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Infotech and telecoms miscellaneous

Infotech and telecoms miscellaneous
San Pedro port-wide plan Date: November 2017
XVELA lands Japan’s ONE line Date: November 2017
Chatbot from ARL Shipping Date: November 2017
Single Telepass solution for European tolls Date:
Cara launch Date: May 2017
SAAB in the TOS market Date: May 2017
Trent introduces inspection app Date: May 2017
IoT start-up firm AKUA in the money Date: May 2017
Nexiot for Bertschi Date: May 2017
Pilot projects and collaborations as companies join the blockchain Date: September 2017
Iridium in LPGAN move Date: September 2017
Maersk update on cyber security Date: July 2017
IT Advantage for Cuxport Date:
Crossing the planning system divide Date: March 2017
Going long distance Date: September 2016
JLT on a hot streak Date: September 2016
LinerGrid in the cloud Date: September 2016
DCB’s path to automation Date: September 2016
IMPish HHLA Date: May 2016
1-Stop adds VGM Date: May 2016
Getting the balance right Date: May 2016
Preparing for the tipping point Date: May 2016
Orbita and Kalmar ink partnership agreement Date: March 2016
DPW Yarimca goes high tech Date: March 2016
Tracking and beer logistics Date: March 2016
XVELA gets ready to pilot Date: March 2016
Marseilles raises Neptune Date:
GPA’s CTAS extension Date: September 2015
An end to cab clutter? Date: September 2015
Barloworld CASTs out Date: September 2015
DP World Australia’s new portal Date: September 2015
Crux launches driver App Date: September 2015
Navis’s N4 boom Date: September 2015
NY/NJ TIPS Date: September 2015
Manila targets appointments Date: September 2015
Getting to the Crux of congestion Date: March 2015
Tideworks expands EDI options Date: March 2015
BlackBerry eyes box tracking Date: January 2015
Navis launches XVELA Date: November 2014
Wipro eyes integration in ports Date: November 2014
Vector’s network connection Date: November 2014
Jade leads multicargo market Date: November 2014
WAM on the water Date: November 2014
TydenBrooks tracking Date: November 2014
SynchroNet eyeing carriers Date: November 2014
TEN-T online toolbox Date:
DP World’s Enterprise System Date: May 2014
GOCT plays CHESS Date: May 2014
Lase heads for 3D Date: May 2014
Port of Hamburg set for PRISE Date: March 2014
Crane OCR for TCV Date: March 2014
Big data and reefer monitoring Date: March 2014
Tyne WMS Date: March 2014
…and expanded WIN alliance Date: March 2014
ORBCOMM takes Euroscan Holdings Date: March 2014
Crane black box system Date: March 2014
Taxi rank drayage proposal Date: March 2014
GE sets out intermodal vision Date: November 2013
Antwerp tackles cyber crime Date: November 2013
EU clears Honeywell/Intermec Date: August 2013
Bringing intelligence to the terminal business Date: August 2013
Malta takes Telematics Date: May 2013
PNCT goes mobile Date: May 2013
SOGET POS for Abidjan Date:
Automated straddles to get a new driver? Date: August 2012
Argonaut takes the EMS approach Date: August 2012
Chinese TOS spreading out Date: August 2012
WiFi in Washington Date: August 2012
Brazil’s OCR boom continues Date: May 2012
RFID for safety and job stepping Date: May 2012
FEC opts for IAS M&R solution Date: May 2012
CTB on the road to automation Date: February 2012
ARL into the cloud Date: February 2012
New Tideworks Forecast Date: February 2012
Safmarine launches Android e-shipping app Date:
Pentalver opts for TOPS Date: November 2011
Navis scales up to meet demand Date: November 2011
Pseudolites for GPS blackspots? Date: August 2011
APS moves into Brazil Date: August 2011
New 12-key Thor Date: August 2011
ICTSI goes high tech Date: August 2011
IT investment in Ghana Date: June 2011
IDENTEC relaunches CTAS Date: May 2011
LXE put on the market Date: May 2011
Wireless video for Yokohama Date: May 2011
ZES charts a new course for Navis Date: October 2010
Sattel goes to IDENTEC Date: October 2010
Mobile options multiply Date: October 2010
Lufthansa chosen for Hamburg rail IT Date: October 2010
Free yard planning tool Date: February 2010
Optical character recognition market remains on track Date: February 2010
Oz pursues national port info system Date:
New Dutch logistics organisation Date:
Container terminals not so rugged Date: October 2008
Aruba’s dense outdoor WLAN strategy Date: October 2008
Putting an end to maintenance fees Date: October 2008
Rukert takes Tideworks Date: October 2008
Raising the bar of radiation scanning Date: September 2008
Navis treads a vertical path Date: May 2008
Shanghai/Savannah e-seal project Date: May 2008
TSB launches SS-Planner Date: May 2008
LXE converging on the wireless Date: May 2008
...more X-ray scanners for Australian ports Date: May 2008
Is e-commerce passing depots by? Date: March 2008
Catcher bags Vivato Date: October 2007
Increasing wireless options Date: October 2007
Innovative terminal lighting Date: September 2007
Euromax drops ESC Date: August 2007
Konecranes bags Savcor One Date: August 2007
Navis unveils RTLS solution Date: June 2007
Crimson PCS for India Date: May 2007
Aarhus saves with Gatehouse AIS Date: May 2007
...containers talk Zigbee Date: May 2007
Jett.eye on the BoL Date: May 2007
Felixstowe unveils haulier id system Date: October 2006
Cat Logic optimises Date: October 2006
Navis launches N4 Date: May 2006
Box scanning technology sharpens image Date: February 2006
IICL course schedule Date: February 2006
Visy enters N America Date: December 2005
Gottwald acquires TBA Date: December 2005
Busan thinks again about crane brakes Date: May 2005
Electronic anti-sway for cranes Date: May 2005
Radioactive scanner problems Date: May 2005
CTAS in demand Date: April 2005
York adds RefTest Date: March 2005
Box tracking by cellphone Date: January 2005
JEI upgrades depot system Date: November 2004
iDX up and running Date: November 2004
CANbus control for Taylor RTG Date: November 2004
Transatlantic RFID Date: October 2004
Catch the spreader bus - but which one? Date: September 2004
NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
IBM buys Maersk Data Date: September 2004
PIL webCSM complete Date: July 2004
Tide turns at MOTSU Date: July 2004
TSB lands MTL TOS contract Date: July 2004
Power to the crane builders Date: June 2004
Tuning into the wireless Date: June 2004
Scanner launched Date: April 2004
New Hirschmann products Date: April 2004
Thamesport implements pager system Date: April 2004
Triton depot system upgrade complete Date: March 2004
LXE shows its steel Date: February 2004
Phone card diagnostics Date: September 2003
1-STOP steps up Date: September 2003
ATRM from INTTRA Date: September 2003
New mobile box scanner Date: September 2003
7535 from Psion Date: July 2003
SNCF Fret on track Date: May 2003
Navis enters depot arena Date: May 2003
Cronos opts for Infonet Date: May 2003
Jurong jetty monitoring deal Date: March 2003
Getting IT onto the right track Date: February 2003
Klein takes a HITT Date: December 2002
IAS adds Interdom Date: December 2002
Depot communications options grow Date: August 2002
Amsterdam to share an IT future Date: May 2002
Trade Ship launches flexible M&R options Date: February 2002
Enter the F-Man Date: 1 January 2002
Hanjin joins InterBox Date: January 2002
Software options abound Date: May 2001
Shering in command Date: February 2001
"Virtual" container survey system launched Date: January 2000
Shipping e-commerce
INTTRA integrates with Catapult Date:

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