CTCT receives additional TTs


Cape Town Container Terminal has received 10 additional terminal tractors, through a collaboration with ONE, and with support from Durban Terminals.

CTCT receives additional TTs

Last week, the Cape Town Container Terminal (CTCT) received 10 additional terminal tractors (TTs), bringing the total number to 56.

This follows the recent delivery of 45 new TTs in Durban in collaboration with MSC.

The delivery of the TTs for Cape Town was made possible through a collaboration with one of Transnet Port Terminal’s (TPT) customers, Ocean Network Express Shipping Line, who shipped the TTs from Durban.

The complementary network of terminals has enabled Durban Terminals to release a fraction of its new fleet to aid operations at CTCT as a temporary solution until the terminal’s delivery of 47 new TTs expected in August this year.

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Western Cape Managing Executive Oscar Borchards said: “This collaboration exemplifies TPT’s approach to best collaborate with customers for the advancement of our operational efficiencies. The expansion of our fleet will allow CTCT to increase back-up equipment which will translate to more support for the ship-to-shore cranes that load and offload vessels.”

Credit: TPT

He added that all terminal efforts were focused on responding to customer demands and offering a superior service.

The technical team is currently installing the necessary operational tools which are suitable for CTCT’s environment.

The tools include vehicle-mounted computers connected to the Navis TOS and radios, which ensures the flow and seamless distribution of work within the terminal.

“Since the TTs were received from one of the terminals, very little needs to be done before they are handed over to operations. We are currently ensuring that they are fit for our operations and expect them to be fully functional in the next couple of days,” added Borchards.

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