Airwayz showcases drone delivery at Port of Rotterdam


Port of Rotterdam gets a taste of the future of maritime logistics with a demonstration of drones delivering goods to ships.

Airwayz showcases drone delivery at Port of Rotterdam
© Airwayz

Europe’s premier port, Rotterdam, experienced a preview of the future of maritime logistics with a recent demonstration of featured drones delivering goods to ships.

The demonstration was carried out on March 6 by Airwayz, a company specializing in unmanned aircraft systems and traffic management solutions, which has integrated its dynamic UTM/USSP system at the Port of Rotterdam.

Unmanned aircraft systems are reshaping maritime operations at ports. The introduction of shore-to-ship deliveries by drones stands out as a pivotal advancement, streamlining operations and presenting possibilities such as drone deliveries to ships at anchorage—previously considered impractical.

The integration facilitates the transition for boatmen from conventional ship-based deliveries to drone-assisted methods but also contributes to heightened sustainability, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in daily port activities, as explained by Airwayz.

Airwayz’ AI-based dynamic UTM/USSP is designed to orchestrate multiple fleets of drones in the lower airspace. At the port of Rotterdam Airwayz’ UTM/USSP system has been integrated into its prototype U-Space Airspace. The strategic location of the port of Rotterdam near Rotterdam the Hague Airport underscores the importance of integrating UTM/USSP and ATM for safe air traffic management in lower airspace. The lower airspace at the port of Rotterdam has been designated as G-class in the west and C-class in the east due to its proximity to the airport.

With the plan to expand the C-class airspace, which entails controlled airspace with air traffic control services managing precise separation and sequencing, the integration of UTM/USSP and ATM within the port is set for expansion in the future.

Since the inception of its U-Space, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has completed a series of drone operation demonstrations at the ports, including managing No Fly Zones and fly-away situations, coordinating simultaneous drone requests with one priority flight, flying over vessels and executing ghost operations.

“We are thrilled to be part of Port Rotterdam’s U-Space ecosystem, which is breaking new ground in the aviation industry,” states Eyal Zor, CEO of Airwayz.

“Today, we showcased our UTM/USSP system’s ability to manage drones operating safely and efficiently across the port of Rotterdam. By allowing manned and unmanned aircraft to co-exist across the port, using Dynamic Airspace Reconfigurations (DAR) services in drone operations, and integrating ADS-B transmitters, Airwayz ensures safe, optimized and efficient operations at all times.”