Warning strike disrupts activities in German ports


Verdi union’s warning strikes affect major German ports, including Hamburg, due to stalled negotiations for higher wages and increased shift allowances.

Warning strike disrupts activities in German ports
Port of Hamburg

The Verdi trade union has initiated a warning strike affecting ports including Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Brake, and Emden on Monday, with workers at HHLA and Eurogate terminals in Hamburg halting operations.

Negotiations for a new collective labour agreement stalled over wage demands, prompting Verdi’s call for strikes.

Details on participation levels remain unclear, but German media report significant disruptions in port activities.

The conflict centres on Verdi’s proposal for a 3 euro per hour wage increase retroactive from June 1, alongside higher shift allowances, against the Central Association of German Seaports’ offer of a 2.5% wage hike starting June 1, with increased shift allowances.

Source: Nieuwsblad Transport