Opening new business growth opportunities with dry container and trailer tracking


Improvements to asset tracking technology are ushering in lower deployment costs, increased accessibility, and unique use cases. ORBCOMM, a pioneer in IoT technology with over 30 years of experience, is leading the charge with their cost-effective dry trailer and container solution.


In 2022, ORBCOMM technology helped power the deployment of the world’s first large-scale smart dry container fleet, setting a new global standard for container shipping by expanding the reach of telematics to dry containers. Previously, monitoring dry containers was too expensive. However, as IoT technology has evolved and prices have dropped, new use cases have emerged with clear ROI for businesses.

“Shipping lines benefit from the increased accessibility of container tracking,” says John Harnett, ORBCOMM Senior Director of Sales, IoT Solutions Maritime Logistics. “It can help them drive their operational decisions with data, which can improve sustainability and boost their profit margins. Plus, it enables them to provide more visibility to their customers. Considering how complex intermodal supply chains can be, having eyes on every asset in your fleet can pay dividends in coordination, efficiency and compliance.”

New applications, new opportunities

With cost-effective IoT technology, new IoT use cases are opening up in areas where they weren’t traditionally used, such as in port operations, leasing and more.

Port authorities, for example, can use IoT solutions to manage chassis pools, improving operational efficiency and increasing the experience for customers and motor carriers moving freight through ports. Location data can be integrated with terminal operating systems to ensure that chassis usage billing is timely and accurate.

Leasing companies can use data-driven maintenance scheduling, leveraging IoT technology, to optimize the lifespan of their assets, reduce repair costs and improve asset uptime. Plus, their assets can be tracked around the clock for unauthorized movements, minimizing potential cargo loss.

Whether you manage trailers, containers, chassis, port equipment or portable storage containers, the ROI finally makes sense for the assets that were too expensive to track before.

“There have been significant strides in IoT technology over the past few years,” says Chris MacDonald, ORBCOMM Senior Vice President of North American Sales. “Today, the market is ripe for carriers to expand telematics across all of their assets, improving visibility, optimizing efficiency and strengthening security.”

ORBCOMM delivers smart industrial IoT solutions across transportation, maritime, supply chain, heavy equipment and more. You can learn more about the ROI of remote asset monitoring solutions and how businesses can use ORBCOMM solutions to improve visibility, drive efficiency and strengthen security by joining us on May 22nd at 10 a.m. ET (3 p.m. BST and 4 p.m. CEST) for our webinar “Remote asset monitoring? It’s now within reach”.