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Terminal operations - Container

Acquisitions and mergers
Zeeland/Ghent merger? Date: June 2017
TTI sale approved Date:
"Terminal operators face a perfect storm" Date:
Blow for Brookfield’s Asciano play Date:
Yilport to buy Tertir Date:
APMT to acquire Grup Maritim TCB Date:
Brookfield Infrastructure Group moves for Asciano Date:
Asciano to take AutoStrads global? Date:
Livorno share deal Date: February 2015
PGL to Mariner Capital Date: February 2015
Bilbao firms in merger Date: November 2014
OT spreads out in Gdynia Date: August 2014
Perrigault steps up in Le Havre Date: July 2014
Yilport moves into Sweden Date: May 2014
PSA into Lianyungang Date: November 2013
Global Ports to acquire NCC Date: October 2013
Rhenus goes for Krems Date: May 2013
MSC sells 35% stake in TIL Date:
CMHI moves into Djibouti Date: February 2013
Novorossiysk attracts interest Date: February 2013
New shareholders for Global Ports Date: February 2013
China Merchants buys into Terminal Link Date:
ICTSI acquires stake in Pakistan terminal Date: November 2012
Ultramar buys into Rosario Date: October 2012
CMC TOS for Tilbury Date: June 2012
KN for Rivalta Scrivia Date: June 2012
EcoRodovias bags Tecondi Date: May 2012
Merger on the cards for Bilbao/Pasajes? Date: May 2012
Limak takes Iskenderun Date: January 2012
Mestre still in business Date: May 2011
Transped grows in Venice Date: May 2011
Qube buys more DP World operations... Date: April 2011
NCC out of NUTEP Date:
Cosco and China Merchants eye Taiwan terminal stakes Date: November 2010
Tecon Santa Catarina under new ownership Date: November 2010
NZ ports merger called off Date: October 2010
Rotterdam courts Duisburg stake... Date: August 2010
Aotsa acquires TPR Date: June 2010
APMT sells Yantian stake Date: May 2010
PYI takes control of Yichang Date: December 2009
OMG wins fight over Russian terminal Date: November 2009
"Okay" for Genoa share swap deal Date:
Gammon in charge at Vizag Date: October 2009
Kaplan in, DPW out Date: October 2009
PD Ports to be sold for A$1 Date: October 2009
Embraport changes hands Date: September 2009
Fresh capital for Euroports Date: August 2009
Seabrex to Sea-Invest Date: August 2009
Sberbank moves into Global Ports Date:
…Napier/Wellington to tie-up? Date: April 2009
Yangshan to be expanded Date: December 2008
New operator for Cherbourg Date: December 2008
NZ’s South Island ports mull merger Date: November 2008
Mombasa attracts more interest... Date: October 2008
China’s Beibu Gulf ports to merge Date: September 2008
PYI’s fourth on Yangtze Date: September 2008
SIPG to take over Jiujiang Date: March 2008
Ashdod to be sold to its customers? Date: February 2008
Three Osaka Bay ports to merge Date: November 2007
FESCO into Vladivostock Date: November 2007
MTLS to Zebra? Date: November 2007
Kiwi merger plans not all black and white Date: October 2007
Global operators in M&A spree Date: October 2007
SIPG in for Jiujiang Date: October 2007
BBI extends its European net Date: August 2007
Bundy joins Brisbane Date: July 2007
Steinweg to buy RST Rotterdam Date: July 2007
GIP buys into Chennai box terminal Date: June 2007
AIG to acquire MTC Holdings Date: May 2007
Auckranga off, for now Date: April 2007
APMT eyeing Ports of Auckland?... Date: April 2007
Shaky Isles merger shaky Date: March 2007
Morgan Stanley into Montreal Date: March 2007
Maher changes hands Date: March 2007
Grimaldi buys into Unikai Date: February 2007
Duisport buys VTS Date: December 2006
Stadium stalls Kiwi merger plan Date: December 2006
CM boosts Mawan stake Date: December 2006
Ontario teachers buy OOIL terminals... Date: December 2006
China Shipping eyes Malaysian stakes Date: December 2006
Dunkirk box terminal deal Date: November 2006
Puget Sound port rail partners Date: July 2006
Gearing up for higher throughput Date: February 2006
Maersk move raises Euromax questions Date: May 2005
China Merchants in pole position Date: May 2005
Mersey JV Date: April 2005
ARH in move for Auckland Date: March 2005
Growing in China Date: March 2005
Hutchison moves in on Ceres Paragon... Date: February 2005
JWD acquired by DMJM+Harris Date: November 2004
Bigger Toll down under Date: October 2004
A challenging year for container lessors Date: August 2004
Port Synergy to take over Malta Freeport? Date: June 2004
MSC deal in Venice Date: October 2003
CSXWT to buy Dragados SPL? Date: June 2003
China Merchants to buy more terminals Date: November 2002
New deal for Trieste? Date: July 2002
GIS in expansion mode Date: October 2001
Global Terminal Operators
Two more cranes at Antwerp Gateway Date:
BEST Barcelona sets new record Date:
ECT "beats its own record" Date:
Euromax - 200 moves per ship hour Date:
CMP buys majority of TCP Participações Date:
HPH and NAWAH to co-operate in Basra Date:
US$100M loss for APM Terminals Date:
The next generation of GTOs Date: May 2017
ICTSI posts H1 2017 profits and throughput rises Date:
HMM to purchase TTIA Date:
DP World opens the year strongly Date:
DP World claims "strong financial results" for calendar 2016 Date:
THE coup for DP World UK Date:
New strads arrive in Southampton Date:
Deurganck dock "open round the clock" Date:
HPH Trust down 6% Date:
DP World up 3.2% in 2016 Date:
COSCO, CMA Terminals link up Date:
DP World’s survival course Date:
"Terminal operators face a perfect storm" Date:
CMA CGM's FAL 1 for RWG Date:
DP World's credit rating upgraded Date:
ICTSI volume up 10% in H1 2016 Date:
Living with low growth Date:
CMA CGM takes over at Kingston Date:
DP World wins 50-year Posorja concession Date:
APM Terminals rolls out trucker safety programme Date:
DP World raises US$1.2B in new 7-year sukuk Date:
BEST Barcelona claims new record Date:
The wind is in Cai Mep's sails Date:
CMH(I) could be renamed China Merchants Port Holdings Date:
Oakland’s Outer Harbour Terminal files for bankruptcy Date:
APMT to acquire Grup Maritim TCB Date:
Environmental awareness push by leading GTOs Date:
HPH cuts back in Australia Date:
ICTSI looks to Africa Date:
Mombassa tender draws interest Date:
ICTSI blames ILWU as Hanjin quits Portland Date:
DP World up 8.9% Date:
Eurogate hiring in Wilhelmshaven Date:
DP World claims "strong financial results" for calendar 2016 Date:
Miami’s mainstream mission Date: March 2013
Investment boost for Eastern Baltic ports Date: December 2012
Intersagunto ready to roll Date: September 2012
US$2.47B investment plan for Kalibaru port Date: May 2012
Konecranes lands Global ASC deal Date:
Northport investment plan Date: January 2012
Petrolesport completes expansion phase Date:
Hamburg’s big spend Date: September 2011
...investment on the wane? Date: September 2011
Ports need to invest US$830B by 2030 Date: June 2011
New push for Cosco Pacific Date: May 2011
More cold comforts from Petrolesport Date:
Japan to fund new Vietnam port Date: March 2011
India to establish port finance body Date: March 2011
Angra dos Reis spend Date: February 2011
China eyes Taiwan port investments Date: February 2011
Joint ventures
PDI centre for Ho Chi Minh Date: November 2016
CMIT on the road to success Date: July 2016
…and signs deal for Berbera port Date: September 2016
K Line forms Nitto Baxi Date: September 2016
Vinci for Kingston Date: August 2016
Big Port of Zarubino joint venture Date: June 2016
Qube in talks with Brookfield Date:
Cádiz strategic plan Date: September 2014
Enter Kvarkenhamnar AB Date: July 2014
CMA CGM in Mundra move Date: July 2014
Newcastle goes to Oz/ China joint venture Date: May 2014
Buss links with Erk Date: February 2014
BAM Clough for Port Hedland Date: February 2014
New Zealand firm in Fiji joint venture Date: July 2013
Asciano expands in New Zealand Date: December 2012
Indian/Israeli JV bags Nargol deal Date: January 2012
Buss Group for Duisburg Date: October 2011
...bags Dammam concession Date: July 2011
PSA wins JNP box terminal bid… Date: July 2011
NOL in Qingdao terminal move Date: May 2011
Mumbai to go deeper Date: March 2011
Shuffling aces in Russia’s pack Date: December 2010
Gothenburg ro-ro deal Date: November 2010
CMHI buys share in Chu Kong Date: August 2010
APM Terminals into Santos Date: August 2010
Kiev tries to mediate Ilyichevsk conflict Date:
SIPG to take stake in Zeebrugge terminal Date: May 2010
JWP Wilhelmshaven postponed Date:
Deep thinking on the River Paraná Date: March 2010
Qingdao terminals to merge Date: January 2010
Auckland grows Wiri Date: January 2010
Integration planned for Richards Bay Date: January 2010
Feedership joint venture Date: January 2010
Gammon moves for ICT Date: January 2010
Equipment in place to deal with upturn Date: December 2009
Tollerort terminal to be closed Date:
Qingdao box terminals to merge Date:
Embraport emblematic of Brazilian dilemma Date: November 2009
SPCT up and running Date: November 2009
BLG/St Petersburg JV Date: October 2009
JNPT set to scrap box berth tender Date: October 2009
Green light for TCIT Date: October 2009
JSW plans new ports Date: September 2009
APMT/Vinalines get closer Date: September 2009
MOL in Indian JV Date: August 2009
...SPCT set for October Date: July 2009
...but berths keep coming Date: July 2009
Zeeland/Rotterdam problems Date: July 2009
River Plate battle Date: July 2009
Mixed challenges faced by Middle East operators Date: June 2009
Marseilles in deal on post-reform labour transfer Date:
DP World doubles up in Algeria Date: June 2009
More box berths in China Date:
New arrangement in Adelaide Date: May 2009
New terminal joint venture for Vietnam Date: February 2009
Bahrain Gateway handed over Date: February 2009
CMA CGM in Lattakia box terminal deal Date: February 2009
Fines imposed on Livorno operators Date: February 2009
HPH’s European manoeuvres Date: January 2009
Lomé expansion plan Date: January 2009
HPH’s European manoeuvres Date: January 2009
HPH in new Yantian deal Date: December 2008
Toledo to develop container terminal Date: November 2008
CMHI in Vietnam joint venture Date: September 2008
APMT in new Vietnam JV Date: August 2008
DPW seals Aden deal Date: July 2008
Adelaide JV faces ACCC Date: June 2008
PTP/MISC ink JV Date: May 2008
Evergreen ups TPCT stake Date: January 2008
New breakbulk JV Date: November 2007
Bremore project approved Date: September 2007
CSG eying Egypt stake Date: July 2007
PSA gets a foot in the UK door Date: June 2007
Dublin in Indonesia Date: April 2007 Guam bids loom Date: March 2007
NOL in Qingdao venture Date: March 2007
OICT officially opened Date: February 2007
HPH/Huizhou pact Date: February 2007
Seaport in Jeddah BOT deal Date: January 2007
ICTSI moves into China Date: January 2007
US Gulf venture Date: January 2007
Trieste on the up Date: December 2006
Yangshan second terminal opens Date: December 2006
ECT inks Euromax deal Date: December 2006
ICTSI/Anglo form Oz joint venture Date: November 2005
HPH to run Oman container terminal Date: November 2005
P&OP in Vietnam move Date: November 2005
Rotterdam getting boxed in Date: May 2005
ZICT embarks on Phase II project Date: May 2005
OK for YICT expansion Date: May 2005
...eyes China growth Date: April 2005
Cosco Pacific disposes of Shenzhen box port stake Date: April 2005
On-dock rail
HHLA CTA expanding on-dock rail Date: May 2016
Landside operations commence at Maasvlakte II Date:
Tacoma to complete rail link Date:
Coquimbo privatisation process under way Date: September 2011
Eilat set for privatisation Date: April 2011
ICTSI wins Rijeka container terminal deal Date:
Southport concession awarded Date:
Ukrainian ports in a legal straitjacket* Date: April 2010
MSC boss slams Italy’s ports Date: April 2010
PPA awards Manila contract Date: October 2009
Rijeka box terminal to be privatised Date: September 2009
Marseilles in deal on post-reform labour transfer Date:
MPA seeking private operator for Seagirt Date: May 2009
Gothenburg to go private Date: May 2009
Work on Congo Terminal under way Date:
Maryland Port Administration issues RFQ for Seagirt Date:
More cranes for Callao? Date: February 2009
Auckland in guerrilla raid on Tauranga Date: January 2009
TPT goes private Date: April 2008
Hutchison and KCS raise Lázaro Date: October 2007
Blow for Batangas II Date: September 2007
El Salvador considers its options Date: August 2007
Ankara struggles with port reforms Date: May 2007
SAPO opens door on privatisation... Date: May 2007
Privatisation at last for Cape Verde? Date: April 2007
Terminal operations - Container
Africa rising on a wave of burgeoning trade Date: November 2017
New Bilbao truck gate inaugurated Date:
Cavotec plugs in at Long Beach Date: October 2017
ECT "beats its own record" Date:
Jeddah’s RSGT expands Date: May 2017
Patenga date Date: May 2017
100,000 TEU up for Nelson Date: September 2017
VICT eyeing 25 MPH Date: September 2017
Takoradi concession secured by IBISTEK Date: August 2017
Automation - the view from Kalmar Date: July 2017
Jebel Ali T4 on track Date: July 2017
Global Ports posts H1 2017 increase Date:
‘Fast track’ for Colombo East Date: June 2017
CTO/USPA ink Odessa deal Date: June 2017
GTOs preparing for a tougher future Date: May 2017
Portek/TEC team up Date: April 2017
VICT ramping up operations Date: March 2017
Nacala Phase 2 Date: February 2017
Global terminal operators under pressure Date: February 2017
LED lights come to the fore Date: February 2017
Costa Rica’s MTA back on stream Date: January 2017
SAP plans expansion Date: January 2017
Terminal overload in the Maritimes? Date: January 2017
Deurganck dock "open round the clock" Date:
Antwerp expansion Date: December 2016
Straddles/ ASCs for Antwerp Date: December 2016
Transnet scales back plans Date: November 2016
DP World still in for Burnie Date: November 2016
Vancouver USA terminal Date: November 2016
Bolloré to expand Freetown Date: November 2016
Seizing the neo-Panamax opportunity Date: July 2016
Hong Kong call for action Date: July 2016
CMP to offer terminal? Date: July 2016
SSA Marine in for Melford Date: July 2016
Panamanian container ports decline Date: October 2016
Novorossiysk terminal Date: October 2016
APM Terminals Quetzal damages Date: October 2016
More for Murmansk Date: October 2016
Changes at Saint John Date: September 2016
Getting up to speed Date: October 2016
…as cargo throughput soars Date: September 2016
Pathfinder pilot project Date: September 2016
Trouble for Buss Group Date: September 2016
New terminal in Mombasa Date: September 2016
Prince Rupert plans new terminal Date: September 2016
Luanda agrees port spend Date: August 2016
‘Reefer tunnels’ at CTA Date: September 2016
Port of Southampton chills out Date: August 2016
New "reefer tunnels" at Altenwerder Date:
Quetzal mire for APMT Date: June 2016
Vancouver in expansion battle Date: June 2016
Sydney adds empty storage Date: May 2016
West Coast gains Q1 Date: April 2016
Port of Marina di Carrara concession, and sale? Date: May 2016
KPA’s Mombasa 2 on stream Date: May 2016
Optimal care for Oslo Date: May 2016
Navigating choppy waters Date: May 2016
Nacala set for Phase two Date: March 2016
New terminal for Gothenburg Date: March 2016
Djibouti arbitration result Date: March 2016
Row in Peru’s Callao Date: March 2016
LBCT ready to launch Date: February 2016
PPP plan for Colombo’s East Container Terminal Date: February 2016
Deep-water container port at Porto Amboim Date: November 2015
Enter Canada’s NOVAPORTE Date: February 2016
Yilport into Puerto Bolivar… Date: February 2016
Slavyanka port plan Date: December 2015
Jebel Ali goes offshore Date: December 2015
Azov investment plan Date: December 2015
CMP mulls Køge move Date: September 2015
MVII goes operational Date: September 2015
Rotterdam Indonesia deal Date: September 2015
Watershed for North American ports Date: September 2015
Sri Lanka’s Colombo looks east Date: July 2015
Weigh-in-motion scales… Date: July 2015
Automation rolling on Date: July 2015
APM Terminals MVII ramping up Date:
Chinese operators reaching out Date: July 2015
Abu Dhabi for Genoa terminal? Date: June 2015
Gulftainer underway in US Date: June 2015
HHLA in for more cranes Date: June 2015
APMT doubles up in Mobile Date: June 2015
Codero questions PierPass fees Date:
HPH cuts back in Australia Date:
Kribi cuts shortlist down to two Date: May 2015
New kids on the block Date: May 2015
Westports CT-8 underway Date: May 2015
Puerto Rico upgrade Date: May 2015
Doubts over Rocha Date: April 2015
Barreiro - a terminal too far? Date: April 2015
Hamburg’s west plan obstacles Date: March 2015
ATI invests in Manila Date: March 2015
Rupert second berth Date: March 2015
DCT Gdansk moves on T2 Date: February 2015
ICTSI underway in Iraq Date: February 2015
Buenos Aires T5 tender row Date: February 2015
ICTSI ups the pace in Honduras Date: January 2015
Bremerhaven maiden Date: January 2015
BEST performance in Barcelona Date:
APM terminals phases MVII Date: December 2014
New Togo wharf Date: November 2014
Fremantle boosts landside capacity Date: December 2014
Adding on at MICT Date: December 2014
French ports look to rail Date: December 2014
The Arctic gains hub Date: October 2014
Hawaii terminal project Date: October 2014
Portland pays again to keep carriers Date:
Bringing order to the gate Date: September 2014
Landside operations commence at Maasvlakte II Date:
Hutchison opens up at Botany Date: September 2014
ECT sets new handling record Date:
Charleston eyes 52’ draft Date:
Petlim port takes shape Date: August 2014
Nanaimo handles ocean vessel Date: August 2014
LimakPort wins new business Date: August 2014
Industrial action planned in Australia Date:
Holt to operate Paulsboro Date: July 2014
Rouen going with the grain Date: July 2014
Yilport wins Oslo concession Date: July 2014
Salalah productivity up, boxes down Date:
ICTSI grows through acquisition Date:
CIMC adds in Ningbo Date: June 2014
Antwerp gets active abroad Date: May 2014
Smaller players aiming high Date: May 2014
Winds of change blowing Date: May 2014
Contargo to run Valenciennes Date: May 2014
PSA finally secures JNP concession Date: May 2014
ICTSI/Anglo win Melbourne deal Date: May 2014
Sohar to add box terminal Date: May 2014
New feeder for BNCT Date: May 2014
All change in Yantai Date: May 2014
New Rostock terminal open Date: April 2014
Grant for Gdansk Date: April 2014
APM Terminals posts "5% market growth" in 1Q/2014 Date:
Sines books Paceco España Date: March 2014
CHEC and Zanzibar conclude port deal Date: February 2014
…but loses out at JNP Date: February 2014
Another contract let in Melbourne Date: February 2014
Adani wins in Ennore… Date: February 2014
New Kribi box tender Date: February 2014
UASC into Port Said Date: February 2014
Tarros to unveil La Spezia plan Date: February 2014
Murmansk box plan Date: January 2014
ICTSI into DR Congo Date: January 2014
Four vie for La Unión Date: December 2013
Ilyichevsk to build new container terminal Date: December 2013
Gulftainer aims for top five spot Date: December 2013
Row over Buss compensation Date: December 2013
New box terminal for Leixões Date: December 2013
New port for Turkmenbashi Date: December 2013
SCCT gears up to handle bigger ships Date: November 2013
TIS set to expand Date: November 2013
Work starts on new Djibouti terminal Date: November 2013
Auckland alternative? Date: November 2013
ACT expansion complete Date: November 2013
London Gateway covered Date: November 2013
Loan for Walvis Bay Date: November 2013
Paranaguá next in line Date: November 2013
Seagirt ready to welcome P3 calls Date: November 2013
Moín contract let Date: November 2013
Adriatic dreams of European glory Date: October 2013
ICTSI/PSA team up in Colombia Date: October 2013
Cornelder to add in Beira Date: October 2013
Eurogate gets the wind up Date: October 2013
Kenya gears up for gateway role Date: October 2013
Walvis Bay down to one Date: October 2013
Scapa Flow revisited Date: October 2013
TPT moving strads back to Cape Town Date: September 2013
Verbrugge moves into Zeebrugge Date: September 2013
First call for Kattupalli Date: September 2013
Hamburg postpones westward plan Date: September 2013
Three in for Chennai Date: September 2013
The CMHI mission Date: July 2013
Work on Djen Djen to start this year Date: July 2013
Trieste gets a boost Date: July 2013
Tenerife eyes African cargo Date: July 2013
Big spend planned in Saudi Arabia Date: July 2013
Brazil earmarks 50 concessions Date: July 2013
Taranto dispute settled Date: July 2013
Growing interest in São Tomé Date: July 2013
Five in for Diamond Harbour Date: July 2013
New terminal for Civitavecchia Date: July 2013
DPW inks JNP deal... Date: June 2013
...uncertainty over Dakar Date: June 2013
TCB claims new handling record Date:
Rijeka gears itself up Date: May 2013
Good timing means everything Date: May 2013
Rotterdam gives rise to new berths Date: May 2013
Betting on Black in uncertain times Date: May 2013
First steps for new Durban terminal... Date: May 2013
Progress on Lamu Date: May 2013
New port for Walvis Bay? Date: May 2013
DP World for Quequén Date: May 2013
Paceco books Tilbury Date: May 2013
Tanjung Priok super port Date: May 2013
North Africa’s ports looking to the future Date: April 2013
Kim Fejfer pushes the productivity button Date:
First STS cranes for Pointe Noire Date: April 2013
Global Ports set to increase capacity Date: April 2013
Kandla concession terminated Date: April 2013
Katoen Natie up for more in Montevideo Date: April 2013
Tribulations at Tanger Med Date: April 2013
Automated container store for Dunkirk Date: April 2013
Vizag expansion plan Date: April 2013
Four line up for Melbourne Date: April 2013
Asian ITOs dance to the Latin beat Date: March 2013
JICA loan for Nacala Date: March 2013
New Lisbon terminals Date: March 2013
Klaipeda in Smelting pot Date: March 2013
APMT-led consortium favoured for Abidjan Date: March 2013
Tideworks/NOW for Cai Lan Date: March 2013
Progress on new Namibian box terminal Date: March 2013
ACT completes first phase expansion Date: March 2013
New cranes for Beira Date: March 2013
Oz unions to fight automation plans Date: March 2013
Concession for Iquique questioned Date: March 2013
SSA Marine for Stockton Date: March 2013
PTP expanding Date: March 2013
Bidders line up for Webb Dock… Date: February 2013
First HPH Brisbane berth available Date: February 2013
Turkey’s ports thriving Date: February 2013
New terminal operator in Ancona Date: February 2013
APMT inks Turkish deal Date: February 2013
New cranes for Lobito Date: February 2013
Kurum bags Durres deal Date: February 2013
No order of the Bath for Harwich? Date: January 2013
Vizhinjam project moves on Date: January 2013
Weighbridges cut Botany overloads Date: January 2013
TIV top in Venice Date: January 2013
Storm in Brazil over terminal decision... Date: January 2013
Gulftainer seeks quick start at Tripoli terminal Date: January 2013
PSA back in for fourth JNP box terminal? Date: January 2013
Sohar capacity to be expanded Date: January 2013
Ennore to try again Date: January 2013
APMT plans big in Nigeria Date: December 2012
Investment boost for Eastern Baltic ports Date: December 2012
Giurgiulesti planning container expansion Date: December 2012
New RMG for Wiencont Date: December 2012
France’s Med ports make progress Date: November 2012
DPW bags JNP deal Date: November 2012
Krishna up and running Date: November 2012
First steps at Moroni Date: November 2012
HPH Brisbane cranes arrive Date: November 2012
Monopolies under fire in Mexico Date: November 2012
LB secures EPA grant Date: November 2012
Brake terminal expanded Date: October 2012
Takoradi upgrade Date: October 2012
BEST terminal opening Date: October 2012
Patrick’s turn for Botany woes... Date: October 2012
…as Geelong eyes Bay West option Date: October 2012
PSA launches Pasir Panjang project Date: October 2012
Ennore developer pulls out Date: October 2012
New tender for Manaus Date: October 2012
Two box terminals for Israel Date: October 2012
Cool port plan in Rotterdam Date: October 2012
ICTSI reports traffic slowdown Date:
...Webb plans get underway Date: September 2012
CCCC eyes up Tanzania Date: September 2012
CHEC wins Saudi port contract Date: September 2012
Upgrade for Manaus Date: September 2012
APMT moves into Russia Date: September 2012
Contractor named for Liverpool2 Date: September 2012
A downbeat mood in Germany Date: August 2012
Contship Italia restructures Date:
Ports forced to play catch-up Date: August 2012
TCB claims handling record Date:
Expansion under way at Wismar Date: August 2012
CMA CGM for Abidjan? Date: August 2012
Entre Ríos plans new river port Date: August 2012
Thailand to support Myanmar port plan Date: August 2012
Valparaíso tenders questioned Date: August 2012
New Belawan box berth Date: August 2012
HPH fixes Port Botany contract Date: August 2012
Delo plans NUTEP expansion Date: August 2012
APMT inks Mexican deal Date: August 2012
Two more bids for Virginia terminals Date: August 2012
VDL hybrid AGV set fair Date:
Facing the challenge of change Date: July 2012
China’s ports maintain growth Date: July 2012
TCB in expansion drive Date: July 2012
Green light for Nargol port Date: July 2012
New funds for Pipavav Date: July 2012
Ngqura sets a new productivity record Date: July 2012
NUTEP plans expansion Date: July 2012
Better berths at Redwood Date: July 2012
Cape Breton seeks operator Date: July 2012
DPW loses Adelaide Date: July 2012
Indonesian operators to join forces Date: July 2012
ICTSI posts volume and profits increase Date:
Turkey moves to the centre stage Date: June 2012
Ngqura sets new record Date:
New Abidjan box terminal Date: June 2012
New productivity records at CMIT Date: June 2012
APMT in Ningbo deal Date: June 2012
Wuhan approves port plans Date: June 2012
Cork popped on new container facilities Date: June 2012
New Nigerian port on track Date: June 2012
New Nigerian port on track Date: June 2012
Liverpool- Manchester barge boost Date: June 2012
Yucatan posts new record Date:
Indonesia looking to automation? Date: June 2012
Antwerp’s “left field” moves Date: May 2012
Rotterdam cutting new ground Date: May 2012
Expansion in Rio makes progress Date: May 2012
Global’s grand plan unveiled Date: May 2012
Southampton gets it together Date: May 2012
No relief for JNP tariffs Date: May 2012
US$2.47B investment plan for Kalibaru port Date: May 2012
More expansion at Port of Tyne Date: May 2012
Peru concession problems Date: May 2012
Salalah expansion announced Date: May 2012
Aqaba angling for gateway role Date: May 2012
Coping in a tough environment Date: April 2012
Alto Tirreno going on a Swiss roll? Date: April 2012
BC mulling big spend Date: April 2012
Sassnitz expanding Date: April 2012
APMT builds up for Maasvlakte II Date: April 2012
Melbourne to build new box terminal Date: April 2012
Productivity "is the battleground for ports" Date:
US ports think intermodal Date: March 2012
Konecranes lands Global ASC deal Date:
Fixed slots for Dar Date:
Private ports performing well in India Date: March 2012
Fujian port restructure Date: March 2012
Green light for Moin terminal Date: March 2012
Liverpool to adopt widespan RMGs Date: March 2012
RWGT construction start postponed Date: March 2012
Xiamen terminal "to be completely automated" Date:
Crane OCR first in Guayaquil Date:
APM Terminals building up to Maasvlakte II Date:
Long Beach builds for the future Date: February 2012
On the road to Rouen Date: February 2012
APMT Monrovia ahead of schedule… Date: February 2012
Pelindo to build new Jakarta terminal Date: February 2012
Fremantle survives WA shuffle Date: February 2012
UTC moves back into Illichivsk Date: February 2012
NPA looks to expand Date: February 2012
Huanghua adding new box berths Date: February 2012
HAROPA to market Seine ports Date: February 2012
Concession for Manta imminent Date: February 2012
Lift AGVs for APM Terminals Date:
British ports get the wind up Date: January 2012
Oxxean to build bulk port in Chile Date: January 2012
Slow progress at Vallarpadam ICTT Date: January 2012
HPH launches new monitoring service Date: January 2012
Oz waterfront settlement... Date: January 2012
Tampa takes wing Date: January 2012
Shanghai remains top box port... Date: January 2012
Cosco eyes foreign container ports Date: January 2012
APL’s automation plans Date: January 2012
Setback for Ukraine reformers Date: December 2011
TCR Ravenna pushing ahead Date: December 2011
Dakar box terminal expansion completed Date: December 2011
APL’s automation plans Date:
Nansha’s hub ambitions Date: November 2011
Mexico first for APM Terminals Date:
Xiamen investing for the future Date: November 2011
Batumi to get new customs clearing facility Date:
More ports for Gujarat Date: November 2011
Round the clock working at QICT Date: November 2011
DP World’s turn for trouble on Oz docks Date: November 2011
James Point battle heating up again Date: November 2011
Kribi set for growth Date: November 2011
New port for Angola Date: November 2011
HPH in deal for Ajman Date: November 2011
Mozambique looks to Japan for Nacala aid Date: November 2011
Carriers’ Sydney losses grow... Date: November 2011
This is London calling Date: October 2011
Brazilian ports on target for 5M TEU Date: October 2011
Kirkcaldy harbour reopened Date: October 2011 port for India’s west coast Date: October 2011
Huanghua adds boxes Date: October 2011
Work on Vizhinjam box terminal to begin soon... Date: October 2011
Lone bid for Chennai terminal… Date: October 2011
New box terminal for Cabello Date: October 2011
Gothenburg goes to APMT Date: October 2011
Portuguese port spend Date: October 2011
…first boxes for Krishna Date: October 2011
Million dollar box terminal challenge Date: October 2011
New productivity record at Southampton Date:
Oslo opts for home comforts Date: September 2011
Problems with concessions in Gothenburg and Stockholm Date: September 2011
Aarhus puts its house in order Date: September 2011
Trying on the new Panama hat Date: September 2011
US terminals hit a “green wall” Date: September 2011
Oz ports set new box records Date: September 2011
Rostock on track Date: September 2011
ICTSI eyes Africa, squashes rumours in Greece... Date: September 2011
...progress in Rijeka Date: September 2011
Rio plans box expansion Date: September 2011
New reefer terminal at Port of Ventspils Date: September 2011
SAPT to be ready by 2013 Date: September 2011
Antwerp to build “world’s largest” lock Date: September 2011
APMT gets green light in Costa Rica Date: September 2011
Açu plans moving forward Date: September 2011
Delays at Port Botany becoming endemic Date: September 2011
EIB loan for Cadiz terminal Date: September 2011
Berth extension at Jebel Ali Date: September 2011
IFC loan for Tecon Salvador Date: September 2011
New box terminal for Mauritius Date: September 2011
Delay in Mumbai Date: September 2011
Projects back on track in the Eastern Baltic Date: August 2011
Gulf ports look beyond regional tensions Date: August 2011
New direction for Kaohsiung Date: August 2011
Diamond Harbour gets green light Date: August 2011
HPH to operate Enfield ILC Date: August 2011
Apapa berth productivity up 50% Date: August 2011
Mombasa reforms in doubt again Date: August 2011
Way clear for second Tuticorin box terminal Date: August 2011
China’s box growth set to slow Date: August 2011
JNP plans for fifth container terminal Date: August 2011
PB3T handed over to HPH Date: August 2011
Indonesia to build two new ports Date: August 2011
JadeWeserPort on schedule Date: August 2011
Sun going down on Hong Kong? Date: July 2011
Shanghai expects to remain top box port Date: July 2011
Box terminal capacity expansion lagging Date:
Indonesia to build new container port Date: July 2011
Lázaro Cárdenas to be cancelled Date: July 2011
AfDB loan for box terminal in Togo Date: July 2011
Yildirim group eyeing ports Date: June 2011
Intermodal focus for Transnet Date: June 2011
KHB to rebuild berths Date: June 2011
Santos plan opposed Date: June 2011
Grand Alliance in Rotterdam switch Date: May 2011
Zeeland Seaports looks to diverse role Date: May 2011
Cavotec secures order for 24 MoorMasters Date:
Winn plans big in Clarksville Date: May 2011
Yangshan port to be expanded... Date: May 2011
Baltic hub changes TOS Date:
APS bags Baltimore Date:
TCL sole bidder for Ferrol Date: May 2011
DP World up 12% Date: May 2011
New container terminal for Ravenna Date: May 2011
Cosco eyes Kaohsiung investment Date: May 2011
Mangalore to go it alone Date: May 2011
Bangladesh river port upgrade... Date: May 2011
APMT clear for JNP bid Date: May 2011
Triple E ships - 6000 moves in 24 hours Date:
APMT takes over in Poti Date: April 2011
Confusion in the Upper Adriatic Date: April 2011
Spain’s ports moving forward again Date: April 2011
More cold comforts from Petrolesport Date:
Box terminal tender called at La Plata Date: April 2011
Itapoá delayed again Date: April 2011
New port mooted in Durban Date: April 2011
Capacity boost for Tanjung Priok Date: April 2011
Gulftainer to start Recife operations Date: April 2011
Maersk cuts Hong Kong calls in favour of China Date: April 2011
Petrolseport offers "radiation" discounts Date:
ICTSI income boost Date:
APMT wins Callao concession Date: April 2011
MPA/PSA team up on port technologies Date: April 2011
Two mega ports for Panama Date: April 2011
Auckland under fire Date: April 2011
Lomé expansion Date: April 2011
New terminal open in Chongqing Date: April 2011
Antwerp for Vitória Date: April 2011
Gearing up for future growth Date: March 2011
Preparing to put on a bigger Panama hat Date: March 2011
Finnish container traffic downturn prompts labour unrest Date:
Green light for Soton expansion Date: March 2011
Transfennica’s Zeebrugge switch Date: March 2011
Two new terminals for Dar es Salaam? Date: March 2011
A$9.4B price tag on Hastings box plans Date: March 2011
APMT under pressure in Algeciras Date: March 2011
IFC funds Santos terminal Date: March 2011
ICTSI wins Rijeka deal Date: March 2011
Hong Kong to gain from intra-Asia trade boom? Date: February 2011
Rostock-Gedser upgrade Date: February 2011
APM Terminals presents its "green credentials" Date:
Loan for Vietnam port expansion Date: February 2011
Freeport hunts for new customers Date: February 2011
Felixstowe South testing begins Date: February 2011
Antwerp in Essar link Date: February 2011
Angra dos Reis spend Date: February 2011
Chennai plan hits the rocks Date: February 2011
Upgrade for Walvis Date: February 2011
Vallarpadam ICTT opens Date: February 2011
Rijeka decision imminent Date: February 2011
Which way forward for Hamburg? Date: February 2011
China eyes Taiwan port investments Date: February 2011
“Steady as she goes” for Great Britain’s ports Date: January 2011
Sines in the spotlight Date: January 2011
New berths for Paradip Date: January 2011
DP World opens Qasim terminal... Date: January 2011
...loses out at Mina Zayed Date: January 2011
“Common gate” for Charleston Date: January 2011
Green light for Norvikudden Date: January 2011
Syria plans box growth Date: January 2011
UniCredit backs Maersk in Italy Date: January 2011
Ports give mixed messages Date: December 2010
Bristol box terminal work starts Date: December 2010
ANL pushes for more Melbourne capacity Date: December 2010 government acts on landside congestion Date: December 2010
DPW Botany woes persist... Date: December 2010
Shippers spark NZ dredging row Date: December 2010
APMT eyes secondary Asian ports Date: December 2010
Cobelfret moves against Vlissingen project Date: December 2010
Barge Terminal Born expansion Date: December 2010
Big plans for Wuhan Date: December 2010
Mongla port plan evolves Date: December 2010
New Dragados SPL set up Date: December 2010
Hamburg urged to join JWP consortium Date: December 2010
Ningbo to feed off Shanghai’s strength Date: November 2010
Southport awarded Date: November 2010
CICT gets terminal finance Date: November 2010
APMT eyes Costa Rica Date: November 2010
New cranes for TDT Date: November 2010
Plug pulled on PSA Great Yarmouth box terminal Date: November 2010
Konecranes books Khalifa ASC deal Date:
Port development plans get chilly reception in Chile Date: October 2010
20:20 vision for the Port of Santos Date: October 2010
Rostock’s big spend Date: October 2010
New box terminal for Port Everglades Date: October 2010
Two-way trucking for Fremantle Date: October 2010
Box terminals up for grabs Date: October 2010
Container lines want Webb Dock… Date: October 2010
Deepening of Maputo starts Date: October 2010
Guam work set to go Date: October 2010
…especially Melbourne’s biggest customer Date: October 2010
NCC posts higher box throughput Date: October 2010
ANZ ports tracking upwards Date: October 2010
Delay for Rotterdam World Gateway Date:
Ngqura set for expansion Date: October 2010
Yangtze ports increase container capacity Date: October 2010
Callao terminal inaugurated Date: October 2010
Indian interest in Brisbane Date: October 2010
Venice looks offshore Date: October 2010
Changes on the way in Gothenburg and Aarhus Date: September 2010
Ports investing during uncertain times Date: September 2010
Lamu plan moves on Date: September 2010
Venezuela box deal Date: September 2010
Durban to add container berth Date: September 2010
China Merchants moves into Colombo Date: September 2010
Contract let for Khalifa Date: September 2010
Luanda CTII contract Date: September 2010
L&T plans Kattupalli terminal Date: September 2010
Liverpool upgrades capacity Date: September 2010
Another box terminal planned for Jakarta Date: September 2010
Container initiatives progress in Argentina Date: September 2010
Ringing the changes again at NCC Date: August 2010
European box terminals under the spotlight Date: August 2010
Hamburg still in deep trouble? Date: August 2010
Stepping up Polish investments Date: August 2010
ICTSI plans US$700M Latin America spend Date: August 2010
Brisbane bidders line up Date: August 2010
NZ port reform “stalled” Date: August 2010
All change in California Date: August 2010
Shenzhen overtakes Hong Kong as world’s No 3 box port… Date: August 2010
Container terminal for Porto Alegre? Date: August 2010
Banana port project back on? Date: August 2010
Performance up in Cape Town Date: August 2010
…fresh doubts over Hong Kong’s CT10 Date: August 2010
Chilean terminal tenders Date: August 2010
Tipping the scales in the Med Date: July 2010
Hyundai to build new Kuwait port Date: July 2010
...invests in Chinese bonded port zone Date: July 2010
Zhuhai’s big plans Date: July 2010
APMT eyes Indian ports... Date: July 2010
...ANL slams Webb rethink Date: July 2010
New terminal for Tanzania Date: July 2010
Upgrade for Shuifu Date: July 2010
New box terminal for Scotland? Date: July 2010
Vietnam terminal moving ahead Date: July 2010
Maher signs on for Melford Date: July 2010
Stukwerkers into GCT Date: July 2010
Teesport’s shortsea investment Date: July 2010
Diesel additive cuts fuel consumption and emissions Date:
Chilean ports launch tenders Date:
New forces arise in the Med Date: June 2010
Alicante in the hunt for MSC boxes Date: June 2010
Maputo extension for DPW Date: June 2010
Cosco eyes Greek hub Date: June 2010
Uruguay terminal review Date: June 2010
Antwerp takes 20% stake in Beverdonk Date: June 2010
Sole bidder wins Ennore Date: June 2010
...Sydney examines boxes Date: June 2010
ECT’s Moerdijk extended gate Date: June 2010
Tercat set to move into Muelle Prat Date: June 2010
Karawang for CMA CGM? Date: June 2010
Melbourne to look again at third terminal plan Date: June 2010
Shanghai tops Singapore as busiest containerport Date: June 2010
First Felixstowe South cranes arrive Date: June 2010
DPW’s India box hub to challenge Colombo Date: June 2010
NSW plans big spend... Date: June 2010
Five bidders for Rijeka Date: June 2010
Future bright for Vietnam’s box ports Date: June 2010
Noise battle in Houston Date: June 2010
Diamond Harbour box terminal plan revived Date: June 2010
Fourth AGV terminal Date: June 2010
China Merchants anticipates record year Date:
Tauranga, Otago look ahead Date:
Onne on the up Date:
PSA misses Flushing deadline Date: May 2010
What future for JWP Wilhlemshaven? Date: May 2010
Sydney still seeking landside relief Date: May 2010
New reefer facilities open in Umm Qasr Date: May 2010
Hanjin to sell Pusan stake Date: May 2010
TSC Itapoá set to open in January Date: May 2010
Rijeka expansion under way Date: May 2010
Southport plan revived Date: May 2010
Eastport deal for Cooper SH Date: May 2010
Kolkata box port blocked Date: May 2010
Ferrol in deep sea push Date: May 2010
Korea turns right on automation Date: May 2010
China’s biggest rail terminal opens Date: May 2010
MSC boss slams Italy’s ports Date: April 2010
Zeeland Seaports seeks new partners for WCT Date:
Muuga box terminal CTQI-certified Date: April 2010
Melbourne and Sydney show way to recovery Date: April 2010
Work begins on Pakistan deepwater terminal Date: April 2010
Early success for Ngqura Date:
...but seeks more overseas terminals Date: April 2010
Kandla bulks up Date: April 2010
DP World secures Dakar loan Date: April 2010
…as bigger ships arrive Date: April 2010
Tampa box terminal enlarged Date: April 2010
DP World upgrades in Oz… Date: April 2010
Progress on Lekki Date: April 2010
Halifax supply chain partnership Date:
Dealing with growing pains Date: March 2010
China Merchants set for Colombo project... Date: March 2010
Yilport opts for APS Date: March 2010
HPH awarded Fos 4XL deal Date: March 2010
TIGER roars for mobile cranes Date: March 2010
Eight bidding for JNP box berth Date: March 2010
India aims to boost boxes Date: March 2010
...early start for new Sri Lanka box port Date: March 2010
Rotterdam deepwater site available Date: March 2010
DPW set to open Vallarpadam terminal Date: March 2010
WIN books Santé for Haiti project Date: March 2010
Tuxpan tender delay Date: March 2010
...volumes up at Botany Date: March 2010
Cape Town upgrade on schedule... Date: March 2010
Stoppages continue to affect ECT Rotterdam Date:
Pushing ahead despite doubts Date: February 2010
Maersk launches direct Transatlantic service to Saint Petersburg Date:
Standardisation to be introduced by APM Terminals Date:
New customer for ACT Amsterdam? Date:
Santos to triple box capacity Date: February 2010
ICTSI services largest container vessel Date: February 2010
Itochu eyes Vietnam Date: February 2010
Stena to invest £200M in Loch Ryan Date: February 2010
Five in for Mangalore Date: February 2010
Rupert rides recession Date: February 2010
Ponce cranes arrive Date: February 2010
Guaymas container terminal tender Date: February 2010
Hutchison takes French lessons Date:
APMT bags Monrovia deal Date:
Tough times - past, present and future? Date: January 2010
High berth productivity - what’s the point? Date:
Chennai to build 5M TEU box terminal Date: January 2010
APM Terminals scans the Horizon Date:
Yangtze box terminal grows Date: January 2010
Expansion plan for ACT Date: January 2010
TCB moving into Vietnam Date: January 2010
Sydney, NS still hopeful Date: January 2010
Gammon moves for ICT Date: January 2010
Container terminal for Dhamra Date: January 2010
ICTSI back in Mexico with Manzanillo deal Date: January 2010
HPH takes Botany prize… Date: January 2010
Ngqura off to a "busy start" Date:
Hutchison takes knife to ACT top brass Date:
Equipment in place to deal with upturn Date: December 2009
Suez Canal Container Terminal posts 11% increase Date:
Third container terminal planned for East Port Said Date: December 2009
CHEC bags Sudan deal Date: December 2009
New Antwerp EC depot Date: December 2009
JNPT plans first SEZ Date: December 2009
New Limón box terminal Date: December 2009
Ports America bags Seagirt concession Date: December 2009
Boost for ICTSI in Tartous Date: December 2009
Cartagena launches El Gorguel Date: December 2009
Yangtze box terminal expands Date:
Qingdao box terminals to merge Date:
PSA reports first global container throughput drop Date:
Don’t shoot yourself in the foot Date: November 2009
Vizhinjam terminal tender imminent Date: November 2009
Containers return to Calabar port Date: November 2009
DP World files court action against JPNT Date: November 2009
New Poti container terminal launched Date: November 2009
IFC to support Ho Chi Minh City facility... Date: November 2009
Problems in Piraeus Date: November 2009
Tide goes out on Shenzhen box trade Date: November 2009
HPH wins Botany deal Date:
Khorfakkan performs record 343 moves per hour on UASC’s DEIRA Date:
Fighting and temporary truces Date: October 2009
CTQI for Cartagena Date:
Kaohsiung upgrading Date: October 2009
Niger to be deepened Date: October 2009
South Jersey to expand on Delaware river Date: October 2009
No progress on Gwadar container terminal Date: October 2009
Gangavaram to add berths Date: October 2009
JNPT set to scrap box berth tender Date: October 2009
Expansion in Houston Date: October 2009
Sendai terminal gets fourth gantry crane Date: October 2009
K Line quits Augusta Date: October 2009
MTL eyes Lianyungang Date: October 2009
Vallarpadam set to go… Date: October 2009
Yilport hosts 8400 TEU ship Date:
Gothenburg on the brink of a new era? Date: September 2009
Investment continues despite downturn Date: September 2009
Green light expected for Nynäshamn development Date: September 2009
New PRD barge feeder service Date:
ICTSI reports lower 3Q/09 results Date:
NCC on the way back in Russia Date:
Shenzhen to offer stimulus package Date: September 2009
New box record for Walvis Bay Date: September 2009
DCT Gdansk to get 8000 TEU ship calls Date:
Brunei to expand container terminal Date: September 2009
Cosco Pacific reviews development strategy Date: September 2009
Ngqura on track for October start Date: September 2009
Mangalore planning container terminal Date: September 2009
Further delay for Colombo project Date: September 2009
IJmuiden container terminal Date: September 2009
DCT Gdansk turns two Date:
Showing signs of turning the corner? Date: August 2009
Tacoma/NYK scale back Date: August 2009
Shanghai box figures raise hopes Date: August 2009
Status quo in Chittagong Date: August 2009
Second Lázaro Cárdenas terminal up for grabs Date: August 2009
Montevideo row heats up Date: August 2009
Hanjin bags Pohang box terminal deal Date: August 2009
Cotonou for Bolloré Date: August 2009
Teesport completes Phase 1 expansion programme Date: August 2009
Ports down under on a more even keel Date: July 2009
Ambitious box plans for Coega Date: July 2009
People on the move Date:
Ukrainian plots thicken Date:
PSA gets stay on Tuticorin… Date: July 2009
…Lanco out of Vizhinjam Date: July 2009
Bangladesh to go deep Date: July 2009
APL expansion in LA Date: July 2009
NZL renews Tauranga push Date: July 2009
Sole bid for Colombo Date: July 2009
River Plate battle Date: July 2009
Brisbane put up for sale... Date: June 2009
Mixed challenges faced by Middle East operators Date: June 2009
Long term expansion in Southern Africa Date: June 2009
ICTSI posts fall in revenues in 2Q/09 Date:
Kembla hopes rise Date:
Yokohama redevelopment Date: June 2009
Pohang on schedule Date: June 2009
Dunkirk-Charleroi box barge link Date: June 2009
Hong Kong’s CT10 project still alive Date: June 2009
Chittagong opts for STE Date: June 2009
Tideworks secures new deals Date: June 2009
Upgrade for Abidjan box terminal Date: June 2009
More box berths in China Date:
Container sector feels the heat Date:
More on latest Southampton crane collapse Date:
Tercat double blow Date:
Reprieve for Genoa operators Date:
DP World engaged on two fronts Date: May 2009
In the black in the Black? Date: May 2009
Better for Batangas Date: May 2009
JICT expands to 2.5M TEU Date: May 2009
Fremantle berth works underway Date: May 2009
Fourth terminal for JNP Date: May 2009
Two bidding for Enfida Date: May 2009
Downturn hits ICTSI volumes... Date: May 2009
MTL, PSA delay China projects Date: May 2009
Transnet in export credit loan first Date: May 2009
India eying new Bangladesh port Date: May 2009
Gothenburg to go private Date: May 2009
Container terminal benchmark data released Date:
Málaga labour deal Date:
14,000 TEU, 366m loa ships in Antwerp Date: April 2009
Tough times for Spain’s container ports Date: April 2009
Hong Kong’s throughput improves but still falling Date: April 2009
…and bites in New Zealand Date: April 2009
More quay cranes for Salalah Date: April 2009
Cosco Pacific set to freeze investment Date: April 2009
Nacala competing for transhipment role Date: April 2009
Auckland consolidates... Date: April 2009
APMT opens Bahrain Gateway terminal Date: April 2009
Fourth box terminal for Port of Paris Date: April 2009
Expansion planned at ATI Manila terminal Date: April 2009
Itajaí dredging delay Date:
Interest high in Colombo Date: April 2009
HCMC container port adds new berth Date: April 2009
Long Beach approves new terminal Date: April 2009
Brazilian ports still on the up Date: March 2009
New coal terminal for EMO Date: March 2009
Empty containers choking Pusan Date: March 2009
India blocks Middle East firms from port projects Date: March 2009
Work starts on Fujian terminal Date: March 2009
Mega project for Karachi Date: March 2009
Box future outlined for Coega Date: March 2009
Colombo in demand Date: March 2009
JNP issues RFQ for fourth box terminal Date: March 2009
APMT in Bristol talks Date: March 2009
Mumbai offshore terminal underway Date: March 2009
Oakland awards terminal concession Date: March 2009
Calling time on French leave? Date: February 2009
A chill wind is blowing through Russia Date: February 2009
Phase 1 of Teval terminal complete Date: February 2009
Malaysian ports see box growth Date: February 2009
TPCT starts operations Date: February 2009
Long Beach set to issue Maglev RFP Date: February 2009
Box port for Albania Date: February 2009
Ngqura investment trimmed Date: February 2009
Botany landside travails continue Date: February 2009
Tauranga gets ready for a fight Date: February 2009
SRCT hits 2M TEU Date: February 2009
Fresh call for Colombo bids Date: February 2009
Charleston digs in Date: February 2009
New berths for Donghae Date: February 2009
CMA CGM in Lattakia box terminal deal Date: February 2009
DPW reassesses expansion plans Date: February 2009
RAK goes Poti in Georgia Date: February 2009
All systems go for Montevideo? Date: January 2009
Thinking outside the box Date: January 2009
...boost for container capacity Date: January 2009
CMHI goes green in China Date: January 2009
Green light for Sears Island project Date: January 2009
Qatar to build new port in Kenya Date: January 2009
TICTS tariff proposals rejected Date: January 2009
Oz container traffic proves resilient Date: January 2009
InterBulk to build hub in Duisburg Date: January 2009
Enfield terminal moves on Date: January 2009
Liberia launches Monrovia tender Date: January 2009
Rewas land delay Date: January 2009
Chennai invites bids for mega terminal Date: January 2009
Chinese box traffic drops sharply Date: January 2009
Lomé expansion plan Date: January 2009
Algeciras, Hamburg construction deals Date: January 2009
Algeciras, Hamburg construction deals Date: January 2009
Helsinki hits the ground running Date: December 2008
Baltic still a growth area Date: December 2008
New Xiamen box terminal Date: December 2008
Canadian feeder service debut Date: December 2008
India gears up for cars Date: December 2008
Grand plan for Melbourne... Date: December 2008
US inching towards automation Date: December 2008
Dragados for sale Date: December 2008
Green light for Melford Date: November 2008
WA election surprise revives James Point Date: October 2008
Punta Colonet: tomorrow or mañana? Date: October 2008
Port Botany put on notice Date: October 2008
Manta-Manaus corridor Date: October 2008
Bandar Abbas up 15% Date: October 2008
Mangalore mulls box terminal Date: October 2008
Last chance for “The Sixth” Date: October 2008
French ports change structure Date: October 2008
Melbourne CDP 40% complete Date: October 2008
New cranes for Vladivostok Date: October 2008
...plans Pipavav expansion Date: October 2008
Port 2000 Phase 2 making progress Date: October 2008
Seagirt to go private... Date: October 2008
...lukewarm response to Philadelphia plan Date: October 2008
Delay in Trieste Date: October 2008
Zabaikalsk reopens Date: October 2008
New container terminal planned for Ilyichevsk Date: October 2008
Euromax and DBF create Delta elbow room Date: September 2008
Focus shifts to north, south and east Date: September 2008
Durban auto-gate goes live Date: September 2008
Queensland bulks up port corps Date: September 2008
Santos plans ahead Date: September 2008
Expansion at SCCT Date: September 2008
Auckland serious on Tauranga bid Date: September 2008
Good response to JNP plan Date: September 2008
Tuticorin planning new box terminal Date: September 2008
GA switches to Cagliari from Gioia Tauro Date: September 2008
Coquimbo to go private? Date: September 2008
Lobito to challenge Luanda Date: September 2008
2009 start for third Newcastle attempt Date: September 2008
Freo looks set to lose out Date: September 2008
Vizhinjam gets nod Date: September 2008
CMHI in Vietnam joint venture Date: September 2008
Colonet tender issued Date: September 2008
Sri Lanka to invite new bids for Colombo Date: September 2008
PYI’s fourth on Yangtze Date: September 2008
Monkey business for Miami-Dade Date: September 2008
Tacoma inks UP deal Date:
New cranes for Vladivostok Date:
J Müller increases the “Brake force” Date: August 2008
CSCL in move to buy CSTD Date: August 2008
TTI wins Algeciras box concession Date: August 2008
Mombasa upgrade to be fast tracked... Date: August 2008
SIPG seeks Yangtze expansion Date: August 2008
Flinders responds to ACCC concerns Date: August 2008
HPH bags Thessaloniki Date: August 2008
Taipei box terminal a boon for shippers Date: August 2008
Chennai invites new bids for mega box terminal Date: August 2008
Rotterdam confident about Maasvlakte 2 Date: August 2008
London Gateway contract awarded Date: August 2008
Auckland eyes Tauranga’s boxes... Date: August 2008 Kiwi ports feel shuffle heat Date: August 2008
CMA CGM into Tianjin Date: August 2008
NYK to build high bay container warehouse Date: August 2008
Hong Kong divided on new terminal Date: July 2008
Slower growth at China’s container ports Date: July 2008
Gulftainer in Turkey move Date: July 2008
Five shortlisted for Oakland concession Date: July 2008
Contract let for London Gateway Date: July 2008
JNPT invites RFQs for another box berth Date: July 2008
Kaohsiung losing out to Xiamen Date: July 2008
Philadelphia to build 1M TEU/year terminal Date: July 2008
Maersk and PSA bag Morocco terminals Date: July 2008
DP World/Brisbane ink new lease deal Date: July 2008
Salalah builds on Date: June 2008
New South Wales to protect ports Date: June 2008
Penang expansion rethink Date: June 2008
4 TEU handling for TCP Montevideo Date: June 2008
Biggest AMP hook-up yet Date: June 2008
Iran to build port and FTZ at Bandar Anzali Date: June 2008
Mexican go ahead Date: June 2008
All aboard in Yangshan Date: June 2008
Cork’s terminal hopes go pop Date: June 2008
War over different visions of the future Date: May 2008
Further expansion on the cards in Vlissingen Date: May 2008
Aim for maximum effect in Rotterdam Date: May 2008
Containers boom but conventional needs attention Date: May 2008
Ghent adds lo-lo containers to its portfolio Date: May 2008
SIPG invests in sixth Yangtze port Date: May 2008
Masinloc revival on the cards Date: May 2008
DPW offers Ivory Coast assistance Date: May 2008
BLG Logistics reports strong results Date: May 2008
...a new container terminal for Pemba Date: May 2008
ICTSI Manila expansion Date: May 2008
Oakland container berths up for grabs Date: May 2008
Felixstowe - FSR contract awarded Date: May 2008
Bidders queuing up for Ennore Date: May 2008
Transnet considers Salisbury option Date: May 2008
Fremantle gets deep money Date: May 2008
Tusdeer work to start soon Date: May 2008
Geelong gets smart Date: May 2008
Panama terminal row Date: May 2008
Work starts in Callao Date: May 2008
Ensenada digs deep Date: May 2008
Funding for Sydney box port plan Date: May 2008
Kolkata to build port at Diamond Harbour Date: May 2008
Bintulu plans expansion Date: May 2008
A new round of investments on the way Date: April 2008
Ports add capacity to cater for continuing growth Date: April 2008
PSA gets the nod for Kandla stake Date: April 2008
Box terminal for Sillamäe Date: April 2008
Chennai invites bids Date: April 2008
Gippsland on course Date: April 2008
Hyundai bags Colombo deal Date: April 2008
SDV invests in Tin Can Island Date: April 2008
Ukraine box terminal expansion starts Date: April 2008
Hutchison gives thumbs down to CT10 Date: April 2008
RAK to upgrade Poti Date: April 2008
New terminal in Duisburg Date: April 2008
Dandong expands Date: April 2008
New Luanda harbour project unveiled Date: April 2008
APMT for Vancouver Date: April 2008
Mundra eyes operators Date: April 2008
Hamilton on target Date: April 2008
Varna to build box terminal Date: April 2008
Informing choice for container terminals Date: March 2008
PSA ups ABG stake Date: March 2008
Adelaide upgrade Date: March 2008
New berth for KCT Date: March 2008
Estonian PM slams box terminal plan Date: March 2008
Hong Kong revives plans for CT10 Date: March 2008
Oakajee on the move Date: March 2008
VCT hand strengthened? Date: March 2008
Third container terminal in Paris Date: March 2008
Bulgarian port loans Date: March 2008
GPA works complete Date: March 2008
Sri Lanka to call new box terminal tender Date: March 2008
ZPMC puts quay-stack transfer on rails Date: February 2008
Mundra bids for a bigger cut of the action Date: February 2008
Prospects for container terminals in the Ukraine* Date: February 2008
Jakarta terminal to be expanded Date: February 2008
Ennore to use TAMP tariffs Date: February 2008
More capacity for Port Louis Date: February 2008
Cranes delay terminal opening in Dongguan Date: February 2008
...East London upgrade Date: February 2008
Flushed with success Date: February 2008
Dammam to get new terminal Date: February 2008
DCT Gdansk boost Date: February 2008
Chinese in Estonia box terminal deal Date: February 2008
Auckland upgrade Date: February 2008
Liverpool to build £6M fresh produce terminal Date: February 2008
Hamburg pushes Elbe dredging Date: February 2008
New shortsea lo-lo terminal for Ghent Date: February 2008
New Iranian box terminal Date: February 2008
Running in order to stand still Date: January 2008
And now, by special request... Date: January 2008
NYK gets foot into Yangshan Date: January 2008
Melbourne dredging costs rise Date: January 2008
Vizhinjam extended again Date: January 2008
Green light for Kolkata Date: January 2008
Freeport terminal expansion starts Date: January 2008
AIG forms Ports America Date: January 2008
Chinese eye Greek box terminals Date: January 2008
Macquarie invests in Busan project Date: January 2008
Harper modernisation planned Date: January 2008
CMA CGM in China port deal Date: January 2008
Hanjin only runner in Algeciras race Date: January 2008
Mega port for Doha Date: January 2008
Mindanao boxport contest... Date: January 2008
Antwerp digs for 12,000 TEU ships Date: January 2008
PSA goes on the PIL Date: January 2008
Kemi looks beyond life on paper Date: December 2007
Rauma aims high but faces short term constraints Date: December 2007
Rome terminal on the move Date: December 2007
Dragados into US Date: December 2007
PB3T contracts let Date: December 2007
Pyongtaek adds two Date: December 2007
Dachan Bay Terminal One on stream Date: December 2007
Japanese loan for Mombasa Date: December 2007
Sixth sense in Genoa Date: December 2007
Chinese bag Jeddah deals Date: December 2007
...upgrade for JNPT Date: December 2007
Green light for Mumbai OCT... Date: December 2007
Green light for TraPac Date: December 2007
Work begins on Gwadar Phase II Date: November 2007
SIPG bids to boost Yangshan box volumes Date: November 2007
Battle lines drawn in Colombo Date: November 2007
APMT buys stake in Ecuador terminal Date: November 2007
DVTG plans Nakhodka box terminal Date: November 2007
HHLA initiates IPO process Date: November 2007
New CMHI terminal in Shenzhen Date: November 2007
HPH inks Pakistan deal Date: November 2007
Tokyo’s big plans Date: November 2007
MMC signs Jeddah deal Date: November 2007
Euromax quay wall ready Date: November 2007
Major Bilbao project Date: November 2007
Terminal safety in the spotlight Date: November 2007
Hanjin for Jaxport Date: November 2007
BTRE adds port interface performance indicators Date: October 2007
Brazilian ports reach out to a bold future Date: October 2007
Hutchison and KCS raise Lázaro Date: October 2007
YICT adds 13th berth Date: October 2007
Private funding for Vizag, Kandla ports Date: October 2007
Tacoma in TOTE deal Date: October 2007
Kembla car berth open Date: October 2007
GPA buys more land Date: October 2007
Boskalis lands Abu Dhabi dredging deal Date: October 2007
Wincanton’s new trimodal terminal up and running Date: October 2007
ICTSI into Georgia... Date: October 2007
APMT Nansha open Date: October 2007
DIPCO secures loan Date: October 2007
…Manzanillo to invite bids next year Date: October 2007
Subic boxport up for grabs Date: October 2007
Buss seeks “clarification” Date: October 2007
Vizhinjam in demand Date: October 2007
Terminal operator wanted Date: October 2007
Kaohsiung under pressure Date: October 2007
OMG’s Vyborg plans Date: October 2007
Pasir Panjang Phase II award Date: October 2007
Work starts on SP-PSA Date: October 2007
Classy Dames at finishing school Date: October 2007
HPH opens Lázaro Cárdenas terminal… Date: October 2007
Lowering the risk of semi-automation Date: September 2007
Outlook fair for Fairview? Date: September 2007
US port operators eye automation Date: September 2007
Box traffic growth surprises Aarhus Date: September 2007
New Limay terminal operator Date: September 2007
IFC backing for Cartagena Date: September 2007
Hakata adds box berth Date: September 2007
HPH wins Pakistan terminal bid Date: September 2007
New terminal for St Petersburg Date: September 2007
Songyu Phase 1 comes on stream Date: September 2007
New KCT cranes Date: September 2007
Fifth container terminal for Cai Mep Date: September 2007
Adani SEZ at Mundra Date: September 2007
Asian Lines ditch LA terminal Date: September 2007
Work starts on Qingdao terminal Date: September 2007
Bangladesh scraps box port plan Date: September 2007
PD Ports sees northern light Date: September 2007
TIS plans Ukraine’s biggest box terminal Date: September 2007
Reliance in Rewas Date: September 2007
Mumbai deal for Van Oord Date: September 2007
Khasab Port deal Date: September 2007
Cosco eying Subic? Date: September 2007
Robotised Rotterdam World Gateway Date: September 2007
NCC, Eurogate share swap Date: August 2007
Russian port investments on the increase Date: August 2007
Big steps needed to handle record growth Date: August 2007
TICTS short of space Date: August 2007
Nansha boost for Guangzhou traffic Date: August 2007
NYK adds in Tacoma Date: August 2007
Four listed for Khalifa Date: August 2007
Melbourne stevedoring review Date: August 2007
Sydney growth speeds Newcastle Date: August 2007
Sepangar problems Date: August 2007
SITV work under way Date: August 2007
Charleston scheme moves forward Date: August 2007
NY/NJ’s US$1.94B spend Date: August 2007
Otago eyes South Island crown Date: August 2007
BBI extends its European net Date: August 2007
New Indonesia box terminal Date: August 2007
Chennai to set up mega box terminal Date: August 2007
Foreign investment boosts ports industry Date: July 2007
No looking back for Shanghai Date: July 2007
From Santos Brasil to Brazil Terminal? Date: July 2007
Tianjin raises container throughput target Date: July 2007
Time called on Hong Kong terminals Date: July 2007
New NLE terminal progresses Date: July 2007
New port for Myanmar? Date: July 2007
Japan backs South Pacific port upgrade Date: July 2007
Box terminal proposed for south Thailand Date: July 2007
Manila North Harbor “showdown” Date: July 2007
Ins and outs of Fremantle plan Date: July 2007
Evergreen extends Kaohsiung lease Date: July 2007
Penta Vietnam deal Date: July 2007
Zeeland looks south Date: July 2007
DPW committed to Oz Date: July 2007
Yilport adds equipment Date: July 2007
...big Tanga spend Date: July 2007
New port planned at Bagamoyo... Date: July 2007
Tangier terminal up and running Date: July 2007
Botany stand-off Date: July 2007
...PPA set for port upgrade Date: July 2007
ICTSI bags Subic... Date: July 2007
Goldman Sachs eyes Carrix Date: July 2007
Safety “first” at La Spezia Date: July 2007
DPW beats PSA to Maasvlakte-2 Date: July 2007
HHLA joining Odessa file? Date: July 2007
Getting to grips with capacity problem Date: June 2007
Port charges on the rise Date: June 2007
Still dividing up the pieces of the pie Date: June 2007
Stevedoring shake-up in Oz Date: June 2007
Sydney port/rail unjammed? Date: June 2007
GIP buys into Chennai box terminal Date: June 2007
New Cork terminal Date: June 2007
APMT wins Dachan Bay Phase 2 deal Date: June 2007
DP World for Dakar... Date: June 2007
Dunkirk as UK main port? Date: June 2007
Box terminal for Tanzania Date: June 2007
Hambantota work starts... Date: June 2007
...five in for Colombo Date: June 2007
Baltimore switch Date: June 2007
HPH gets second Yantian box terminal Date: June 2007
VTE rumbles on Date: June 2007
...Vallarpadam tender soon Date: June 2007
Berth optimisation Date: June 2007
Liverpool eyes Asia trade Date: June 2007
Vietnam adds port Date: June 2007
New Bangladesh container terminal Date: June 2007
Antwerp fine tunes but fails to find a master plan Date: May 2007
Egyptian ports strategy remains firmly on course Date: May 2007
Port industry where a PIG really can fly Date: May 2007
JNPT passes 3M TEU mark Date: May 2007
VIT goes virtual Date: May 2007
Geelong bids for auto trade Date: May 2007
Perkins into Townsville Date: May 2007
Philippines calls for port bids... Date: May 2007
Vietnamese port plans Date: May 2007
Horizon in Hawaii move Date: May 2007
Bintulu upgrade Date: May 2007
BC projects move ahead Date: May 2007
Still no Paranaguá windows Date: May 2007
TCB/CPIBSA team up Date: May 2007
Port 2000 a year on Date: May 2007
Cosco for Jiangsu? Date: May 2007
Zanzibar on track Date: May 2007
WA spends on ports Date: May 2007
New terminal for Santos Date: May 2007
...starts a third for steel Date: May 2007
HIT/APMT team up for Dachan II Date: May 2007
Houston/Galveston mull Pelican box terminal Date: May 2007
SAGT loses option on new Colombo container berths Date: May 2007
Yangtze box ports expand capacity Date: May 2007
Alabama completing two projects... Date: May 2007
Vizag to double up Date: May 2007
SSA Marine/Puyallup strike Tacoma deal Date: May 2007
KGLPI wins Tanzanian port deal Date: May 2007
Morocco unveils plans for new Tangier port Date: May 2007
Corps issues Charleston box terminal permits Date: May 2007
Ports to get railroaded into shape? Date: April 2007
Galicia goes into overdrive Date: April 2007
Ports consolidated by major new investor Date: April 2007
Run to keep up with the pace setters Date: April 2007
Vuosaari operator deals Date: April 2007
African ports need private participation Date: April 2007
DBFT on schedule Date: April 2007
...mulling west coast site Date: April 2007
New port for India Date: April 2007
CMHI into Vietnam Date: April 2007
TLF calls for port reform Date: April 2007 critics pan Melbourne SEES Date: April 2007
MTL signs Dalian deal Date: April 2007
Israel master plan Date: April 2007
ICTSI wins Ecuador concession Date: April 2007
China ports up 25% Date: April 2007
HPH wins Australian foothold Date: April 2007
Simulation: it’s the real thing Date: March 2007
Sport a Panama hat: the height of fashion Date: March 2007
TICT goes solar Date: March 2007
Kandla open for business Date: March 2007
Battle for Subic container port... Date: March 2007
China Merchants to build box terminal in Tianjin... Date: March 2007
DPW submits Vallarpadam plans Date: March 2007
Aqaba bids imminent Date: March 2007
...eyes stake in Dachan Date: March 2007
HPH eyeing Vancouver? Date: March 2007
HHLA - odds on an IPO Date: March 2007
ECT’s empty promises Date: March 2007
Two “firsts” in Ho Chi Minh City Date: March 2007
Chennai gets second container terminal Date: March 2007
ICTSI-PSA await Ecuador decision Date: March 2007
Hambantota under way Date: March 2007
CMHI in call for standard Date: March 2007
George, Charles, Jasper show Date: March 2007
Go-ahead for for Liverpool Date: March 2007
Having to run in order to stand still Date: February 2007
Serving up a mixed bag of results Date: February 2007
APMT boosts Pipavav Date: February 2007
No sixth sense in Genoa Date: February 2007
Forth Ports pulls out of Multi-Link Date: February 2007
Humen port upgrade Date: February 2007
Work starts at Vallarpadam Date: February 2007
UAE terminal open Date: February 2007
Bouzas in demand Date: February 2007
Cars for PK - under protest Date: February 2007
New port for Delta Date: February 2007
Karachi project moves on Date: February 2007
Liaoning port spend Date: February 2007
Newcastle tries again Date: February 2007
Marg pushes on with Karaikal port plan Date: February 2007
TIDE in at Manta Date: February 2007
Radio switched on in Morehead City Date: February 2007
Prat Wharf under investigation Date: February 2007
Tacoma terminal completed Date: February 2007
PSA mulls Panama Date: February 2007
DPW to begin work on Qingdao terminal Date: February 2007
Gallozzi looks inland Date: February 2007
Seven for Brisbane Date: February 2007
Expansion planned at Nansha Date: February 2007
No joy for Gioia Tauro Date: February 2007
Shanghai heads for top spot Date: February 2007
What’s the big idea with new terminals? Date: January 2007
UK ports policy: broke but how to fix it? Date: January 2007
Pakistan plans to build fourth port Date: January 2007
Singapore stays top Date: January 2007
Angolan ports recovering Date: January 2007
Samskip/PSA HNN in Zeebrugge pact Date: January 2007
FICT opens second container berth Date: January 2007
DPW to invest in Kulpi Date: January 2007
Macquarie in second Canadian move Date: January 2007
Södertälje on the up Date: January 2007
More box capacity in south China Date: January 2007
CDO hanging on Date: January 2007
Steinwerder brought forward? Date: January 2007
OPM eyes Brisbane Date: January 2007
Prat Dock problems Date: January 2007
Wilmington on schedule Date: January 2007
India to help rebuild Myanmar port Date: January 2007
Yangshan III in demand Date: January 2007
Ambitious Mundra Date: January 2007
Going Dutch in Holland Date: January 2007
Coega goes full steam ahead Date: January 2007
New Danube port Date: January 2007
…as Shenzhen’s box growth slows Date: January 2007
CMHI/MTL take control of SCT… Date: January 2007
Work starts on new box terminal in Colombo Date: January 2007
Maasvlakte 2 tussle Date: January 2007
Gammon bids high Date: January 2007
Vuossari finally takes shape Date: December 2006
Cars drive new Russian port interests Date: December 2006
Containerships is set on expansion drive Date: December 2006
Kotka storms ahead in container stakes Date: December 2006
Gulftainer and Pak Shaheen tie up Date: December 2006
Upheavals in Sydney Date: December 2006
Dietrich advises 3i on HHLA bid Date: December 2006
More land for Rotterdam Date: December 2006
Gujarat mulls box terminal Date: December 2006
Port Irene dream lives on Date: December 2006
Feeder terminal at Karwar Date: December 2006 AIG buys DPW’s US assets Date: December 2006
...bids sought for Bojonegara port Date: December 2006
New box terminal for Buenaventura Date: December 2006
Posorja for Alinport Date: December 2006
Yangshan second terminal opens Date: December 2006
Enter Cargo Service Date: December 2006
New Jakarta port may reduce Singapore traffic... Date: December 2006
PSA wins Gwadar Date: December 2006
Hong Kong shelves CT10? Date: November 2006
YICT rises to the top in south China Date: November 2006
AICTL embraces SCT Date: November 2006
Murmansk eyes boxes Date: November 2006
Boost for BHP site Date: November 2006
PNP to add terminal Date: November 2006
Ningbo expanding Date: November 2006
Costa Rica concession Date: November 2006
Second terminal for Lyon Date: November 2006
K Line Yokohama switch Date: November 2006
LHG gets second helpings Date: November 2006
BGV sails ahead Date: November 2006
Another box terminal for Tianjin Date: November 2006
Velasco gets under way Date: November 2006
Vlad eyes boxes Date: November 2006
Macquarie buying Halterm Date: November 2006
Gulftainer targets Kuwait terminal Date: November 2006
Peel sells 49% ports stake Date: November 2006
DP World rebrands Date: November 2006
US$120M war chest for ICTSI Date: November 2006
Nod for Craney Island Date: November 2006
Russian ports on the rails? Date: November 2006
Four for Gwadar Date: November 2006
HHLA launches partial privatisation campaign Date: November 2006
A case of “mañana” in Mexico? Date: October 2006
Positive outlook for major ports Date: October 2006
Australian sea trade set for steady growth Date: October 2006
Fremantle confident OHP hurdles will be overcome Date: October 2006
Muuga set for €200M investment Date: October 2006
Grangemouth sallies Forth Date: October 2006
Taicang gains Japan link Date: October 2006
Setback in Mombasa Date: October 2006
New Lagos terminal Date: October 2006
Mobile plan moves ahead Date: October 2006
Big boys eye Zaragoza? Date: October 2006
More gear for Oroport Date: October 2006
More cranes for Sokhna Date: October 2006
DP World to boost handling capacity Date: October 2006
Shanghai set for new record Date: October 2006
Pakistan calls new Gwadar tender... Date: October 2006
New MICT gate gets thumbs up Date: October 2006
ASK comes up with the answers Date: September 2006
Canadian ports at the gate Date: September 2006
Gothenburg is ready for the big league Date: September 2006
AMPT to operate Bahrain terminal Date: September 2006
New ports planned for Fujian Date: September 2006
Penang to expand box capacity Date: September 2006
Mombasa free port Date: September 2006
Guam to buy Singapore crane Date: September 2006
Colombo gets loan for South Harbour Date: September 2006
Gulftainer in Comoros deal Date: September 2006
Centerm expansion complete... Date: September 2006
More cranes for PNC Date: September 2006
Rostov port plan Date: September 2006
BLG Logistics continues growth trend Date: August 2006
JadeWeserPort confident of a 2010 start Date: August 2006
HHLA and Eurogate bursting at the seams Date: August 2006
Spoilt for choice soon in Poland? Date: August 2006
Kaliningrad goes fishing for containers Date: August 2006
Cosco Pacific into Fujian Date: August 2006
WA looks offshore Date: August 2006
Sunny outlook for Tokyo’s Oi terminal Date: August 2006
Johor Port gets more Date: August 2006
Genoa project delayed Date: August 2006
...DPW to invest in Port Qasim Date: August 2006
Sepangar early next year Date: August 2006
...Sohar on the blocks Date: August 2006
Lubeck favours Hamburg link-up Date: August 2006
Five in for Panama terminal Date: August 2006
Technology at the gate Date: July 2006
Hong Kong losing out to lower cost competition Date: July 2006
Capacity crunch Date: July 2006
...and Gwadar port, too? Date: July 2006
Gantry cranes for Guam? Date: July 2006
East Asia port growth study Date: July 2006
Hogia wins Oskar for TOS Date: July 2006
Big spend for Savannah Date: July 2006
...Vancouver takes a stretch Date: July 2006
Maersk pitch at Savona Date: July 2006
APMT wins Maasvlakte 2 concession Date: July 2006
Containers start to flow at Castellón Date: July 2006
Hutchison denies Jakarta charges Date: July 2006
New AGV concept Date: July 2006
Matching the old with the new in Egypt Date: June 2006
Coming up on the inside track Date: June 2006
Constantza aims to grow in the Black Date: June 2006
Pretoria struggles to create container competition Date: June 2006
Novorossiysk’s new box terminal on the way Date: June 2006
Prat decided Date: June 2006
ICTSI into Indonesia... Date: June 2006
Cold ironing alternative Date: June 2006
PSA in market for cranes Date: June 2006
OnePort still costing shareholders money Date: June 2006
Carolinas’ ports think big Date: June 2006
Major drugs bust in India Date: June 2006
Port Kembla gets go-ahead Date: June 2006
Container Terminal Planning - A Theoretical Approach Date:
Italian ports mostly run to stand still Date: May 2006
Striving for a standard TOS Date: May 2006
Independent operators look for a niche Date: May 2006
RFID positioning gains ground Date: May 2006
A tale of two terminals Date: May 2006
Odessa deal not yet confirmed Date: May 2006
PSA takes on Dongguan joint venture Date: May 2006
Gangavaram security delay Date: May 2006
China forecasts Date: May 2006
Will Dover express come off the rails? Date: April 2006
More ports opt for the box Date: April 2006
Port investments gathering pace Date: April 2006
Brunei seeks backers Date: April 2006
Brunswick, NC steps out Date: April 2006
Vladivostock gears up Date: April 2006
Chinese stowaways cause US concern Date: April 2006
ICTSI weighs up safety Date: April 2006
Le Havre’s Port 2000 project inaugurated Date: April 2006
Riga plan Date: April 2006
New Freyer box terminal Date: April 2006
Tuticorin expansion plan Date: April 2006
China Merchants to add berths Date: March 2006
Row over VTE VIth module Date: March 2006
Boost for Luanda Date: March 2006
PSA eyeing 50M TEU Date: March 2006
PSA leads Panama chase Date: March 2006
Melbourne dredging put back Date: March 2006
Ningbo to build major new box terminal Date: March 2006
CMA CGM for Batam? Date: March 2006
MSC-PSA Asia Terminal open Date: March 2006
China to double container handling capacity by 2010 Date: March 2006
...DPW eyes Gwadar Date: March 2006
LHG seeking private investors Date: March 2006
Battle for hub status in NE Asia kicks off Date: February 2006
European/Med box port markets to 2015 Date: February 2006
East African ports to benefit from rail revolution? Date: February 2006
Competition getting hotter in Poland Date: February 2006
Mixed results for French ports Date: February 2006
Prince Rupert saddles his horse at last Date: February 2006
...changes operator Date: February 2006
Cosco eyes Greek ports Date: February 2006
Prat Dock in demand Date: February 2006
JNPT plans Terminal 4 Date: February 2006
Boost for Savona Date: February 2006
Yangshan lifts Shanghai Date: February 2006
Tampa commissions three box cranes... Date: February 2006
New Deltaport berth delayed 12 months Date: February 2006
PB3T work under way Date: February 2006
Savannah on a high Date: February 2006
New gate for MICT Date: February 2006
Tacoma shatters cargo records Date: February 2006
Adelaide wins dredging race Date: February 2006
Westport record? Date: February 2006
More Mumbai delay Date: February 2006
Bay alliance Date: February 2006
East Coast container terminal boom Date: January 2006
Hutchison to get order of the Bath? Date: January 2006
Newcastle reversal Date: January 2006
Green light for HPH/ Evergreen Indian bids Date: January 2006
MSC/PSA form Singapore JV Date: January 2006
Row could delay Port 2000 Date: January 2006
First shot at Subic Date: January 2006
Cosco Pacific buys Suez terminal stake Date: January 2006
Colombo boost Date: January 2006
Guaymas hub port? Date: January 2006
Big moves in Kingston Date: January 2006
Gateway ready for the off Date: January 2006
Djibouti upgrade complete Date: January 2006
Freo postpones Date: January 2006
...PSA/HPH eye Indonesian port Date: January 2006
Guangzhou box surge Date: January 2006
Conforce in Durres privatisation talks Date: December 2005
Gioia Tauro car traffic up Date: December 2005
Norfolk for Killingholme Date: December 2005
Maersk mulls Xiamen hub Date: December 2005
Toamasina upgrade under way Date: December 2005
Panama megaport moving forward Date: December 2005
Dragados’ US toehold? Date: December 2005
Container terminal for Cuxhaven Date: December 2005
...Gwadar next? Date: December 2005
Green issues in the spotlight Date: December 2005
...Taicang Phase 2 on target Date: December 2005
MTL to take majority stake in Dachan second phase... Date: December 2005
Autostrad terminal opens Date: December 2005
...DPW into Turkey... Date: December 2005
HIT/MTL eye CT3 Date: December 2005
India fears DPW monopoly... Date: December 2005
Contship Italia for Tanger Atlantique Date: December 2005
Maersk returns to Mindanao Date: December 2005
PPC spending spree... Date: December 2005
Adelaide uncertain Date: December 2005
...HPH rolling orders Date: December 2005
Call for consultants Date: December 2005
Melbourne dredging a year away Date: December 2005
HBCT productivity record Date: December 2005
Chinese eye Crete hub Date: December 2005
Ports focus on unitised cargo flows Date: December 2005
Running in order to stand still Date: December 2005
Helsinki: light at the end of the tunnel Date: December 2005
What’s next for HPH/PSA? Date: November 2005
Hong Kong to lose box port crown for good Date: November 2005
Proof of transmontane loyalties Date: November 2005
Chassis pools come into their own Date: November 2005
India’s ports tread a private path Date: November 2005
Overcapacity fears in south China Date: November 2005
Autostore takes the strain for Exxtor Date: November 2005
...Yantar declares its hand Date: November 2005
Pusan New Port coming soon Date: November 2005
APMT bags Algeciras deal Date: November 2005
Navis TOS for Kochi Date: November 2005
APMT puts vacuum mooring to the test Date: November 2005
No 10 for Brisbane Date: November 2005
P&OP in Vietnam move Date: November 2005
Embarcadero TOS for Wilmington Date: November 2005
Upgrade for Brunswick Date: November 2005
Shock decision for PBT3 Date: November 2005
HPH/APMT win slice of Yangshan Phase II Date: November 2005
China to develop rail box terminals Date: November 2005
Hurricane forces getting more powerful? Date: October 2005
South of the border for decongestant? Date: October 2005
Maximising liquid assets across the 49th parallel Date: October 2005
New Azov box terminal Date: October 2005
Embarcadero into Europe Date: October 2005
Charleston’s equipment spree Date: October 2005
Goteborg’s big spend Date: October 2005
Infra Dighe Date: October 2005
Batam hub port plan Date: October 2005
Nacala not for Tertir Date: October 2005
Global box operators continue to dominate Date: October 2005
Construction deal for DCT Gdansk... Date: October 2005
New terminal for Vlissingen Date: October 2005
...don’t forget Swinoujscie Date: October 2005
Gothenburg reviews its strategic options Date: September 2005
Tilbury’s automated terminal hits the ground running Date: September 2005
Congestion overcome...challenges ahead Date: September 2005
Early axe for Glebe Island Date: October 2005
APM Terminals for Dunkirk Date: September 2005
Six in for Tuticorin Date: September 2005
PTP scotches Evergreen rumours Date: September 2005
Fatality in Tacoma Date: September 2005
Box scanner for Batangas Date: September 2005
Mumbai dredging demand Date: September 2005
Liverpool in control Date: September 2005
Itapoa deal Date: September 2005
PSA seeks to raise HIT stake Date: September 2005
MSC to hub at Beirut Date: September 2005
Ghana row still rumbling on Date: September 2005
...Newcastle gets nod Date: September 2005
Dachan Bay gets underway Date: September 2005
Thomas Falknor Date: September 2005
Hedland moves ahead Date: September 2005
Melbourne dredging trial a success... Date: September 2005
Auckland cuts the glare Date: September 2005
New port for Kolkata Date: September 2005
Minor issues in India Date: September 2005
Luanda set to expand Date: September 2005
Work starts at Carmel Date: September 2005
US-built box crane Date: September 2005
Foreign investors target port projects Date: August 2005
Port investments on the up and up Date: August 2005
Navis for Beirut Date: August 2005
Gangavaram port set to move ahead Date: August 2005
China box volumes up 24 per cent Date: August 2005
Johor denies box shift to PTP Date: August 2005
L&T plans port push Date: August 2005
All go in Chennai Date: August 2005
Sydney up but Freo trade flat Date: August 2005
Hong Kong to cut charges Date: August 2005
CT3 to change hands? Date: August 2005
Rotterdam box growth Date: August 2005
...ICTSI ramps up Oz push... Date: August 2005
Jurong mulls expansion Date: August 2005
More delay for PB3T... Date: August 2005
Centerm on target Date: August 2005
Post-Panamax in Liverpool Date: August 2005
London Gateway approval... Date: Web only
...Teesport's northern lights Date: Web only
Shanghai leads the race west Date: July 2005
PECT gets automated Date: July 2005
...the Haven defence Date: July 2005
Business trickles into ACT Date: July 2005
Shenzhen on course to handle 15 mill TEU Date: July 2005
Melbourne SEES gets underway Date: July 2005
Dhamra on track Date: July 2005
Private in Gwadar Date: July 2005
Aguadulce upgrade Date: July 2005
Teesport puts case for the north... Date: July 2005
Row brews in Madeira Date: July 2005
Busan rent resistance Date: July 2005
Singapore leads Hong Kong in port rankings Date: July 2005
Four eye Dunkirk Date: July 2005
Westport on the up Date: July 2005
Mumbai box terminal in demand Date: July 2005
Cape Town expansion project Date: July 2005
India port boost for domestic operators Date: July 2005
Nacala under fire Date: July 2005
Extending Broome Date: July 2005
ATI upgrade Date: July 2005
Maersk move raises Euromax questions Date: May 2005
Turbulent times for port operators Date: May 2005
Optimise and integrate Date: May 2005
China Merchants in pole position Date: May 2005
Lessons for all in Melbourne channel deepening debacle Date: May 2005
Rotterdam building more barge terminals Date: May 2005
Rotterdam getting boxed in Date: May 2005
Deurganckdok ready but the space race continues Date: May 2005
Oz terminals feel the squeeze from boom Date: May 2005
Mixing the new and the old in Egypt Date: June 2005
New priorities in Southern Africa Date: June 2005
MacGregor linkspan order Date: May 2005
Box terminal for Hazira? Date: May 2005
Eurogate invests in Hamburg Date: May 2005
Delays force Brisbane to reschedule Date: May 2005
Goteborg spreading its net Date: May 2005
...Mombasa plan revealed Date: May 2005
Dragados’ Israeli row Date: May 2005
ABG wins Kandla bid Date: May 2005
SIPG buying into Wuhan Date: May 2005
...Vyborg out of coal Date: May 2005
Singapore regains top box port crown Date: May 2005
Upgrade for Vysotsk ... Date: May 2005
Kuwait to build US$2 bill container port Date: May 2005
Beijing nod for Dachan box terminal Date: May 2005
HPH eyeing Russian container terminal? Date: May 2005
Melbourne under fire Date: May 2005
ZICT embarks on Phase II project Date: May 2005
OK for YICT expansion Date: May 2005
Cosco Pacific for Nansha Date: May 2005
Ennore in the black Date: May 2005
Chennai invites box terminal bids Date: May 2005
Suezmax terminal for Bristol? Date: Web-only
Ceres finally scores Date: Web news
ICTSI wins Madagascar deal Date: June 2005
West Java thinks big Date: June 2005
Suezmax terminal for Bristol? Date: June 2005
Oz ports are not a problem after all Date: June 2005
Antwerp card check Date: June 2005
Gopalpur shortlists bidders Date: June 2005
BA awards dredging contract Date: June 2005
Vizhinjam extends deadline - again Date: June 2005
Melbourne dredging on trial Date: June 2005
New Tasmanian ports HQ chosen Date: June 2005
More manoeuvring in Amsterdam Date: April 2005
....Adelaide green light Date: April 2005
...eyes China growth Date: April 2005
PTP Phase II on schedule Date: April 2005
Mundra builds on Date: April 2005
Cosco Pacific disposes of Shenzhen box port stake Date: April 2005
Melbourne channel deepening sunk... Date: April 2005
P&ONL’s Genoa sting Date: April 2005
More Colombo terminals Date: April 2005
APMT in Pipavav move... Date: April 2005
No listing for HPH Date: April 2005
Vizhinjam effort redoubled Date: April 2005
Auckland projects take shape Date: April 2005
Cornelder PPP deal in Mozambique Date: April 2005
Teignmouth redevelopment Date: April 2005
Privates on Indian parade Date: April 2005
Kochi hands RGCT over to DPI Date: April 2005
Punta Colonent denials Date: April 2005
Dirty row at Bunbury Date: April 2005
Outlook is Fair for Maher Date: April 2005
Not everything in the garden is rosy Date: April 2005
California greening drive Date: March 2005
NAWC congestion could well get worse Date: March 2005
Panamanian operators commit to new investment Date: March 2005
Nigeria on the brink of major ports privatisation? Date: March 2005
Green light for Chennai terminal Date: March 2005
Wind of change at Ayr Date: March 2005
Mindanao box port gets going Date: March 2005
Waves in the Sea of Azov Date: March 2005
Silport gets set Date: March 2005
Mercator eyes ports Date: March 2005
HPH into Egypt Date: March 2005
Lille pushes the boat out Date: February 2005
Optimising container terminal management Date: February 2005
Shanghai sets out its stall Date: February 2005
Investing in the Ukraine Date: February 2005
The responsibility, but not the power Date: February 2005
Making the French connection Date: February 2005
Raising the stakes for hub port status Date: February 2005
Drogheda plans for the long haul Date: February 2005
Kokkola’s enclosure opens for business Date: February 2005
Grip of steel tightens around ports Date: February 2005
Indonesian ports on offer? Date: February 2005
Nansha underused as ships stay away Date: February 2005
St Bernard flying high Date: February 2005
Egypt’s biggest Date: February 2005
Singapore to regain top spot? Date: February 2005
DPI inks Vallarpadam deal Date: February 2005
Battle lines drawn at Voltri... Date: February 2005
IPO for Shanghai port operator Date: February 2005
Hamburg outlines investment budget Date: February 2005
SA ports upgrade Date: February 2005
Garston builds on Date: February 2005
Ningbo set to challenge Shanghai’s new box port Date: February 2005
Brunei hits box record Date: February 2005
SouthPort plans Date: February 2005
India amends box terminal policy Date: February 2005
Peel makes bid for Mersey Docks Date: February 2005
...Orlandi moves into La Spezia Date: February 2005
..adds berth in Karachi Date: February 2005
PSA requests Tuticorin change Date: February 2005
Dragados to up Caucedo stake? Date: February 2005
Progress in Kandla Date: February 2005
RTT misses targets Date: February 2005
Waterland to double Date: February 2005
WW mulls Sydney terminal Date: February 2005
Mumbai tries again for offshore terminal Date: February 2005
First Nigerian port tender Date: February 2005
Blow for Kerala Date: February 2005
54 tonne GVWs? Date: February 2005
Port deaths linked to fumigation Date: February 2005
Chile faces landside challenge Date: January 2005
Central questions Date: January 2005
Piano plays a bold tune Date: January 2005
...Beypore study Date: January 2005
Pakistan seeks Gwadar operators Date: January 2005
Second terminal for Mombasa Date: January 2005
Bremen plans new container terminal Date: January 2005
MTL plans upgrade Date: January 2005
Kerala in a jam.... Date: January 2005
New record for Ningbo Date: January 2005
Vancouver changes Date: January 2005
Lome deal Date: January 2005
French interested in Newcastle MPT Date: January 2005
APM astride the Pillars of Hercules Date: January 2005
WA ports expand Date: January 2005
Big operators join forces in Tianjin Date: January 2005
Row brewing up in Kulpi Date: January 2005
Fertisa hunts boxes Date: January 2005
Less for more in Bilbao? Date: January 2005
Ringing the changes in Kotka Date: December 2004
BCT carries on regardless Date: December 2004
Engaging Finland’s western front Date: December 2004
Crystal clear container management Date: December 2004
Fuzhou eyes Taiwan trade Date: December 2004
ICTSI for Mindanao? Date: December 2004
Ennore box plan Date: December 2004
Buenos Aires row Date: December 2004
Free for all at JNP Date: December 2004
DPI in a hurry Date: December 2004
TCT adds handling muscle Date: December 2004
Retender in Batam Date: December 2004
Rough ride for Philippine ports sector Date: November 2004
PSA the front runner for CSXWT terminals Date: November 2004
Tackling the empty container problem Date: November 2004
Livorno leg up Date: November 2004
New Nigerian port? Date: November 2004
Taiwan to upgrade five ports Date: November 2004
Intermarine buys terminal Date: November 2004
JWD acquired by DMJM+Harris Date: November 2004
Oz terminals security charge Date: November 2004
Tauranga set to top Auckland? Date: November 2004
CSXWT sale opens Adelaide options Date: November 2004
Yang Ming in Tacoma deal Date: November 2004
Lines livid over Melbourne levy Date: November 2004
Nigerian concession process... Date: November 2004
APMT in for JNP4 Date: November 2004
HPH into Poland Date: November 2004
DPI seeks partners for Vallarpadam Date: November 2004
Congestion in Oz ports - real or circumstantial? Date: October 2004
Nigerian no on ISPS Date: October 2004
GPA opens Gate 3 Date: October 2004
Russian rail chase Date: October 2004
Update on Bayport Date: October 2004
Boost for Paragon Date: October 2004
CMHI to expand Mawan terminal Date: October 2004
APMT for Zeebrugge Date: October 2004
Oz box records broken Date: October 2004
Shenzhen to top Kwai Chung? Date: October 2004
Jade on track Date: October 2004
ZPMC wins Suape deal Date: October 2004
Ukranian megaport planned Date: October 2004
HPH signs Waigaoqiao Phase V joint venture Date: October 2004
CMA-CGM to operate Malta Freeport Date: October 2004
Malagasy PPP plan Date: October 2004
Keeping it in the family Date: October 2004
Tampa Wises up Date: October 2004
A bridge over troubled waters Date: September 2004
Copenhagen-Malmo Port sets out stall for cars Date: September 2004
Aarhus gets the green light Date: September 2004
NAWC looking for a decongestant Date: September 2004
Four eyeing up CSXWT assets Date: September 2004
PSA/HPH in the hunt for Gwadar Date: September 2004
...PSA/PTP alliance? Date: September 2004
Geelong port land reserved Date: September 2004
New port planned on Lake Maracaibo Date: September 2004 port for Kenya Date: September 2004
APMT inks Xiamen deal... Date: September 2004
Indian ports up and down Date: September 2004
15 more berths for Pasir Panjang... Date: September 2004
Nod for SPC’s Botany plans Date: September 2004
Early start for Vallarpadam? Date: September 2004
Suape goes shopping Date: September 2004
Mombasa delays... Date: September 2004
New ports for Colombia Date: September 2004
Haldia plans to build on Date: September 2004
Kerala action plan Date: September 2004
BOT plan for Cebu Date: September 2004
Finnsteve in Mussalo Date: September 2004
New modal shift initiatives shape up Date: August 2004
A tale of two G’cities Date: August 2004
Jasper still clinging on Date: August 2004
Saigon relocations approved Date: August 2004
Ambitious Ilyichevsk Date: August 2004
Aqaba deal for APMT Date: August 2004
Brunei seeks partner for new box port Date: August 2004
New Chinese TOS Date: August 2004
Tangier interest running high Date: August 2004
New Beirut concession Date: August 2004
X-ray for Adelaide Date: August 2004
Portek in Algerian port deal Date: August 2004
New Petrolesport terminal plan Date: August 2004
Sea-Invest into Hamburg Date: August 2004
Jakarta planning new box port Date: August 2004
P&OP secures Kulpi Date: August 2004
Shenzhen building capacity Date: July 2004
Shanghai to outline port stake strategy Date: July 2004
CT9 eases the pressure at Kwai Chung Date: July 2004
China Merchants takes the credit Date: July 2004
Vic Dock deal irks P&OP/Patrick Date: July 2004
PPP in Mozambique Date: July 2004
PTP expansion continuing Date: July 2004
Bayport moves on Date: July 2004
Vallarpadam OK imminent Date: July 2004
SCI plans move into terminals Date: July 2004
Djibouti bidding for hub status Date: July 2004
APMT for Douala Date: July 2004
MSC in Oz box terminal tilt Date: July 2004
Big plans for Sedefport Date: July 2004
New investments start to bite into delays Date: June 2004
SCCT stands by for launch Date: June 2004
Vietnam’s deepwater port open for business Date: June 2004
Tampa box drive Date: June 2004
Dunkirk bags Maersk Date: June 2004
Mindanao setback Date: June 2004
Cosco to take HNN stake? Date: June 2004
...concerns in Kochi Date: June 2004
New working rules for Le Havre Date: June 2004
Yangshan opened to overseas operators Date: June 2004
New plan for Botany Date: June 2004
India drafts new bidding guidelines for terminals Date: June 2004
JNP deal comes under fire... Date: June 2004
ITS Tacoma deal Date: June 2004
Barcelona plans big Date: June 2004
Paradip reversal Date: June 2004
P&OP’s Melbourne blend Date: June 2004
Southampton acts to improve landside Date: May 2004
Spanish practices of contrasting styles Date: May 2004
Port planning in Paradise Date: May 2004
Getting the stacks onto the rails Date: May 2004
OneStone forecasts Date: May 2004
Aden calling - again Date: April 2004
DPI wins Kochi bid Date: April 2004
BCT grows strongly Date: April 2004
...Contecar looks out Date: March 2004
Mindanao for PIA? Date: March 2004
P&OP goes long at Centerm... Date: March 2004 Termont renews Date: March 2004
SIPG to run Yangshan I Date: March 2004
Dubai in Naha link? Date: March 2004
Maersk/ Concor win JNP Date: March 2004
Growth continues in the top French container ports Date: February 2004
Turning away from the bridge of sighs? Date: February 2004
Portek at the helm Date: February 2004
Hanjin dropping CSXWT HK Date: February 2004
Third time lucky for Kandla? Date: February 2004
Prince Rupert mulls container terminal Date: February 2004
JICT ignores call to shut down Date: February 2004
TCA up and running Date: February 2004
Manchester again Date: January 2004
Gdansk receives final approval... Date: January 2004
CSXWT opens Yantai operation Date: January 2004
Greening Los Angeles Date: January 2004
Thumbs down in Trinidad Date: January 2004
Pipavav seeks funds Date: January 2004
Cocoa at Ceres Date: January 2004
APM seals Shanghai terminal joint venture Date: January 2004
Patrick takes robotic route Date: December 2003
Finnsteve looks to automation Date: December 2003
San Antonio expands Date: December 2003
WGQ4 hits million mark Date: December 2003
Tollerort expansion Date: December 2003
Visakha bags Concor deal Date: November 2003
YICT Phase III in service Date: November 2003
ICTSI’s Polish war chest Date: November 2003
Chennai on the up Date: November 2003
BEE for Durban Date: October 2003
ATI bid spurned in Mindanao Date: October 2003
Hibiki on track Date: October 2003
Goteborg strengthens its base Date: September 2003
Between a rock and a hard place Date: September 2003
Aarhus’ tunnel vision Date: September 2003
Brazilian port privatisation: is next gear reverse? Date: September 2003
Hazira box terminal? Date: September 2003
Port operators waiting on Yangshan plans Date: September 2003
Gdansk makes progress? Date: August 2003
Altenwerder comes of age Date: August 2003
Hamburg hits new high Date: August 2003
Seaforth open longer Date: August 2003
MGT for JNPT? Date: August 2003
Two in for Kochi... Date: August 2003
First CT9 berth comes on stream Date: July 2003
Shenzhen heads for another record year Date: July 2003
North China ports chart expansion plans Date: July 2003
All eyes on Yangshan port Date: July 2003
Unblocking the terminal gate Date: July 2003
Carriers for Bojonegara? Date: July 2003
Hams Hall expansion programme complete Date: July 2003
PAM seeks Fos partner Date: July 2003
Red Hook available Date: July 2003
Beirut box terminal tender Date: July 2003
...but loses out at JNP Date: June 2003
ATI sole bidder for Mindanao terminal Date: June 2003
The Nigerian government says it will take steps to Date: May 2003
HK operators dismiss Shenzhen challenge Date: May 2003
Hunterston hub study Date: May 2003
Chennai ahead of target Date: May 2003
New empty depot Date: April 2003
Vallarpadam delayed again? Date: April 2003
HPH stands firm on Jakarta... Date: April 2003
ATI and OroPort slug it out Date: April 2003
PSA revamp Date: April 2003
.. Mumbai interest Date: April 2003
...Thai PM plea fails Date: April 2003
Lazaro Cardenas award Date: April 2003
Northport farms out Date: April 2003
PSA/Cosco terminal talks Date: March 2003
SPICT and span Date: March 2003
Durban box terminal tender imminent Date: March 2003
.problems for HPH in Jakarta? Date: March 2003
ICTSI bags BCT Date: March 2003
Unikai closes down Date: March 2003
.snub for Vallarpadam Date: March 2003
Yantai for CSXWT Date: March 2003
Manila canned Date: February 2003
Empty boxes flood Oz Date: February 2003
US$20 bill needed for Chinese ports Date: February 2003
First for Kalmar Date: February 2003
Hong Kong bounces back Date: January 2003
...five in for Kochi Date: January 2003
Cornell bags Beirut Date: January 2003
Dragados Barcelona expansion Date: January 2003
PSA adds Fuzhou Date: January 2003
P&OP challenges JNPT ban.. Date: January 2003
Constantza calling Date: January 2003
TIPS wins Laem Chabang C-3 bid Date: January 2003
The future has already begun Date: December 2002
Straddling the Russian world Date: December 2002
P&OP/CMA-CGM form joint venture Date: December 2002
Vervat/ECT fight it out Date: December 2002
.. Halifax status quo Date: December 2002
MGT renews Montreal lease.. Date: December 2002
Halifax shortlist Date: November 2002
.. US ports lock-out hits Shenzhen Date: November 2002
Tenerife goes public Date: November 2002
Congestion fears for YICT... Date: November 2002
Battle in the Baltic Date: November 2002
Jurong Phase III Date: November 2002
Study forecasts steady growth Date: October 2002
Oz box volumes on the up Date: October 2002
Ports line up for Sydney trade Date: October 2002
Suape defensive over prices Date: October 2002
Gearless in Chile. Date: October 2002
Hong Kong box figures perk up. Date: October 2002
RTT still suffering Date: October 2002
Valencia request Date: September 2002
SCT cuts charges... Date: September 2002
Antwerp anger... Date: September 2002
Malaysian merger talks? Date: September 2002
Threat to Hibiki? Date: September 2002
Chennai handover Date: September 2002
.. APM bags WGQ deal Date: September 2002
Deeply engrossed in Jade Date: August 2002
Altenwerder goes live Date: August 2002
To the point Date: August 2002
PSA Indian double? Date: August 2002
JNPTopts for BOT Date: August 2002
China box traffic surge Date: August 2002
New empty box centre Date: August 2002
Shenzhen moving up the port rankings Date: July 2002
Prevention better than cure Date: July 2002
Hong Kong headache for Hutchison? Date: July 2002
PSA moves in on Shenzhen Date: July 2002
Vizag progress Date: July 2002
Tranz Rail/Maersk getting closer Date: July 2002
TCB in Gijon row Date: June 2002
ICD setback for ICTSI Date: June 2002
Panama windfall for Hutchison Date: June 2002
Dutch opt for check out Date: May 2002
Thinking inside of the box Date: May 2002
Altamira flies high Date: May 2002
Six in for Duisburg Date: May 2002
New operator for Packer Date: May 2002
HHLA bidding for Transfracht stake Date: May 2002
Puerto Bolivar to be privatised Date: May 2002
Grup TCB gears up Date: April 2002
Investment rules eased in China Date: April 2002
Cosco Naples deal Date: April 2002
HPH still chasing Shanghai terminal Date: April 2002
Suape stand-off Date: April 2002
10 show interest in Port 2000 Date: April 2002
...Karachi in private Date: April 2002
Buoyant Cartagena Date: March 2002
HPH eyes Thai terminal Date: March 2002
BNSF bags Oakland Date: March 2002
Frenkendorf networks Date: February 2002
RTT under fire Date: February 2002
Hanno restructuring Date: February 2002
Uruguayan port project Date: February 2002
Aden traffic surge Date: February 2002
Hong Kong slips Date: February 2002
Hamburg barge plan Date: February 2002
Brisbane shuffle Date: February 2002
APM for Kingston Date: February 2002
HPH bags HMM's Korean terminals Date: January 2002
Gijon concession goes to Grup TCB Date: January 2002
Sydney mulls Botany options Date: December 2001
Tien Sa upgrade Date: December 2001
PSA makes waves in the Adriatic Date: December 2001
Salvador Union loan Date: December 2001
Port 2000 awards Date: December 2001
SPS plans expansion Date: December 2001
PSA gets Hibiki green light Date: December 2001
Manila Centre progress Date: December 2001
Hong Kong terminal freeze Date: December 2001
HPH signs YICT agreement Date: December 2001
Come and give us a call sometime Date: November 2001
Taking a look at the outer limits Date: November 2001
PSA negotiating Sines partnership Date: November 2001
Boxes for Bunbury Date: November 2001
Aboitiz denies Eurogate link Date: November 2001
Chennai rate hike Date: November 2001
Brisbane steady as she goes Date: October 2001
Dunkirk building on... Date: October 2001
Evergreen for Taipei Date: October 2001
New box terminal for Madeira Date: October 2001
New York/New Jersey status statement Date: October 2001
Performance rising but volumes slip Date: October 2001
VTE gets bigger Date: September 2001
Cosco eyes Taipei port project Date: September 2001
CT9 behind schedule Date: September 2001
P&OP pulls out of Kandla Date: September 2001
Green light for XICT expansion Date: September 2001
Davao's box ambitions Date: September 2001
Sheerness boosts mobile power Date: September 2001
Setubal concession Date: August 2001
Mindanao plans Date: August 2001
Cuxhaven digs in Date: June 2001
Westgate EOIs called Date: June 2001
New box port plan for Taipei... Date: June 2001
...Kaohsiung bid to improve ranking Date: June 2001
...Kaohsiung bid to improve ranking Date: June 2001
Klang eyes Vallarpadam Date: June 2001
Newcastle hubbub Date: June 2001
Nanjing container terminal plans Date: June 2001
Another boost for Bristol rail Date: June 2001
Look quickly or you might miss it Date: June 2001
HPH acquires IIHC Date: May 2001
Turning constraints into opportunities Date: May 2001
Embarking on new control system Date: May 2001
Antwerp counts cost of its environment Date: May 2001
Commercial venture Date: May 2001
Maasvlakte II on course for lasting solution Date: May 2001
Zeeland in growth mode Date: May 2001
CT9 behind schedule Date: May 2001
ICTSI Suape confirmed Date: May 2001
Vancouver/Casco deal Date: May 2001
CSG into terminals Date: May 2001
Mindanao up for grabs Date: May 2001
Blyth in good spirit Date: May 2001
Kwangyang progress Date: May 2001
New terminal in Tema Date: May 2001
Holt bags Evergreen Date: May 2001
OOCL cools Oakland terminal rumours Date: May 2001
SATI sets the pace Date: June 2001
Green light for Westgate Date: April 2001
Spanish ports head off two ways Date: April 2001
Drag race favourite Date: April 2001
ICTSI container traffic surge Date: April 2001
A gap in the Gulf ports market? Date: April 2001
Waiting in the wings Date: April 2001
San Diego's Tenth move Date: April 2001
Savannah invests to meet demand Date: April 2001
Questions over AARP Date: April 2001
AQIS in the depot Date: April 2001
PSA adds in China Date: April 2001
Maersk drops Savona plan Date: April 2001
Kitakyushu squabble Date: April 2001
MTL claims new records Date: April 2001
...PTP in overdrive Date: April 2001
Westport traffic growing rapidly... Date: April 2001
Looking at matters in the round Date: March 2001
Burnished, tarnished light Date: March 2001
Forces jostle for position in Melbourne Date: March 2001
Fremantle looking for rail solutions Date: March 2001
China's option for a northern hub Date: March 2001
ICTSI for Suape? Date: March 2001
Abra-cadabra Date: March 2001
Cosmos automates the gate Date: March 2001
Evergreen's new Kaohsiung terminal fully operational Date: March 2001
MTL gets the nod for SCT stake Date: March 2001
ATI on a roll Date: March 2001
Mindanao still on Date: March 2001
Nigerian switch Date: March 2001
Green light for Radio Island LNG terminal Date: March 2001
P&OP parks in Tauranga Date: March 2001
New Zealand ports start to shuttle Date: March 2001
Dow takes a new approach \ Date: March 2001
Searching for gateway role Date: February 2001
Hapag-Lloyd takes Altenwerder stake Date: February 2001
New terminal for Bandar Abbas? Date: February 2001
Duisburg merger Date: February 2001
Trucker protest in Hong Kong Date: February 2001
Mega LB terminals Date: February 2001
Thumbs up for Scapa? Date: February 2001
Trade records down under Date: February 2001
Nanjing on the rise Date: January 2001
JNP joins the millionaire club Date: January 2001
Sydney awaits EIS Date: January 2001
Improved Garden gate Date: January 2001
Rotterdam box blues... Date: January 2001
Portland crane plan Date: January 2001
Ports in a sea of change Date: December 2000
Port Klang traffic on the increase Date: December 2000
Oakland leases Date: Decenber 2000
P&OP moves down under Date: Decenber 2000
MMC buys PTP stake Date: Decenber 2000
PSA for HesseNoord? Date: Decenber 2000
Keeping Colombo in the game Date: November 2000
Traffic up, capacity up even more Date: November 2000
Attending to unFinnished business Date: November 2000
Hutchison takes a Bath Date: November 2000
Harwich terminal to be automated? Date: November 2000
Indian ports battling to cope Date: November 2000
ECT/P&O Nedlloyd confirm Rotterdam development... Date: November 2000 ECT structure? Date: November 2000
Delays in Beirut Date: November 2000
CSX eyes Asian port projects Date: November 2000
SLAT wins Adelaide extension Date: November 2000
GMP acquired by Egis Ports Date: November 2000
Sydney tops the million TEU mark Date: October 2000
New Mangalore elicits interest Date: October 2000
Bidders for Suape confirmed Date: October 2000
P&O Ports facing Chennai objections Date: October 2000
Tecon record Date: October 2000
Hutchison takes Westport stake... Date: October 2000
HPH buys into Koja... Date: September 2000
...eyeing KMT stake Date: September 2000
Maersk takes PTP stake Date: September 2000
Soton forges ahead Date: September 2000
Koper for Trieste? Date: September 2000
Terminal moves in the Plate Date: September 2000
Halifax accord Date: September 2000 Kochi plan goes forward Date: September 2000
P&O shells out for new UK terminal Date: September 2000
Recomar expands Date: May 2000

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