Kocks split in two


The former Kocks Ardelt Kranbau GmbH was split into two companies, only the service business was sold to Konecranes.

WorldCargo News has earlier reported that Kocks Kranbau GmbH was acquired by Konecranes, as announced to Konecranes investors on 3 April.

Prior to that sale, the parent company Kocks Ardelt Kranbau Gmbh was split into two separate companies as part of insolvency proceedings that began in April 2022: Kocks Kranbau GmbH and Ardelt Kranbau GmbH. Konecranes purchased Kocks Kranbau GmbH and has clarified to WorldCargo News that “The business we purchased is focused on service operations, not manufacturing.”

The other component of Kocks, Ardelt Kranbau GmbH, was acquired by Uwe Grünhagen, who was previously General Manager of Kocks Ardelt Kranbau Gmbh, in February 2023 by means of a share deal. In August 2023 Ardelt Kranbau GmbH completed another asset deal to acquire all crane plans, personnel and business equipment for slewing cranes (double jib and single jib) and ‘”bridge cranes”, which includes the original Kocks Feeder Server concept and other container cranes.

Ardelt Kranbau is now offering its line of cranes from the traditional Kocks Ardelt crane factory in Eberswalde near Berlin. German media have reported that as part of the insolvency process the workforce in Eberswalde was reduced from around 3,000 people to less than 100 after Kocks Ardelt Kranbau got into difficulties following disruptions to its steel supply after Russia invaded the Ukraine. Ardelt Kranbau, however, is re-starting production and hiring new staff, including in production roles at Eberswalde.

Ardelt Kranbau is also offering service and spare parts, and has service employees in locations including Sri Lanka, Denmark and India, among others. Ardelt Kranbau recently completed a job in Bahrain to change the roller slewing ring for ASRY (Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard) on a crane we delivered in 1997. This required dismantling the rotating part of the crane weighing approximately 120t.

The rotating trolley on a Kocks STS crane at South Jersey Port in the US.

With hundreds of cranes still in service globally built by Kocks and related companies the service market is significant.

To give an example, South Jersey Port Corporation in the US recently purchased two hoist motors for spare parts from Kocks Kranbau for US$164,000. The motors are for a Kocks STS gantry crane at the Balzano Marine Terminal with a rotating trolley to handle containers and bulk cargo that was delivered in 1982.

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