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Terminal tractors

Automated Terminal tractors
Terberg launches AutoTUG Date: May 2017
DP World tender for automated terminal tractors Date:
Robot disruptors head to TOC Europe Date:
Automotive Terminal Mover
Gaussin scoops SITL innovation award Date:
Automotive Terminal Trailers
First ATT docking station delivered Date:
Pelindo III’s plans reported at TOC Date:
Terminal tractors
Kalmar awarded PSA maintenance deal Date:
Kalmar gets down to Essentials Date:
Battery tractor for Anderson DuBose/McDonald’s Date:
Robo terminal tractors on the horizon Date: May 2017
Kalmar/TransPower ink electric deal Date: May 2017
Hoist throws its hat into the tractor ring Date: April 2017
Robot disruptors head to TOC Europe Date:
Driverless tractor test Date: April 2017
Kalmar and TransPower sign agreement for electric terminal tractors Date:
Tractors on order Date: February 2017
Hoist launches new terminal tractors and electric trucks Date:
TICO launches CNG terminal tractor Date:
Kalmar books 708 tractors Date:
Kalmar books PTP tractor deal Date: December 2016
Mafi completes DCT delivery Date: December 2016
Green funding flows in LA Date:
More new reach stackers from Terex Date:
A new drive for terminal tractors Date: April 2016
Terex acquires CVS terminal tractor line Date:
New dealers for TICO Date:
60 Ottawa T2s for RMS Date: January 2016
Terberg tractor deal for Stena Line Date:
Basra refurbishes Date: October 2015
European debut for Kalmar T2 Date: October 2015
Tractors go global Date: October 2015
Kalmar books Melbourne ro-ro deal Date:
Kalmar wins €45M Colombia orders Date:
Kalmar introduces T2 in Europe Date:
Ottawa’s next generation Date: June 2015
Milestone for TICO Date: May 2015
Terminal tractors roll on Date: April 2015
Milestone for TICO Date:
Kalmar racks up orders Date:
Capacity launches Sabre Date: February 2015
Terberg set to launch new tractor Date:
Capacity launches Sabre Date:
Kalmar launches new products Date:
Terberg celebrates 25,000th vehicle Date:
Fuelling change in the tractor market Date: October 2014
BEHALA gets plugged in Date: August 2014
LNG tractors for Asyaport Date:
Challenging times for yard tractors Date: April 2014
Kalmar books Jebel Ali tractor deal Date:
Kalmar launches Ottawa T2 Date: February 2014
Debut for Ottawa T2 Date:
Are diesel engines on the decline? Date: December 2013
Stage IV starts to move centre stage Date: November 2013
TICO muscles its way into US market Date: November 2013
Enter a Stage IV LNG terminal tractor Date:
The elusive search for “green fingers” Date: April 2013
Terminal tractors enter the green zone Date: November 2012
Terberg DTS breaks 400 barrier Date:
Gaussin books ATT deal with APMT Tanger-Med Date:
Cargotec books automation deals in Australia Date:
Ottawa adds Tier 4i option Date: May 2012
Petrol option from Ottawa Date: February 2012
Mafi launches new terminal tractors Date:
Peel Ports gains traction Date:
Electric atmosphere for terminal tractors Date: November 2011
Bolipuertos books major equipment orders Date:
Capacity lands orders for 500 tractors Date:
Manitex's CVS deal obtains "final approval" Date:
Mafi tractors for Freightliner Date: May 2011
Ottawa prepares for European inroads Date: April 2011
Translifters for Savona terminal? Date: April 2011
Manitex's CVS Ferrari deal "approved" Date:
Freightliner opts for Barloworld Date: March 2011
Cargotec builds its 50,000th terminal tractor in the US Date:
CVS sales boost Date: January 2011
Hostling for a green future Date: November 2010
Portunus refurbishes Aden tractor fleet Date: September 2010
50 Kalmar tractors for Mexico Date: September 2010
Portunus refurbishes Aden tractors Date:
Diesel additive cuts fuel consumption and emissions Date:
Capacity’s hybrid tests complete Date: June 2010
200 up for Autocar Date: June 2010
Terberg launches new tractors Date: April 2010
Alternative power for terminal tractors gathers traction Date: April 2010
New tractors from Terberg Date:
Balqon switches to Li-ion Date: November 2009
Terminal tractor market chugs along in low gear Date: October 2009
Hybrid hostler proves a hit Date: July 2009
Driving the terminal tractor fleet Date: May 2009
Terminal tractors - diesel, electric or hybrid? Date: April 2009
Cargotec cuts back Date: March 2009
...launches new terminal tractor Date: January 2009
Kalmar tractors for Port of Salalah Date: December 2008
Achieving pulling power with the right drive trains Date: November 2008
Meclift launches container mover Date: May 2008
Electric terminal tractors a reality Date: April 2008
First electric tractor sales Date: April 2008
Terminal tractors from Sinotruk Date: January 2008
...launches Smartspot positioning system Date: December 2007
Fighting to overcome an identity crisis Date: November 2007
Tractors pull ahead on emissions Date: April 2007
DPW trailer order for Gaussin Date: April 2007
Another big tractor order for Kalmar Date: March 2007
...Kalmar wins huge yard tractor order... Date: January 2007
Kalmar bags massive tractor order Date:
Environmental concerns drive tractors Date: November 2006
...Fleetview launch Date: October 2006
Tractor makers feel the pressure Date: April 2006
A CAN-do approach to terminal tractors Date: February 2006
Mafi shows its lighter side Date: November 2005
Tractor demand shifts up a gear Date: November 2005
Terberg in P&OEF tractor deal Date: December 2005
Los Angeles comes clean with LNG Date: December 2005
Mafi logistic solution Date: December 2005
New Terbergs for VT Date: July 2005
Capacity scoops US postal job Date: July 2005
Houcon for SCT Date: June 2005
Terminal tractor orders on a roll Date: April 2005
...while Steveco opts for Kalmar Date: March 2005
Tackling the environmental impacts Date: December 2004
Terminal tractors pull their weight Date: November 2004
Liftec launches self-tipper Date: November 2004
Keeping tyre costs on track Date: October 2004
Biggest ever order for auto clamps Date: September 2004
LNG terminal tractor debut Date: August 2004
More Terberg tractors for Iran Date: August 2004
Flexible solutions for loading problems Date: July 2004
Douglas moves into the age of Aquarius Date: October 2002
Malay pulling power Date: September 2002
Kalmar/APM ink tractor deal Date: September 2002
Tractor changes Date: January 2002
Terminal tractors power ahead Date: December 2001
It's tough going out on the pull Date: November 2001
Mafi unveils new tractor range Date: May 2001
Exerting more pull in the market Date: May 2001
Kalmar and Ottawa names to the fore Date: May 2001
Hitching up to higher levels Date: April 2001
Step forward with big tow Date: April 2001
Buoyant mood in big truck market Date: February 2001
King of the trailer kingpins Date: November 2000
Kalmar trailer mover Date: October 2000
More Terbergs for the UK Date: September 2000
Plan gooseneck design updated Date: June 2000
Going on the pull again Date: May 2000
MOL hauls in the orders Date: January 2000
Both ends of the spectrum Date: December 1999
Capacity quality Date: December 1999
Douglas/RTS sold Date: August 1999
Tow the line and draw ahead Date: May 1999
Transtec in the UK Date: May 1999
Mafi tractor deals Date: May 1999
New 4x4 Magnum Date: May 1999
Kalmar gets Shanghai'd Date: April 1999
New Sisu tractors for Goteborg Date: April 1999
Kalmar's record Turkish deliveries Date: September 1998
Mafi's 45 tonner Date: August 1998
Distribution Tractors formed Date: August 1998
New Tor tractors launched Date: July 1998
Tractor restructuring Date: June 1998
New Mafi heavy tractor Date: June 2015
Tractors/trailers for Bronka Date:

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