TNPA to invest in vital road restoration at Port of Durban


TNPA commits funding to vital road restoration, addressing the increasing strain from a surge in truck traffic at the Port of Durban.

Port Durban

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has revealed plans to invest R233 million (USD 11 million) in the restoration of crucial roads at the Port of Durban in response to the growing strain exerted by a surge of truck traffic influx at the port.

The roads set to be rehabilitated are located within key container-handling port precincts, specifically the Container and Maydon Wharf, and the liquid bulk Island View precinct, TNPA said.

The Port of Durban handles approximately 60% of the country’s total container volumes. Most of the container volumes handled are moved through the Southern Road Network of the port and over the years the influx of trucks entering the port has substantially increased. The surge has led to the deterioration of the overall road infrastructure.

The Maydon Wharf will take precedence, with 16 roads set for repairs, followed by Island View with three roads and two on Bayhead. A traffic management plan has been crafted to assist with redirecting traffic flow during the project implementation period of two years.

“Embarking on this road rehabilitation journey will ensure that we deliver on our mandate of providing port infrastructure to ensure the port’s efficient functioning as the economic gateway to our South African economy,” said acting TNPA Port Manager for the Port of Durban, Nkumbuzi Ben-Mazwi.

TNPA expects that the improved condition of port roads will have a positive impact on port operational efficiencies and the smooth flow of traffic in the targeted precincts.

As reported recently by WorldCargo News, TNPA is set to finalize the selection of a service provider for the detailed design and commissioning of berth infrastructure works under the Point Container Terminal Marine Infrastructure and Bulk Services project at the Port of Durban by April 2024.

This initiative aims to significantly expand terminal capacity from 0.2 million TEUs to 1.8 million TEUs.

The investment is part of TNPA’s broader strategy to expedite port infrastructure development projects, alleviating congestion and boosting capacity at key Eastern Region ports, including Durban and Richards Bay.

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