VAHLE updates vCOM


VAHLE upgraded its vCOM data system with high-speed SMGX for reliable port automation, eliminating the need for fibre optic cables.

VAHLE GmbH & Co has recently updated its data transmission system, vCOM. vCOM includes VAHLE’s secure SMGX communication standard (Slotted Microwave Guide Extreme), which can achieve a data rate of up to one gigabit.

“This ensures uninterrupted communication, which increases safety and enables fully automated and remote-controlled port operations,” said Jaroslaw Warzecha, Director of the Port Business Unit at VAHLE Group.

Combined with WiFi 6, SMGX offers a solution for managing data signals to cranes without requiring a fibre optic cable.

For STS cranes, SMGX can be combined with a conductor rail in place of a festoon or energy chain system. This includes automated and remote-controlled STS cranes, where SMGX can support data requirements including Profibus and HTL encoder signals. VAHLE is planning to introduce a retrofit option for existing cranes soon.

For yard cranes, VAHLE has combined a conductor rail, SMGX and laser sensors into a system called Trimotion Compact to support fully electric and automated RTGs with remote control. The system features a VAHLE SMGX system running parallel to the conductor rail. Data transmission is then available over the entire travel length of the system.

To support automation VAHLE combines terminal Wi-Fi with signals travelling through the SMGX system. Using a transceiver VAHLE captures WiFi signals that are spread evenly within an SMGX aluminium profile, ensuring that the signal remains unaffected by external influences and does not emit interference.

“This is a significant advantage compared to using Wi-Fi in an open space environment,” VAHLE adds.

The Trimotion system also features two laser sensors for differential measurement between the RTG crane and the conductor rail to support auto steering.

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