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The port of the future: greener, safer, and more productive

Every day, in thousands of ports around the world, ships moor and sit idle for hours - adding to tons of unnecessary pollution. In addition, the traditional mooring of vessels is dangerous with employees facing tremendous risks every day.

Cavotec are on a mission to change this and build safer and more productive ports as the leading cleantech company delivering next generation connection and electrification solutions.

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Shore Power technologies are the only solution for totally cutting emissions for ships at berth, enabling them to switch off their diesel generators while in port and connect to onshore power supplies for electricity and on-board services.


MoorMaster eliminates the need for hazardous mooring lines with automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels in seconds, at the push of a button. The system is already in use across a wide range of applications including container, ferry and bulk terminals.

MoorMaster: Automated Mooring System

MoorMaster: It’s Time to Rediscover Vacuum Mooring

Cavotec MoorMaster as a Service