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Container manufacture - dry freight

Container manufacture - dry freight
Enter Best Gold Corp Date: December 2017
Another testing year for dry box builders Date: October 2017
CIMC reports spike in box building Date:
Maersk Container Industry appoints new CEO Date:
Buss deal Date: August 2017
Dry box output in the doldrums Date: October 2016
Putting 34 into 45 Date:
Box prices still dropping Date:
CIMC moves ahead Date:
53’ box tariff dumped Date:
CakeBoxx/Globe Tracker deal Date:
Making gains, but at a price Date: October 2014
Going up in the world? Date: October 2014
Preliminary ruling on 53’ box subsidies Date:
Towards better boxes Date:
Singamas issues profit warning Date:
MCID to go 100% waterborne Date:
Tough going for dry freight box builders Date: November 2012
Singamas issues profit warning Date:
CAI to buy managed container portfolio Date: July 2012
Box fleet grew in 2011 but oversupply caught buyers out Date:
Staxxon folding box approved Date:
Dry freight box building ups and downs Date: November 2011
CasCon adds in Vietnam Date: November 2011
New composite box plan unveiled Date:
Tex takes Buss boxes Date: May 2011
New box plant for India Date: April 2011
Schenker gets smart in China Date: February 2011
Dry freight box manufacturers bounce back Date: November 2010
China box production picking up Date: June 2010
CIMC production on the rise Date: May 2010
Container lessors bridging the gap Date: April 2010
2009 box production down 90% but recovery under way Date: March 2010
2009 box output down 90% but recovery under way Date:
Cronos takes UES Intermodal fleet Date: February 2010
Recovery seen for China’s box makers Date: January 2010
End of a decade of change Date: October 2009
Dry freight box builders under the cosh Date: October 2009
Container builders feel the pressure Date: September 2009
Box builders under the cosh Date:
Cargoshell takes a bow Date:
Box builders under the cosh Date: March 2009
Reefer production holding steady Date: February 2009
Box builders anticipating a hefty drop in 2008 earnings Date: February 2009
CIYB 2009 published Date:
Timberbox takes a bow Date: January 2009
IICL inspection courses Date: January 2009
Box builders take a break Date: December 2008
Dry freight box demand hits the rocks Date: November 2008
Quantum force Date: November 2008
Box builders see flat demand this year Date: April 2008
Dry freight box builders racing ahead Date: November 2007
Capital makes capital Date: November 2007
Bulk liners in demand Date: October 2007
Horizon adds boxes Date: October 2007
Europe’s box builders struggle to hang on Date: July 2007
Dry freight box builders on the rebound Date: November 2006
CAI going it alone Date: October 2006
2006 Dry Freight and Reefer Container Manufacturing Report Date:
Samskip boosts 45ft container fleet Date: September 2006
Carlisle adds dry freight boxes Date: September 2006
Zim joins box building ranks Date: September 2006
Another contradictory year for box lessors Date: August 2006
Box profits fall on weaker demand Date: August 2006
European box builders fight their corner Date: July 2006
Hyundai Translead adds Date: July 2006
Box liners bag yet more dry bulk Date: May 2006
Higher box prices help lift Singamas Date: March 2006
Box builders under the cosh Date: February 2006
Vietnam box plant moving forward Date: January 2006
Chinese to suspend box production? Date: December 2005
Dry freight box builders face new slump Date: November 2005
LACI/SACI rising from the ashes Date: November 2005
Overcapacity looms for box builders Date: November 2005
CIMC profit dives Date: October 2005
China Shipping joins box building ranks Date: September 2005
Box lessors face more challenging times Date: August 2005
Box boom running out of steam? Date: August 2005
Sorting the wood from the trees Date: June 2005
Box prices cast shadow over leasing boom Date: March 2005
Insulated shelters Date: February 2005
Leased container fleet approaches 9 mill TEU Date: February 2005
MCI adds standards in China Date: None
Desiccant demand stays strong Date: December 2004
Box building boom continues Date: December 2004
Box builders make hay while the sun shines Date: November 2004
Unit45 into reefers Date: November 2004
DCM adds specials Date: August 2004
...Domino domination Date: August 2004
European box builders fight on Date: July 2004
Boxes from Vietnam Date: July 2004
Steel supply improving Date: June 2004
Boxed bulk boom continues Date: May 2004
CIMC on the charge Date: May 2004
Three more box plants in China Date: December 2003
Dry freight box builders turn up the volume Date: November 2003
Dry bulk container liners stay in demand Date: May 2003
The end of an era Date: March 2003
More for Singamas Date: March 2003
More Chinese box capacity Date: January 2003
Box manufacturers battle the elements Date: December 2002
Dry Pak enters the fray Date: November 2002
Desiccant suppliers work up a sweat Date: November 2002
European box builders suffer new reversal Date: July 2002
Last container plant for China? Date: July 2002
CIMC bags QUIC Date: May 2002
Singamas moves in on TIMCO... Date: December 2001
...Jindo rescue plan approved Date: December 2001
Box demand takes a dive Date: November 2001
Crunch time for dry freight box builders Date: November 2001
Singamas into terminals Date: November 2001
SSAB adds to steel appeal Date: November 2001
Singamas cuts box production Date: September 2001
Cobelfret orders 45s Date: September 2001
Stockpiles mount up Date: June 2001
Still going for Gold Date: June 2001
More box capacity for China Date: May 2001
Cosco Pacific profit dips Date: April 2001
Strong results for Singamas as box business booms Date: April 2001
Singamas in SSCMC joint venture move Date: February 2001
China sets box record Date: February 2001
DCM still building Date: January 2001
MCI takes pole position in reefer stakes Date: January 2001
Iran box mystery Date: January 2001
Chinese box builders take a break Date: December 2000
China box traffic soars... Date: Decenber 2000
Box production moves back into overdrive Date: November 2000
Jindo "not for sale" Date: November 2000
End of an era for Hyundai Date: October 2000
VikontAkt reborn Date: September 2000
US domcons - domesticated or still wild? Date: September 2000
Singamas/Hyundai in reefer joint venture Date: July 2000
Indian problems mount up Date: August 2000
Singamas increases Xiamen box stake Date: June 2000
Reefer manufacturers bounce back Date: June 2000
Chinese box builders in holiday mood? Date: February 2000
Hanjin buys big Date: January 2000
MCI to pull out of dry freight market Date: January 2000
Palletwide containers - variations on a theme Date: December 1999
What price future container production? Date: December 1999
A glimmer of hope for box builders? Date: December 1999
Refrigerant legislation - the current picture Date: December 1999
Tank component makers feel the squeeze Date: December 1999
Cool moves for tanks Date: December 1999
Flexitanks for the new millennium Date: December 1999
Hyundai in Iran box move Date: September 1999
Finnsteve/Kalmar agree cooperation Date: September 1999
Singamas move in Manila Date: September 1999
Turning the customised key Date: September 1999
Castings manufacturers forced into a corner Date: September 1999
ABC cars for hazwastes Date: August 1999
Indian builders on the slide Date: August 1999
ESEN fortunes up and down Date: August 1999
Hub/NS expand Date: July 1999
GEA pulls the plug Date: July 1999
Composite boxes for Europe Date: July 1999
Chinese box builders tough it out Date: July 1999
Plywood problems Date: July 1999
European box builders swap production Date: July 1999
South African tank builders to benefit from bust cycle Date: June 1999
Market cools for reefer container builders Date: June 1999
CMC scoops Quadcon order Date: June 1999
Singamas profit up Date: May 1999
Making light of container design Date: May 1999
SPIC output set to rise Date: April 1999
Cosco Pacific profit grows Date: April 1999
Tank production set to drop Date: March 1999
DCM wins first IR order Date: March 1999
Morteo sold - partly Date: February 1999
Carlisle pulls out of box business Date: February 1999
CIMC gains CPC licence Date: January 1999
Relief for Indian box builders? Date: January 1999
Triple A improvements Date: January 1999
Box refurb - still an attractive option? Date: January 1999
Consani unveils new swap tank Date: October 1998
Chinese box building battle goes on Date: October 1998
Prices down, profits up? Date: September 1998
CPCs for Contimart Date: September 1998
Getting the ox to work harder Date: September 1998
Casting the net still wider Date: September 1998
Vicontex still fights its corner Date: September 1998
New life for old tanks Date: September 1998
More on Dong Kuk Date: August 1998
Romania update Date: August 1998
Towards automated container production Date: August 1998

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