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Fuel and air quality

Fuel and air quality
Dunkirk LNG terminal in action Date:
UPS "pre orders 125 Tesla trucks" Date:
Enter Concordia Damen Shipbuilding Date:
Tesla Semi launched Date:
Ethanol HGV in France Date:
Barcelona goes electric Date:
Langh Tech scrubbers/EGR for containership newbuildings Date:
40-tonne electric reefer truck Date:
BV to class CMA CGM’s LNG fuelled ULCVs Date:
Brittany Ferries - mobile LNG fuel Date:
New BV rules for hybrid vessels Date:
Kalmar books €13M shuttle carriers deal Date:
Navis Bluetracker certified “MRV Ready” Date:
Konecranes Gottwald Li-ion AGVs Date:
LNG fuel finder from DNV GL Date:
Felixstowe award goes to E-RTG project Date:
Hyster to electrify big trucks Date:
Electric recycler in Los Angeles Date:
UECC customer event Date:
Wärtsilä's Korean first Date:
Kalmar and TransPower sign agreement for electric terminal tractors Date:
France goes to biofuel Date: February 2017
Toyota in zero emission truck move Date:
Biofuel truck for Howard Tenens Date:
TICO launches CNG terminal tractor Date:
Rotor Sail for Viking Line Date:
IMO objects to EU shipping emissions trading Date:
E-RTGs at New Priok, Jakarta Date:
Gate terminal opens new LNG facilities Date:
Kalmar fuel cell FLTs Date:
Maersk & LA/Long Beach to track vessel emissions Date:
High speed dual fuel vessel Date:
LNG marine fuel initiative Date:
Cavotec reports MoorMaster "breakthrough" Date:
WWL introduces <0.1% sulphur at berth policy Date:
CeMAT fuel cells shuttle bus Date:
Crowley progresses with LNG Date:
Kalmar hybrid shuttle fuel savings "up to 40%" Date:
Kalmar announces "FastCharge" Date:
LNG "is a game changer" Date:
Gothenburg freezes tariffs for 2016 Date:
ABP Southampton "Port of the Year" Date:
"Train to Paris" for climate change summit Date:
US looking to cleaner trucks Date:
Antwerp launches SECA discounts Date:
Norled electric ferry enters service Date:
Eniram for Containerships Date:
Enter the VG EcoCoaster Date:
Hybrid scrubber from DeltaLangh Date:
Hong Kong - new air pollution rules Date:
FLEX Tunnel orders Date:
Hapag-Lloyd in air quality deal Date:
"Cold ironing" alternative with HUMMEL Date:
Gothenburg highlights lower sulphur emissions Date:
Latest awards round-up Date:
Lade introduces "Vindskip" Date:
Cavotec books €11.5M of new orders Date:
LNG ro-pax ferry for Tallink Date:
Crowley wins containerised LNG contract Date:
LNG bunker barge enters service Date:
Rickmers lines up low sulphur fuel surcharge Date:
Kuehne & Nagel seafreight carbon calculator Date:
Powering up with coffee Date:
New report highlights transport sector climate risks Date:
LNG bunkering for barges Date:
ZPMC Mediterranean converts RTGs to e-power Date:
Trident Alliance launch Date:
LNG tractors for Asyaport Date:
CMA CGM invests in "green" ships Date:
DFDS drops Harwich-Esbjerg Date:
SECA focus at RORO 2014 Date:
SeaRoad orders LNG-powered ro-ro Date:
DeltaLangh introduces closed loop scrubber Date:
LNG for Containerships Date:
Vos Logistics wins green award Date:
New electric truck from Kalmar Date:
Emission standards statement Date:
Felixstowe to electrify RTGs Date:
Brittany Ferries opts for LNG Date:
Transnet for MoorMaster Date:
Konecranes Lift Trucks introduces Auto Start-Stop Date:
GE/CSX LNG pilot Date:
Putting a fly back in the ointment Date: September 2013
Sailing into the sunrise? Date:
French Ecotax - further delay Date:
Dual fuel reach stacker Date:
DECS retrofit for Holland Line Date:
New hybrid straddle carrier from Kalmar Date:
California projects push NOx limits Date:
Enter a Stage IV LNG terminal tractor Date:
New Clean Truck proposals Date:
New quay for UWT container centre Date:
Great Barrier Reef concerns Date:
Fednav adds to Great Lakes fleet Date:
Ystad AMP-ing seminar Date:
Terex hybrid strads for Freeport Date:
Trucking case reaches US Supreme Court Date:
Clean Truck Programs challenged Date:
Ferry with battery electric drive Date:
Konecranes launches hybrid drive reach stacker Date:
Oakland Marine Highway still stuck Date:
TOTE orders 3100 TEU LNG-fuelled container ships Date:
Cavotec books more MoorMaster deals Date:
Hapag-Lloyd cold irons in Oakland Date:
New EEA report highlights traffic pollution issues Date:
Ecoliner "to be ready in 2013" Date:
CMA CGM's 16,000 TEU ship on the water Date:
Tanjung Pelepas receives "green" award Date:
"Greencranes" kicks off in Valencia Date:
Shore power in Helsinki Date:
ACL announces new con-ro fleet Date:
Cavotec AMP at the Hook Date:
Kögel launches long range CNG trailer Date:
MOL introduces "cold ironing" alternative Date:
Pier 300, Los Angeles expansion approved Date:
Konecranes introduces hybrid RTG Date:
Cavotec reports California AMP-ing orders Date:
SCIG opponents appeal to Warren Buffett Date:
Charleston clean truck incentive doubled Date:
K Line sets new CO2e target Date:
RoRo 2012 focus on ship emissions Date:
Leading ports agree on sulphur rules Date:
More Channel tunnel intermodal via HS1 Date:
Big drop in diesel emissions at Port of Oakland Date:
MOL tests DPF system Date:
Electric RTGs for Savannah Date:
Maersk enters Baltic with low-sulphur fuel Date:
Long Beach approves "longest lease" for OOCL Date:
Landmark for San Pedro Bay ports' CTPs Date:
Cold comforts for Ystad Date:
First conductor bar RTG in South America Date:
Long Beach shores up green credentials Date:
Stena Line's Irish logic Date:
Long Beach extends Pier S consultation Date:
Port of LA "throws in the towel" on truckers Date:
Charleston aims to clean up with STACS Date:
"Cleaner" Port of Los Angeles Date:
Gothenburg to reimburse "clean" shipping lines Date:
China Shipping inaugurates expanded LA terminal Date:
Shippers' slow steaming misgivings Date:
APM Terminals presents its "green credentials" Date:
Rotterdam and Friends of the Earth agreement Date:
Skysails gets investment boost Date:
San Pedro Bay ports to test "scrubber" Date:
Hostling for a green future Date: November 2010
Cooper SH lands two awards Date:
Algae ship fuel test Date:
NYK Line quits smoking and blows bubbles Date:
LR verifies Maersk carbon emissions data Date:
Advanced Algae earns PortTech technology award Date:
Diesel additive cuts fuel Date: August 2010
Maersk in Hong Kong fuel switch Date:
Norfolk Southern plans 10% cut in GHG emissions Date:
Court backs Los Angeles CTP Date:
Iron ore via the Northern Sea Date:
Eco Plus "avoids CO2 emissions" Date:
Clean trucks legislation introduced Date:
ERTG cable problems – Nexans replies Date:
UIR and DB launch “EcoTransIT World” Date:
Shanghai debut for "cold ironing" Date:
Trend to full electrification of diesel-powered cranes continues Date: January 2010
BNSF in green fight at Gardner Date:
High berth productivity - what’s the point? Date:
Sacramento in the eye of the TIGER Date:
APM Terminals scans the Horizon Date:
Sweeping reforms urged for US port trucking Date:
Different ways to Stage 3b/Tier 4 interim compliance Date: December 2009
Thumbs down for hydrogen fuel cells? Date: December 2009
ABB/Fincantieri in “cold ironing” deal Date: December 2009
APL to introduce cold ironing in Oakland Date:
MOL develops new CO2 reducing fuel oil additive Date:
Reefer ships greener than containers? Date: October 2009
Long Beach CLP dispute settled Date:
Electric vehicles for NYK Date:
Emissions trading for world shipping Date:
NITL refutes "anti-CAAP" charges Date:
More "cold ironing" for Long Beach Date:
EPA clean equipment grants Date:
Antwerp’s cold comforts Date:
Ground zero for the Port of Long Beach Date:
Clean equipment deal for SeaTac Date: February 2009
Cleaner fuel for inland shipping Date: January 2009
LNG-fuelled trucks: placebo or cure? Date: December 2008
SB 974 fails again Date: October 2008
Charleston air emissions inventory Date: September 2008

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