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Port Development

Port Development
Lebanese ports ready for Syrian rebuild Date: November 2017
CHEC chases Bulgarian port projects Date: October 2017
AMSteel secures Saudi KAP concession Date: October 2017
India’s box ports coming of age Date: October 2017
Södertälje classified for IWW Date: October 2017
KPA extends its reach Date: October 2017
Gabon port projects reach completion Date: October 2017
GPA’s 1,300 MPH target for Savannah Date: October 2017
Ports of Auckland moving Date: October 2017
Argentine port developments Date: October 2017
Peruvian port plans Date: October 2017
New quay opens in Bremen Date:
ABP Southampton increases car export potential Date:
Marseille Fos agrees new Distriport logistics project Date:
The Circle of ports Date:
Chinese ports on song Date: May 2017
Buiscar for Antwerp Gateway Date: May 2017
Scandinavia’s mixed messages Date: September 2017
Dancing to a Latin American beat Date: September 2017
Rising with the economic tide Date: September 2017
Mombasa CT2 expansion go-ahead Date: September 2017
Felixstowe expansion Date: September 2017
Baltimore on a roll Date: September 2017
TPA to Invest in Kigoma ICD Date: August 2017
Liebherr MHC for SCT Salerno… Date: September 2017
Plan modified at Italy’s Livorno port Date: August 2017
India to build long-delayed Rewas port Date: September 2017
Germany steady as she goes Date: August 2017
A hive of activity in Russia Date: August 2017
Baltimore to expand Date: July 2017
The battle for supremacy Date: July 2017
APMT Elizabeth handles largest box ship to call NY/NJ Date:
Uncertainty in the Middle East Date: June 2017
North Africa looks to scale up Date: June 2017
Expansion at Guayaquil Date: June 2017
Adani on target in Kerala Date: June 2017
Durban gets smart Date: June 2017
Black Sea bounce continues Date: May 2017
Turkey’s ports are coming of age Date: May 2017
Maintaining positive momentum Date: May 2017
Tilbury2 wends its way Date:
Concession extension for Dar Date:
Antwerp grows in H1 2017 Date:
DP World to advise on new Belawan port Date:
SSA secures Anaklia deal Date:
Developing a larger gateway role Date: April 2017
Too many players on the pitch? Date: April 2017
Stockholm port expands Date:
Delay for Walvis Bay Date:
Everport expansion planned Date: April 2017
Adani looks overseas Date: April 2017
Durban truck plan Date: April 2017
Lyttelton port looking to grow Date: April 2017
Tilbury2 consultation programme Date:
Katoen Natie out of Montevideo Date:
ICTSI out of Lekki Date:
Iquique plans for resilence Date:
Antwerp Saeftinghedok - further setback Date:
The rise and rise of Indochina Date: March 2017
Russia still bulking up Date: March 2017
The battle of the Asean hubs Date: March 2017
ICTSI moves forward on Honduran project Date: February 2017
Duqm set for 2020 Date: February 2017
Silos for Port of Tyne Date: February 2017
New transhipment hub in Algeria takes root Date: February 2017
Sluggish growth for China’s ports Date: February 2017
Brexit risks and opportunities Date: February 2017
The river that feeds the dragon Date: February 2017
Plus ça change in la Belle France Date: February 2017
ICTSI barges in Date:
Defiant Spain rocks Europe Date:
Nigeria moves on customs platform Date: January 2017
APV investment plan... Date: January 2017
Bremenports’ rail focus Date: January 2017
Peru’s Lambayeque plan still on the table Date: January 2017
Booms out at PSA Voltri-Prà Date: January 2017
Norrköping set to grow Date: January 2017
US trade prospects up in the air Date: January 2017
ICTSI set to order five new STS cranes Date:
Kramer for Rotterdam Cool port Date:
Contractor appointed for Dundee project Date:
OMG MGM ships to Marín Date: December 2016
Canada ports heading for change Date: December 2016
New grab crane for German seaport Date: December 2016
FSDEA invests in Caio Date:
Blow dealt to Eurogate CTH expansion Date:
Bremenports extends Finnafjord link Date:
Floating mega-port for Brazil? Date:
Hamburg launches Steinwerder competition Date:
Bagdary FTZ on the cards Date:
Cape Verde concession at last? Date:
Investors sought for Takoradi Date:
New cranes for Tecon Date: November 2016
Heysham £10M plan Date: November 2016
SCA expanding in Rotterdam Date: November 2016
Chinese eyeing Sines port... Date: November 2016
Sète in at the deep end Date: November 2016
...and Setúbal trumps Barreiro? Date: November 2016
Change coming to East Africa Date: November 2016
Oversupply in the Americas Date: October 2016
Port of Colombo’s hub plan Date: October 2016
Middle East stays resilient Date: November 2016
Capacity boost at Umm Qasr Date: November 2016
London Gateway phase 2 logistics centre Date:
Antwerp Saeftinghedok plan rejected Date:
Hill International for TangerMed Date:
Eurogate gets Hamburg nod Date:
Hutchison for Chornomorsk Date:
Second thoughts about Saeftinghedok Date:
DP World/CDPQ in US$3.7 billion deal Date:
Outer Abra final phase Date: July 2016
Ensuring Quality crane services Date: July 2016
Massive expansion planned for Malaysia Date: July 2016
Thai plan targets rail Date: July 2016
Second shed for EBS Rotterdam Date: July 2016
Colombia’s new port Date: July 2016
India approves new transhipment hub… Date: July 2016
Pretoria looks ahead Date: July 2016
Malta Freeport set to expand Date: October 2016
Davao scaled back Date: October 2016
Bilbao breakwater completed Date: October 2016
Rail boost for Krishnapatnam Date: October 2016
Montevideo five-year plan fuels row Date: September 2016
New crane for Helsingborg Date: September 2016
SA loans suspended Date: September 2016
ADPC to expand at Khalifa… Date: September 2016
Quayside upgrade in NY/NJ Date: September 2016
Investment boost for Sines port Date: September 2016
DPW Southampton expands Date: September 2016
New berths for Ystad Date: September 2016
Ravenna orders Liebherr crane Date: August 2016
US$10B for Africa pledged by Japan Date: September 2016
New tenants for Delwaidedok Date:
Liverpool2 inaugurated Date:
Autos boost for Monfalcone Date:
Ukraine considers port reform plans Date: August 2016
Vietnam’s tough task Date: August 2016
Liverpool tractor/trailer sets… Date: August 2016
Two for Chidambaranar Date:
DCT Gdansk T2 opened Date:
Scandinavia’s wave of new ports Date: September 2016
Mexico ports move ahead Date: September 2016
A tale of two American coasts Date: September 2016
Tanger-Med II to be automated Date:
IFC backs Tema Date:
DP World wins Berbera concession Date:
DP World teams with Summa Group Date:
Hyperloop One MoU with DP World Date:
Kloosterboer gets heavy again Date:
Living with low growth Date:
Ports secure TIGER funds Date:
DP World into Taiwan Date:
Belarus dry port Date: June 2016
New crane for Douala Date: June 2016
Port intermodal services Date: June 2016
New IAPH governance Date: June 2016
Bringing efficiencies to Iraq Date: June 2016
Saint John in the money Date:
Sines link? Date: May 2016
Indonesia eyes Patimban port Date: May 2016
Evergreen’s first voyage through expanded Panama Canal Date:
Liverpool2 commissioning progress Date:
DP World bags Berbera Date: May 2016
Port of Haifa eyes the future Date: May 2016
Benelux ports striking out Date: May 2016
Slow start for automated hubs Date: May 2016
Black Sea bumps and scrapes Date: May 2016
Benelux outshines a dull market Date: May 2016
Marsa Maroc to be floated Date:
DP World wins 50-year Posorja concession Date:
Reforms on the cards in Italy Date: April 2016
Spain’s ports in dire straits? Date: April 2016
On your marks, Sète, go Date: April 2016
Need for decisions in Portugal Date: April 2016
Bremenports on ice Date:
RMGs arrive at Liverpool2 Date:
Clean crane for LA port Date: March 2016
Cape Verde for BAL? Date: March 2016
Napier’s expansion plan Date: March 2016
Singapore’s automated road Date: March 2016
Antwerp Delwaidedok user needed Date:
More forks in a smaller Russian cake Date: March 2016
Singapore’s automated road Date: March 2016
Shifting balance of ports’ power Date: March 2016
Port of Antwerp issues new RFPs Date:
Approval for El Hamdania port Date: February 2016
Changes in Italy Date: February 2016
Finance for Nador West Med port Date: November 2015
Da Nang port expansion Date: November 2015
Yilport for Puerto Bolívar? Date: November 2015
APM Terminals and Qingdao in double deal Date: November 2015
PTP eyes Phase 3 Date: November 2015
Model 2 for Kramer Date: November 2015
Port of Tyne goes loco Date: November 2015
Second Tanger Med concesson for APMT Date:
Tanga targeted for cargo expansion Date: January 2016
New hub for Algeria Date: January 2016
Going west and coming up Date: January 2016
Counting capacity at BC ports Date: January 2016
Walvis Bay rail upgrade Date:
Tilbury set to expand Date:
Customs permit and AEO Certificate for RWG Date:
New terminal for Gothenburg Date:
Basra province plans Al-Faw stock-funding Date: January 2016
Iquique development work set to begin Date: December 2015
Mundra doubling up Date: January 2016
SCCT to get its side channel Date: December 2015
China to build port in Madagascar… Date: December 2015
DP World starts on Jebel Ali T4 Date:
New quay at Teesport Date:
Will Hamburg miss the Buss? Date:
Busan forecasts 20M TEU throughput in 2016 Date:
Maasvlakte container interchanges Date:
Green Port Hull "progressing well" Date:
Zanzibar secures Chinese loan Date: September 2015
More cars for Setúbal Date: September 2015
Mogadishu operator Date: September 2015
Upgrade for Port Louis Mauritius Date: September 2015
More ASC stacks in hamburg Date: October 2015
Gdansk offers development plots Date: October 2015
Big names vie for PNG concession Date: October 2015
New ports planned for Tanzania Date: October 2015
ICTSI Colombia gears up Date: October 2015
Nacala’s expansion on schedule Date: October 2015
Panamanian pulse beats harder Date: September 2015
Latin American challenges Date: September 2015
Scandinavian/Nordic ports stride on Date: September 2015
Building African gateways Date: November 2015
Middle East invests for the long term Date: November 2015
India deregulating for growth Date: October 2015
Box slowdown hits India Date: October 2015
Planning consent for Felixstowe logistics park Date:
New funds for US freight transport Date:
NUTEP goes deep in Novorossiysk Date:
Kalmar books Melbourne ro-ro deal Date:
Felixstowe inaugurates berth extension Date:
Mombasa rail work Date: July 2015
Haropa builds up Date: July 2015
Algeciras expansion Date: July 2015
Dawei deal signed Date: July 2015
HPH exiting Australia? Date: July 2015
Eyeing up Chile Date: July 2015
Yuzhny port needs US$500M Date: July 2015
Anxious times for German seaports Date: August 2015
Full of eastern European promise Date: August 2015
China faces the reality of its ‘new normal’ Date: July 2015
West Africa coming of age Date: July 2015
Nigeria’s port plans move ahead Date: July 2015
APMT Savona gets under way Date:
Bharat Mumbai - first stone laid Date:
EBRD buys into GPH Date:
Kribi concession awarded Date:
Port of Vancouver (WA, USA) rail project Date:
Setúbal launches new projects Date:
APM Terminals into Colombia Date:
Yolanda for Valparaíso Date: June 2015
Middle East magnetism Date: June 2015
DP World terminals up 4.1% Date:
Antwerp up 6.4% in 1H/2015 Date:
London Gateway logistics centre Date:
Rotterdam up 6.8% in 1H/2015 Date:
Georgia rolls on Date:
Cooper slams "odious" Port Services Regulation Date:
PSA opens Pasir Panjang Phases 3 and 4 Date:
Support for Dar Date: May 2015
Black Sea challenges Date: May 2015
Antwerp looks left and right Date: May 2015
Troubled Turkey builds on Date: May 2015
Rotterdam back in front Date: May 2015
Berth extensions halted in Auckland Date:
Philippines on reform path Date: May 2015
Green light in Brazil Date: May 2015
Ngqura commissions MoorMaster Date: May 2015
Russian ports on “Silk Road” Date: May 2015
Sohar heading for 6M TEU Date: May 2015
More ASCs for Brisbane Date: May 2015
Call for Buenos Aires review Date: May 2015
Canaveral Cargo Terminal opens Date:
MPS in US$1.5B Ghana project Date:
More capacity for Grangemouth Date:
Calais and Eurotunnel at war Date:
Getting High in Chittagong Date:
Saeftinghedok at all costs Date:
Penang’s growth plan Date: April 2015
Tecon expands Date: April 2015
Portonave doubles up Date: April 2015
Funding agreed for Lekki Date: April 2015
Wismar opts for Mantsinen Date: April 2015
Italy to up its game? Date: April 2015
Dunkirk logistics zone Date:
ICTSI up in Q1 Date:
RMGs commissioned at Felixstowe Date:
Vancouver files EIS for Deltaport Expansion Date:
Penang ups productivity Date: March 2015
Turkey tops 8M TEU Date: March 2015
New turning circle for Itajaí River Date: March 2015
ASEAN aspirations abound Date: March 2015
Ports in a tug-of-war Date: March 2015
Russia looks to the east Date: March 2015
Dunkirk starts on new ferry terminal Date:
PSA starts up in Dammam Date:
Jobs challenge at Maasvlakte II Date:
Short-term pain‚ long-term gain Date: February 2015
Steady as she goes Date: February 2015
Lekki secures funding Date:
P&O Ports returns Date:
New Rotterdam quay Date: February 2015
Surge at Tanger Med Date: February 2015
…but sea depth is a problem Date: February 2015
Equipment for Carfos Date: February 2015
Durban expansion gets nod… Date: February 2015
New port for Java Date: February 2015
China into Cuba port Date: February 2015
Takoradi builds on Date: February 2015
Moín breaks ground Date:
More Kalmar ASCs for London Gateway Date:
Good results for Philippines ports in 2014 Date:
Ethiopia revamping its supply chains Date: January 2015
LimakPort secures CSCL liner service Date: January 2015
Tilbury/Cefetra deal Date: January 2015
Nigeria to address port efficiency Date: January 2015
India moves on port reform Date: January 2015
APM Terminals eyes Turkey Date: January 2015
Awash with opportunities Date: January 2015
USWC ports in the doldrums Date: January 2015
South Africa missing the boat Date: January 2015
Mexico’s port mission Date: January 2015
Mombassa tender draws interest Date:
Valenciennes up and running Date:
London Gateway Berth 3 Date:
New lock for Terneuzen Date:
London calling for West Africa Date:
Cosco Pacific on tenterhooks in Piraeus Date:
Portuguese ports debate Date:
Barreiro ousts Trafaria? Date: November 2014
Indonesia’s big spend Date: November 2014
Vancouver adds capacity Date: November 2014
Rotterdam rolling along Date: November 2014
Offshore super port for Manila Date: November 2014
…Sheerness Master Plan Date: November 2014
New port for Angola Date: December 2014
Liverpool plies the waves… Date: November 2014
C.RO Ports Netherlands expands Date: December 2014
New era for Indian ports Date: October 2014
Oz ports face new era of change Date: October 2014
Big ships and port consolidation Date: October 2014
Ports scramble for Iraq cargo Date: November 2014
Middle East optimism Date: November 2014
Africa battling it out Date: November 2014
Busan building up Date: November 2014
Setúbal launches ro-ro tender Date:
Progress made on Tanzania ports Date: October 2014
Manatee-Mexico link Date: October 2014
More investment in South African ports Date: October 2014
Paranaguá expansion Date: October 2014
New berths at Onne Date: October 2014
ABG Infralogistics in Mumbai deal Date:
Mitsui books Jakarta deal Date:
Boost for Ituzaingó Date: October 2014
New berth and yard at DCT Gdansk Date: October 2014
Peru PPP project Date: October 2014
German port investment Date: October 2014
Marseilles unveils 2014-18 strategic plan Date:
Kenya seeks terminal operator for Mombassa Date:
Chile to revamp concession rules Date:
Goldman Sachs buys 30% of Petlim Date:
Moín gets green light Date:
APM Terminals eyes Turkey Date:
Four in for Tanjung Priok Date:
Dunkirk 5-year strategic plan Date:
M2 blow to ECT Date:
Green power for APM Terminals Maasvlakte II Date:
Felixstowe warehousing expansion Date:
Bremen gets Tender-hearted Date:
Swedish ports consolidate to survive Date: September 2014
Central America blues Date: September 2014
Getting big ship ready Date: September 2014
Latin stumbling blocks Date: September 2014
New terms at Piraeus Date:
No bidders for Iquique Date:
Landside operations commence at Maasvlakte II Date:
Houston plans rail link Date:
Necotrans in for Kribi Date:
Doubts over Calabar Date:
Deal agreed on Tema Date:
Transnet offers advice to KPA Date:
Broekman expanding for Scandinavia service Date:
Peel plan for Port cheshire Date: September 2014
TCB starts work on Quetzal extension Date: September 2014
Callao goes big Date: September 2014
New plan for Bordeaux Date: September 2014
Battle for Southport Date: September 2014
Tiger VI funds announced Date: September 2014
Morocco hub plan Date: September 2014
Sheerness-Liverpool rail link? Date:
Pak Bara plan is studied Date: September 2014
A step closer for Antwerp's Saeftinghedok? Date:
Tales of the river bank Date: August 2014
Moin clears hurdle Date:
Paranaguá expansion plan Date:
Rotterdam talks called for Date:
Pipavav splashes out to boost its capacity Date: August 2014
Algeciras investments Date: August 2014
Spain entices investors Date: August 2014
Anaklia deadline extended Date:
New berth for DCT Gdansk Date:
Yilport goes for global growth Date: July 2014
Evergreen set to quit Taranto Date:
Tiger VI funds announced Date:
APM Terminals Maasvlakte II delay Date:
Third port for Ghana? Date:
Funds for Abidjan Date: July 2014
PNG port projects Date: July 2014
New combi terminal for Marseilles Date: July 2014
KAP welcomes MSC LONDON Date:
Kalmar for Melbourne automation project Date:
Gaussin for Mayotte Date:
Geelong improves access Date: July 2014
Ghana’s ports on a high Date:
Super Suez plan takes shape Date: June 2014
Global going for speed Date: June 2014
CMA CGM opts for Réunion Date:
Peel Ports to develop "Port Cheshire" Date:
Petkim Port project takes shape Date:
Yilport seeks partner Date: June 2014
ITF "watching" Hutchison Date:
Barcarena port project Date: June 2014
BICIM for Yevpatoria? Date: June 2014
New port for Mexico Date: June 2014
Master plan for “last Pilbara port” Date: June 2014
Zimbabwe looks to Walvis Bay Date: June 2014
Granadilla takes shape Date: June 2014
PTP Group in first Paraguay PPP deal Date: June 2014
London Gateway expanding Date:
Nod for La Spezia Date: June 2014
Tanzania looks to the future Date:
APMT Virginia goes to infrastructure fund Date:
Yilport wins Oslo concession Date:
Nicaragua inter-oceanic canal route approved Date:
Liverpool2 dredging commences Date:
London Gateway's common touch Date:
Antwerp must shuffle the pack Date: May 2014
Black Sea container market review 1Q/2014* Date: May 2014
Rotterdam looks for inland relief Date: May 2014
Port calamity in Vietnam Date: May 2014
Yilport adds Marmara shuttle service Date: May 2014
Walvis Bay work starts Date: May 2014
New rail link to boost Mombasa Date: May 2014
APMT charts Poti future Date: May 2014
CMA CGM and Adani move on Mundra Date:
Investment boost for Brazil’s ports Date: May 2014
Fourth crane for Lyttelton Date: May 2014
Cork lodges plans for Ringaskiddy Date: May 2014
Second 17-wide crane for Ravenna Date: May 2014
Heavy paving for Chile port Date: May 2014
CMA CGM to put US$300M into Lekki Date: May 2014
Nacala development plan finalised Date: May 2014
New plan for San Pedro Date: May 2014
Lyttelton extends berth Date:
Georgia to get deep water Date:
Ringing the changes in Spain Date: April 2014
Montreal holds its ground Date:
Major expansion planed for Tema Date: April 2014
Kembla boosts expansion plans Date: April 2014
Townsville orders new MHC Date: April 2014
Transnet eyes home front… Date: April 2014
Irish ports are smiling Date: March 2014
Playing musical chairs Date: March 2014
Consternation and confusion reign in the Ukraine? Date: March 2014
Asean powerhouse Date: March 2014
Terex into Gothenburg Date: March 2014
Dar es Salaam in the money... Date: March 2014
Mombasa funding agreed Date: March 2014
…Chinese funds for Port of Bagamoyo Date: March 2014
Hirtshals bulks up Date: March 2014
Charleston commissions new heavy lift crane Date: March 2014
French ports make steady progress Date: February 2014
Tapping into the Latin dream Date: February 2014
Seven bids for Tema Date: February 2014
Tassie opts for Burnie upgrade Date: February 2014
US$1B expansion planned for Tema Date:
MSC for Deurganckdok Date: February 2014
US ports look towards exports Date: January 2014

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