Another patent for Outrider


Outrider has been awarded a US Patent (No. 11,927,676) for the “Systems and Methods for Determining an Articulated Trailer Angle”.

Colorado-based Outrider is developing autonomous vehicle technology for terminal tractors/yard trucks at large distribution centres in the US.

As well as its autonomous system to steer and control a tractor, Outrider has developed a robotic arm to locate and connect/ disconnect trailer gladhands.

In 2021 the company performed what it claims was the first “fully autonomous trailer moves in a production environment” at a Georgia distribution centre.

The new patent covers a method for measuring the position of trailers with respect to self-driving tractors, to facilitate safe and accurate autonomous trailer movement in all weathers.

“Outrider’s patent portfolio covers the numerous inventions, innovations, and technologies our team developed to re-define the logistics yard,” said Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of Outrider.

“In 2017, we recognised that autonomously moving 50,000-pound semi-trailers day and night in all-weather conditions would require unique inventions to dramatically improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the global supply chain.”

Outrider says it will begin shipping its “commercial system” to top Fortune 500 customers in the second half of 2024. Getting this far has been an expensive endeavour; Outrider has raised US$200m in five funding rounds, including US$73m in ‘late stage’ funding.

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