New service to boost trade links between China and India


The FIX2 service targets the west coast of India, while the FIX1 service provides direct routes from China to India’s east coast.

New service to boost trade links between China and India
One of SeaLead’s vessels, the Hakuna Matata / SeaLead © SeaLead

SeaLead, a global shipping line with headquarters in Singapore, has announced the launch of its latest service, the Far East India Express 2 (FIX2). This initiative directly responds to the surging demand for more direct and effective shipping services, aiming to strengthen trade connections and spur economic expansion between China and India.

The FIX2 service will commence with the MV Baltrum sailing from Ningbo on 2nd March 2024 and will deploy a fleet of five vessels. FIX2 will connect key ports in China (Ningbo, Xiamen, Shekou) to Mundra, and call Port Klang eastbound, before making its return voyage to Ningbo.

Mundra as a hub

FIX2 also enhances SeaLead’s ability to use Mundra as a hub on the westbound leg and offers connections to South Asia, the Middle East, the Red Sea, Africa, and the Mediterranean. The call at Port Klang will also offer connections to other South East Asia destinations.

SC Chan, Acting Head of SeaLead, stated: “With the introduction of the FIX2 service, we’re enhancing our service offerings to meet customer needs. The service is tailored to improve trade between China and India, supporting the economic growth of these areas. Our focus is on delivering solutions that are attuned to the commercial realities our customers face, fostering better connectivity and streamlined operations for their businesses.”

“Enhancing the efficiency”

Shiva Mahadevan, Managing Director for South Asia and the Middle East at SeaLead commented: “As trade between India and China reaches new heights, the launch of FIX2 signifies our commitment to facilitating growth and fostering a more interconnected global economy. This service is a testament to our dedication towards enhancing the efficiency and reach of maritime trade routes, ensuring that our clients have access to the most direct and robust shipping solutions available.”

The trade between India and China reached a new high of $136.2 billion in 2023, with India’s projected economic growth at 7.3% in 2023-24.