RailCube strikes strategic investment deal with Main Capital Partners


RailCube, the innovative ERP solution for railway undertakings, has secured a strategic investment from software investor Main Capital Markets. “This is a significant milestone for our growth and a turning point for our expansion to new continents”, according to the company’s CCO, Dennis Hendriksen. Developed by CRX Software, RailCube is multilingual, multi-IM, and multi-referential and…

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Developed by CRX Software, RailCube is multilingual, multi-IM, and multi-referential and is already compatible with the interoperability standards for data exchange between systems respecting UIC standards (TAF / TAP TSI).
Most importantly, the solution can fit into the railway “ecosystem” by connecting to existing operational and third-party systems. As an ERP solution for railway undertakings, RailCube currently leads the market when it comes to providing reliable operations management and the highest safety standards.

On the other hand, Main Capital Markets is a Hague-based investment house and one of the largest in the Netherlands. Its investments focus on the software industry, and its activities cover Northwestern Europe and North America.

Majority interest in rapidly growing product

RailCube has been growing rapidly. Indicatively, its turnover is approaching 10 million euros this year, which according to Sjoerd Aarts, Partner at Main and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at RailCube, is double compared to 2022. Simultaneously, the investing company expects RailCube to grow even more in the coming years. It comes as no surprise then that Main Capital invested and acquired its majority share keeping in mind its potential.

“We consider RailCube a leading innovator in the railway industry with a strong market position across European markets. We foresee great potential for further market expansion within Europe and beyond and will aim to further enhance RailCube’s value proposition for customers and partners in the years to come through a combination of autonomous growth and selective strategic buy-&-build opportunities. We are very excited about the journey ahead and look forward to a successful partnership with the entire RailCube organization”, explained Aarts.

As for RailCube, it is expected that this partnership will further enhance its growth, which is why it is received with excitement. “The investment by Main marks a crucial turning point, empowering RailCube to expand to new continents while maintaining focus on controlled and sustainable growth. We are deeply committed to supporting our clients in optimizing their operations and safety management. We look forward to further enhancing the quality of our service offerings for existing and new clients in collaboration with Main”, added Dennis Hendriksen.

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