SSA Marine and Port of San Diego unveil zero-emissions cargo handling gear


SSA Marine commissions into service the first of six pieces of zero-emissions cargo handling equipment at the Port of San Diego’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal.

Marine terminal operator SSA Marine has put into service the first of six pieces of zero-emissions cargo handling equipment that the company will introduce at the Port of San Diego’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal over the next 12 to 18 months.

The strategy is being facilitated by the Port of San Diego which has completed the initial installation of the electrical infrastructure needed to support the operation of this equipment.

The first piece is a 55,000-pound capacity Wiggins Yard eBull battery electric forklift. This large-capacity vehicle is one of the largest zero-emissions heavy-duty forklifts in operation in the United States and can lift up to 25 metric tons, SSA Marine said. In addition, it is the industry’s first commercialized large capacity, zero-emissions forklift manufactured in the United States.

Named “The Carrillo,” the electric forklift recognizes the accomplishments of SSA Marine Regional Vice President and San Diego County native Joe Carrillo who facilitated the arrival of the first large-capacity electric forklift fleet in the country.

“SSA Marine is proud to partner with the Port of San Diego to demonstrate the potential of zero-emissions equipment in a marine terminal environment and to further understand what the long-term benefits could look like,” said Bill Fitz, Senior Vice President of SSA Marine’s conventional division.

“The Port of San Diego’s proactive approach to electric infrastructure development has been critical to the success of this program, and we look forward to continuing to work together to transitioning additional pieces of zero-emissions cargo handling equipment in the years ahead.”

“SSA Marine is the kind of partner we like doing business with. We share a commitment to improving public health and quality of life on an around our marine terminals,” said Chairman Frank Urtasun, Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners.

The purchase of this equipment was partially funded by the state of California’s Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) voucher program. The multi-million-dollar incentive initiative encourages off-road equipment users to adopt zero-emission technology with a point-of-sale discount, and offering extra funds for charging infrastructure, disadvantaged communities, and small businesses.

California has set ambitious goals through the Green Ports Initiative to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall environmental impact. Adopting electric cargo equipment aligns with this initiative, positioning ports as key players in the state’s commitment to a cleaner future.