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Container volumes surge on USEC Date: November 2017
More for Wilhelmshaven port Date: October 2017
Hamburg steady through first nine months Date:
USEC ports post record figures Date:
Antwerp up 3.3% in first nine months Date:
Stockholm freight up for year to date Date:
Double digit Rotterdam box growth Date:
Charleston box traffic increasing Date:
Savannah tops 1M TEU in fiscal Q1 Date:
Philippines container traffic edges up in first half of 2017 Date: September 2017
Ashdod up in all sectors Date:
Global Ports posts H1 2017 increase Date:
One million containers for RWG Date:
Hamburg steady in H1 2017 Date:
ICTSI posts H1 2017 profits and throughput rises Date:
Marseille Fos up 2% in H1 2017 Date:
DP World - strong H1 2017 performance Date:
Barcelona reports best ever first half Date:
Six more STS cranes for Savannah Date:
Rotterdam to tackle barge congestion Date:
Antwerp grows in H1 2017 Date:
HAROPA up 1.9% to end of May Date:
Growth for Chile ports Date: April 2017
Strike threat in Sines Date:
Hamburg up by 1.7% in Q1 2017 Date:
General cargo leads at Marseille Fos Date:
ICTSI logs 12% revenue increase in Q1 2017 Date:
Calais back to growth Date:
Mixed bag of results for Indian ports... Date: February 2017
Sluggish growth for China’s ports Date: February 2017
Mixed bag for Mulhouse-Rhin Date:
Amsterdam traffic 1% up in 2016 Date:
Antwerp off to a flyer Date:
Helsinki posts Q1 traffic increase Date:
Tyne on the march Date:
PSA increases gross volumes by 5.5% in 2016 Date:
DP World claims "strong financial results" for calendar 2016 Date:
Short and sharp in Belgium Date:
ABP Ipswich busier still Date:
Rotterdam off 1.1% in 2016 Date:
Setúbal logs container record Date:
Montevideo box traffic up 17% Date:
Gothenburg tonnage up by 7% Date:
DP World up 3.2% in 2016 Date:
Baltic operators plough on Date: December 2016
Barcelona breaks container record Date:
Contship Italia posts overall 1.7% traffic increase Date:
Bilbao steady in 2016 Date:
Blow dealt to Eurogate CTH expansion Date:
Solid half year for Charleston Date:
Record month for Savannah Date:
Antwerp breaks 10M TEU barrier Date:
ICTSI Manila crosses 2M TEU/year threshold Date:
Container traffic record for Dunkirk Date:
All-time record for Ghent Date:
Gdansk logs record throughput Date:
Record freight year for Antwerp Date:
BERGE STAHL misses out on 250 calls milestone Date:
Rotterdam "1% down in 2016" Date:
Contship Italia posts traffic increase Date:
Grain and project cargoes dominate Seaway Date:
Hamburg marginally up in Q1-Q3 Date:
£50M for Southampton auto trades Date: September 2016
Setúbal hits all-time box record Date:
DP World reports 2.2% volume increase Date:
Rotterdam down 1.9% to end of Q3 2016 Date:
Antwerp up 3.3% to end of Q3 Date:
Savannah marks record August for box traffic Date:
Salalah box traffic up 29% in H1 2016 Date:
Global Ports reports 22% fall in throughput Date:
Sunderland throughput rises strongly Date:
New record for Fos 2XL operator Date:
Amsterdam ports down 5.4% in H1 2016 Date:
Hamburg steady in H1 2016 Date:
Ipswich hits new grain record Date:
A mixed first half for Marseilles Date:
Rotterdam box traffic recovering Date:
Barcelona volume up 4% in first half Date:
Dunkirk breaks cereals record Date:
Antwerp on course for record year Date:
Rotterdam container labour master deal Date:
HIT barging about Date: May 2016
Black Sea bumps and scrapes Date: May 2016
Navigating choppy waters Date: May 2016
Hamburg steady in Q1 2016 Date:
The wind is in Cai Mep's sails Date:
ICTSI numbers up, profits down Date:
Marseille Fos repeats Q1 cargo result Date:
Charleston to have second inland port Date:
Duisport Group continues positive growth Date:
A new figure on France’s canvas Date: February 2016
Dunkirk points to modal shift Date:
AMPT’s Callao move Date: November 2015
Umm Qasr gears up Date: December 2015
Finnish optimism in testing times Date: December 2015
Genoa logs container record Date:
Valencia logs traffic records Date:
Hamburg down 5.4% to 137.8 Mt Date:
Bin Sulayem doubles up at DP World Date:
Eurogate Germany up by 1.5% Date:
Banner year for Barcelona Date:
Busan forecasts 20M TEU throughput in 2016 Date:
Contship Italia posts results Date:
Maasvlakte container interchanges Date:
Amsterdam down 1% to 97 Mt Date:
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight record Date:
Duisport volume up around 5% to 68 Mt Date:
APMT adds Grup TCB Date: September 2015
Antwerp on track for record-breaking 200 Mt Date:
Rotterdam 2015 volume up 4% to 462 Mt Date:
Hamburg down 4.8% to end of Q3 2015 Date:
ICTSI posts 2% revenue increase Date:
DP World handled 46.5M TEU in 01-09/2015 Date:
Marseilles-Fos up 4% Date:
15M TEU up for Hutchison Ports Thailand Date:
Rotterdam up 5.4% to 351.47 Mt Date:
Antwerp "on course for 200 Mt this year" Date:
Global Ports' Russian container traffic down 32% in H1 2015 Date:
Sines targets fast growth Date:
Hamburg steady in 1H/2015 Date:
San Pedro Bay ports up and down Date:
Solid market for US Seaway ports Date:
ICTSI net income down 1% in 1H/2015 Date:
Houston up 5% in 1H/2015 Date:
Brasil Terminal Portuário spotlight Date:
Antwerp up 6.4% in 1H/2015 Date:
Marseilles grows in all sectors Date:
Rapid growth at Dar Date:
Rotterdam up 6.8% in 1H/2015 Date:
Dunkirk post 1H/2015 increase Date:
Trucker discontent in Virginia and New Orleans Date:
Sharp growth for BrabaCon terminals Date:
Montreal upswing Date: May 2015
Tarros at La Spezia Date: May 2015
Salalah drops in Q1 Date: April 2015
Hamburg catches Russian cold Date:
Marseilles breaks container record Date:
Setúbal ro-ro up 15% Date:
Jobs challenge at Maasvlakte II Date:
South Africa container numbers down Date:
New record for APMT Mumbai Date:
Gulftainer container numbers up 8% Date:
PSA International's 2014 results Date:
ICTSI posts 18% TEU volume increase in 2014 Date:
Cranes to go Date: January 2015
Bremen ports results Date:
Busan "on track" for 20M TEU in 2015 Date:
Illegal logging a huge problem Date:
Hamburg hits all-time tonnage record Date:
Antwerp tops 199 Mt in 2014 Date:
Virginia in box boom Date: November 2014
Gothenburg reports stable traffic figures Date:
Rotterdam container traffic up 5.8% in 2014 Date:
PSA International reports 65.44M TEU in 2014 Date:
Dunkirk up 8% in 2014 Date:
Contship Italia steady at the helm Date:
Sharjah hits 400,000 TEU Date:
Antwerp heads for new record Date:
Ust-Luga handles 100,000 TEU Date:
"Burying the hatchet" in Rotterdam Date:
Mundra becomes a TEU millionaire Date:
Bremerhaven logs 1M TEU by rail Date:
PTP Tanjung Pelepas hits 8M TEU Date:
Duisburg set for 65 Mt in 2014 Date:
Grangemouth record breaker Date:
Robotic inspection unit Date:
Hamburg sets a new record Date:
Rhine seaports post general cargo increases Date:
Setúbal maintains its momentum Date:
Bilbao posts small increase Date:
Developing seamless port gateways Date: July 2014
ECT marks 150M TEU Date:
Sharjah posts 14% growth Date:
Gothenburg mixed bag in 1H/2014 Date:
Hamburg traffic up 6.6% in 1H/14 Date:
Savannah hits all-time monthly record Date:
Setúbal up by 22% Date:
Noatum states case Date: June 2014
Financial success for Transnet Date:
Global box trade improving? Date:
Santos sets new record Date:
Rotterdam anticipates marginal growth Date:
Antwerp posts 1H/2014 increase Date:
Port of Tyne cargo record Date:
Grounds for optimism in Italy? Date: April 2014
Hamburg reports "brilliant results" Date:
ICTSI posts 29% income increase in 1Q/2014 Date:
Bareclona posts 9% increase in traffic in 1Q Date:
APMT throughput up 3% in 2013 Date: March 2014
Rotterdam traffic stable in 1Q/2014 Date:
Eurogate reports positive results Date:
French ports make steady progress Date: February 2014
TOC takes to Tenerife for West Africa trade briefing Date:
Teesport's 5 millionth steel tonne Date:
Helsinki reports early year results Date:
ICTSI posts 17% revenue growth in 2013 Date:
North Continent range forecasts Date:
Rocha port in the frame Date: January 2014
Bremen ports down 6.2% in 2013 Date:
Barcelona steady in 2013 Date:
Port of Tyne up 22% at 8.1 Mt in 2013 Date:
Baltic ports in the fast lane Date: December 2013
Eurogate Group handled 14.2M TEU in 2013 Date:
Ro-ro boost for Gothenburg Date:
Antwerp solicits interest Date: December 2013
Marseilles traffic down by 7% in 2013 Date:
Algericas tonnage up 2.1% in 2013 Date:
Antwerp up 3.6% in 2013 Date:
Dunkirk wins Del Monte Date:
EMO hits the 1B tonnes mark Date:
Marseilles mulls over its future Date: November 2013
Da Chan Bay Terminal One hits 1M TEU Date:
Antwerp sets new freight record Date:
Rotterdam blazes out of 2013 Date:
Duisport on for 3M TEU in 2013 Date:
Rapid growth at Tanger Med Date: October 2013
Mixed half for terminal operators Date: October 2013
Hamburg posts 6% increase in throughput Date:
ICTSI reports 22% increase in net income Date:
Gothenburg takes a long-term view Date: September 2013
Haropa on the up Date:
InlandLinks gets empty headed Date:
Running before you can walk? Date: August 2013
Traffic boost for Setúbal Date:
Euromax handles millionth truck Date:
Challenges for Thamesport? Date:
Felixstowe marks 70M TEU milestone Date:
Gothenburg turns in steady first half Date:
Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa “on song” Date: June 2013
Dunkirk posts 2Q/2013 recovery Date:
Barcelona steady during 1H/2013 Date:
Rotterdam slightly down in 1H/2013 Date:
Global operators on a roll Date: May 2013
Looking to fulfil their potential Date: May 2013
Singapore in pole position? Date: May 2013
Antwerp looks to take a left turn Date: May 2013
Sines bucks the trend Date: April 2013
Dipping into the pot of recovery in Spain Date: April 2013
Rijeka ready for gateway future Date:
Portek operations top 1M TEU Date:
Antwerp up in first quarter Date:
Busan to build more container berths Date: March 2013
Tauranga boxes up but Auckland dips... Date: March 2013
Saudi box traffic surges in 2012 Date: March 2013
Khalifa’s capacity to be ramped up Date: March 2013
Long Beach gains on Los Angeles Date:
Charleston posts high five Date:
Modest growth for North Continent Date:
Gdynia targets transit traffic Date: February 2013
Mombasa on track for 1M TEU in 2013 Date: February 2013
China Shipping into Zeebrugge Date:
Ust Luga shifts up a gear Date:
Charleston ahead of market Date:
Haier today in Savannah Date:
Record year for Maputo Date:
Hamburg down 1% in 2012 Date:
Duisport reports lower 2012 tonnage Date:
Khalifa now in full swing Date: December 2012
Italian container traffic steady in 2012 Date:
Eurotunnel posts strong revenue growth Date:
Antwerp off by 1.6% in 2012 Date:
Gothenburg posts 1% volume increase Date:
South Carolina volumes up by 10% Date:
Clean Truck Programs challenged Date:
PSA shows container traffic growth Date:
New container record for Fos Date:
Rotterdam law suit update Date:
Antwerp logs 183.8 Mt in 2012 Date:
Genoa posts 2M TEU Date:
Port Everglades rallies Date:
Vallarpadam bids to lure container lines Date: October 2012
Hastings battles for cargo… Date: October 2012
ICTSI reports traffic slowdown Date:
Rotterdam forecasts growth of around 1% in 2012 Date:
Gothenburg posts 3Q/2012 container growth Date:
Portek reports traffic increase Date:
Portus expands into Everglades Date:
Ukraine ports shed container traffic Date:
Auckland in the red Date:
Rotterdam on course for 440 Mt? Date:
Rapid growth at Mombasa Date:
ICTSI posts volume and profits increase Date:
Mixed bag of results Date:
Antwerp down slightly in first half Date:
Dunkirk off by 3.9% in first semester Date:
World trade "has lost momentum" Date:
Hamburg posts 3.8% traffic growth in 1Q/2012 Date:
Charleston's April booster Date:
HAROPA ports steady in first quarter of 2012 Date:
Barcelona looks forward Date:
ECLAC container throughput up by 11% Date:
Antwerp posts "strong first quarter" Date:
Charleston clean truck incentive doubled Date:
Rotterdam posts 3% increase in 1Q/2012 Date:
ICTSI posts 26% earnings increase in 2011 Date:
German sea ports post good 2011 results Date:
Duisburg posts container record in 2011 Date:
MacAndrews to call Gothenburg Date:
Rauma logs container traffic record Date:
EDITH MAERSK to make trial call at Antwerp Date:
Dunkirk logs lo-lo record Date:
Port Everglades boosts performance Date:
Tanjung Pelepas posts strong growth Date:
Smits states Rotterdam's case Date:
Record year for Setubal Date:
Long Beach shores up green credentials Date:
Hamburg regains Europe's second spot Date:
Marseilles Fos "sees signs of growth" Date:
Dunkirk on the up Date:
Antwerp growth slows in third quarter Date:
Sines on a roll Date:
Rotterdam posts "good first half" Date:
Strong growth at Algeciras Date:
Charleston posts container traffic increase Date:
ICTSI buoyant in 1H/2011 Date:
"Domcons" boost US intermodal Date:
Tanger-Med traffic up 43% Date:
CMA CGM offers Zeebrugge-Duisburg Date:
DCT Gdansk handles its first million Date:
Burgundian barley containerised Date: May 2011
Vallarpadam traffic picking up speed Date: May 2011
Petrolseport offers "radiation" discounts Date:
Hamburg posts 18.2% box throughput rise Date:
Ghana benefits from Ivorian unrest Date:
ICTSI income boost Date:
Luka Koper selling logistic shares Date:
Kotka and Hamina to merge Date: December 2010
Gioia Tauro reopens after 30-hour shutdown Date:
San Pedro Bay ports to test "scrubber" Date:
Antwerp handles 178 Mt in 2010 Date:
Upbeat Rotterdam opposes 6.6% rise in pilotage fees Date:
Pelindo II commits to Kalinbaru Date:
All-time cargo record for Setúbal Date:
Port Everglades cargo boost Date:
Walvis Bay upgrade Date: November 2010
New Arctic gateway Date: November 2010
Rotterdam and Antwerp report continued growth Date:
Dunkirk inks banana pact Date: September 2010
Russian ports post first half growth Date:
Rotterdam a candidate for Duisburg Date:
ICTSI posts strong figures Date:
MSC to make more Rotterdam calls Date:
Turkey keen to continue with port privatisation Date: May 2010
Lomonosov back on track Date: May 2010
Gothenburg posts improving figures Date:
New Indonesian port Date: May 2010
Marseilles selects rail operator Date:
Dragados question drags on Date: April 2010
Le Havre in the spotlight Date:
Northport container volumes soar Date: April 2010
Montreal posts bullish 1Q/10 results Date:
Capesize is the new Panamax Date: March 2010
Eight bidding for JNP box berth Date: March 2010
DPW set to open Vallarpadam terminal Date: March 2010
APM Terminals sees opportunities in 2010 Date:
Strong recovery in Rotterdam Date:
Tough beginning for the GPMs Date: February 2010
Pushing ahead despite doubts Date: February 2010
China strives for modern logistics system Date: February 2010
Duisport group "successful in 2009 despite crisis" Date:
Botany boxes still booming Date: February 2010
MSC to quit Valencia? Date: February 2010
Three vie for Steinwerder Date: February 2010
Chinese ports respond to overcapacity problem Date:
Efficiency up at Dar es Salaam Date: February 2010
Timber boost for Raahe Date: January 2010
Expansion plan for ACT Date: January 2010
Duisport's "investments confirm strategy of sustainability" Date:
Differing fortunes for Mozambican transport Date:
Long Beach on the up again Date:
Ngqura off to a "busy start" Date:
Hamburg confident that the worst is over Date:
Helsinki notes recovery Date:
Finnlines looks back to the sea Date: December 2009
Montreal volumes down 12% in 2009 Date:
Suez Canal Container Terminal posts 11% increase Date:
Savannah on the up Date:
More port results Date:
Tollerort terminal to be closed Date:
Pisco plans delayed Date: December 2009
Rotterdam "shows signs of recovery" Date:
Antwerp develops APICS2 Date: November 2009
Cosco Pacific moves into Piraeus terminal Date: October 2009
Transnet container traffic on the up... Date: September 2009
Ningbo rail incentive Date: September 2009
Rotterdam’s big spend Date: September 2009
Eurogate expansion agreed Date: September 2009
Ngqura on track for October start Date: September 2009
Mangalore planning container terminal Date: September 2009
Beijing anticipates 7% box traffic decline Date: September 2009
Showing signs of turning the corner? Date: August 2009
India poised for container growth Date: August 2009
Malaysian ports turn the corner Date: August 2009
Zeeland/Rotterdam problems Date: July 2009
Chinese ports facing 7% decline in traffic Date: June 2009
Cars go with the “scrapa flow” Date: May 2009
Rotterdam plays the fair cop Date: May 2009
Zeebrugge looks for room to grow Date: May 2009
Rupert’s gain hides a loss Date: May 2009
China box traffic down again Date: May 2009
...Mombasa does well Date: May 2009
Tough times for Spain’s container ports Date: April 2009
Car traffic takes a hammering in North America Date: April 2009
Post reform growth targets set out by French ports Date: April 2009
Indian port expansion delayed Date: April 2009
Traffic down at Subic bay Date: March 2009
NCC box traffic way down Date: March 2009
JNP issues RFQ for fourth box terminal Date: March 2009
Guangzhou, Ningbo join top 10 club Date: February 2009
Calling time on French leave? Date: February 2009
A chill wind is blowing through Russia Date: February 2009
Hamburg expects weak first half Date: February 2009
FCT, Shushary customs link-up Date: January 2009
Tassie plan riles locals Date: January 2009
Baltic still a growth area Date: December 2008
NCC traffic leaps 18.2% Date: October 2008
More cars for Gioia Tauro Date: September 2008
Valletta throughput on the rise Date: June 2008
China 1Q traffic up Date: May 2008
A new round of investments on the way Date: April 2008
Across the board growth in Portugal Date: April 2008
Helsinki traffic up Date: February 2008
NCC traffic up 18.6% last year... Date: February 2008

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