August 2010
ECT selling "some" Amsterdam equipment Date:
Low throughput’s high expectations Date: May 2010
Manitex to acquire CVS Ferrari? Date:
New simulator for Kotka Date: May 2010
Liebherr reveals its new straddle carrier Date: April 2010
CombiLift adds low throughput straddle Date: April 2010
New Noell straddle deals Date: March 2010
Markets straddle technology and cost Date: January 2010
Cooper SH enlarges its equipment portfolio Date:
Voice direction first for straddle carriers Date: August 2009
Straddle carriers hit a bump, but... Date: August 2009
AutoStrad roll-out suspended Date: August 2009
Consens low height straddle carrier sold Date:
Terex completes Fantuzzi purchase Date:
DP World engaged on two fronts Date: May 2009
Gaussin’s new spotter Date: May 2009
ICTSI clearing the decks Date: May 2009
Maintenance shed doors - an open and shut case Date: April 2009
Wider straddle carrier choices Date: January 2009
Liebherr chalks up 50 years in Ireland Date:
More on Noell NSC 644 E ECO Date: December 2008
Konecranes straddle carriers for IFB Date: September 2008
The tipping point for straddle carrier safety Date: August 2008
PTS rolls out more Autostrad plans Date: July 2008
Hoist’s new empty container handler Date: July 2008
Straddle carriers with hybrid drives Date: June 2008
Kalmar books major orders Date: May 2008
Kalmar straddle orders Date: March 2008
Interesting times in straddle carrier market Date: January 2008
Konecranes secures Eurogate strad order Date: September 2007
Too much in the shopping basket? Date: August 2007
Kalmar SmartPath for Maher Terminals Date: June 2007
Mobicon and Meclift from Powerfleet Date: March 2007
Straddle demand high in Germany Date: March 2007
New Aarhus service deal Date: March 2007
Liebherr to add straddle carrier Date: March 2007
What’s the big idea with new terminals? Date: January 2007
Another heavyweight in the ring Date: January 2007
Mobicon for US Navy Date: December 2006
Shuttle carriers and “mega” terminals Date: August 2006
Duopoly to be excluded from PB3T... Date: August 2006
Containers in the field - literally Date: May 2006
SAPO RTGs confirmed Date: May 2006
Shuttle carriers at the buffer zone Date: April 2006
Kalmar wins Nelcon refurb contract Date: April 2006
Simulators - a safe way to learn to use machines Date: March 2006
Yard crane automation continues apace Date: March 2006
Seoho launches ALV Date: March 2006
APMT books SmartPath for Zeebrugge straddles Date: February 2006
Patrick straddles hitch a lift Date: February 2006
HPH moves into New Zealand Date: February 2006
Collision avoidance Date: February 2006
A tale of blazing straddles Date: January 2006
Autostrad terminal opens Date: December 2005
Running in order to stand still Date: December 2005
Helsinki: light at the end of the tunnel Date: December 2005
Auckland buys big Date: December 2005
Consens unveils first machines Date: December 2005
Kalmar’s Antwerp Gateway deal... Date: November 2005
Patrick’s plans for robots Date: November 2005
Dedicated reach stacker tyres Date: October 2005
Consens moving forward Date: October 2005
Lively times for straddle carriers Date: August 2005
TCM to Hitachi Date: July 2005
Tyre debate still on a roll Date: May 2005
Consens comes into the picture Date: June 2005
Kalmar orders surge ahead Date: May 2005
First new KCI RMGs for BIFT Date: June 2005
VPA orders 31 strads Date: March 2005
ZPMC launches shuttle carrier Date: March 2005
Kalmar for Reunion Date: February 2005
Tacoma to turn strads green Date: February 2005
Straddle ergonomics under fire Date: January 2005
Vanguard year for straddle carriers Date: January 2005
Straddles on the spot Date: January 2005
Enter Consens? Date: None
A straddle breakaway? Date: December 2004
Burchardkai: straddle carriers or “TRMGs” Date: November 2004
Keeping tyre costs on track Date: October 2004
Catch the spreader bus - but which one? Date: September 2004
Comparing automated RMG solutions Date: September 2004
Heavy investment programmes underway as growth continues Date: August 2004
Kalmar launches new straddle Date: June 2004
Patrick gear starts to flow Date: June 2004
Northport dropping straddles Date: May 2004
Kalmar chalks up a Home win Date: May 2004
Turbo catcher for diesels Date: April 2004
Tauranga in tyre safety first claim Date: February 2004
Long and short Date: January 2004
Straddle carriers kept on a tight leash Date: January 2004
Straddle carriers tackle logistics Date: January 2004
New thoughts from Japan Date: January 2004
Patrick takes robotic route Date: December 2003
Finnsteve looks to automation Date: December 2003
Straddle chain failures Date: December 2003
Ferrari Belotti straddle on way Date: November 2003
Vibrations in the cab Date: October 2003
Need for new definitions Date: October 2003
Straddles still firmly in the saddle Date: October 2003
Straddle deals Date: August 2003
Noell’s biggest deal yet Date: June 2003
Continuity guaranteed by change Date: January 2003
Enter Belotti Ferrari Date: January 2003
Straddles to the point Date: October 2002
Patrick's automated strads go live Date: October 2002
Auckland adds Noell straddles Date: September 2002
Kalmar's Barcelona electric strad trials Date: August 2002
Gottwald's auto straddle carrier Date: June 2002
Kalmar's electric shock Date: June 2002
Robots' new milestone Date: May 2002
Patrick sets the robots loose Date: May 2002
X-uprating Date: April 2002
KQ straddle simulator to Antwerp Date: March 2002
Kalmar strad deals Date: February 2002
Straddles enter the buffer zone Date: 1 January
Gauging the market Date: 1 January
Noell Sprinter carrier Date: December 2001
Kalmar books SA straddles Date: December 2001
Roadrunner enters the fray Date: December 2001
Smoothlift patent Date: September 2001
Kalmar shuttling ahead Date: June 2001
New shuttle straddle Date: May 2001
Straddles go up a new lift Date: April 2001
Make black magic turn green Date: April 2001
New straddle shop Date: April 2001
Popping the Cork Date: February 2001
Smart moves Date: January 2001
Carry on regardless? Date: January 2001
Shuttles for Euromax? Date: January 2001
Auto straddle M&R Date: Decenber 2000
Straddle carriers retain appeal Date: September 2000
Patrick teases with robot straddle carriers Date: September 2000
500th straddle from Noell Date: August 2000
New hydrostatic straddle Date: June 2000
Low height straddle under test Date: June 2000
Nelcons for Ceres Date: February 2000
Straddle carriers in the van again Date: January 2000
Bullish Tauranga Date: December 1999
Noell for MDHC? Date: September 1999
Keep 'em rolling on the black stuff Date: September 1999
HHLA's automated future Date: August 1999
Straddling an automated challenge Date: August 1999
Putting on bulk in the Bay Date: August 1999
Growth on two axes Date: August 1999
Driverless straddle carriers outlined Date: June 1999
Time to alter the Network? Date: June 1999
Container surveillance improves its image Date: June 1999
Towards automated straddle carriers Date: May 1999
New straddles for Containerbase Date: April 1999
Straddles retain their influence Date: January 1999
Rail cassettes get a lift Date: October 1998
Taking a robotic quantum leap Date: September 1998
Who's in the vanguard? Date: August 1998
Belotti drive options Date: August 1998
New Nelcon model Date: August 1998
Towards driverless straddle carriers? Date: June 1998
Noell in the van Date: June 1998

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