Two-day strike in Hamburg


Workers at Hamburg’s port are striking again to pressure for higher wages, disrupting operations and awaiting a fourth negotiation round with employers.

Two-day strike in Hamburg
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Workers at Hamburg’s port are on strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, initiated by the ver.di union. Ver.di’s new action aims to intensify pressure on employers to meet their higher wage demands.

The strike action follows previous warning strikes that disrupted vessel operations and caused congestion at container terminals.

Ver.di is negotiating a new collective labour agreement for around 11,500 employees at German North Sea ports, but discussions with employers have yet to produce any results. Earlier strikes also took place in various German ports.

The union’s demands include a 3-euro increase in hourly wages and higher shift allowances. Union negotiator Maren Ulbrich argues that the employers’ offer is insufficient and that dockworkers need higher wages to cope with the rising cost of living.

A fourth round of negotiations between the union and employers is set for later this week.

Dockworkers plan to demonstrate in Hamburg’s city centre on Wednesday.

Source: Schuttevaer