Global Cold Chain Alliance signs Antwerp Declaration


The Global Cold Chain Alliance supports the European Industrial Deal through the Antwerp Declaration, advocating for investment in cold chain infrastructure.

The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has signed the Antwerp Declaration in support of the European Industrial Deal. GCCA is the international association for temperature-controlled logistics businesses, advocating on behalf of the temperature-controlled warehousing, transportation and logistics industry.

Signing the Declaration in Antwerp, GCCA emphasised the importance of collaboration between the European Parliament and businesses operating cold chains in Europe to support crucial investment in infrastructure, innovation and future skills.

Alongside many heads of Government and Commission leaders, more than 1,000 European business representative organisations are supporting the Antwerp Declaration for the European Industrial Deal, which will play a key role in the formation of the new Strategic Agenda for Europe that will be agreed upon later this year.

The GCCA Cold Chain Connection meeting, held on 18 June 2024, was the first meeting of the European membership of GCCA since the European elections.

Julie Hanson, GCCA Director of Europe

GCCA Europe Director, Julie Hanson said: “We are delighted to join this movement for a new Industrial settlement. Cold chain businesses are vital to the future economic success of Europe. We strongly endorse the Antwerp Declaration’s plans for public and private investment in our energy resilience and the need to invest in critical supply chains. Working together, the European Parliament and cold chain businesses can facilitate investment in the infrastructure, innovation and future skills that are needed for resilient and sustainable temperature-controlled food and pharmaceutical supply chains into the future.

“Now that the elections have taken place, we look forward to the new European Parliament and Commission getting to work. We will ensure that the interests of the cold chain and the critical food and pharmaceutical industries they serve are heard.”

This move follows the announcement in April that the GCCA had joined several national organisations representing the cold chain to set out a Call to Action for European leaders.

The document entitled ‘Delivering a Sustainable, Resilient Perishable Goods Supply Chain’ sets out four key priorities for Europe for which a successful cold chain will play a vital role:

  • Supporting a resilient and sustainable food system
  • Thriving in a decarbonised European energy system
  • Enabling trade and economic growth
  • Providing jobs for today and tomorrow

It contains a series of policy proposals underpinning each of these themes, and the supporting associations will use this statement as a basis for engaging with MEPs and officials throughout the election period and in the new European Parliament.

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