Cargo ship runs aground in England


A cargo ship has grounded in River Nene, carrying timber from Riga, but was freed by tugboats during high tide.

Cargo ship runs aground in England
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A cargo ship has grounded in the River Nene, Wisbech, England. The Baltic Arrow, sailing from Riga to Wisbech with timber, grounded around 08:49 British Summer Time Tuesday, BBC reported.

The ship is St Kitts and Nevis-flagged and measures 80 meters in length.

There were six crew members and two local pilots on board the ship, and fortunately, no injuries were reported. The vessel sustained no damage.

The ship was released late on Tuesday evening, during high tide, with the assistance of two tugboats, resuming its journey to the dock.

An investigation into the incident will now commence.

Wisbech Port officials described the incident as unusual, attributing it to the tide receding while the ship’s side contacted the riverbank. They clarified that Wisbech’s berths are designed for vessels to rest on the riverbed during low water.

The port spokesperson assured that the ship’s design allows for safe grounding on the soft riverbed, minimizing concerns of further complications.

Cargo ship runs aground in England

Screenshot: Sky News