More Auto RTGs for YICT


The new cranes were manufactured by ZPMC at its Nantong facility in China. They will join eight other ARTGs ZPMC previously delivered to YICT.

New ARTGs arriving at YICT in Shenzhen © Photo: YICT

Hutchison Ports is investing over CNY 500m in 40 ARTGs (or remote-controlled RTGs) and related yard work to implement the cranes. Hutchison Ports Yantian has, the company says, “solidified its position as the sole terminal in Shenzhen to introduce new large-scale automated facilities.”

Automation plays a key role in Hutchison Port’s strategy for its container terminals globally. Hutchison decided to paint its automated equipment in a blue and yellow colour scheme, making the machines stand out in dense container yards with lots of yard cranes.

The first ARTGs at YICT initially operated to what ZPMC calls “automation level 3”. This means they have no driver cab and are integrated with the TOS. They can pick up and land containers in the stack automatically, while gantry travel is “supervised”. Landing and lifting containers from internal tractors and road trucks is performed under the control of a remote operator.

Since 2021 ZPMC has offered automated landing on internal tractors (or terminal trucks as they are otherwise known at some of the terminals operating ZPMC ARTGs). The company has been working to automate the final piece of the operation, handling containers to and from road trucks.

Hutchison Ports Yantian said that the ARTGs represent a new paradigm where it is “improving efficiency on all fronts”. This includes optimizing operational efficiency through computerised container stacking and automation technologies, increasing productivity through enabling individuals to oversee multiple machines simultaneously, moving operators to a comfortable control centre environment, and improving safety measures with “advanced visual recognition systems and comprehensive safety protection protocols.”

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