New record for Namport


Namport handled 8 million tonnes of cargo in the financial year ending 31 March 2024, driven by increased exports of salt, copper, fish, ore, and marble.

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) handled a record-breaking 8 million tonnes of cargo during the financial year ending 31 March 2024. Compared to 7,7 million tonnes in the previous financial year, this is a notable 4% increase.

The major contributor to these figures is the export of Salt, Copper Concentrate, Bagged Salt, Frozen Fish, Manganese Ore, and Zinc/Lead Concentrate.

Specifically, Bulk Salt saw a growth of 10%, Copper Concentrate increased by 12%, Salt Bagged witnessed a 1% rise, Frozen Fish surged by 29%, Manganese Ore increased to 15.7%, Zinc/Lead Concentrates grew by 2.9% and Marble increased by 41%.

During the financial year 2023/2024, there were also significant increases in the import of various commodities. Notably, Petroleum surged, representing a substantial 26% increase.

Other imported commodities also experienced noteworthy growth, including Copper Concentrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Wheat, Ships Spares, and Steel. Additionally, the Authority recorded a 7.9% increase in the import of goods compared to the previous financial year.

New record for Namport

During the 2023/2024 financial period, the number of vessels calling the Namibian ports surged by 29% year on year, escalating from 1,636 to 2,115 calls, primarily driven by increased activity across various vessel categories, including foreign tugs, dry bulk vessels, container vessels, foreign fishing vessels, petroleum vessels, Namibian fishing vessels, research, and general vessels.

Additionally, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges recently partnered with Namport to develop a EUR 250M hydrogen export hub in Walvis Bay, leveraging Namibia’s solar energy advantage.

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